Homeless Girl

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As it turned out she was sleeping in the woods in a little tent she’d put up there. We couldn’t have that and invited her in. I think she was happy to have hot food and the chance to shower. We got her clothes in the washer, and not having any women’s clothes she wore Eric’s robe.

I think all five of us were a bit starved for female company because we all stayed out in the living room rather than retiring to our separate rooms as was our custom. It was around midnight when she got up and dropped her robe.

“I want to thank all of you for having me, and I only know the one way.”

We all assured her it wasn’t necessary (except John, I noticed he stayed quiet) and that we weren’t expecting anything in return.

“Okay – how about you’re all hot and I want to fuck every one of you?”

No arguing with that.

Soon she had the geometry figured out. John lay on the floor with her mounting him. Eric had her from behind (same hole as John I think) I kneeled in front of her with my cock in her mouth, and Jose, and Emery got slightly distracted hand jobs.

Luckily it took John around ten seconds to poker oyna nut, and Jose got under, and it wasn’t long until Emery was taking Eric’s place. The three of us had a grand old time pushing her back and forth between us as she arched and moaned around my cock, and really moved her whole body with every thrust.

I was last and finally came around to take her good old missionary. She wrapped her legs around me and rocked her whole body, grinding her clit against me till she was trembling, and I came soon after.

That night she was going to sleep on the couch but she went off to John’s bed who wanted another turn, and when I woke up and came into the kitchen, Emery was making breakfast for all of us while Jose took her over the couch. When he was done I wanted a turn, and when I was done Emery claimed cook’s right and I took over on cooking.

She seemed happy to let us have her whenever we wanted after that. The woman had the sex drive of a Bonobo, and sometimes in the evening when we’d all be getting back from work, someone would find her masturbating on the couch.

“Couldn’t wait” she’d say

We canlı poker oyna got used to moving around in the house with someone having her. Reaching past her sprawled on the kitchen counter and Eric grunting inside her – to get the tortillas out of the cabinet. Stepping over her legs intertwined with Jose’s to get back to your room. She was never opposed to having multiples, so if the action turned you on you could always join in.

She rotated beds in an informal but fair sort of way. Whoever got her for the night could look forward to wake-up blowjobs, and great morning sex, although sometimes if you slept in you’d get them anyway. Her way of saying good morning.

She wasn’t working, wasn’t going to school. When we’d all leave for the day she mostly did art, and we started getting her things on request. New paintbrushes, a block of clay. She was good in any medium I saw her work in. She seemed content to have somewhere to stay and a bunch of guys to dote on her. I never saw her cook or clean, I don’t think she knew how, but we were happy to feed her.

When we had friends over they soon learned internet casino that she was available to them too. I think it was Emery who offered Dave a go if he wanted to. He swore he was clean so we let him. She was just as enthusiastic.

“I get eleven shots today instead of my normal ten?” she joked coyly. “I won’t say no.”

After that whenever he stopped by he wanted a tumble, and our other friends got word and wanted to try too. For the most part we let them.

Six months after she arrived she got pregnant. She’d been on birth control of course, but turns out having “ten shots” a day – yes, most inside her, can overwhelm any defense.

No telling who’s it was, we could have tested but decided we didn’t care. She wanted to keep it so we did. Nine months later little Sandra was born.

It was a hot nine months.

All of us were a little turned on that it might be ours, and she wore her pregnancy really really well. The sex didn’t slow in the slightest, and actually increased a bit. I know some of us were at her three times a day rather than the normal two.

She was always wet and always willing. I think the pregnancy turned her on too, because she got off birth control after that. Sandra was followed by Emily, who was succeeded as baby of the household by Edward. Thus far we haven’t had more, but it’s only a matter of time!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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