Hot, Married and Unavailable

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I turned 26 last month, and it promised to be the most boring birthday of my life. I had broken up with a girlfriend a couple months before and two of my closest friends had moved away in the last year. My sister, God bless her, knew I was feeling ambivalent about my birthday and decided to throw a party for me. I wasn’t much help when it came to the guest list. I only had two other male friends remaining. My sister and I had a few mutual friends, however, so she invited them and a few more female friends from the insurance company where she worked. Even so, I was still lukewarm about the party, but I love my sister, so I pitched in and helped with all the party prep.

When I throw a party, preparations take about twenty minutes. Less, if my apartment is clean. My sister did things differently. She wanted a theme, invitations, interesting food, decorations, ipod music list and more. It took days, if you include the shopping for the right paper for the invites, food orders.

Friday night I was cleaning the apartment and moving things around when my sister showed up with a bag full of decorations and a friend from work named Maggie. Maggie donated a large bin for ice and a bunch of plastic partyware, which was very nice of her. She was, in fact, very nice. Nice looking, nice body, nice personality. And married. More bad luck for me. Anyway, it turns out that Maggie’s birthday was a day after mine. Maggie didn’t stay long, just enough to be social. We joked about being the same astrology sign, compared personality traits, then decided we had nothing in common.

Saturday was the actual day of my birthday and the party. My sis turned up again at 11 am to help organize, though I suspect she was hanging around partly just to cheer me up, or at least keep me from being down. We had lunch together at one of my favorite restaurants, then I went off to the gym.

The party was okay. Thank God for sisters and tequila! I made margaritas, barbequed food on the grill and tried to be the happy host. The tequila helped. I didn’t click with any of my sister’s friends. They were all nice enough, but the chemistry just wasn’t there. I missed Maggie, but she wasn’t there, either. Even if she wasn’t available, she still had a great flirtatious quality about her and she exuded positive energy. Every party needs people like her, but she was home with her husband.

We were gathered around enjoying birthday cake around 11 when Maggie came in. She was dressed in a brown skirt and white blouse with a brown banana leave pattern. She looked great and was soon into a large, freshly prepared margarita made by yours truly. Maggie explained that her husband had fallen asleep at 9:45 from the effects of three beers and the day’s yard work but she was still wide awake, so she decided to come to our party after all. We had a few laughs with my sister, then Maggie and my sister drifted over to their work friends and I joined my guy friends, who were watching a poker game on TV and BS’ing.

Twenty minutes later Maggie dropped by to ask for another of my “MMMMMMMMMmmarrrvelous margaritas.” I was happy to oblige. We chit-chatted while I squeezed the limes and prepared the drink, and I couldn’t help notice that the first margarita was already having an effect. I warned Maggie to go slow with the next drink or there would be consequences.

“Like what?”, she challenged me.

Caught off guard, I mumbled something lame about driving, then my sister joined us, at one point playfully attempting to give me the traditional (but long since abandoned) birthday swat on my behind. A moment later two of the women my sister knew from work got up to leave, starting a general guest exodus. A half hour later only my sister and Maggie were left. We half-heartedly cleaned up while I listened to my sister and Maggie swap funny work stories and gossip. I didn’t know any of the people they were talking about, but the girls were laughing so hard it was easy to go along with their infectious spirit.

My sister’s fiancé’ Mark showed up at 12:30 to drive her home. He’d been hosting a corporate event all evening and looked out of place in a suit and sober. I don’t mean to make fun of him, it’s just that he stood out from the three of us just because he wasn’t half-drunk and laughing at nothing. My sister didn’t want to go without Maggie, though, and felt like she was in no condition to drive. The combination of her impatient husband, my making coffee and my promises to drive her home myself if she wasn’t up to it finally won her over. After a long hug and a handshake, she and Mark left. Maggie, an amazing mimic, did an impression of Mark five seconds after the door closed that had me in stitches.

“You are so naughty”, I laughed.

“How would you know?” she replied with a stage wink and a bursa escort slap on my behind with a spatula grabbed off the counter.

I pretended to protest for a split second, then grabbed Maggie’s arm.

“It’s after midnight, so that means you have no reason to spank me any more, but I, on the other hand have EVERY reason to spank you.”

“Noooooo” Maggie wailed, but it was half-hearted and she was smiling.

I grabbed Maggie and threw her over my shoulder and walked over to the couch. I was enjoying this already, as I had my hands on the smooth skin behind her knees. Maggie struggled, but it was mostly for show. For a tenth of a second I debated whether to give her the swats on the outside of her skirt or try and lift her skirt to swat her panty covered rear. If this was daytime and no alcohol had been involved I never would have dreamed of lifting her skirt. But, this was nighttime, we were alone and alcohol WAS involved. I grabbed Maggie’s wrists in my left hand and lifted her skirt up with my right. Maggie shrieked in laughter, said “no way!” and twisted as I did so, thwarting me to the point that I only got her skirt up a couple inches. I tightened my grip on her wrists, pulled at the skirt fabric again and this time got it up to the point where I could see half of her ass in a pair of white panties. Maggie gave a little howl of protest, but instantly I sensed that her resistance was fading and pushed her skirt high up over her ass, grabbing her kicking legs between mine.

Maggie’s ass was beautiful. Full and round, it was only half-covered by an ordinary pair of panties, but the way the panties clung to her ass made it seem all the sexier. I made some rushed compliment about her backside and swatted her once on the closest cheek. She squirmed and protested, but I held her firmly and swatted the other cheek, saying “two!” as I did. I swatted again and again, then paused and asked how old she was. She didn’t answer right away, which gave me a moment to peer more closely at her crotch. I could see the mounded outline of her labia, a gorgeous sight if I ever saw one.

“Speak, woman!” I said loudly as I slapped her ass again.

“I’m not telling” she responded, and gave a burst of effort to slip from my grasp. It didn’t work.

I was about to say 30 arbitrarily, but in a moment of unaccustomed brilliance, I mumbled something about the customary number for resistant females was 100 and slapped her backside again for emphasis. I wanted to delay this delicious moment in time as much as possible.

“29! I’m 29” she said in a rushed voice.

“Hmmm” I said judiciously, laying my hand on her soft thigh, unconsciously stroking the flesh before I spoke.

“I’m sorry, but your response was too slow, so we must precede with the 100…uh…spanks.”

I began spanking again, slowly, evenly, counting as I went, varying the spot I struck and savoring her soft flesh with each brief moment of contact. When I got to ten or eleven, I stopped for effect before spanking her, just as a tease. Maggie squirmed in anticipation, tensed her body slightly and squirmed again when I waited even longer to administer the next swat. This was so much fun!

Before the next swat I lifted one leg Maggie’s panties higher to expose more cheek and swatted the bare cheek. Maggie protested and squeezed her legs together tightly, which actually made it easier. I lifted the material on the other side and swatted that side, then held the material up on both sides for an even better look at her ass. I took a deep breath. She really had a beautiful ass. Maybe even perfect.

“You have a beautiful ass” I said fervently, taking another deep breath and letting it out with a loud hiss.

I heard a muffled “Thank you” in reply, then resumed my spanking.

I’d never spanked a woman before, and if any readers have a special desire for hard spanking, they should probably stop here. I was more interested in just seeing Maggie’s ass, teasing her a little and enjoying the rare treat of this amazingly sensuous moment. I continued spanking slowly, continued teasing, pulling Maggie’s panties this way and that until I had seen her entire backside, most of her anus and the lowest part of her labia. Somewhere around 40 swats I began to sense that Maggie was pushing herself against my thighs. By 50 I could clearly see a rhythm to her thrusts.

“You naughty girl. I think you’re starting to enjoy this.”

Her response was only a quiet moan, but her thrusts continued every few seconds. My response was to pull the waistband of her panties down below the cheeks of her ass. To my surprise, Maggie lifted herself and let me pull her panties down and off her legs. I swatted her bare cheeks a few times lightly and enjoyed the feel of her smooth flesh, but the truth bursa escort bayan of the matter is that my sights had shifted lower. After each swat I was now letting my hand linger more and more. Maggie made no protest. In fact, when it became obvious that my searching fingers were massaging her upper thighs close to the entrance to her vagina, Maggie spread her legs an inch to allow me better access. My fingers traced her wet labia and I held my breath. Maggie moaned and I teased her for a few more seconds, then pushed my index finger into her. She pushed back against my fingers. Maggie was wet, incredibly soft and hot. Not warm. Hot. I couldn’t believe the heat in her pussy. I explored with one finger, then two, all the while rubbing the area between her pussy and anus with the tip of my thumb. She moaned again and pushed herself backward. I shook my head back and forth quickly as a reality check. This amazingly attractive woman who was so out of reach yesterday was so “in reach” today and squirming in pleasure as she lay across my lap. It was amazing, and nothing in my life had ever happened like this.

Maggie’s hunching and moaning drew me back to reality. I withdrew my two soaked fingers from her vagina and probed her wet folds for her clitoris. I found the firm little marble of flesh, producing a short gasp and an involuntary shudder. I let out a breath of my own and began teasing her clit, rubbing two fingers on either side. Maggie cried out and pushed her moons against my fingers. My thumb naturally fell into her vagina and I started a squeezing action between it and my middle fingers and forefinger that sent Maggie over the top in less than twenty seconds. She gasped and stiffened, then let out a series of deeply sensuous moans as the waves of her orgasm pulsed through her body. I did nothing but hold my thumb in her vagina while I continued the gentlest of massage near her clit. When her orgasm subsided I withdrew my thumb and fingers and began unconsciously stroking her damp inner thigh. The pungent scent of her vagina now perfumed the air. I inhaled tentatively, then deeply, intrigued by the exotic fragrance.

My left hand was no longer holding Maggie’s wrists, so I began a gentle massage of her back. I hand to use the heel of my palm because my fingers were wet. I wasn’t sure what else to do at the moment. Maggie broke the brief silence.

“Oh my God…..That was so…incredible. So…damn…wonderful. I haven’t experienced anything like that in years. It was soooooo good. Thank you.”

“Thank you?” I said incredulously. “You’re thanking ME? I loved doing that!”

“Happy to hear that” Maggie said as she rolled off my knees and smiled sheepishly from the floor.

“But I wouldn’t mind thanking you with something besides words. In fact, I insist on it.”

Maggie took a position between my legs on the floor and began to caress higher and higher on my inner legs. She watched me closely and our eyes locked as her hands got close to my hardened dick. I felt her rub me through my pants.

“Mmmm…This feels good” she said, patting me, then reaching to unsnap my pants. Maggie pulled my zipper down and moments later reached a delicate hand inside the fly of my boxer. I felt her warm fingers surround my shaft and instinctively spread my legs to give her access. Maggie began stroking the shaft, then moved up to grasp the head of my dick. She squeezed it lightly, then caressed the sensitive tip. I pushed against her hand and moved my body up and down to maximize the movement of her hand, then pushed my pants and boxers far down my thighs. My dick sprang back against my body. Maggie reached for it and took hold once again.

“I love this. I love having a man in my hand….or my mouth” she said with a wicked look.”Really. I love the feel of a man’s penis. And it gives me such a wonderful sense of power.”

My response was a lame “Hmmmph” and a smile. I couldn’t think of anything more to say. I could barely think of anything at all except the exquisite sensations in my dick, which were somehow more wonderful because of who was doing the stroking. A few seconds later the stroking stopped and I felt Maggie’s tongue flick across the tip of my penis. Moments later her lips surrounded the head of my dick. I lay back, closed my eyes for a moment and marveled at the soft, wet, heat of her mouth.

I suppose any woman’s mouth feels good on your dick, but when a beautiful woman you lust for does it, it feels even better. Maggie tried various combinations of sucking and licking, looking up at me every few seconds to see my reaction. I leaned back and shut my eyes for a moment, enjoying every second, but trying not to cum too quickly. It suddenly occurred to me that I hadn’t touched Maggie’s tits. I wondered if I should even try; if it escort bursa might cross a boundary of some kind. Some girls I had slept with didn’t like to have their breasts touched when they were giving head. It hurt their concentration or something. Some did, though. I debated a few seconds, then decided to try. Leaning forward, I ran my hands into Maggie’s hair, then let my hands slip lower and lower, caressing neck and shoulders. Casually, I slipped my hands inside Maggie’s blouse and down along her chest. A moment later my fingertips were slipping inside her bra without resistance. In less time than it takes to write about it, I felt a magical softness in my hand and a firm nipple slide between my fingers. I stretched the nipple and got a moan. I repeated the action, cupping those soft tits in between. I was intrigued to see Maggie’s shoulders clench a bit, release and clench again.

In retrospect I liken her movement to that of a butterfly’s wings moving slowly back and forth. At the time I could only think how nice her erect nipples felt and what a sensuous weight her breasts were in my hand. And how lucky I was, of course. Maggie moaned a few times at my touch, but I was the one making most of the noise. Especially when I came. My hips bucked and jerked and some internal pump squeezed jet after jet of sperm out the tip of my dick. I was nervous about coming in Maggie’s mouth because most women who sucked me off weren’t wild about the taste of sperm, but Maggie wasn’t the least bit bothered and swallowed every bit she could as I moaned and groaned in delight . She even seemed to like sperm, which amazed me. Even after I came, Maggie continued to lick and suck me gently for another minute, her fingers sifting through my pubic hair. I have the male tendency to drift off to sleep after sex and probably would have that night if we had been in bed, but we weren’t. While I recovered from my moment of bliss Maggie excused herself, grabbed her panties with a saucy look and went to the bathroom to freshen up. As I lay there one word kept reverberating in my head: wow. Wow, wow, wow. I was so happy to have had this experience but soon a curious note of melancholy hung in my thoughts. This wonderful woman was not mine and could not BE mine. There would be no snuggling as we drifted off to sleep, no morning hugs and coffee together. No exploring a new day with a new love. It was a different feeling than anything I had ever experienced. I was both happy and sad.

Maybe Maggie was feeling something similar, I don’t know. We exchanged looks and nervous laughs. She didn’t sit down so I got up and hugged her. And hugged her. We stayed that way for a full minute, then Maggie spoke.

“I’ve got to go.”

I held her all the tighter.

“I know” I sighed. “I’m so happy you came tonight. So sad you have to go.”

“Me, too” she said. “But..”

She never finished the sentence. A moment later I was showing her out the door. She seemed okay to drive, so I let her. She formed the word “Thanks” silently with her lips, turned and walked down the apartment stairs. I sighed, took a deep breath and shut the door, only to find myself staring dumbly, numbly at the carpet as I leaned against the door. I washed my face and brushed my teeth for all of ten seconds and went to bed. But now sleep wouldn’t come. I couldn’t stop thinking: if only, if only, if only…

Everything went back to normal the next day. Same job, same life, same friends. One day I was “up”. The next day I was “down”. A week went by, then a month. I started to consider moving. Maybe a new city would give me a fresh start. Then Maggie called last Saturday morning. Her husband was out of town. She asked if she could come over for coffee. I had a hard time sounding normal when I said “sure.”

Maggie brought a couple things from Starbucks, but we never got to them. We kissed passionately as soon as she closed the door. A moment later she whispered “I’m so wet for you” in my ear, which might be the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard or will ever hear in my life. We kissed some more and within minutes I had her top and bra off. Her panties soon followed, and all my clothes. I sat back on my couch and Maggie straddled me, her jeans skirt up around her waist because I didn’t want to wait while she removed it. Watching her breasts bounce as she bounced up and down on my dick was such a treat. Many more treats followed until my cock was sore and my tongue tired. We hardly left the bedroom the rest of the day, ordering out for pizza around 4 pm. I felt so good I tipped the delivery boy 20 bucks, more than the price of the pizza.

It’s now a week later. Maggie sent me flowers on Monday, a first for me. We’ve sent each other emails every day but I don’t know when I’ll see her again. I don’t know much of anything about her, us or what’s going on in the world, except that I stopped thinking about moving and I can’t stop thinking about her. I guess its love.

Thanks for reading. Love to hear if any female readers have advice, observations, comments.

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