Hot For Teacher Ch. 01

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Things have been sort of slow during the past few months at the company that I work for, so our management team utilized this lull in activity to expand the knowledge base for it’s employees by offering us various software training classes. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and I enrolled in several of the classes. The first class was pretty boring and while I did learn a great deal I wasn’t sure if I wanted to complete all of the classes that I had signed up for. Well all of that changed when I showed up for my second class.

When I walked into the classroom that day, I noticed that we had a new teacher. This woman was beautiful and so incredibly sexy, that I couldn’t take my eyes off her! She was about 5′ 5,” long blonde hair, intense green eyes, and she had a firm, round ass that was accented by her sheer, form fitting dress remember thinking, “Now this is more like it! Maybe this training stuff won’t be so bad after all!” I strategically positioned myself in a seat so I could watch this lovely, young goddess move around the room and settled in for the class to begin. When everyone finally arrived, she welcomed us to class and told us that her name was Jenny and she would be our instructor for the next two days.

Well, those next two days were wonderful! Jenny loved to walk back in forth in the room to ensure that everyone was following along and from my “selective vantage point,” I was able to keep a close watch on that incredible tight ass of hers!! I sat there hour after hour, daydreaming about making love to her as I covertly rubbed my cock through my pants, almost to the point of orgasm!

Jenny and I quickly established a “connection” and by the middle of the second day we were constantly exchanging humorous “barbs” and flirting with each other. As we neared the end of the second day, I hated to think that the class was coming to and end and I wasn’t going to be able to see her any longer. As the class ended, I walked up to Jenny and told her how much I had enjoyed her class. Jenny gave me a broad smile, winked and told me that she had enjoyed having me in her class. My heart fluttered at even this modest expression of attention and my mind was in a fog as I made the short walk back to my office. I spent the rest of the day thinking about her and hoping that I would be able to see her again.

The next week I had another training class scheduled and I when I walked in, there was Jenny. I felt butterflies in my stomach as our eyes met. Of course I positioned myself strategically once again to ensure that I had a clear view of her as she taught the class. Memories of that day are still vividly etched in my mind. Jenny was wearing a red, form fitting dress that showed off her firm ass and perky breasts. I could barely concentrate during the first couple of hours of class as I watched her move around the room. I sat there in a daze and fantasized about how wonderful it would be to make love to this exotic creature! As usual, Jenny moved from student to student, checking on our progress and I kept watching that tight, round ass of hers sway back and forth in that red dress as my cock throbbed inside my pants. During the next couple of weeks I attended several other training classes and to my great satisfaction, Jenny taught over half of them.

I started coming to class early and stayed around during class breaks so I could have some uninterrupted time with her. Our friendship grew and before long our flirting began to heat up. My desire to bursa escort be with Jenny grew to an almost intolerable level and I knew that I had to do something soon or I was going to go crazy as the lust built inside of me! One day after class I asked Jenny for her email address and I began sending her emails every day. During the next few days I began to get bolder with each successive message as I started to raise the stakes some. Before long, I started dropping subtle hints about my attraction to her to see how she would react.

It was obvious that Jenny was beginning to get curious about my interest and I thought that it was about time to raise the stakes a little more! I decided it was time to tell Jenny how attracted I was to her and that I wanted to pursue something a little more…. “Intimate”! Much to my surprise, (and satisfaction) I found out that Jenny felt the same way and over the next few days, we “teased” each other to an erotic frenzy!! By the end of the week we couldn’t wait any longer so we agreed to meet at a local shopping center to …satisfy our curiosity!

As I reached our rendezvous that night, my heart was pounding in my chest. I began looking for Jenny’s car and when I finally saw it, my stomach filled with butterflies with the anticipation of what was about to happen. I pulled up beside her car, Jenny got out and smiled a seductive little grin as she walked toward my car. She was wearing a shear white shirt and black calf length skirt that was slit up the side. As I watched her walk toward the car, I noticed how the skirt hugged her firm, round ass and I felt my cock begin to stir! Jenny slipped into the passenger seat and within seconds, my car was filled her sensuous aroma. I breathed in deeply, savoring the wonderful scent that I had grown to love so much.

I pulled my car around to the far side of the shopping center for a little more privacy. This was perfect! The parking lot on the side of the building was almost deserted, very dimly lit and the building was casting long shadows across the parking lot, which created a very secluded place for our little rendezvous. I gazed deeply into Jenny’s beautiful green eyes. Every inch of my body was on fire as I gently caressed her face and ran my fingers through her long blonde hair. I had waited for this for so long for this moment, I couldn’t believe it was finally here. I leaned over and kissed her and as my lips met hers I could feel my cock begin to stiffen in my pants. I unbuttoned my pants with my left hand and slid the zipper down all of the way, exposing my stiffening cock. Jenny reached over and started to rub her hand across my hard member, teasing me with her fingers.

As Jenny teased my cock, I reached over and brushed my hand across her breasts. As soon as my hand touched her I realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra! Within seconds I could feel her nipples getting erect and I slid my hand under her shirt, across her firm stomach, finally cupping her firm breast in my hand. I squeezed her breast slightly and massaged her nipple between my index finger and thumb as Jenny closed her eyes and her head rocked back. I pulled up her shirt, cupped her breast with my hand again and slowly bent over to place my mouth on her nipple. Jenny placed her hand behind my head and pulled my mouth harder to her breast as I sucked her nipple into my mouth and ran my tongue over and around it.

The feeling of the firm globe of her breast under my hand and her hard nipple against my tongue caused bursa escort bayan my heart to pound harder. The passion was building to an unbearable level as our lips met in another erotic kiss. I placed my hand between Jenny’s legs and trailed my fingers up her inner thigh. Jenny opened her legs invitingly and scooted down in the seat toward my probing hand. As my hand neared her crotch, I was greeted with another wonderful surprise; Jenny wasn’t wearing any panties either! Her pussy was soaked and when my fingers brushed against her wet lips, she let out a soft moan. Jenny spread her legs farther apart, and thrust her hips up as I plunged my finger into her wet snatch! I slipped my finger between her lips and across the tip of her clitoris. Jenny moaned as I rubbed her clit and sucked her hard, erect nipples. I pressed my finger deeper into her wetness and I could feel her hips trusting against my probing finger. I slipped two fingers into her and I could feel how incredibly tight she was and soon, I began to smell the musky aroma of her wetness wafting up to my waiting nostrils. I took Jenny’s hand and placed it on my hardening member. She wrapped her hand around it and I put my hand over hers as she started to slide it up and down the shaft.

While she was busy stroking my hard shaft, I laid back in the seat and closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of her jerking me off! Before long, the head of my cock was swollen and purple and pre cum was oozing from the tip. “Take me in your mouth,” I whispered. Jenny was quick to comply. She took the tip of my cock into her mouth and teased it until my cock was pounding with the anticipation of her warm mouth engulfing it! Jenny pressed her hand firmly against my rigid shaft, wedging it between her thumb and index finger. She applied gentle pressure and pushed my throbbing cock forward until it was standing straight up. She flicked her tongue up and down my long, hard member and I moaned softly. I could feel her lips and tongue teasing the sensitive area on the underside of my cock and I said, “Oh, you know just what I like don’t you?”

Jenny paused and said, “You’ve been very descriptive in your emails my dear!” She then took me fully into her mouth and began to bob her head up and down, occasionally pausing to slide her tongue along the length of my rigid shaft! I began to pulsate my hips to match the rhythm of her mouth as I ran my fingers through her long, soft blonde hair as it cascaded across my lap. Oh God!! I was in ecstasy!!

I caressed Jenny’s beautiful face and sensuous neck as I watched my cock disappear into her mouth over and over! I leaned back against the seat and pressed my hips upwards, driving my cock deeper into Jenny’s waiting mouth. Once again she complied and soon I could feel her lips touch the base of my shaft as she took the entire length of my hardness in her mouth. I ran my hand into the back of her skirt and began caressing Jenny’s round, firm ass. “Damn, her ass is so tight,” I thought to myself as my fingers ran up and down her soft, firm cheeks. Before long, Jenny could tell by my increasingly frantic motions that I was building to an orgasm. She changed tactics for a moment and started to swirl her tongue around the swollen head of my engorged member. I moaned again and Jenny looked up at me and smiled. She then slowly ran her warm, soft lips over the head of my cock and then ran her tongue down the entire length of my throbbing shaft as her soft hand circled the base firmly. Jenny continued escort bursa her assault on my trembling cock and I started to pulsate my hips upwards again, driving my cock deep into her waiting mouth. Jenny increased her pace as my hips pulsated faster and faster! As she worked on my hard cock I could feel my climax building and suddenly my balls begin to pump their load up through my throbbing member!

I groaned,” Oh baby, I’m going to cum.” and Jenny increase her rhythm even more, taking as much of my hardness into her mouth as she could. My climax exploded as my cock pumped hot spurts of cum into her waiting mouth. As my cock pumped out the last of my load into Jenny’s mouth, several drops of cum ran out of her mouth and dripped down her lips. I laid back in the seat in a post-orgasmic haze as Jenny continued to run her lips over my trembling cock for a few more moments before leaning back and wiping the cum from her mouth.

“That was incredible,” I grunted as Jenny sat back in her seat, “I just don’t think there is enough room in this car for me to return the favor” Jenny smiled and turned her body toward me, smiled and said “Oh yes there is!” She scooted down in the seat until her ass was almost pressing against the console. I smiled and grabbed her legs and placed them on my shoulders and lifted her ass off of the seat slightly. Jenny pulled her skirt up out of the way and opened her legs a little further to expose her hot, wet pussy to my waiting mouth!

As I moved my head further down between her legs, the intoxicating musky aroma of her wetness grew stronger and stronger and my mouth began to water. I gently dipped my tongue into her moistness and then flicked her clit lightly with my tongue. I felt Jenny’s body tense and she let out a soft, low “Mmmmmm” as she pressed her pussy against my face. I placed my mouth on her clit and began to suck it, savoring the sweet juices that were flowing into my mouth. I ran my tongue up and down the inner lips of her pussy for a few seconds, savoring the taste and that erotic smell that was filling my nostrils. I began plunging my tongue deep into her vagina over and over. I continued to tongue fuck Jenny for a few more seconds as the console started digging into my side.

I could feel Jenny’s body begin to tremble as she struggled to keep her pussy pressed against my face. It was time to get down to business! I placed my mouth on her clit and started licking her with my tongue as fast as I could. Jenny’s breathing began to quicken and she started to pulsate her moist cunt against my face. Within seconds I felt her body tense and then begin to convulse up and down as she climaxed. I kept licking and sucking her for a moment or two longer as her body continued to flinch and jerk in the seat. As her body finally began to relax, I lowered her legs and leaned back in my seat. Jenny slowly lowered her skirt and slid back to a sitting position. She looked so beautiful in the dim light that was filtering in throughout the windows of my car. I leaned over toward her again and kissed her passionately, sharing with her the taste of her own pussy that was still lingering on my lips. I cupped her right breast in my hand one last time as my tongue traced light circles in her mouth. Jenny ran her fingers through her hair and soon we both began the inevitable task of “clean up.”

I drove her back to her car and gave her one last kiss goodnight before watching her walk back toward her car. Of course she knew that my eyes were going to be locked on that beautiful ass of hers so she paused, looked back and ran one hand seductively across her firm buns. I sat there for a few moments with that image burned into my mind before starting the long drive home.

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