Hotel Sex Pt. 03

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Having finished one of the best showers I have possibly ever had, we dried ourselves off and then Tracy folded her towel and hung it on the rail, before walking back into her room stark naked as the day she was born. Following suit, I wandered back into the bedroom, only to be ushered back to my own room by a demanding Tracy.

“Nope, don’t even think about it big boy. We’ve got the group breakfast before this morning’s tour. I need to get ready, and you can’t be here whilst I do. So, scram.”

Playfully slapping her backside on my way past, I mock saluted her,

“Yes, Ma’am.”

With that, I marched back into my bedroom, swinging my dick.

Getting ready as a bloke typically involves finding something that doesn’t smell too bad, slapping on some aftershave, and then admiring oneself in as many mirrors as possible. The guy looking back at me looked good, and like the cat that had the cream with that daft grin all over my face – I’d have to tone that down for the rest of the day otherwise it would be a dead giveaway. I knocked on Tracy’s door, and hollered,

“See you at breakfast, you filthy bitch.”

Fred and a few others were at breakfast as I sauntered in, Being greeted by a chorus of ‘Good morning’ and ‘Did you sleep well?’. A waitress appeared out of nowhere and poured me a coffee before asking what I wanted for breakfast.

Still munching through my breakfast, making small talk with my former classmates and their other halves, I was interested to see that Fred was very interested in Janine, and her voluminous chest. Janine was curvy, really curvy, and her chest had remained quite simply, legendary. This morning had seen Janine wear a plunging neckline vest top underneath a floaty shirt, displaying acres of cleavage, and had Fred wrapped around her little finger. Fred’s attention was briefly dragged away from Janine’s rib protectors as Tracy walked in.

My attention, was all entirely directed at Tracy. Short denim skirt, wedge heels, and a crisp white blouse, unbuttoned low enough to show cleavage and a hint at a bra. Tracy had curled her hair, and looked stunning. Again, a chorus of ‘Good morning’ from everybody, but this was also joined by ‘You look fabulous, you’ll have to tell me how to do your hair darling’ from some of the ladies present. In the meantime, I’d received a nudge to the ribs from Alana, Darryl’s wife,

“Honey, you can finish your toast now she’s here.”

Laughing, I chomped on the half slice of toast that had remained suspended just in front of my mouth since Tracy’s entrance.

“I didn’t think anyone noticed.”

“Honey, it has been obvious to everyone since last night.”

Tracy had joined another table, and I was a little disappointed (if not devastated), and spent her breakfast making the entire table laugh at regular intervals, but this soon came to a close when Michael stood up, and clinking his glass with a spoon called for silence.

“Good morning one and all,” began Michael “I’m so happy to see that you’v all made it to breakfast, clearly we have not all lost the ability to consume large amounts of alcohol and still make it to breakfast.” Gentle chuckles from his crowd, Michael had always had a knack for public speaking.

“Today sees us set out on our first excursion in the morning, so the bus leaves the hotel at 09:30, so that gives us half an hour to get ready before departure.”

With that, he picked up something from the table and left. People then drifted off, and I chatted with Alana and Darryl as they made ready to leave for the day trip to the local mall, something that had not thrilled me in any shape, way or form. My plans were to hit the pool, enjoy the all-inclusive deal I’d managed to get, and enjoy the eye-candy soaking up the rays, so I was in no rush to leave. Darryl and Alana excused themselves, leaving me alone, and when I looked up towards Tracy’s table, so had she. Picking up my phone, I’d no messages from Tracy, but having been given her number last night, there was nothing stopping me from sending her a message.

‘Hi, going to hit the pool this morning. You looked beautiful this morning. D’

Returning to my room, I changed into my swimming shorts, re-admired myself in the mirror, and took a selfie in the mirror and sent it to Tracy. Picking up my towel, I left my room and headed for the hotel pool. Passing a number of fellow guests heading off to shop at the mall, I wished them well – shopping didn’t do it for me. However, I was disappointed that Tracy would be away.

Finding a prime spot by the pool was simple, one where the sun would not be in my eyes whilst I admired the eye candy. Few others had realised this and I had the pick of the loungers. Laying out my towel, I checked my phone, still nothing, and lied back. Closing my eyes, my mind wandered back to Tracy and our encounters, the warm sun helping me ease into a comfortable state. The trouble was going to be ensuring that I turned at regular intervals.

An hour or so later, I decided that it was time for an hour in the pool, pendik escort checking the time on my phone, I peeled myself off the lounger and walked over to the pool, rinsing myself off at the shower before dropping into the deep end. Personally, I was impressed at what Michael had managed to find, the hotel was terrific, and I was glad I’d spent the money to come and catch up with my former classmates. Kicking off from the edge, I started swimming, being an enthusiastic but not world class swimmer, all I was interested in was time spent going back and forth for an hour.

Passing a very pleasant hour in the sun, in the pool, I’d noticed the poolside becoming busier, and it was clearly time to get out and admire the pool-candy. On the radio a long time ago, I’d heard one of the DJs say ‘how come all the pretty girls are solar powered?’, I’d laughed at the time, but as I’d got older, it did seem more and more accurate. Towelling off, I checked my phone and Tracy had responded a good while ago.

‘Thanks, you scrub up well too.’

‘God you look good in speedos.’

‘Shopping at the moment. Will come to the pool as soon as I get back.’

Taking a subtle photo of my nearby guests, I sent it to Tracy.

‘My view’

Getting an immediate response from Tracy, who’d sent me a selfie of herself in the mirror of a changing room in some ridiculously hot lingerie. Then immediately followed by a nude selfie, and to complete the hat-trick – a follow up to the nude selfie with a finger in her pussy.

My response, was simple, four seperate texts.





Putting my phone down, I realised that I’d have to start sunbathing on my front, Tracy took a wickedly sexy selfie. Thinking about the quick series she’d sent me, I happily spent the next hour catching rays (and sneaking a look at the photos at regular intervals) and grinning like the village idiot.

Lunch beckoned, and with the all-inclusive, it was time to go get a bite to eat. Wandering back to my room to dress (it was a classy hotel) for lunch, I couldn’t help but look at the photos Tracy had sent me when I was struck with an idea, a selfie of my own. Taking inspiration from the hot photos, I let nature take over, pulled my speedos down, and with a little encouragement, I quickly stood to attention. Posing, I took a few shots and sent them off to Tracy. Getting dressed, not an easy job with my erection, I returned to the restaurant, again with an inane grin on my face.

Dining with some of the couples, I felt my phone vibrate a number of times, but being polite, didn’t yank it out of my pocket. Clearly Tracy wasn’t ready to announce to the rest that we’d hooked-up, and being so far from home, I could kind of agree with her. It was torture knowing that Tracy had probably sent me something, probably filthy, and it was there just waiting for me to look. Making my excuses at the end of lunch, I literally scurried back to my room, before looking at my phone.

‘FUCK, you look good enough to eat.’

‘I still can’t believe I took all that’

‘In both holes’

‘Look at what you are doing to me…’

To illustrate, she sent me a close up of her pussy with her fingers literally dripping with her own nectar.

Changing again, I took inspiration from her again, and standing in front of the mirror started to look at her photos again, my cock rising to full tumescence. Starting to pump myself whilst looking at her photos, I felt the rising urge again, and flicking on the video, filmed myself in the mirror as I pumped my cock.

“Tracy, look at what you are doing to me. I can’t believe how hot you are, your wet pussy gets me so hard.”

Pumping harder, I fought off coming for as long as possible, before uttering something like FUCK, I spurted over my hand and stomach. Then, as I started to soften, I remembered I was on candid camera, and blew a kiss to my camera and ended the video, before hitting the shower.

Drying myself off for the umpteenth time that day, I sent Tracy the following,

‘Tracy, I fucking love your sexy pussy. Just look at what it is doing to me…’

‘ps don’t open this within earshot of anyone’

Adding the video, I sent it and headed off to the pool.

With the afternoon sun now in a different direction, I took up a new position by the pool and started soaking up the sun again.

Due to the change in position, a few couples were closer to me, but I had managed to bag one with an empty lounger next to me. Ordering a drink from the passing waiter, I got comfortable and started sunbathing.

It was at least an hour, and a couple of drinks, later and I still hadn’t had a response from Tracy. Had I gone too far? God, I hoped not. However, it was time for a swim, I was sweating in the heat (and the worry that I’d gone too far with Tracy), swimming would take my mind off that worry. Texting Tracy, before hitting the pool, I fired off a quick one.

‘Tracy, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you by going too far.’

Paddling back and forth escort pendik did take my mind off things, and I’d calmed down by the time I climbed out and dried off again. Picking up my phone, I took a deep breath before looking at my messages.

‘OMFG. You did not upset me, I’ve been tied up with the girls all lunch, and had to wait to get alone in the restroom before I could look at your video.’

‘You have to do that for me in person, I love it.’

‘After a few wines, then this video, I am so wet.’

Relieved, I ordered a new drink from the waiter, I could get used to the all inclusive lifestyle. Settling back to catch the rays, contented, I heard Alana say,

“Sugar are these loungers taken?”

Opening my eyes, Darryl and Alana were hovering over the two loungers now free next to me.

“Go for it Alana. Can I get you both a drink?” I said waving the waiter over.

Alana and Darryl settled onto the loungers, it was clear that they were devoted to each other, with frequent touching of hands, and loving gazes at each other. Sweet to see with any couple, but they did make a good match. Naturally curvy, Alana filled a bikini just fine, and although carrying a few extra pounds, Darryl was in reasonable shape too. We chatted about things in general, before I realised that Darryl and Alana had gone shopping on the trip this morning.

“How was shopping?”

“Ugh, don’t ask.” said Darryl ‘This one could shop till she drops.” This earned Darryl a slap to the chest from Alana.

“A girl has to look her best.” she sat up “What do you think of my new bikini, Dave?” She stood and twirled around.

“Alana you make it look wonderful.”

“Aww, thanks.” Alana bent over to give me a peck on the cheek (giving me a view into her cleavage).

“See, that’s how you compliment a lady.” Alana said to Darryl.

“Baby, you look beautiful to me.”

This time, Alana turned and bent over to kiss Darryl passionately. However, I got a view of her curvy ass as she was bent over kissing her husband. Darryl had noticed and gave me a thumbs up. When they stopped kissing, Darryl said,

“Baby, even Dave thinks your ass looks good in that bikini. You should have seen his eyes pop when you bent over.”

Again, this earned another playful slap from Alana, but she returned to the lounger, blushing. Her embarrassment was saved when the drinks arrived, and we clinked glasses before enjoying our drinks.

It was then I remembered that Tracy should be back, where was she? Alana must have been reading my mind when she sat up, waving at Tracy across the pool.

“Over here, honey, we’ve saved you a place.”

What can I say about Tracy? With her towel over her arm, she was wearing shades, a tiny hot pink bikini underneath a gossamer thin dressing gown, and kitten heels. She waved, and clipped round the pool. Drawing attention from most of the men, and some of the women around the pool, she was, as the song goes, poetry in motion. As with any woman, walking in heels does wonderous things to a woman’s chest. And Tracy’s chest was breathtaking in its movement. Alana leant over and closed my mouth with her finger.

“You can stop drooling Dave.” she whispered.

“Hi, y’all.” Tracy popped her sunglasses up into her hair.

“Anyone need a drink?” she asked waving the waiter over.

With that she placed her towel on the lounger next to me, and settled down, ordering her drink and chatting to Alana and Darryl.

“So Dave,” she asked “I take it you are not a shopper?” she picked up her drink and took a sip of her drink from her straw. My god, her lips wrapped around the straw were sinful.

“No, it takes a lot for me to get excited about shopping. How about you? Did you enjoy yourself, or see anything you like?” if she was going to flirt, so was I.

Again she took a slow sip from her straw, wiping a drip from her chin with her red nailed finger.

“Oh I saw something that I absolutely had to have.”

“Don’t forget me, Sugar.” chimed in Alana, flaunting her bikini once again.

“Oh, and we got Alana this sexy bikini. Do you like?”

?”No need to ask him,” said Darryl “He’s already given it the thumbs up, after Alana showed it off.” again, Alana swatted him playfully.

“It was an accident, I didn’t think about where I was standing…”

Meanwhile, I exchanged a glance with Darryl and we both gave the 2 thumbs-up gesture, resulting in a slap for each of us from Alana & laughs all round.

We spent the next half hour soaking up the sun, chatting, drinking (and me personally, ogling as much female flesh as I could) and generally relaxing. It was then time to turn over, and both ladies decided it was time to slip off their bikini tops to get an even tan, us guys decided it was time for more drinks and waved the waiter over.

When the drinks arrived Darryl and I leant on our elbows and were able to sip our drinks quite comfortably. Meanwhile the Alana was not as happy, having to hide any possible nip slip with an arm in front of her pendik escort bayan chest. Tracy did not have the same chest, or the same problem & was also able to lean on her elbows to drink.

“Tracy, I am very envious about your chest, not only are they wonderful and perky, they are huge.”

“Thanks Alana.”

Being on my front and drinking, getting a very happy buzz surrounded by friends and a foxy, blonde chick, I was very contented, and slipped off to sleep very easily.

Waking sometime later, I could see that Alana was back in her bikini top, and applying lotion to Darryl’s back. You could see the love between these two as she rubbed lotion into Darryl’s lower back before shifting position so that she could get to his legs. For some reason she started at his heels, and worked up – initially I couldn’t understand this, but the reason soon became clear. As she reached his upper thighs, her hands spent a lot of time out of view, with Darryl making some appreciative noises to. The lucky fucker was being felt up in front of my eyes.

“You couldn’t do that for me Dave could you?” Tracy asked.

Turning back to Tracy, she was holding a bottle of lotion out towards me. How could I say no?

Handing the bottle to me, Tracy undid her bikini top, holding those golden globes of joy with her left hand/ arm, as she led back down onto her front. Transfixed, I moved closer and poured a little lotion onto my hand before I applied it to her shoulders.

“Hmmmm, that feels nice, you have a wonderful touch.”

Taking my time and enjoying applying lotion to this beautiful woman, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, lost in appreciation of her body. As I got lower, I too decided that Alana’s method had merit in it. A quick glance over to the couple, and Darryl was applying lotion to Alana, he too lost in appreciation for his beautiful wife. Tracy was enjoying my touch, and as I started on her thighs, her taut beautiful ass was just there, and was next for lotion. As my hands rubbed lotion into her cheeks, I heard a delighted purr from Tracy. My next move was to let my hands slide gently onto her upper thighs, rubbing towards her bikini, occasionally brushing her crotch. Again, appreciative noises came from Tracy, which resulted in a gasp when I slipped one of my fingers under the bikini and traced from her ass to her lips.

Unbelievably, I stopped there and climbed off her lounger and returned to my lounger and my drink. Tracy had reached over for her phone, and whilst leaning on her elbows (god what a cleavage she had), tapped away on her phone for a minute or so, before putting it down and enjoying the sun.

My phone buzzed, and picking it up, I was not surprised to find a text from Tracy.

‘You bastard, I was enjoying that.’

‘So was I, that is why I had to stop.’ I sent.

Before too long, Darryl and Alana made their excuses to leave in order to get ready for the evening meal, leaving Tracy and I to ourselves. She propped herself up on her elbows again and said.

“Darryl is so going to get it. Did you see how Alana was all over him?”

“Lucky sod.”

The conversation could have continued further if Michael had not intervened, appearing out of nowhere.

“Glad I caught you, just to let you know that we are still looking for volunteers for tomorrows event. Are either of you interested?”

“Well, count us in, Michael.” said Tracy.

“Great, great. Well, see you at tonight’s meal.” with that he left to round up volunteers for the next day.

“What is tomorrow, anyway?” I asked.

“It’s the pole dancing class.”

“Good job I packed my thong.”

“Ha. Funny guy. Anyway, I’m going to get ready for the evening meal, I take it you are happy here?” Tracy eased up, reaching for her bikini top.

“Yeah, I don’t need 2 hours to get ready. I’m going to watch some pool candy, have another swim, then get ready.”

“And I was going to jump your bones, but I guess you are too busy.”

Scrabbling to get up, Tracy placed a firm hand on my shoulder before saying, “Don’t make it too obvious, text me when you get to your room.”

With that she clipped back towards the hotel, Man she looked as good walking away from me as she did when she was walking towards me. Easing up, collecting my things, I too made my way back to the hotel. However, my excitement was dashed when I got a text from Tracy.

‘Can’t do, Jane has arrived with a disaster I have to deal with. Save me a seat next to you.


Returning to my room, I put on the TV, and watched whatever sport was on before I shaved, showered and dressed for tonight’s meal, alone horny and despite putting my ear to the door, heard nothing from the other side.

Walking into the dining room of the hotel and seeing my old friends dressed up lightened my mood, even complimenting Fred on his dapper appearance. Sitting down at my name tag, I was on the same table as Alana and Darryl, and more importantly, Tracy. However, her chair was still vacant. Alana looked stunning, and I complimented her and told her that Darryl was a lucky man to have such a beautiful wife. Darryl, beaming with pride just said,

“You are so full of shit, man. Mind you I bet you are still thinking of that close up she gave…”

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