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The renovations are almost complete. It’s been a long six months but my patio and hot tub look great. I sure wish the contractor would show up, I need a quick dip then have to get back to work. Want to go over a couple details he missed. That’s probably him driving into the yard now. I step to the window to take a look. Must be a new guy, I haven’t seen him before. I grab a towel cause I was heading to the spa when he showed up.

“I was wondering when someone was going to be here today” I say as I look him up and down. Damn, these contractors are getting younger every day. He sure has a hard ass and look at those arms. “We’ll ma’am I have a schedule to keep” he drawls. Hell add me to your schedule I’m thinking. “I want to discuss some ideas I had for the privacy fencing” I say.

His eyebrows raise up and he says “Ok I guess. ” I’m thinking maybe he’s a little slow. So I step over to him to be more direct. “I think you should add a higher fence, I like to dip in the buff” I say with a glance to the backyard. “Well ma’am, I can see that you do” he says this as he’s glancing down at my chest. bursa escort I look down and my towel has slipped past my breasts, exposing my nipples which are hard and aching.

I look up at him, his eyes are twinkling and he has a big grin on his face. What the hell, I drop the towel. “Well baby, you caught me going to the spa” I say. “Now do you see why I need a higher fence?” I’m waiting for his answer, and as I do I glance down at his jeans. Hell, he’s bulging so bad, he might need to get some bigger pants. Ha, ha, ha… go for it I say. “Would you like to check out the tub for yourself, get a perspective on the privacy fence” I say laughing at the way he’s just standing there. “Yes, I think I would” he says as he slowly unbuttons his shirt, followed by the jeans. Oh god, his cock is pointing straight out, I haven’t seen one that ready for fun in a long time.

I reach out my right hand to stroke it and it throbs under my touch. “Baby, I think I’m gonna enjoy this discussion” I say as I lead him into the hot tub. Warm, bubbly water cascades over us as I lead him to the reclining chair. bursa escort bayan Water is shooting from the jets. I sit on the side waiting for his first move. “Baby I want to suck that pussy of yours” he drawls. I lean to him, as his hands spread my legs apart. He dips his tongue into me and I moan with desire. He kneels on the bottom of the tub, his face between my legs sucking and licking the cum streaming from me.

“Oh god baby, suck it-suck it” I moan. I can see the water stroking his balls, his dick is still as hard as I imagined it. He keeps his tongue stroking into my cunt as he uses his hands to steady me on the side. His thumbs tweak my nipples as I can only hold on tight. “Oh yes… oh yes, oh, oh… GOD” I scream, as I cum into his mouth where he greedily sucks it down. He continues to use his hands on my nipples as he stands up. His cock is so hard and ready for me. “Lets try out the new deck if you don’t mind” he says. We step out, he’s holding me up, my legs are shaking so. I grab my towel and lay it on the deck

He lays flat on the towel, ready for me. “Mount me baby” escort bursa he drawls with that luscious voice of his. Oh god yes-that’s exactly what I want to do. I step over him, cum still dripping down my legs and tease him with the opening to my cunt. I slowly go down, down, down till I have his entire length buried in me. I raise up, only to impale myself again on him. Again and again faster and faster. He holds onto my hips, helping me to raise up, then he pulls me down again.

“Oh God, yes baby” he moans. I can see him straining to hold on. “Cum to me baby” I say as I drive myself harder and faster onto his cock. “Oh God… oh my god I can’t hold it” I scream. “Yes, yes… YES” he says. We both explode from the fire of the moment. Oh… YES. I collapse on top of him as we lay breathing heavily. “Wow” we both say at the same time. We laugh at each other. I get off of him and he stands and starts putting his clothes on. I wrap myself in my towel.

“I hope you see now why I need to have a higher privacy fence built, when can your company do it?” I say. He looks at me with those eyes again. Eyebrows raised, he says “Ma’am I’m not with the contracting company, I’m the new meter reader, just here to check your electric meter. ” With that he takes the numbers off the meter, says “I’ll be back next month” and leaves the backyard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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