HOT Springs

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Some would say its dangerous to backpack alone, but given that I was going to a reasonably well known hot spring, I assumed that even though it was the middle of the week I would see others on the trail and at the spring. I was quite surprised to see no one along the trail, and only one tent with two horses near the hot springs. Horses indicated that they had come in from the other side of the pass, which is why I hadn’t seen them. I was pleased that there weren’t many people here, given I wanted a little privacy and relaxation. After setting up my small tent, I decided to hit the hot spring before the afternoon sun disappeared and the air turned cold.

As I approached the hot spring, I saw that there was two people in it, the two on the horses I assumed, and as I got closer I saw that it was a young couple, around their mid 30’s, relaxing in the hot bubbling water. They said “hi”, I said “hi”, and I pulled off my shirt and dropped my shorts and walked in and sat down on one of the rock benches that had been built over the years by all of the many visitors. The beauty of a natural hot spring miles up a mountain trail is that everyone goes nude, and I love the feeling of sitting in the water without the restraints of shorts or swim suit.

Once I got situated, I looked over my compatriots from behind the safety of my sunglasses, just as they probably did me. Sunglasses are a definite boon to the oggler! They both had the tri-athlete’s build, a not uncommon trait in Colorado, thin, but muscular. He had short dark hair, clean shaven but with five o’clock shadow, and she had mid length auburn hair and a cute pixie face. I was guessing that a magnificent pair of legs and a perfect firm ass were probably hidden by the water, and made a mental note to make sure to try and get a good glimpse when or if she got up to climb out.

We exchanged pleasantries and names, they were Steve and Gwen, they told me they were from Grand Junction and I replied that I was from Boulder. She asked if I was a tri-athlete since I was from Boulder (the Mecca for tri-athletes) and had such a fit muscular build (so she was checking me out from behind those glasses!). I said no, I just work out a lot, run a lot, etc, but not to compete. It turns out that they were indeed amateur tri-athletes, hence the build and their question. I asked them a few polite questions about their hobby, while trying not to picture what lay below the waterline. They were quite nice, and if I wasn’t going to be alone in the wilderness, at least it was pleasant to be with people of similar mindset and outlook.

After we sat in silence for a few minutes, a thought occurred to me. “Man, I would pay $10 for a Marg right now.” They both laughed and Steve said,

“We don’t have Margs, but we’ve got a bottle of Patrone in our tent.”

“You brought a bottle of Patrone?”

“Yep, one of the benefits of using horses, you can bring more stuff. I almost brought some beers, but thought that would be pushing it.”

“Well, if you don’t mind, break it out, I love Patrone!”

“I’ll get it.” Gwen said. At this I made sure to open my eyes and watch, without being obvious, as she stood up. Her body was everything I had hoped, a thin strip of neatly trimmed hair between her legs, and muscular legs and ass, with a sharp tan line at the spot of her short lycra bike shorts, and then a much less defined tan line where her bikini must run. Her breasts were small but round and firm, with long nipples. I could feel my cock twinge. As she turned and walked stark naked toward their tent, I watched that round, muscular ass, focused on it’s smooth perfection. God, I wanted to bury my face in it.

I was surprised when at Steve when he said, “She has a perfect ass doesn’t she?”

“Amazing. You don’t mind if I check it out?”

“Be my guess. I would think there is something wrong with you if you didn’t”

“I guess you aren’t the jealous type then, not minding other men checking out your wife’s naked ass?”

“Not at all. I’m not the jealous type at all, in fact it turns me on a little to know that other men appreciated what I get to enjoy.”

Now my cock twinged again. What else wouldn’t he mind? We both sat in silence and appreciated her perfection as she returned with the bottle and climbed ataşehir escort back into the hot spring. We made small talk and passed around the bottle. At one point we all climbed up and sat along the edge of the pool, with just our feet in the hot water, allowing our bodies to cool off in the afternoon air. The topic of movies and actors came up, and I said that I would gladly give my left nut to spend the night with Selma Hayek.

“So would I!” replied Gwen. “Not my left nut of course, since I don’t have one, but I would love to spend the night with her!” As any man would be, I was intrigued by this, visions of their naked bodies entwined, and I replied,

“Really? So you like women too?”

“It’s been a long time, but I’ve been with women.”

“God bless you!” I exclaimed, while taking another swig of tequila.

“Why do guys find it so cool that women are bisexual, but are completely against it in men?” She seemed almost indignant. Steve replied before I could,

“Because 90% of women have some sexiness about them, and 90% of men don’t.” She seemed to think about that for a second than replied,

“But you guys are both hot, both lean and muscular with abs. Both sexy by any standards. Is it ok then for you two?” I was silent, hoping my legs were hiding my increasing erection. I had never acted on it, but as I have aged, I have found myself increasingly curious about touching another man’s cock, and Steve was definitely the type of body that I would be willing to explore with. Muscular and lean, manly but not overly hairy, and it looked like he had trimmed his pubes. He didn’t say anything, and I couldn’t see whether his cock was reacting like mine as it was hidden by his legs. She was sitting beside him, looking down, and said,

“Well look, I think Steve is getting an erection! Is this talk getting you excited?” Steve stammered and stuttered, trying to find a rational explanation, before I interrupted,

“It’s ok. It’s starting to turn me on too.” With that I turned toward them and opened my legs, allowing my staff to fly at ¾ erection in plane sight. She actually licked her lips, reached down and grabbed Steve’s cock and began stroking it, pushing his legs apart so I could see.

“Look honey, he’s got a magnificent cock. Jay, what do you think of Steve’s?” His cock was about the same size as mine, 7 to 8″, and hard enough to cut glass. Coupled with his trimmed hair and muscular legs and stomach, it looked great, and I said so.

“Come over here so I can touch both of them.” Gwen said. I didn’t need to be asked twice, I came and sat down beside Steve. Gwen immediately got down n her knees in the water and began sucking Steve while her left hand gripped my cock and began to stroke. It felt so good; the open air on my erection, her warm and wet hand stroking up and down, the situation was the most erotic thing I had ever been involved in.

“Stand up,” she said, “I want to suck you both at the same time!”

We stood up on either side of her, facing each other, water up to our mid thigh, the rest of us standing in the sun. She knelt between us and began sucking my cock while stroking his. Her mouth felt fantastic, she would allow saliva to run down my shaft to lubricate her hand stroking and squeezing the base while her mouth sucked the tip and her tongue swirled around. Such a pretty site, her green eyes looking up at me as her pretty face engulfed my cock. She then allowed it to pop out of her mouth, and with a hand on the base of each of our cocks, began to rub the cock heads together, our precum mixing and lubricating each other. It felt amazing, the warm velvet smoothness of his head against mine, and I couldn’t help but groan and close my eyes. Without thinking, I reached across with my left hand and gripped his shaft. It felt warm and hard in my hand, and he groaned as I gave a squeeze and began stroking. She stepped back and watched as he reached across and did the same. The breeze gently blew across my ass and the sun warmed our bodies as we stood there, 12000 feet up in the majestic Rockies, two men stroking each other while an amazingly hot woman kneeled in the water beside us, watching intently and fingering herself. Finally, I had to stop,

“I don’t want to come yet!” I released his cock and pulled avcılar escort his hand off of mine. “Beside, Gwen is being left out!”. I pulled her up to a standing position, and moved around behind her as Steve moved in front. He kissed and tweaked her nipples while I nestled my cock between her ass cheeks and stroked my hands up and down the sides of her body. She wiggled her ass and pressed it against me. Her skin was so smooth and flawless I wanted to lick her all over. Finally, I couldn’t stand it, I had to taste that sweet ass, and I knelt down behind her and began to caress those perfect cheeks. She moaned as I separated them with my hand and moved my face in, running my tongue across her pussy, separating the folds gently while my hands squeezed both cheeks. Steve knelt down in front of her and began to tongue her clit, and she spread her legs and leaned forward slightly, steadying herself with her hands on his shoulders as our tongues probed her. As he began to take over her pussy, licking deeper and longer, I moved up to her ass. She moaned a gentle “yes” as I flicked around her asshole, which I took as an encouragement to proceed before tonguing her asshole itself. She began to shake and quiver and her legs squeezed her husband’s head as she came to her first orgasm. After it subsided, we moved back to allow her to recover.

“We have an air mattress in our tent; lets’ pull it out and throw it in the meadow before it gets too cold!” Steve suggested. We all climbed out of the warm water. I was amazed, maybe it was the situation or the altitude, but my cock had never looked so large and hard! Steve pulled the mattress out of their tent, a nice queen size air mattress, another benefit of using horses, and laid it on a flat spot in the meadow out of the sharp rays of the sun. None of us cared that theoretically anyone could arrive and see us. As soon he had the mattress down Gwen pushed me down on my back on it while saying, “I need more of the beautiful cock!” She lay herself down on top of me and gave me a long, deep kiss while pressing her breasts against my chest. Reaching down between us she grabbed my shaft and began gentle strokes while kissing and biting my nipples. I looked over at Steve, who was sitting watching while stroking himself. She moved her warm mouth down across my belly, teasing me as she got closer to my crotch, before finally taking me into her mouth.

“How does this look, honey?” She said to Steve before taking as much of me into her mouth as she could handle.

“Absolutely fucking amazing!” He replied.

“Come closer, get a good look!” She came up for air and exclaimed. He moved over, closer to us on my right, and began caressing her ass with his right hand while stroking himself with his left, never taking his eyes off the site of my cockhead disappearing and reappearing in her mouth.

“Spin your ass up here!” I told her. Without removing her mouth from my cock, she moved to lower her pussy onto my mouth. God, it was beautiful, that tight little ass in front of me. She was too short for her pussy to really get to my face, so I licked and kissed her ass cheeks a bit before she moved them away, straddling my chest so that she could get a good full mouth on my cock. I was in heaven, feeling her mouth on my cock. Suddenly she moved her pussy back onto my face, her tongue just barely able to reach the tip of me while she ground herself on my face. I felt another tongue at the base of my shaft and heard her say, “Yes, lick it Steve. Lick it! Suck it!” Obliging her, I felt his mouth surround my cock. It felt no different than hers, it felt good! With both hands I squeezed and rubbed her ass while licking as much of her pussy that her grinding movements would allow.

Steve evidently knew what he was doing, I had to struggle not contain myself when his hands began to work my balls. I moaned out ,”Stop, I’m going to come!’ from underneath Gwen. Steve released me from his mouth and Gwen reluctantly rolled off. I moved to the side to allow Steve to assume same position that I had just been in, and Gwen jumped on top of him, grinding her pussy into his face with abandon. She motioned me over, and I kneeled down where she could take me into her mouth and I could stroke his cock at the same time. We stayed locked in this position ataşehir escort bayan for some time, finding a steady rythym that maintanted the pleasure without sending anyone over the edge. Gwen eventually released my cock, lokked up at me, and said “Jay, you have to do me. Get back there now!”

“Really? Is that cool Steve?” I heard his muffled affirmative, and he made no motion to remove himself from beneath her. I moved around behind her and knelt behind her, taking a moment to relish the action. Her perfect ass was swaying side to side. I could see Steve’s tongue moving back and forth over her mostly hairless pussy, disappearing into it before darting to the front to flick her clit. I knee walked my way in, and began to rub my cock on her ass. Finally, I began to insert the tip. The combination of her juices and Steve’s saliva had left her incredibly wet, I slid in easily. Her ass pressed bounced against my thighs as I began a steady rhythm, careful not to move to fast since I was so close to the edge of control. I would pull almost completely out before sliding it back in, teasing myself and Gwen. I felt Steve’s tongue on the underside of my shaft. This had to be the best sex I had ever imagined, much less participated in! I was amazed that I hadn’t cum, perhaps the healthy buzz from the Patrone was helping to delay my orgasm. I continued to fuck her slowly while Steve licked me. At one point, I pulled my cock completely out and rested the head on his mouth. Without hesitation, he began to suck it, licking her juices off me. Gwen moved out from over him, much to my disappointment, and knelt beside us.

“C’mon Jay, try it!” She got behind me, I could feel her breasts on my back for a moment, and then she began to push me forward and down until I was supporting myself with my elbows, Steve’s cock twitching mere inches from my face. I knew what she wanted, but I was hesitant. I had thought I wanted to try this, but now faced with the actual impunity, I was having second thoughts. She reached back and began to fondly my balls while Steve continued to suck me. She then moved her face next to mine, took Steve’s cock and gave it a quick suck, then rolled her tongue around the tip, all the while looking into my eyes. “What the hell’ I thought. She removed her mouth and I move forward, taking a cock into my mouth for the first time. It felt and tasted strange but not unpleasant, and he was hard as a rock. I attempted to do what I thought would feel good, what I liked done to me, getting the base good and wet with saliva and gripping it with a tight grip and stroke while sucking on the tip then running my tongue up and down the sides. Evidently it was not a bad first attempt, for Steve began to moan and suck my cock in earnest while raising his hips toward me. I sucked and stroked, mirroring what he was doing to me, and we fell into a rhythm. Gwen was running one hand up and our bodies, feeling the muscles move and twist, while fingering herself with the other. She moved her face in next to mine to watch, giving Steve’s balls a quick suck, before moving behind me to watch my cock in Steve’s mouth. I could feel her hands caressing my ass, and suddenly her tongue on my ass. She began to probe my asshole with her tongue, spreading my cheeks with both hands to try and drive her face as far as possible into my ass. I couldn’t take it anymore, I remove my mouth from Steve’s cock and exclaimed,

“I’m going to cum!”

“So am I! “groaned Steve from beneath me.

“God, someone fuck first!!!!” Gwen was adamant, pulling me off Steve and impaling her self on his rigid cock. I stood up beside her and offered my cock to her, and she took it without hesitation and began sucking, stroking it with one hand while her other hand flicked her clit. Steve was thrusting up like a madman, practically bouncing Gwen off of him, watching her suck me. She began moaning and quivering, coming to orgasm. I couldn’t stand it, this amazingly hot woman riding the hot man while sucking my cock in the open air was too much. She sensed me about to come, and pulled me from her mouth and began rubbing me on her breasts as I shot more and harder than I ever had before. Steve’s face was contorting, eyes closed, as he also came to orgasm. Gwen released my cock and began pinching her own nipple, driving herself over the edge in a convulsion. She than collapsed on Steve, breathing heavily and moaning softly. I lay down beside them and stared at the stark contrast of the stone peaks and blue skies in front of me. Holy shit, that was amazing!

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