Hot Summers Day

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It was a hot and humid day in August when Phil and I decided to go down to the shore and watch the children playing in the water, and the young couples in love giggling, and looking into each other eyes. We sat on the blanket and watched these people for a while until Phil decided it was time for some dinner and a little hanky panky. By no means was I going to let him do stuff to me on the blanket with all the people on the beach. I decided for myself, I was going to tease him and make him want me so bad, with the touch of my hands or the sound of my voice he would get hard in seconds. I did this to him, and pretended like I did not know what was going on. He was hard, and I was off to get dinner since, I love Thai. I told him I would meet him back at the cottage. I went to the Thai diner and picked up the food and a bottle of red and white wine(my fav). On the way from the diner the sun was setting and a cool breeze came in. From the wind blowing my nipples got hard, and the wetness starting to ease in. Thoughts of Phil ran through my head. How I wanted to make love to him for hours. I was driving myself crazy.

I went to the cottage and Phil was no where to be seen. He had left a note on the fridge saying to meet him on the beach at our “spot” a little past 7pm. I waited until it was time, my nipples still hard from when I last thought of Phil and I, and the smell of food was driving me Escort bayan crazy. I went to our spot on the beach and there he was. He had set out the warm and fuzzy blanket on the beach with candles lit, music playing in the background, and he had on his favorite khakis pants with his shirt and tie. He looked stunning in his outfit. I brought the wine and the food. Phil looked so stunning I could not concentrate on eating my food. Just as I was done with my wine, Phil ever so sweetly leaned in and started to kiss my neck, I could smell his scent. I could feel my wetness flow out of my skirt. I could feel my hormones raging inside me, I wanted him to put his mouth on my lips and my clit. I wanted him to be inside me, and feel my wetness. As Phil continued to kiss me all over, I started to moan in excitement, his lips felt so right in all my spots. I started to get louder and then thats when I decided to kiss his neck, stomach, and took off his shirt. He kept on persisting to take my clothes off, but I would not let him do it just yet…

I then started to take off his pants, I started going slow, sucking his cock, then I picked up the speed. Every now and then I would glance up at him to see if he was watching me and seeing my reaction of how wet I was and how turned on I was.

I would lick his cock, then put the whole thing in my mouth. Phil’s body started to quiver and Bayan Escort his eyes started to roll back inside his head. I sucked his cock for a while until I knew he was very aroused and was getting to the point of cumin into my mouth. I then started to kiss his stomach again, after that I went up and kissed his lips. Phil put his fingers inside me, and felt my wetness soak his fingers. With that on his mind, he let out a moan and continued to kiss me passionately. I then leaned into him and put both my breasts in his face, he started sucking on my favorite one which is the right one with the nipple ring. He started to pull my ring just enough so I knew he was making my nipples aroused.

I let out a sigh and told Phil to “give me more,” so he started sucking on both my nipples at the same time. At this point, I was getting teased and I wanted him inside me. I want to feel his thick and wondrous cock inside me. I wanted to feel it give me pleasure, that no man could ever do. Phil was all flustered, he wanted to go down on me for a little bit. I was crazy, I kept saying ” I want you to go inside me” he would not listen, he went down on me and started to tease my clit, play with it in his mouth. He started to lick it slowly, once he noticed I was gyrating to the rhythm of his tongue, he picked up the speed and started to get me all jittery. I felt like I was going to burst, he could Escort feel my stomach muscles tighten. He let go and decided to go inside my wet pussy.

Phil went inside me and it felt so good, we were both making love to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach, the candle light in the background and the scent of his sweat from all the hard work he was putting into pleasing me. Phil and I moved like water, we were smooth and going with the flow. I could feel every part of him inside me. I would look into his eyes and see that he was loving every minute of it. We switched positions and I was on top. I started riding him like I was his cowgirl. He would moan and say “your driving me crazy” with the look in his eyes and in his voice.

He felt so good underneath me, we then switched positions again, this time he was hitting me from behind (the position that get me really wet). I started moaning louder and louder, he was making me soooooooooo wet. Phil was getting ready to cum, so he pulled out and flipped me over to the bottom. He started going in me slow at first then he went faster and faster, I could feel him getting ready to cum, he moaned, and then he let out a gasp as me came inside me. I could feel the cum inside me, it felt really good. I then held him as he came and relaxed in my arms. When he was done, I pulled him to my side and decided to give him a show. I started to masturbate in front of him, he then got excited again and started to masturbate with me. We both orgasm-ed, and then laid there together. In each others arms on the beach with the waves in the back ground and a beautiful moon shinning down on us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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