Honeymoon with Mom Ch. 09

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“The cops arrested Dad?”

Nicole looked up from sorting the pile of clothes on her bed. Brandon was standing in the doorway to her bedroom. He looked concerned.

“He violated his probation,” she said, tossing a shapeless yellow sweatshirt into a box marked Salvation Army. “Driving drunk. He failed a breathalyzer.”

“Whoa.” the youngster walked over and put his hand on his mother’s shoulder as if to offer support. “Bad luck for Dad. He just get pulled over or something?”

“Or something.” She casually reached back and patted the boy on his hip and continued with her task.

“You’re not real cut up about it.”

Nicole finally stopped what she was doing and turned to face her son. “I turned him in. “


“I called the police,” Nicole said calmly.. “He tore out of here in the Camaro half-blitzed this morning. He’s a danger to himself and others. It had to be done.”

“Damn it,” Brandon muttered They stood so close to one another that Nicole had to tilt her head in order to look up into his dark green eyes, but she could not read his expression.

He started to laugh out loud. Catching himself he looked sheepishly at the floor, unable to completely conceal a grin.

“You don’t sound exactly upset yourself.” Nicole also had to struggle to suppress the little smile of relief that tugged at the corners of her own mouth.

“I know,” he said, ” I should feel awful. I’m a terrible person.”

“No, you are not,” Nicole said firmly. She took her son’s chin in her hand and forced him to look at her again. “Listen to me. George did this to himself. And he’s never been anything but a bully to you. Now he’s going away for a long time. Maybe it’s the best thing for him, maybe he can get help. Either way…I’m done. I’ve filed for divorce.”


“Yep.” Nicole slipped her arms around his waist, hugging him close. She rose up on her toes to kiss his cheek. “It’s you and me now, kid.”

Oh, I can feel his cock right through his jeans, Nicole thought excitedly. He must be half hard just from this. Well, he sure as Hell should be. She was wearing only a red-checked gingham cotton blouse hanging out over a pair of cut-offs that barely covered her rear end. Surely the boy must feel her nipples poking up stiff against his chest.

Brandon reddened and quickly stepped away. He picked up a pair of slacks from the pile on the bed. “Here, I’ll help you with…uh, is this his stuff?”

“Nope,” Nicole said briskly. “I went shopping. I’m sick of my ugly old wardrobe.” She took the pants from him and held them up. “‘Mom jeans.’ Ugh. Out with all of ’em.” She threw the jeans into the box. “I’m a chick on my own. I want to dress sexy, not like I’m fifty-something.”

“Mom, you’re…” whatever Brandon wanted to say, he couldn’t get it out. He darted to the door. “I’m – I’m gonna clean up. Me and the guys are meeting up down at the field to, you know, kick a ball around.”

“Good. Say “hi” to Luke and…everybody,” Nicole said. She watched him stride off down the hall. He doesn’t get it yet. She smiled devilishly and unzipped her shorts. Well, he’s about to get it all.


“Mom! What the fuck?” The look on Brandon’s face was priceless. Nicole had given him long enough to strip, get into the shower and lather up before tiptoeing into the bathroom and yanking back the curtain.

“Exactly,” she said, stepping into the tub to stand under the spray with him. Her top soaked through to transparency immediately, molding itself to the curves of her breasts and hips. The long tail of the blouse was all that covered her pussy and ass.

Nicole’s heart pounded, her pulse loud in her ears as she admired her son’s naked body. Hot water coursed down over his broad, tanned shoulders, slim hips and flat muscular abdomen. Water matted the curls of his pubes and drained in a stream off the end of his cock.

“Mom, I’m not?Hell, what are you doing!”

“Shush,” she touched her finger to his mouth, taking his prick in her other hand. God, even limp it was huge! “I got to thinking,” she teased, “Why would you shower just to go out and ‘kick a ball around with the guys?’ Your old mother’s not dumb. I know a thing or two about those friends of yours. About what you all get up to. Fucking.”

The boy was beet red but his prick responded immediately, swelling quickly and jerking upward in her fingers. “You’re not old,” was all that he could manage to say.

“What a sweet boy,” she whispered, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him hotly. She thrust her tongue deep into her son’s mouth, sliding one bare leg up the güvenilir bahis outside of his thigh and grinding her pussy against his rapidly hardening cock. He humped back, his big hands sliding down to her ass cheeks.

“Oh! Good, babe, good.” She broke the kiss and drew her head back to look her son in the eye. “You don’t have to out to find women to fuck, honey. Stay home and fuck me. Please?”

“You’re my mother,” Brandon protested unconvincingly. “I mean, we can’t…”

“We can. We will. Hell, we already are.” Nicole took a half step back, grabbed her shirtfront and yanked it open. Buttons popped off and hit the tile wall with little pings, washing away down the drain. She shrugged the sopping garment off her shoulders and let it fall. Brandon’s eyes roamed her luscious naked body without embarrassment now.

Needles of water lashed Nicole’s breasts, causing the sensitive flesh to swell even more. She cupped her tits, offering them to her son. Brandon grabbed her then, ducking his head to plunge his mouth over one stiff nipple. “God yes!” she moaned, arching her back against his strong arm supporting her. He slurped hungrily on her tit, biting the rubbery nubbin deliciously. His free hand moved down her quaking belly, fingers exploring the smooth bare flesh of her mound and the folds of her pussy lips.

“Not yet,” Nicole murmured, already on the brink of coming just from a few seconds of playing with the boy. “Not yet.” She wriggled free and slid to her knees. She ran her fingers up her son’s iron hard cock shaft, tickling the underside of the flared crown.

Brandon groaned and his prick throbbed violently under her touch. “Mommy needs to suck.,” she said, looking up at him with her eyes wide and mouth curled into a pout. “May she, just for a little while? Mommy has waited such a long time for the chance to suck her darling’s big cock.”

“Jesus Christ! Yeah, Mom! Suck my cock!” Brandon thrust his hips toward her face. Nicole opened her mouth as wide as she could around the massive girth of her son’s prick. She closed her lips around the shaft just behind the head and rolled her tongue against the underside. She moved her head slowly back and forth, taking just a little more into her wet mouth, then a little more…

I’m doing it! I’m finally sucking my own son’s wonderful big cock. The knowledge thrilled her to the core. She could do anything now.

“Oh Mom…oh Jesus! Christ I can’t stand it!” Nicole looked up at Brandon, trying to imagine what it must be like for him to look down and see his mother on her knees with her mouth full of his prick. Judging from his dazed, wide-eyed grin she decided it must feel pretty damned fine.

Shower water splashed over her face, flew from her long lashes as she blinked it away and plastered her hair in dark red ribbons down her slender neck, her back and her big tits. After a short while she reluctantly broke the tight seal of her sucking lips around his shaft and let him slide out.

“Let’s towel off and go to the bedroom,” she panted. Brandon helped her to her feet. “We need more room. I don’t want to rush this the first time.”

Five minutes later she had him flat on his back in her bed, his fuck-rod jutting up from his loins like a tree trunk. The bed sheets were cool against her tits and tummy as she lay between his legs. Nicole bathed her son’s balls with her tongue in leisurely fashion, trailing her tongue tip in slow circles around the tight silky skin of his sack while he tossed and groaned. “Hold still, silly boy,” she soothed, placing her hands against his thighs to steady him. One at a time, she took his egg-sized nuts into her mouth and sucked gently but fervently on him. She looked up from time to time to watch him grit his teeth and grimace, fighting to hold on to some control.

Nicole released Brandon’s balls and crawled up beside him on the bed. “I’m so glad I caught you before you went out,” she purred. “I bet you’ve got a lot of cum for Mom. It’d be a shame to have spilled it all in Elaine tonight. Wouldn’t it, sweetie?”

Brandon raised himself on his elbows. He looked alarmed. “Fuck, Mom, how’d you find out about that?”

Nicole just giggled. She turned around. Throwing one leg across him she lay down again, her face inches from his cock. She loved the feeling of having her huge tits pressed against his flat, hard abdominal muscles. “Oh, I know a few names,” she teased, dragging her finger nail lightly along the top of his prick shaft. “Told you I’m not dumb. Honey, I’m glad you’re fucking a lot.”

“You…you are?”

“Of course,” Nicole said. She reached between türkçe bahis Brandon’s legs to close her hand around his ball sac again and nuzzled her nose against the soft nest of his pubes. “A virile young stud like you needs to be getting into a lot of women’s pussies. It’s healthy. And goodness, I can’t teach you everything now, can I?”

“Okay…” Brandon said slowly. His mother’s cunt was a few inches above his face. She mewled delightedly when he started stroking her clit. “It’s just…this is so weird. You always seemed so uptight about sex.”

“Repressed,” Nicole corrected him. Forearms on her son’s hips, she took the base of his prick in her free hand and tugged up and down. “I’ve learned a lot myself, lately. I hope you’re not too distressed to find out that your Mama knows her way around a cock.”

“Hell, no!’ Brandon laughed. He spread his mother’s cunt lips with two fingers and slid two more inside her.

“Ohhh…uh huh uh huh oh Baby, play with Mommy’s pussy just like that.” Nicole scooted down a little. She snuggled her tits around her son’s cock, rubbing her erect nipples against him. She pressed her lips to the weeping tip of her son’s cock, flicking her tongue out to lap up the clear nectar. “I love the way you taste,” she said simply. Then she parted her lips wide and sucked in the delicious hardness of her eighteen-year-old son’s cock.

Nicole pushed her head downward, breathing rhythmically through her nose and relaxing her throat muscles to accept more and more of his big boner. She stopped when half of Brandon’s fucker was in her mouth. She started sucking hard.

“Yeah, suck on it!” Brandon yelled. “Goddamn, my dick’s never been so hard! Suck that cock, baby! Suck that cock!”

Nicole bobbed her head up and down in short jabs, taking another little bit more of his cock with every downward stroke. She was determined to get all of her son’s prick into her throat. She hadn’t quite managed the trick with Marc Jacobsen. Marc was longer than Brandon, but Brandon was just as thick. But Brandon was her own son, damn it, and she wanted all of him!

She finally hit bottom on his cock and began to massage the root with her sucking lips when Brandon removed his fingers from her pussy and took her by the hips. He pulled her down toward him. His tongue plunged deep into her cunt and he fucked her with it.

“Unnngghh!” Lights exploded behind Nicole’s eyes. The pleasure was almost too intense. The boy knew exactly what he was doing! He sealed his mouth to her pussy in a kiss that let him knead and massage her swollen lips with his. He reached his hand up to play with her clit again.

Nicole had meant it of course when she’d said that she was glad that Brandon was sexually experienced, but this?! She’d truly had no idea… She lost control and choked on his cock and had to pull off him, gasping for breath. “Oh God, son, what are you doing to me!” she squealed.

“I’m gonna make you come, Mom,” Brandon laughed. With a twist of his muscles he flipped them both over on the bed. Now that he was on top he returned to eagerly sucking his mother’s pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhh…” Brandon’s prick pointed down hovering a few inches above Nicole’s face. She grabbed his lean hips and tried to pull him toward her but he was too much stronger. “Baby, please…I want to drink you. Let me drink your come!”

“Not yet,” her son said. He flicked his tongue across her clit then and in a moment Nicole was rocked by a bone-shaking orgasm.

“Brandon, oh Brandon, Honey, oh that was so…” Her son lowered himself without warning so that the head of his prick slipped just inside her mouth, stifling her exclamations.

“Let’s go again,” he said, and went back to work on Nicole’s sex with his fingers and mouth. She sucked feverishly on the end of his cock. He slid another couple of inches past her wet lips, moving with a sharp stabbing motion. He yanked his cock almost out and then shoved it back in a little further each time.

Face-fucking. My son is fucking my mouth. Nicole had been enjoying her mastery, taking Brandon as she pleased, and her son had turned the tables in an instant. She was helpless…and incredibly excited. She already felt another orgasm building deep inside her.

Nicole never knew exactly how much time passed or how many times she came under her son’s manipulations. She rode waves of ecstasy that merged into a tide that became a glorious flood of sensation. Eventually Brandon let Nicole have his entire prick in her throat again and she sucked him like a madwoman.

And still he wouldn’t come. “First load is for your pussy, güvenilir bahis siteleri Mom,” he taunted.

Finally Nicole lay next to her son, exhausted and panting like an animal while he ran his strong hands over the curves and furrows of her body. “Man, you are so perfect,” he muttered as if to himself. “The best tits I’ve ever seen. Bigger than Laney’s.”

Brandon rolled on top of Nicole. “Let’s fuck, Mom,” he said.

“Oh yes,” Nicole whispered, stirring back to life. “Yes, Darling. Let’s do fuck.”

Nicole spread her long smooth legs wide and drew them up to her knees, opening herself to her son. The sheets under her ass were already drenched with her juice and she felt another flood let loose inside.

Brandon leered down at her, wedging his cock head between her drooling cunt lips. She reached down between her legs to run her fingers along his big meat, silently urging him forward. “Now, baby,” she hissed as he penetrated her. “Fuck Mommy now!”

Nicole wiggled her ass on the bed and shoved her hips upward to get more of her son’s cock into her. With a quick twist of his hips, Brandon drilled the entire length of his prick into his mother’s pussy channel.

“Ohhhh, Brandon!” she squealed. “Yes, yes, yyyyesss! Give it all to Mommy! FUCK ME!”

Brandon laid motionless on top of Nicole for a few seconds. She squeezed her pussy muscles around him, loving how he filled her. Her son’s cock was the most perfect fit for her pussy she could imagine. “Motherfucker,” she cooed, kissing her son. The sound of the word thrilled her. “You’re Mama’s little motherfucker now. Okay, not so little. But one hell of a fucker.”

Brandon started fucking his mother. He pulled back out of her pussy until only his cock knob was nestled in the folds of her pussy mouth. Nicole whined, pleading to be filled with him again. Then he thrust forward, French kissing his mother as he began hammering his big hard prick in and out of her tight cunt.

Nicole was drunk with the pleasure of having her own son pumping rhythmically in and out of her. She ran her hands up and down his strong back, whimpering and sobbing as Brandon ravished her little fuck-hole. “Jesus that’s good!” she moaned. “I love your cock, son. Oh god what a cock. So fuckin’ big.” The way her son moved inside her, reaching every inner crevice of her cunt, was exquisite.

Brandon just kept fucking her. Then Nicole felt the abrupt jerk and twitch of his body that signaled his onrushing orgasm. “Gonna shoot gonnashoot gonnashoot!” he howled. “Gonna come in you, Mom!”

“Come in Mommy, baby!” Nicole clawed at Brandon’s shoulders now, bucking her ass off the bed as fast as she could. When she felt the first blasts of his jism splash her inner cuntal walls her own orgasm enveloped her. Indescribable spasms of pure joy overwhelmed her senses and she beat her heels helplessly in the air while Brandon delivered his precious load of son-jism.

Her mind went blank and, like Mai Jacobsen, she was reduced at last to shrieking aloud, “Fuck your mother! Fuck your mother, baby, fuck Mommy FUCK MOMMY OH OH FUCK!”


Sometime after midnight Nicole held Brandon’s head and stroked his thick hair while he sucked her nipples. She felt that in her pussy, a little twinge of motherly lust. They’d fucked and dozed and sucked one another and slept and woken up again to play some more. Neither was willing yet to call it a day.

“I was serious, before,” she said. “Brandon, I don’t want you to be like me.” She was gripped by sad thoughts of her father for the first time in weeks. She saw that he sensed her change of mood and didn’t understand. “I think you should fuck as many women as you can. And I want to play too.”

“Huh?” Brandon stopped sucking and looked at her, surprised again.

“I want to meet your friends. I want in on the fun.”

Nicole had long counted herself lucky that Luke hadn’t boasted to his friends about his “conquest” of his best friend Brandon’s mom. She’d figured that he wasn’t so completely stupid that he couldn’t see the ways that it could backfire and mess up the sweet little deal he and his gang had going.

Now, Nicole decided, it was time for that to change.

Seeing Brandon’s hesitance she added, “What, you think that a woman who’ll fuck her own son doesn’t have few other kinks up her sleeve?”

Brandon burst out laughing at that. “Stands to reason, I guess.”

Nicole leaned close to him, kissing his forehead. “Like I said, it’s you and me now. We’ll do whatever we want with each other, whenever we want. But why not keep on sharing a good thing?” She stroked his cock. He was almost hard, yet again. “And this, young man, is one very good thing you’ve got here.

“And this’ll work out better for you than you might think, sweetheart. Wait until Mommy introduces you to her friends.”

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