Hotel Hi – Jinks Ch. 01

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Double Penetration

Dear Readers, I really hope you like this tale I have for you about a weekend away I had once.

The feedback I receive and ratings mean a lot to me, so please take the time to let me know just what you thought of my dirty exploits!

Many Thanks



The radio was on as Penny worked away at home busying herself with various mundane jobs.

A song came on that made her burst out with laughter, and took her right back to an event that had only happened a few years beforehand.

Ahh, it was the day of her job interview, and it overran, she ALMOST missed the train.

Penny and an army of her friends were off to a gig in another city for the weekend. It was a couple of her many friends, a mix of men and women’s birthdays, and they had decided to travel the 5 hours on the train to another city to catch the gig and make a bit of a weekend of it.

There was 14 of them altogether, train booked and they had even decided to shell out the extra for a bit of luxury and stay in the Hilton. Why not? They were all working professionals and could afford a treat or two.

Penny had practically run down the platform of the train station clip clopping in her heels after many frantic messages wondering where the hell she was.

She got on, with almost seconds to spare pulling her medium sized wheeled case behind her, out of breath in a fitted black pencil skirt with a high waist band, a white blouse that one could see the lace detail of her white bra through, an open red cardigan, and an impossibly high set of heels. No one would have had a clue it was a rock gig she was heading off to.

‘Waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!’ went up a roar from her friends, dominating a whole carriage of the train, with their beer out, fuelled with excitement and jokes, usually made up of double en tenders. They had all matured since the days of drinking cheep beer and sleeping on sofas after night long parties, but the humour had stayed in their youth.

‘How long do you think you are away for Penny? What’s with the suitcase? You leaving home or something?’ One shouted

‘She’s packed her pillow I bet’. Her best friend Debbie piped up.

‘Yeah, that’s right; remember the time she went to that music festival with her satin pyjamas and a huge fuck off feather pillow…to sleep in her tent?’

A roar of laughter went up. It was all true. She never packed light and she always managed to find room for her luxuries she loved.

She joined their laughs and took her seat, pulling out her bottle of fine Russian Vodka and Fresh OJ, and a glass.

‘Ha HA! She even packed a glass! Total Class!’ This observation had been made by Josh.

Josh and Penny had shared a very secret flirtation with each other for a long time, never followed through because of his morals. No one but no one knew about it. Basically he was attached, but he never seemed to let up telling her on their chosen social networking site how much he had thought of her in ways he shouldn’t. He loved her full heavy breasts, her huge eyes, had made comment about how he would love to fuck her hot mouth, and he had a great appreciation for her hourglass curves and masses of long dark hair, which at this moment was pinned carefully on top of her head, given she had just fled from a job interview to make the train.

She smiled in his direction, and the stare was held long enough for no one to notice, but his permanent glint was in his eye, letting her know he could see her bra, loved her heels and that he thought she looked great.

‘Yeah, and when the trolley dolly comes, I’ll even get some ice!’ And Penny did just that!

The journey was great, such a fantastic opportunity to meet up with people she had known for ages, but she never saw as much as she wanted to. Grown up responsible life sucked in so many ways. Everyone was too busy for the social life they had once enjoyed.

They all got slightly drunk in a happy silly way, and they all felt young again.

Penny was keeping a close eye on Debbie. Debbie had been having a bit of an affair with Ben. They were both involved with long term partners, but thanks to the joy of social networking they had rekindled their passion of yesteryear and had been enjoying ALOT of fun together. She watched them on the train, and it was so obvious to Penny, just because she was in the know what was going on.

All the hours later, they arrived, managed to get off the train without falling, and headed to get cabs.

The plan was, check into the hotel, shower and change, meet in the hotel bar before heading for a birthday dinner, and then off to the gig, a few bars, and a club perhaps and back to the hotel.

They all arrived at the Hilton at roughly the same time in a few cabs and started the process of check in. 7 rooms had been booked, and Penny was sharing with Debbie.

As the first arrivals were being checked in, Penny saw Josh having some sort of secret conversation with Ben, a close friend of his, and her observations were interrupted by Debbie as she came to her.

‘Penny, bursa escort I have a MASSIVE favour to ask.’

‘What’s that?’

‘Well, me and Ben thought this weekend would be a good chance to hook up together properly and we wondered if you and Josh would cover for us, so that no one knows, Ben’s asking him about it now, I recon he’ll go for it, it would mean you sharing a room with Josh, is that OK?’

‘Yeah, that’s fine with me, if Josh is happy, I am, I’ll go for it’.

Meanwhile, the words FOR FUCK SAKE I DON’T BELIEVE THIS! Were screaming through her head.

Ben and Josh approached the 2 women.

‘Did you ask her?’ Ben said to Debbie.

‘Yeah, Penny’s OK with this if Josh is?’

‘Yeah, I’ll cover for you pair of dirty bastards!’ Josh chipped in.

‘So we check in, go to the same floor and swap rooms then? We all have each other numbers for contact so things run smoothly?’ Penny checked.

‘Yeah that’s a plan!’ It was agreed.

In the elevator up to the 9th floor of the hotel, Penny caught Josh’s look of ‘I can’t believe this is happening, what a nightmare’. In one of the glinting looks he kept stealing her way.

The hallway was clear, the rooms were opposite each other, so Penny and Debbie swapped rooms.

Josh and Penny entered their room, and as soon as the door was closed, both exhaled so loudly, and said ‘Oh my GOD! NO WAY!’

‘So then, do you think we can manage this?’ Penny asked, looking at him from under her eyes, she really was so much shorter than he was.

‘Yeah, it will be fine!’ he said in a semi convinced manner. ‘Although that bra has been screaming at me for the last 5 or so hours, if I look carefully, I can actually see little bits of your nipples. Tease!’

‘Well you would, wouldn’t you? At least it’s a twin room; you’ll be forced to keep your hands to yourself!’ Penny joked.

‘Right, I’ll go and shower first, you can shower after, and I can change and do my face while you’re in…plan?’

‘Yup’. He agreed

Penny flung her things on the bed, unzipped the case, kicking off her shoes, and pulled out a toiletries bag, and retreated into the bathroom.

As she showered, she had a chance to take stock, and as the hot water cascaded down through her waist long hair rinsing away the conditioner, the vodka from the train journey was still in her head, and she smiled and laughed at the thought of having to share a room with Josh for a whole weekend in the name of them both being selfless friends. Ha!

She wondered if he really did love the idea of fucking her hot mouth, or getting his hands on her tits. The idea of it all made her wet and hot, in places the water wasn’t cascading.

She very often wondered what it would be like to have a complete and utter good seeing to by him.

She could never pin point exactly what it was, but she did find him very attractive and alluring.

She screwed the shower off, wrapped her hair up in a huge bath sheet, and, ahh, the joy of Hilton, fluffy robes! She wrapped herself up, the robe reaching her ankles, and left the bathroom.

Josh was sitting on his bed, flicking through a magazine and drinking a beer. His eyes followed her across the room as she padded across the carpet to her bed, his wicked glint in his eye as ever.

‘You’re turn!’ she exclaimed as she flumped down on her bed, watching his every move, the curve of his spine as he hunched over reading his magazine through his t shirt. She really would love to get her hands on him.

He stood up, and gave her a glinting smile as he said nothing as he went to shower, taking a pile of clothes with him.

Penny set to work on her face as she stayed naked beneath her robe. Sipping away quickly on another vodka.

She heard the shower run and wondered if he had locked the door. She carefully applied make up and imagined him under the shower, naked, and her thoughts quickly strayed to how he might like her kneeling in the bath in front of him as she sucked his stiff cock as the water ran over him and over her face.

Ohh God! She was getting wet sitting there thinking about it all. Did she have time to run her hands between her legs and make herself cum before he got out of the bathroom? She probably did, but she knew the room would end up filled with the smell of her hot wet pussy if she did, and even her fine perfume wouldn’t cover that smell. Best just leave it for now. She just hoped and prayed that alcohol would take over later, and he would make a pass at her. She crossed her fingers and legs tightly.

It didn’t take her that long to do her face up, and quickly change into a short black dress, with black tights and massive heeled leather boots.

She loved her rock chick make up, heavy eyes, full lips. She really did look a bit slutty, the dress clinging to her fantastic curves and heavy breasts, cleavage on show to the world, and a black choker round her neck.

The towel still remained on top of her head with her masses of hair coiled up inside it when Josh opened the bathroom door and appeared, showered bursa escort bayan and changed. As the door opened, an amazing masculine smell followed in a cloud of steam, carried into the cooler room.

‘Fuck, you didn’t take long to get ready! I thought you would take fucking ages! Then again, I could spend HOURS in the shower!’

‘Haha! I don’t take that long, I’m naturally hot, it doesn’t take much for me to be totally smoking! Just need to do my hair.’

‘That’ll take ages, you got masses of hair!’

‘No it won’t!’

Josh sat down on the seat at the dresser where Penny had made herself up and opened another beer while he waited for her to dry off her hair.

Penny took the hair dryer from the dresser, bent over; flipping her hair up sides down, so she was almost bent double and switched the hair dryer on.

She knew her bent over ass was in full view of him. She knew he was looking at it, imagining her bent over with his cock sunk deep in her.

She knew he would be watching her breasts as they hung in the cups of her bra as she was bent over. Ahh she was an expert tease. She loved it.

She wondered if she would feel his hands on her ass, pulling her dress up and tights down, would he shift her knickers to the side and take her like this? A quickie before they went out? Ohh she wished. She was so hot and wet, it even crossed her mind if he could smell her bent over?

Nothing happened but she knew he would be sitting there sipping his beer with a rock in his pants.

Her hair was dry in about 5 minutes, and she flung her head up, her waist length hair fell back in a crazy mass of wild waves. She caught a glimpse of his jeans, and there was the rock! Ha! His wicked eyes followed her every move. He knew she knew he was rock hard, but he just sat in the chair, with his legs apart, watching her.

She leaned over in front of him and looked in the mirror as she topped up her lipstick before they left to meet the others in the bar. She could see him just looking at her in the reflection. She rubbed her lips together to smooth out her lippy and dropped the lid of the lipstick on the floor at his feet.

She fell to her knees on the floor to retrieve it.

They said nothing. She slowed her movements down, her act of seduction in full force as she looked up at him in the chair with her chin tucked into her chest, emphasising her submissive look, as she sat on her knees on the floor with her lipstick lid in her hand.

She slowly sat up off her knees so she was kneeling, and ran her long nailed fingers up the inside of his thighs. He gasped and let out a groan.

‘Oh fuck Penny, we so can’t do this!’ his head tilted back, his eyes closed, wishing she would unzip him and stuff his fat cock in her face and suck him hard until he came, without him doing anything, so at least in his head he could justify it as him not having actively taken part.

But she didn’t; she just ran her hands up his thighs, over his cock straining in his jeans, and rubbed it through the fabric a few times, leaned on his knees and stood up.

He opened his eyes and stared at her standing in front of him.

‘Oh Penny, STOP IT! You know fine we can’t do anything, as much as I’d love to….’ and off he trailed with his reasons and morals.

Penny lifted her leg and swung it over his lap and landed on it, like a rider landing in a saddle, she grabbed the back of his neck with her nails, pulled his head forward into her chest, so his nose was practically in her cleavage, and moved her mouth right next to his ear.

‘Josh, I know ALL about what we can’t do. I haven’t done anything to you.’ She lightly grinded her pussy mound onto his cock through the layers of fabric as he sat helpless in the chair.

He could smell her inviting feminine smell, felt her pussy mound grind on him, teasing him, her hot breath condense in his ear as her hair enveloped his whole head.

‘Now, I suggest we go meet everyone like we are supposed to, and have a great fucking night on the town.’

With that, Penny dismounted him and pulled him up.

‘Pull your t shirt down a bit, think of un sexy thoughts, and by the time we get to the bar, you might have deflated ever so.’

And with that, they met with Ben and Debbie who looked a little rosy cheeked, full of smiles and went off for drinks and dinner before the gig.

Josh and Penny stayed out of each other’s way for most of the night, during the drinks and dinner. The gig was fantastic, everyone was on a high, she had bumped into him at the bar, and they laughed and joked like they were friends who weren’t dying to fuck the shit out of each other.

Everyone was pretty high and happy on alcohol when they were at the club, dancing, and Penny of course loved to dance, so she was there in the middle of the dance floor attracting loads of attention.

Josh stood in the sidelines with the group having a laugh and a joke, watching her dance and the way she moved, and he admired the other women with great tits, but he kept on being pulled back to her. There were escort bursa a couple of guys showing great interest in her. Why wouldn’t they?

She was a hot little minx, and their eyes were all over her, and he watched them, and could see they wandered too what it would be like to fuck her. He knew she was feeling hot, what if she went home with one of these guys? Arhhh! No! She wouldn’t do that, she wasn’t like that!

But the thought of her getting fucked stupid by one of these guys flirting away with her on the dance floor didn’t sit easy with Josh. He didn’t know why, he just didn’t understand it. He had a girlfriend for fuck sake!

He went to the bar and got a drink, and left Penny to her dancing and got consumed in a conversation with the others.

It’s true what they say about time flying when you are having fun, and it didn’t seem long before Ben and Debbie came looking for Penny and Josh to keep their cover in returning to the hotel.

The 4 of them headed off for a cab, and soon they were back at the hotel, getting into their rooms, with exchanges of thanks for room swapping and various dirty comments about making too much noise and waking the whole place up!

Penny and Josh were laughing and chatting away about things people had been saying in the conversations they hadn’t partaken in and exchanging thoughts and comments about the fantastic gig they had been part of, and their favourite songs, and then there was a realisation that hit that they were alone in the room again together.

The truth was they were both exhausted after such a busy day between the train journey and the drinking, and the laughs.

They kept their conversation clean, well as clean as they could manage and finished off a final nightcap together before performing normal pre bed activities like cleaning their teeth.

Penny was pretty disappointed that he hadn’t just pounced on her as soon as the door was closed.

The lights went off and they both got undressed at their own ends of the room, joking about if they could hear Ben and Debbie at it like rabbits next door or not, and they climbed into bed, before their eyes had a chance to adjust to the dark of the room.

The curtains hung open and the city lights could be seen sprawling for miles, but it was still dark.

The sounds of bedcovers being shifted and bodies getting comfortable on mattresses could be heard, and then there was stillness.

Penny and Josh both lay there listening to each other breathing as they lay silent in the dark in separate beds.

Penny could smell his inviting masculine smell across the room, and began to wish she could be covered by him, his naked body heat, engulfed in that man smell. She wished the stiff rock she felt in his jeans earlier could be pushing at her hot pussy, desperate to get in, and be covered by her, and fuck her, slowly, intensely.

Ohhh and the thought of his kiss, those soft lips pressing on her mouth as she gave into him, him holding her face, her head, her hair.

Arrrrhhh! Penny’s hands drifted slowly south to her parted thighs and she was amazed at how hot and sticky her pussy was. She wondered if Josh had fallen asleep, or if he was lying there too wishing the same things.

She thought of his hot stiff cock, raising the covers, she looked over, but couldn’t make anything out, she was nearer the window, and his side of the room was black.

‘Josh? Are you sleeping?’ she purred.

‘No, give me a chance will ya!’

‘Don’t suppose you want to come over here and fuck me stupid do you? I’m so so soooo wet!’

The tone of her voice had changed, and Josh could really hear how turned on she sounded. It was the first time he had heard her like this.

‘Penny, I am lying here with a rock hard cock, trying with all my might for my body to stay in this bed, PLEASE stop teasing me, it’s really not funny.’

‘Ohhhh that is so not fair, ohh well, I guess I’ll have to take care of myself!’

Josh lay perfectly still on his back with his eyes closed tight, this could have easily been a dream, a beautifully erotic dream, a dream most men would love to take part in, but it really was turning out to be a nightmare.

He really wanted to go over and taste every inch of her, lick her, suck her, kiss her and fuck her every way he could the whole night, but he was torn by the guilt he would feel if he did.

He heard her blankets move, like she was going to get up and come to him, but he didn’t hear her get out of bed.

He heard her exhale slowly, through pouted lips and start to groan ever so slightly like she was being aroused.

He couldn’t help it, he had to open his eyes and see what was happening. All he saw was darkness, just for a minute or so as the quiet exhalations and groaning continued. When he turned in her direction, the city lights coming through the window had allowed a perfect shadowy silhouette of Penny in her bed to be formed.

He saw her hair, falling off her pillow; her head tilted back, her long eyelashes showing her eyes were closed. Her chin in the air, her nose, and her lips, pouting in the darkness. Her arms, her breasts heavy and round still as she lay on her back with it arched slightly, and her breasts were crowned with the most erect nipples he had ever seen reaching for the ceiling.

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