Hometown Ch. 04

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Big Dicks

Note: Please read the first three chapters to get up to date. Basically Ted found his new girlfriend holding hands with her ex-lover. Ellen and Jim decided to try some soft swinging and George Wright is trying his best to hide his bank payoffs. Whew. Got it? All rights reserved. Enjoy.


Ellen was feeling better about how things came out. She was happy that everyone didn’t go nuts when hearing that Ted’s father was Dawn’s father. Sex with Jim had been the best it had been in a while mainly because both were anticipating a possible soft swing swap with another couple.

“Hi, sorry I’m late,” Brenda Swenson, said rushing into the hair salon. “We had to get our son off to college a little earlier than planned.”

Ellen smiled at the cute dark-haired woman who she had grown up with. “So what’s new with you?”

Brenda sat down in the chair and sighed. “Everything is great. “Erik left early for college and now we have an empty nest.”

“Yeah, that must be sad and happy at the same time,” Ellen grinned. “Do you want a shampoo?”

“Yes but,” the woman laughed. “I can’t take off my blouse because I’m not wearing a bra.”

“Well you are the last customer and I can lock the door. The sink is around the corner and I have some nice big towels.”

“Uh..gee…OK..I don’t see a problem.” As Ellen locked the door Brenda got up and walked around the corner and sat in the chair by the sink. Her shirt was up covering her head and face when Ellen walked around.

“Let me help,” the hairdresser said reaching over and pulling the shirt up and away. As she neatly folded the shirt she peeked down at the woman’s naked breasts. “Oh my..you have your nipples pierced.”

Brenda laughed. “Marv wanted me to get it done. Now that we have an empty house things will start to heat up again.” She looked up and saw Ellen’s nipples were also hard pushing out the front of her smock. “Maybe you should try it.”

“God no…It must have hurt,” She said leaning forward to see the small silvery posts. Brenda’s breasts were a little smaller than her own.

“Not as much as you would think. They were sore for a while but now are fine. It seems now my nipples are always hard now.” Brenda had some experience with other women while she worked in the hospital during the graveyard shift. “You can touch them if you want.”

“Touch them,” Ellen repeated feeling excited. Never had she felt turned on around another female until now. She wanted to say no and move back but her body froze.

“Here,” Brenda smiled taking the trembling right fingers and pulling them forward until the thumb and index finger rubbed over the metal stub. What seemed like minutes were just seconds. The fingers played for a while and then were moved to the other mound.

Ellen didn’t realize at first that only her fingers were now touching the rigid tips. Brenda’s hands had moved forward to surround and capture Ellen’s hips. “Oh God what are we…doing?”

“Shhh, just let yourself go,” Brenda whispered as she pulled Ellen up to her knees and reached around to release the snap on her jeans.

Ellen stared at the scene before her as if she was outside watching in. She saw and felt her jeans being opened and heard the zipper being lowered. She closed her eyes when Brenda grabbed both the waistband of her jeans and panties and pulled downward.

“I…don’t know what..to do,” Ellen whispered lifting her feet one at a time until she was naked from the waist down.

“Come here and I’ll show you.”

Ellen watched it all play out in the mirror behind the sink. She saw hands again cup her buttocks and pull until she felt lips and a hot wet tongue push into her soft blonde bush. “OHHH..THAT FEELS SO…SO…”

Brenda remembered what she had done to get the other nurses off years ago. Her lips captured the swollen clitty as her middle right finger pushed up into the getting moist pussy.

Somehow Ellen managed to keep upright even though her legs were turned to mush. She turned and looked into the back room at the sofa she had installed a few months ago. “Why don’t we go somewhere where it is more comfortable?”


Kathy was about to lock the front door of the coffee shop when she heard someone tapping on it. “WE”RE CLOSED!”


“WE”RE CLOSED!” She yelled again before peeking out thinking it might be Ted looking for her. Since it was dark out she couldn’t make out the man’s face. So she reached down to turn on the outside light. She saw who it was but didn’t believe it. She turned and closed her eyes.

“KATHY…PLEASE OPEN UP,” Ralph said through the door. “I…WE NEED TO TALK!”

“Oh God…it is him,” she whispered not sure what to do. What she wanted to do.

Ralph tapped again. “Please open the door.”

“GO AWAY!” She yelled afraid to look at him again. “I DON’T EVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!”

“I’m not leaving town until you talk to me.” He leaned his right shoulder against the door until he heard the door unlock. He hurried to open it before she changed her pendik escort mind.

Kathy moved far back to stay away from him. When he told her that he was leaving and that he had someone else in New York she was shocked and hurt. After he left she was angry and very pissed. “Why are you here?”

“I left everything in New York. I want to be with you. I love you.”

“No…it’s over Ralph. You made your decision and hurt me. Even if you had chosen me I could never forgive you for lying to me. Jesus…you are married.”

“I didn’t plan for you to happen. But when I met you I couldn’t get you out of my mind…out of my heart.” He moved forward and reached for both of her hands. “I’m so sorry for lying and…and hurting you. Please give me..give us another chance. I’ve asked for a divorce. I want to marry you.”

Tears rolled down her cheeks but she didn’t reach up to wipe them away. His familiar touch was starting to weaken her. She saw car lights outside and wondered who had driven up. “It’s too late. I’ve met someone else.”

Ralph sighed but realized that she had not dropped his hands. He rolled his thumb over the top of her hands and pulled them to his sides, which brought their fronts together. “You told me that you loved me.”

Kathy was feeling light-headed and didn’t move when he leaned his face down to hers. She had to kiss him to really know.


Ted was glad his aunt was up when he got home. He was heart broken and his insides were torn apart. She looked up from reading a book when he sat next to her on the sofa. “Well I’ve figured it out. The whole fucking world sucks.”

Ann dropped her book on her lap losing her place. “What happened?”

“Good stuff I thought. I found out that Dawn’s father is the same as mine. Ellen slept with him after I left. That makes Dawn my step-sister.”

“No that would make her your half-sister,” Ann corrected. “But a sister none the less. So that’s good right? I mean she’s part of our family now.”

“Yeah that’s the good part. It’s Kathy that’s the problem.”

“She broke up with you.”

“Not that…I mean…you see she was serious with this guy up in Chicago. But he broke up with her and told her that he had someone else in New York. Basically the shit-head was married.”

“I still don’t see the problem.”

“I stopped by the restaurant tonight and he was there inside with her holding her hands.”

“And that’s it? You’re just going to give up. Fuck Ted Kathy fought on the Church lawn to keep you and now you are just a whipped puppy with his tail between his legs.”

“She did fight for me.”

“Yeah dumbshit. Get your ass over there and kick some ass.”


Ralph left the restaurant and was walking toward his car when he saw a man leaning on the rear bumper. “Can I help you?”

“Yeah you can help me by getting your sorry ass out of town.”

“You must be the local hick,” Ralph grinned. “I think you should get your county ass off my car.”

Ted had never lost it like he did at that moment. Anger turned his face and neck red as he leaned forward and rammed into the unsuspecting man. As their bodies fell towards the restaurant Ralph brought both fists down on the back of Ted’s upper back.

The blow knocked the air from Ted’s lungs. As he gasped for air the man pushed him off and was on his knees next to him about to hit him with his right fist when Kathy yelled.


Ralph turned and saw the hate and pain in her face. It was a look that he had never seen in her before. He also realized that she was holding a wooden rolling pin. He quickly jumped off and moved away.

Ted jumped up as quick and was about to go for him again when Kathy grabbed his wrist.

“No, let him go. He’s leaving and is never coming back again.” Ted hooked his right hand around her waist as they watched the man turn and walk to his car.

“Kathy…I’m sorry,” he said before opening the door and starting the car.

“Are you OK?” Kathy asked as she checked his body for any damage.

“Yeah, I’m great now,” he smiled. He leaned down and was about to kiss her when she pushed him back.

“I can’t have any secrets. I kissed him.”

“You kissed him. Tonight?”

“Yes, he surprised me and told me that he left his wife and was sorry. He said he wanted to marry me. I had to kiss him to know.”

“To know if you loved him?”

“No. I needed to know if I loved you.”

He stared at her but she didn’t say anything. “WELL?”

“I can’t say it first,” she said seriously. Now it was she waiting. “WELL?”

“Yes.” He said before dusting off his pants.

“Yes?” She repeated. “Yes is not it.”

“It’s better than no,” he teased. He saw her lift the rolling pin and quickly moved to hold her hand down. As he leaned forward his lips lightly touched her left ear. “I love you.”

They turned and kissed and he moved back to look into her eyes waiting for her reply.

She smiled. “Yes.” And escort pendik walked towards the restaurant.

“HEY…NOT YES…I mean yes but…you know what I mean.”

She wasn’t ready when he scooped her body up and turned her until she was lying over his right shoulder.

“Say it or I’ll spank you,” he dared.

“PUT ME DOWN!” She lifted the rolling pin but it slipped from her hand when he lightly spanked her buttocks. “HEY!”

“Say it.”

She hesitated but then whispered so low that he couldn’t make it out. Again he spanked her a little harder. “You shit!”

Ted was laughing now because her jeans had slid down over her bare bum. “Uh-OH…someone is losing their britches.” He opened the restaurant door and carried her inside.

“Ted…put me down. I’m getting pissed off.”

“Say it.”

“Ok…..I love you. Satisfied?”

“No, but the night is still young,” he grinned.


Mark Wright was in his room listing to his Ipod when someone knocked. “Come in!

He sat up when his father walked in. Normally his father was too busy to spend anytime with him. “What’d I do wrong this time?”

“Nothing,” George Jr. grinned as he sat on the bottom of the bed. “I just wanted to say how proud I am of you making the football team.”

Mark frowned. “I only made it because the second string half-back moved away.” He only tried out for the team because his father insisted.

“That’s fine.” He said standing and turning to face the door before quickly turning around. “Say how friendly are you with Dawn?”

“Uh…I guess we are pretty good friends. We are both on the Math Bowl team.”

George sat back down. “No interest in dating?”

Matt knew something was up because his father always had a hidden agenda. “Not really. She was dating Frank Mathers who moved away.”

“Good so she’s available. And the last time I saw her she looked pretty hot.”

“What’s up Pop?” Mark removed the Ipod earphones.

“Rumor has it that her father might be Ted Givens. Ted is a key person in my company’s future and your future. I thought maybe if you hung around or possibly dated her that you could find out some things.”

Matt shook his head and sighed. “Sure…I’ll see what I can find out. There is a big party this weekend. I’ll see if she wants to go.”


Dawn was on cloud nine. Her questionable future was suddenly planned. She had money for whatever college she wanted and she had enough money to help finance her father’s hardware store. She was looking at college information on the web when her phone rang. She saw Mark’s name. “Hi Mark what’s up?”

“Nothing much. I uh…you know…was wondering if maybe…if maybe you wanted to uh…go to the party Saturday night?”

Dawn sat up. She had always liked Mark but they were never free of boyfriends or girlfriends at the same time. “I thought you were going out with Janie.”

“We broke up last week.”

“God, uh yeah I guess so.” Not only was Mark handsome he was also smart which were rare to find in her school.

“Great…I’ll pick you up at 7:30PM.”


Ellen laid back and watched as Brenda removed her shorts and tiny black panties. This was the action that she wanted but now that it was happening she was nervous. “God, you are so beautiful.”

“And wet,” the dark-haired woman giggled rubbing into her moist pussy. “It’s been a while since I’ve been with a woman.” She sat at Ellen’s feet and slowly opened her knees.

Both sets of eyes were on the golden rose that opened its pink pedals. “Looks like you are wet too.”

Ellen figured Brenda would start by touching her pussy but when the lips moved from her left knee downward she braced again for the hot daring tongue. “OHHHH!”

Jim left the hardware store early after getting the old man to reduce his price another $20,000. He didn’t want to use Dawn’s money but he knew all he needed was around a hundred grand to secure the loan. He saw the closed sign on the front door and parked behind the salon. He wanted to surprise his wife and quickly sneaked inside. As he turned to close the door he heard his wife’s moans.

“Holy shit,” he whispered a minute later when he peeked around the doorway and saw his wife naked on her back with a naked woman’s face between her legs. What really got his eyes was the woman’s ass, which was directed his way and her shaved pussy lips beneath the puckered rear hole. He decided to watch a while before making his entrance.

“I’m glad you like it,” Brenda said as she kissed up over her trimmed blonde mound. She stopped to pay homage to her nice boobs and hard tips before moving upward until their soft lips meet and their mouths opened.

“Shit,” Jim whispered seeing the entangled feminine parts. From his advantage point he could see both wet and wonderful sets of pussy lips only inches apart. His fingers quickly removed his shirt and pants. He was pushing down his boxers as he stumbled into the room.

Brenda didn’t hear his entrance but Ellen did. At first pendik escort bayan she was afraid it was Dawn so she pushed the woman upward and looked around her. “JIM! OH GOD!”

Brenda too was shocked and nervous. Both were afraid he might be upset but when they saw the smile and saw the hard-on pushing out below they relaxed. “Looks like we have some company,” she smiled.

“Hi honey,” Jim said moving onto his knees next to the sofa. “You can’t believe how hot you two look.” He moved his hand over to cup Brenda’s left buttock.

“It feels so wonderful,” Ellen moaned when the woman’s mouth moved south again over her chest, navel and again into her sex. It got even better when Jim moved his lips to her right breast. For the next five minutes lips and tongues quickly brought Ellen up to the summit. “OH YES…..I’M GOING TO…TO CUM!!” The pleasure was so intense Ellen blacked out.

“Is she OK?” Brenda said moving her drenched face up from her sexy snack. “She sure tastes good.”

“Can I have a taste?” Jim asked after moving closer. Their eyes closed when their faces met. Brenda’s tongue, filled with Ellen’s juices, jabbed into his mouth.


Kathy tried to kick herself free from Ted’s gasp but it only made it easier for him to pull down her jeans and panties. Each time she kicked the clothes fell further down until they tumbled onto the floor by the main counter. She tried to hang onto his shoulders but he easily placed her half-naked body onto the countertop.

“Is this the way you treat someone who told you that she loved you?” She lay motionless while he pulled off his pants and underwear. Both were naked from the waist down when he moved between her legs and pulled her to him. The foreplay caused enough wetness to enable his hard long shaft to slide effortlessly into her depths.

Kathy had never thought that she would be fucked on her mother’s café counter. But at that moment it didn’t matter. They had confessed their love and now were sealing the deal. Her ankles locked around his hips while he pushed forward and back over and over. Her arms knocked over napkin holders and catsup while salt and pepper shakers tumbled off onto the floor. They didn’t even hear the crashing noise they made.


“GOOD!” She finished his sentence. “DON’T STOP..DON’T EVER STOP!” Having sex out in the open like this made them hotter and hotter.

Her hands somehow picked up catsup from the counter so when she reached down to pull him tighter she left red finger marks on his buttocks.

“Ouch,” she cried out when her head pushed back against the cash register. The draw popped open and a bell went off. “RING!”

“Round two,” Ted laughed to himself getting closer and closer to filling up her tank. His right knee slipped off the edge of the counter but she quickly grabbed him and kept him on top. “Thanks.”

What seemed like a great idea to fuck on the counter was turning out to be a mess. Her head was sore and their arms and legs ached.

Neither cared about taking their time because they knew they were ready to cum. “READY?” He asked to make sure.


“ARGGHHHH!” He grunted when his cannon released its first blast. “OHHHHH!” Precluded the second load.

After a minute Ted opened his eyes and saw car lights aimed at the building outside. “SHIT..GET UP…SOMEONE IS COMING.”

They slid back taking care to not step on the broken salt shaker bottle and picked up the discarded clothing before jumping behind the counter. They made it just as the overhead light came on. Kathy’s mother walked into the front door.


They pushed up to the counter so she couldn’t see they were naked below. “We..uh…Ted stopped by and…”

“And the light was off and we knocked some things off the counter,” Ted said red faced not knowing catsup was smeared on his right shoulder and left forehead. .

She rolled her eyes. “I hope that’s not blood on Ted’s head.”

He rubbed his finger up and brought them down to see the Heinz 57 variety.

“Nope….Catsup,” he laughed pushing it into his mouth.

Well next time don’t make so much noise. Mrs. Davis called me and told me someone was in my café.”

“We won’t,” Kathy said hoping she would leave. “We will clean up.”

Mary smiled and turned. “OK and don’t forget Ted’s underwear underneath the stool.”


Saturday came quickly. Ted spent most of his time at Kathy’s house since he was waiting for some furniture before moving into his new home. Their lovemaking became more adventurous as they tried sex in all rooms in her house especially in the kitchen. She was naked on the table when he walked up with a squirt bottle of catsup. Ready for another tomato romp?

“Bring it on,” she laughed. She reached out to grab the bottle and squirt him but he jerked it back and aimed it at her. She tried to roll off the table but he got her square in the ass.

“BULLSEYE!” He chuckled.


Mark was actually nervous as he walked up to Dawn’s house. Dawn was one of those best friend girlfriends that he joked around but they never took the next step. He accepted his dad’s request to date her mainly because he really wanted to.

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