Hmmm…Roleplay in a Hotel

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Now normally I hate hotel rooms but as I stepped into this one I knew that it was going to be a bit special. The recently refurbished Majestic Hotel was from the bygone era of the 1930’s fashion for hydro-therapy, or ‘taking the waters’ as they said back then. Actually, in reality it was a clever marketing tool for hotels already in decline which, with a quick revamp consisting of the installation of a few oversized baths, could re-launch themselves and attract the ‘old money’ that was rapidly disappearing.

This particular one dated back to the 1890’s and as such, the room I now entered was vast. Ceilings at least 15′ high, a huge, almost full wall height window of French doors leading out onto a small wrought iron balcony. The walls were hung with ornate mirrors, so large you wouldn’t even get them through the doorway of a modern house. The grand-king sized bed sat centred on against one wall, itself dwarfed in the vastness of the room. I sat down.

“Nice” I thought.

The mirrors reflected in every direction, so in every one I could see multiple images of myself.

“At least I won’t be lonely in this one” I whispered, a little too loudly as the walls and ceilings picked up a short echo.

I stood and started to undress, shoes already been removed at the door. The place was spotless, you wouldn’t dream of spoiling it. I had just unbuttoned my shirt when there was a sharp knock at the door. I hesitated, about to re-button but a second, rather impatient sounding knock had me walking quickly to answer.

Outside stood an attractive young lady, difficult to place an age on, late thirties or early forties maybe. Brown hair, tied up, probably about shoulder length. Tall. I looked down, heels not too high bringing her up to around my height. White, chiffon blouse, top few buttons undone, shear but not too shear. Knee length black skirt, again in a fairly shear and flowing fabric. Very well groomed, business-like. All these details taken in during the very first second I opened the door, attention to detail being one of my proudest attributes.

“I am so so sorry to disturb you , Mister..” she looked down at the folder she was carrying opening to a page, “Smith. My name is Aneeka and I am the housekeeping supervisor. I have to check this room and I am so sorry to disturb you Mister…Smith, but you arrived early and I must finish my work or my girls will not be paid.”

She had a clipped accent, most likely east European but from her skin tone, probably from a more northern region.

“Of course,” I replied, “no problem, come in.” I stood back holding the door as she brushed past me into my room.

“Thank you, So sorry. I will be no longer than five minutes, please sit.”

She beckoned me to an armchair to one side. She placed her folder on a table, opening it and taking out a checklist and pen, studied it for a moment, whilst pressing the pen gently to her pursed lips. I leaned over and picked up a map, not out of interest but really for distraction and perhaps camouflage. Here was I, sitting in a chair in a vast room, with my shirt open and this rather attractive young lady about to give the place a good going over. She walked across to the large mirror on the wall separating the rather large bathroom from the bedroom. She reached up, gently rubbing one finger across the glass in a sweeping motion.

“Very good” she said, returning across to her checklist and marking one item off. “I really won’t be too long”, she said catching me looking up at her as I quickly lowered my head back down to the map.

She walked around the bed, pulling at the corners of the bedsheets, and across to the side where I was sitting. She pulled back the top covers, turned around and sat down on the mattress, her heeled shoes just lifting slightly off the carpet, swinging gently.

“This is good”, she said in her clipped accent, “nice and firm.”

I was looking down at her legs but this time I didn’t avert my gaze. Her skirt had risen just a bit higher than her knees and it wasn’t easy to look away. She hopped down and smoothed the bedcover and her skirt back down, returning to her checklist. She walked back across then bent down on her knees running her hand under the bed. Her bottom was facing directly towards me, the pleasure that I was getting from watching her increasing with every move that she made.

“It is good down here too,” she said raising herself back up. “Now for up high.”

She slipped her heels off and climbed on top of the bed, stretching up high to the top of the mirror. She began to wobble. I sprung up to steady her, catching her hips as she turned, offering a hand.

“I am so sorry Mr Smith but I have no head for heights. Thank you, you are so kind. I will be done soon. Please sit again.”

She bursa escort walked across to the French windows. The sun was low and she was immediately silhouetted in the late afternoon sunshine, the curves of her body clearly defined through the sheer fabric of her blouse and skirt. ‘Wow’, I thought to myself. Without her heels I reckoned she was about five foot eight, nicely curved, her waist nipped in, her hips gently rounded in a way that would easily attract admiring glances in any street. Her legs shapely and her bottom, well can I just say, sexy as that was exactly what was going through my mind. She turned to the side and immediately the sun highlighted the shapes of her breasts. ‘At least a 38’ , I thought, ‘easily an D’. I nearly said that out loud! She reached up and undid a small latch on the doors and opened one out onto the balcony? A cool breeze swept in.

“I love this time of year” she said, looking out. “I love the late afternoon sun, but the coldness in the air.”

Her breasts were still in silhouette, and I could now clearly see her nipples rise as the cold air hit. ‘I’m not going to be able to take much more of this , I thought as I felt my cock begin to harden. She swept past me back to her checklist.

“Just one more thing Mr Smith.” she said, glancing back at me with a slight smile and disappeared into the bathroom.

She turned on a tap, then another. “Good, good!” she said. She flushed the toilet. My god she was being thorough! I heard the shower door being opened and the shower being turned on. She let out an almighty scream.

“Mr Smith, Mr Smith!” she yelped, “please come quickly, please come”.

She stood there giggling in the middle of the bathroom floor. Her blouse was soaking wet, clinging against her breasts, the pinkness of her erect nipples showing through.

“I am all wet, Mr Smith,” she giggled, “look at my top, what can I do?”

“Alison!” I responded, “Do you really think that you’re cut out for role play? I mean Aneeka? Where did that come from?”

She stood giggling.

“I’m sorry, I arrived before you. I watched you from the car park and thought I would have some fun! Didn’t you like Aneeka? I thought that she did rather well over by the window.”

She glanced down at my crotch.

“She had the desired affect I see!” she giggled again.

We hadn’t seen each other for a couple of months and had arranged to meet up to ‘take care of each other’ as we liked to refer to our periodic meetings it as. Now here she was, standing dripping wet and looking the sexiest that I had ever seen her. She slipped her skirt down, revealing stockings and suspenders.

“Really,” I said, “Ali, this is not the 90’s. Suspenders?”

“Well okay, I thought that it may make Aneeka a bit more slutty and I admit I didn’t just make it up on the spur of the moment!” she giggled again.

She sat down on the toilet, unhooked the stockings and rolled them down, removing the belt as she stood. She looked incredible as she reached up and undid her hair, the brown locks falling down to her shoulders. “Well I am already wet so I might as well make the most of it” she said as she stepped back into the shower turning it back on.

She turned towards me as the water poured over her, her blouse sticking tightly to her skin, showing her very ample breasts. I stood transfixed, my cock now so hard pressing against my jeans. She removed her panties, holding them up in front of me. I reached out and she grabbed my arm, hauling me in. We stood getting wet together, my arms passing around her bringing her in tight

“I missed you,” I whispered into her ear, brushing her hair back across her head, “but we’re here now, together.”

She reached down and undid my belt, lowering herself down to pull my jeans off.

“You certainly have, Mr Smith” as my cock was released from its temporary prison.

She threw my jeans out onto the floor and took my cock into her hands, stroking firmly.

“Stop,” I said, “I’ll cum too soon, I won’t be able to help it.”

“But I have my special tricks,” she replied, “remember?”

“No good this time. The way I’m feeling even King Canute couldn’t stop me!” I replied.

She looked up, releasing her grip.

“Okay.” she said, slowly rising but licking her tongue right up from the base of my cock to the tip, where she hesitated, kissed it a little then stood up, turning her back to me.

My legs squirmed in pleasure but I held back as well as I could. I placed my hands around to her breasts, feeling the wet softness through her blouse. I undid the remaining buttons, placing one hand on each breast, squeezing gently. I pressed into her from behind, my cock now pushing upwards between the cheeks of her bottom. She responded bursa escort bayan by pressing back, moving ever so slightly up and down.

I moved one hand downwards to her pussy, I could feel her trimmed pubic hair, soft in the middle just above her clit, a little rougher at the top where she had used a razor. A feeling that I love, I thought as my hand began to explore the folds and creases of her pussy. Her high state of arousal was apparent when my finger eventually found the fold that lead inside her. Her legs buckled, I caught her to steady her, pressing hard. I lowered my other hand to her bottom, pulling her legs apart, not much but enough to signal to her my intentions.

She pushed her hips back. I took my cock in my hand, bent my knees to lower myself and gently eased myself into to her waiting pussy, straightening myself back up. I pressed hard in, she pressed back, the full length of my cock now within her. We moved our hips in unison, me pushing upwards and forwards, Alison pushing back and downwards. Perfect timing. My cock eased in and out, from the tip then fully in over and over again.

The shower water continued to pour down, soaking her blouse and over her breasts, which now hung down letting the water drop off her nipples. We had good timing – a natural rhythm together. I could feel my thighs tighten, I could feel her pelvic muscles respond in kind. A few more full length pushes and I could feel my cum rising from my balls, through the base of my cock and up along its length. ‘Was she ready’, I thought, should try to hold on a bit longer?’

But no, I couldn’t. My cum shot up, filling her pussy, my hips pushing my cock involuntarily as deeply as it could go. She screamed in pleasure. Her orgasm hit at the same time as my first cum entered her. Her muscles closed around me, holding me in. Our bodies moved together, in perfect time, each rush of her orgasm equalling mine. My…her….our minds were blown. We steadied, pushed firmly together, locked in pleasure. We stood for a moment, fifteen seconds perhaps, catching our breaths, calming. I relaxed out if her turning her around. I pushed her hair back, placing my hands on her face and pulled her lips towards mine.

“And that’s why we need each other” I whispered.

We stood embracing, pressing our wet bodies against each other. I picked up a towel and placed it around her shoulders, gently rubbing the droplets away from her back and her breasts. I squeezed her hair, letting the towel soak up the moisture. She raised her arms as I continued down her body, paying attention to her curves, my gaze lingering a bit as I lowered myself past her pussy and bottom. I passed the towel around one leg, rubbing through her thighs and down the other leg. She was no longer dripping. She took the towel from me and rolled her hair in it.

I watched as her breasts moved up as she raised her arms. Very good for a forty four year old, I thought to myself. I loved the paleness of her breasts, tinged slightly pink from the heat of the shower and the gentle rubbing of the towel, her nipples now relaxing back. How much did I want to kiss them. She passed me a towel and walked out into the vast hotel room. I towelled dry and followed.

She was standing at the French windows, reaching up to undo the latches. I stood and watched as her back stretched, her heels rising off the ground, extending her legs, pushing up her bottom. Against the low setting sun she looked amazing. She opened the doors out onto the small balcony, stepped back and shook the towel from her hair. She took a hairbrush from a bag that she must have had sent up after ‘Aneeka’ and stood, silhouetted again, brushing out her tangled hair. I stood and watched, the breeze coming through now a little colder.

I approached behind her, extending my arms around, pulling her back into me. I swept her hair to one side and rested my cheek against hers. The sunset shone against our naked bodies, the breeze cooling our bodies still warm from the shower. I passed my hands across her breasts, feeling her nipples harden again. We stood together for a while, saying nothing, just still. She turned around, her hands moving down to my cock and my balls.

“Once is never enough, is it?” she said, lowering herself to her knees.

She took my cock in her hands and pressed it against her lips, kissing at first, then licking around the tip. She opened her mouth and started to suck, not hard but the sensations that she was giving me were amazing. Knowing that I had cum already, I was confident, as was she, that I wouldn’t cum again too quickly. I was happy to let her carry on. She took my cock further into her mouth, I could feel her tongue working around it. Her hand was still cupped around my balls which she squeezed escort bursa gently and expertly.

I could feel myself harden further, the familiar sensations begin to build deep in my muscles. ‘Still plenty time’, I thought, but I reached down to place my hands on the top of her arms and pull her up. She stood up, smiling and stepped back, lying down on the bed. She shuffled on her hips backwards into the middle of the bed and signalled me forward. Her breasts relaxed back, her legs slightly apart, legs bent up at her knees. I climbed onto the bed and reached for a pillow, raised her hips up and placed it under her bottom.

Her pelvis was now pushing upward, exposing the fully beauty of her pussy. I placed my hands on the inside of her thighs, pressing her legs apart and lowered my mouth. She tasted amazing. The natural lubrication sweet and salty. I traced my tongue around the outside of her lips, three maybe four times. A bit of a rhythm. She pushed her pelvis higher, making it easier to insert my tongue deeply. I licked upwards, easily finding her clitoris, using my tongue to move around it in circles. Her hips rotated as I did, in automatic response to the waves of pleasure that she was feeling. She pushed her head back on the bed, arching upwards further. Her hands were on my head, pressing me down. I could tell that she was holding back, wanting this to go further and after a good few minutes she pulled me up by the shoulders just as I had done to her when I felt I was getting close.

She rolled me over onto the bed, pushed the pillow to the side the past one leg over my chest, and lowered herself down onto my waiting mouth. I pushed my tongue deep into her pussy, much further than I could when I was on top. She bent forward on her knees, taking my cock back into her mouth. This was a more natural position for me to kiss her deeply, and for her to take the full length of my cock into her. I loved that I could see her ass so close. I loved the feelings that she was giving me with each suck providing deep sensations in my balls and thighs.

Her hips rotated with the movement of my tongue deep inside of her. I loved the full sensory experience that we were sharing – the sounds of pleasure and sex, the sweet smells, the taste, the feeling and the sight of close bodies together.

She raised herself up and moved her knees forward. Expertly, she reached around her back and took hold of my cock and lowered herself onto it. I glanced at the mirror to the side, then the one at front. In each there was a reflection of us from all directions. I could see her in front of me, her back facing towards me, the rise and fall of her hips, my cock entering each time. Her bottom looked incredible as I placed my hands forwards on her hips. I could see the side on reflection in the other mirror, her breast firm, nipples erect. To the front, the reflection showed her front on, the expressions of pleasure and forthcoming orgasm showing clearly on her face. The mirror reflected the view from the one at the back, so you could see her riding my cock. This was incredible sex.

I wondered how close she was, as I could feel that I was getting ready. I knew how I wanted it to end, pushed my hips hard down onto the bed, disengaging. She turned around, slightly puzzled but I reached up pulling her down flat onto the bed, facing up towards me as I straddled myself across her waist.

“Let’s take this back to where we began” I said.

She knew immediately what I meant – I wanted to cum on her tits again, just like the first time we met.

She took my cock in the hand, her other under my balls. I shuffled forward a bit and placed my hand behind me, locating her pussy and clit immediately. We worked together, her stroking my cock, me stroking up and down her pussy behind where I sat astride her. We were both getting close. I could feel her hips twist, her thighs tighten. I could feel the deep spasms building within me. We both stroked faster, again in perfect time. She could see from my face that I was close, as I raised my head to look up. I could see from her expression as she bent her neck forward.

A few more and she directed my cock down. My hand pushed hard against her pussy. We came together. My cum shot across her tits, left, right and in between. She squeezed my hand tightly between her legs. She twisted and turned beneath me, locked in by my thighs – no escape! More cum across her breasts. Sticky, glistening, running down her shoulders. She smiled up.

“It’s what you want most, isn’t it?” she said.

“Perhaps, now and then” I replied.

“Pity.” she whispered. “I really wanted to taste it this time”.

I bent myself over, placing my face down close to her breasts. I tracked my tongue up along one long river of my cum, scooping it into my mouth. I raised my head up to hers, and placed my lips onto hers, transferring my cum into her mouth. I could see her roll her tongue around.

“Well now you don’t have to wait” I said as I rose up grinning.

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