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I had a long day and my back was stiff from all the work. He offered me a back massage and I somehow managed to remove my shirt before flopping face down on my bed. He poured some oil and started rubbing his fingers expertly on my back and shoulders, removing all the knots. My skin tingled everywhere his fingers danced. He wasn’t doing anything extra to arouse me but his touch on my bare skin was enough to light the fire in me. He made his way down to my lower back spanning my waist and loosening all the stiff muscles there. Then I felt his huge palm rest completely on my ass and I stopped breathing for a sec. I realized his mind was on the same track as mine. I wiggled my ass a little under his palm to signal a ‘go ahead’. As if he knew what I wanted, I felt his palm run straight down and under my ass to cover my pussy. He started rubbing it with his whole palm and suddenly slipped in a finger on my clit.

He started circling his finger on my clit and I moaned in my pillow. He said he couldn’t hear it and increased the pressure a little and tapped my clit. That made me bursa escort arch my back resting on my forearms and I moaned loudly. He asked me to stay in that cobra pose and slipped his fingers deep into my pussy. I loved his fingering but I loved his dick more into me. When I tried to turn on my back to tell him that, he pushed my head back into the pillow and stopped me from turning. Horny him was nothing less than a beast but I loved that beast! He shoved two more fingers into me roughly and started pounding them. I was moaning into the pillow and breathless but that beast wouldn’t let me bring my head up to breath… strangely enough that only turned me on more and pushed me to the edge. I was growing breathless and thrashing my arms and a moaning mess, when he let go of my head and let me breathe. He pinched my clit suddenly and it was too much for me to hold in… all that rush of oxygen and the pain and pleasure together made me cum screaming his name. My head fell back on the pillow, spent from the powerful orgasm. But the beast wasn’t done with me yet.

He flipped bursa escort bayan me over on my back, pulled my legs to the edge of the bed and pulled me up by my hands to make me stand. I was still a little dizzy and felt like he mumbled something. Suddenly I felt a sharp sting on my ass followed by two more. Now that alerted me to what was coming and also made my pussy drip again. He asked me to completely bend down and touch my toes. I did just as he asked. He spanked me hard again and then licked and soothed the burn on my ass. I did nothing but enjoy the way his wet tongue licked all the burn away and sent shivers down my spine. He liked it when I obeyed him. He loved making me his submissive and obedient whore.

I was eagerly waiting for what was to come next. I thought he’ll spank me a few more times or ask me to suck his dick. But apparently I was being a really good whore and I was rewarded with a shove of his huge dick in my pussy. I gasped at the sudden intrusion and he waited couple secs for me to relax to his huge cock. He rubbed my ass, enjoying its roundness escort bursa filling up his palms and then started stroking my pussy with his dick. He said “I love this shape…so round and perfect…” then started fucking me hard. I had still not recovered from the earlier orgasm and now all the blood rushing in my head from bending down and his pounding in my pussy was driving me crazy. He was fucking me so hard that his thighs were slapping the back of my thighs. He then asked me to get up without letting his dick out of my pussy while he kept fucking me.

That asshole didn’t even stop to think how difficult it would be for me, but he knew I love challenges. I started raising myself up without moving my ass and rested my palms on my knees for a min. He slapped my ass again to tell me to get up. I slowly rose myself up, my back arched and him pounding my pussy. I kept my back a little arched and he made me put my hands behind my head so I won’t get any support. He held my hips and started fucking me like his whore, making me feel slutty and turned on at the same time. He then grabbed my boobs and started crushing then in his palms and it hit us both at the same time. He roared like a lion calling me his slut and I was beyond uttering a sound. It was hard enough to breathe through the orgasms he gave me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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