House Mate

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At the end of my third year of Uni I had to get a new flat after the landlord sold the house I was living in. I moved into a pretty nice place that I shared with two other guys and a girl called Gemma. One of the guys. Cole, was about 6.3 and had the looks of a model. Even as a guy I could appreciate his beauty. He had dark tousled hair and dark brown eyes, worked out regularly and was in great shape. He was also an incredibly nice, genuine guy and I took to him immediately.

After a few weeks in the flat something happened that I didn’t understand at first. Cole and I got on well. We went out socially, went to the gym and generally hung out together. I noticed that I thought about him a lot. I liked him. I was jealous of his looks and his body but that wasn’t a real problem. What was a problem was how I’d begun to think about him. It was subtle at first. I found I would look at him and appreciate his beauty. I liked his aftershave. I would notice it on him or on clothing he left lying. I loved his deep brown eyes, his smile and I found myself feeling warm and happy around him. I noticed it and at first I thought of it as a really strong friendship. Something niggled though.

I was lying in bed one night, horny and had been masturbating. I was frustrated as I need to have a fantasy whenever I wanked and they only ever lasted so long. They often had themes and would occur to me if something happened in my life that got me thinking sexually. I might see a pretty girl at college or on the bus and think of her. A conversation or a sexy joke might flower into a fantasy that developed over days. They all had a shelf life and once I got to the end one I would look to the next to take its place. Occasionally there wouldn’t be one forthcoming and this was one of those occasions. I had no inspiration, no moment when my imagination turned hum drum life into an erotic fantasy and it was getting me frustrated. I was trying to think of something that turned me on when I suddenly had an image of Cole pop into my head. I was shocked, more because I liked it that anything particular about it. I had thought about Cole in the gym, about him training with his top off, in tight shorts. Thinking of him made me hard, very hard. It wasn’t a sexual thought, I don’t think or at least it had no sex in it. I was just seeing him in my mind dressed like that, at the gym working out on different equipment. I sort of followed him around in my minds eye. I’d never experienced anything like it before. I’d never had any thoughts about other men and had no real thoughts or feelings that way. Not until then at least. The fantasy, if it was one, disturbed me. I stopped masturbating. It was too much to take in and I felt embarrassed that I had responded to it in such a sexual way as well as so quickly.

The following day I thought about it a lot. Each time I did it made me hard, or at least stiffen and I had to stop myself thinking about it. It became difficult for me to be around him. I had to avoid thinking and even looking. After a few days of this I was horny, frustrated and pretty desperate. That night in bed I just had to masturbate. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I didn’t. I tried to think of girls I knew and liked, favourite sexual fantasies, but I kept coming back to Cole and it was thinking of him at the gym, in his tight shorts, that I closed my eyes to. I kept getting close to orgasm, that feeling when you know it’s nearly there, but then stopped myself each time, unable to face what was going on in my head and more specifically between my legs. Then, when I had edged for what seemed like hours and I couldn’t take it, I just denied and twisted thoughts to make relief possible but dampen the gayness of the thoughts I was having. I needed to cum and the fantasy I was having was working but I convinced myself it was about a girl. A girl in the gym turned so I couldn’t see her face, only a cute bum as she bent or stretched. I somehow imagined that the girl looked very similar to Cole. She was a female image of him in shape, looks and even mannerism. She was definitely feminine which smoothed away my shame but it was also Cole which made me hard and brought me so very easily to orgasm. At the last second when it was too late in any case I thought of a girl I knew. I saw her at the gym in yoga pants. I told myself immediately after that thinking of her had done it for me. I shifted Cole from my mind and yet still felt a twinge of shame whenever I thought about what had got me there and who I had really been thinking of even if I didn’t admit even that much to myself.

After that the seal was broken. I continued to have the same thoughts over the days and weeks that followed. They changed and slowly became more and more sexual. Cole became more Cole, more male than female. I told myself it was just a thing I had, that it meant nothing. I also told myself that nobody would ever know so what did it matter after all. I didnt have any badge declaring my little crush. güvenilir bahis Nobody would ever know. When I had convinced myself of that I allowed my imagination to wander more and more. I lay in bed one night shortly after and imagined Cole, the real and very male Cole, in tight white underwear, nothing else. He was lying on a bed. He did and said little or nothing. Just the thought of him there in his underwear was enough. I could look at his body. I stole glances at the soft white cotton as he lay unaware of me watching. I was able to look at his bum when he turned over, at his cock as it pressed against the material. The thought turned me on incredibly quickly and pushing aside the feelings of shame I ejaculated over myself thinking about another man for the first time in my life. I was so turned on as I had the orgasm that I was shaking afterwards. Then guilt engulfed me as the pleasure I felt when I came left. I felt sick at the thoughts that had excited me so much seconds earlier. I tried not to think about it but I couldn’t stop. I felt awkward about what had happened for days until, once again, my thoughts of Cole slowly became sexual as my libido and arousal increased.

I wanked off thinking about him regularly from then on. The thoughts were so vivid and so disturbing that I would cum almost immediately every time. I began to think about seeing him naked, about him seeing me. I imagined getting an erection when I saw him nude and him being amused by my reaction. I then began to explore him making me kneel down in front of him. I never got any further in my fantasies than that. They were so powerful that I didnt need to and I was scared of where they were clearly going. It was fair to say that I had become a little infatuated and I really didnt know what to do with that.

Then I was walking to my room one Saturday early evening. Cole was in the shower. I could head the water running more than normal. I glanced as I passed and I saw that the door was open slightly. I could see him naked in the bath under the shower. There was a screen to the side but nothing between us. He had his back to me. I found myself looking at him, his muscular back, slim waist, his bum. I knew I shouldn’t but I stood for a few seconds watching. I never thought I would watch another man in that way but I found myself wanting to see him. Not wanting to get caught I turned after a little time watchin, I walked into my room and closed the door carefully. I wanted to wank myself and thought of doing so on my bed. Then I thought about wanking as I looked in through the door bathroom door at him and that thought made my heart thump in my chest. I opened my room door again and walked quietly back to the bathroom. My hands trembled. I felt so weak and yet almost high. I was aware that I also had an erection.

At that moment Cole shouted,

‘Elliot is that you?”

I thought I’d been caught looking. My heart hammered in my chest. I was tried to think of what excuse I could use but couldn’t think of one. I was panicked and decided I should just deny it, to bluff if I was challenged.

‘Yeah,’ I replied as calmly as I could manage. I cringed waiting for the response.

‘Get me a towel would you. I went out to get one and bloody forgot to bring it through. It’s on my bed.’

The relief I felt mixed quickly with excited possibilities in my head. I walked through to his room and found the towel on the bed. On the floor were his Jean’s, a t-shirt and a pair of blue boxers. Just seeing them there turned me on. I walked back through towards the bathroom and taking a deep breath I walked in as normally as I could.

There was no reason why I wouldn’t go in. He wanted the towel and I was a man like him after all. That’s what I told myself. As soon as I did though I looked at him, his thick back and then down to his bum again. This time he turned, caught me looking. I was hideously embarrassed. My cheeks flushed and my heart tripped suddenly. I held the towel out as my eyes looked anywhere but at Cole. I thought I saw him grin though I couldn’t be sure and if he had it disappeared instantly . Cole reached for the towel. I tried to act normally but I felt so awkward that it wasn’t possible. I know he sensed something and he wrinkled his brow, then smirked. Still he said nothing. He took the towel and I turned to leave.

‘You out tonight?” He asked. I stopped and looked stupidly at the door. After several seconds of silence during which my mind raced and my heart pounded I realised how odd this would look and turned to him. I was terrified I would look down at his cock without thinking so I forced myself to smile. It felt painted on.

‘No. I think I’m gonna give it a miss tonight.’

‘Shame,’ he said searching me with his eyes. Could he see my thoughts? Please God no. ‘Be great if you came out.’

I smiled nervously but didnt know what to say. I stood looking blankly towards him shifting from foot to foot. Cole began to towel his hair türkçe bahis and the white cotton hung over his eyes briefly. I glanced at his nakedness. He was completely smooth, his chest, legs, everything. Even his long thick cock was smooth. It swayed loosely between powerful thighs. His chest was broad with defined muscles and dark pink nipples. His stomach was ridged. His shape chiselled from marble. I looked up before he saw me watching and then realised that I was still standing in the bathroom with him naked. He looked at me again as he dried the back of his hair and smiled. I smiled back.

‘What do you think?’ He asked.

I was caught off guard between his innocent question and my dark thoughts. I opened my mouth but initially floundered for words until I managed to say nothing but repeat his own.

‘What do I think?’

He was still smiling. ‘I’ve been working really hard recently.’ He looked down at his chest and stomach.

‘Oh, yeah,’ I tried to pretend I had only just noticed, like he had drawn attention to himself rather than the truth. ‘You look amazing.’ I managed. I looked at his abs. I tried not to look anywhere else. I tried not to look down especially. Cole leaned back and I could see the exquisite definition in his stomach. He looked so impressive. Then I became aware that I still had an erection. I didnt know if he could see it and hoped my jean’s were tight enough to stop me from bulging. I could feel myself shaking slightly with adrenaline.

‘Touch here,’ he stroked his fingers down the ridges of muscle that traversed and intersected his stomach. I tried to stay calm and when he moved his hand away I replaced it with mine. I attempted to appear nonchalant despite my shaking hand and quickening breath. The muscle was hard under my fingers and his skin thin and smooth. I stroked down his abs once, then again. I was genuinely impressed with his physique, and something else too. My thumb stroked the corner of a muscle. It was rigid.

‘How the hell do you get this hard.’ I asked. Then I blushed.

Cole was right in front of me. I backed up almost against the basin.

‘I’ve been to the gym every day, sometimes twice a day. I’ve been really strict with my diet too,’ he told me confidently.

‘It shows,’ I told him. ‘You have an amazing body.’

I blushed again as soon as I said it. It sounded wrong even though it was in context. I couldn’t help wondering if I had revealed to him what I had been feeling.

Cole looked at me. I felt awkward but when he smiled I smiled back.

‘You can touch me if you like.’ he said.

I heard the words but my mind was scrambled and I couldn’t make sense of what it was he meant. I just opened my mouth like I was going to speak but nothing came out. I guessed that he meant touch his muscle, his chest but I wasn’t sure. Maybe he meant touch something else. I felt a bit light headed and my heart was still racing. I couldn’t seem to function and didn’t know what to do or what to say.

‘It’s ok,’ he told me confidently, ‘here.’

Cole took my hand and placed it on his stomach. He was standing right in front of me naked and wet. Water was clinging to his skin. He traced my fingertips slowly down the ridges but went lower than I did to the adductor where the muscle began to blend into his thigh.

‘I work really hard on here,’ he told me. ‘What do you think?’

‘Its amazing,’

You’re amazing. I almost whispered.

I immediately realised I was very turned on. Cole paused, looked at me and then he pushed my hand down. I watched where it went. I could see his sex heavy between his legs. He held my hand by the wrist and moved it until I was holding his cock. Then he looked directly at me.

‘You like it?’ He asked.

I didn’t reply. I could feel that he was getting hard as I held it. It was hot and thick. The skin was smooth and malleable but I could feel stiffness beneath.

‘Play with it,’ he told me.

I did as he said. I couldn’t look at him but I began to gently milk it. It thickened in seconds. I had to change my grip as his cock hardened under my fingers, as it became stiff and pushed up out of my hand. It was really big, much bigger than my own. I stroked it, touched the head and eased back his foreskin. Cole breathed out. I began to wank him gently. With my other hand I reached under and held his smooth balls. They were soft and fat in my hand as I massaged them. He was hard now.

‘Why don’t you kneel down.’ He suggested.

I was breathing heavily. Adrenaline making me shake slightly. I knew what he was asking. I felt sick with nervous energy. I was so hard, so turned on though. I did what I was told. I knelt down slowly until I was looking right at his cock. I continued wanking him. He was rigid in my hand. I looked at the thick pipe running the length of his erection. The skin tight where the head flared into the coronal ridge. I saw a clear drop of fluid leaking from the tip. I stroked down the shaft güvenilir bahis siteleri until I held him by the base of his cock. My other hand lifted and the fingertips stroked the smooth skin of his bum between his legs.

‘Suck it.’ He said firmly.

I had to sit up to get my mouth over him. His cock slipped in easily but the head was huge and I struggled to take any more. I could feel the slippery fluid from the tip on my tongue, I could taste his cock. I breathed through my nose. My mouth closed around the end and I pulled back. When I felt the ridge of the head on my lips I allowed him back inside my mouth. I tried to get more in but he was too big and I felt like I might gag as it touched the back of my mouth. I took it out and began to lick the head. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I could only see and taste cock, only hear Cole breathing heavily. I allowed it into my mouth again and began to suck. I heard him groaning. My mouth held him firmly and I milked as hard as I could, using my mouth now and not just my hand. My head bobbed back and forth and I heard liquid sloshing between us as his cock slipped in and out. I stopped and swallowed. It was slippery and I knew it was pre-cum. I was so turned on. My breathing was heavy. My heart was racing and my stomach flipped every time I remembered, thought about what I was doing.

‘Suck me off.’ Cole told me. His use of words had changed. The suggestion turned me on.

I took him back into my mouth and sucked on him again. I could hear myself moan while my mouth was filled with his erection. Cole was more vocal now too. He pushed himself into my mouth and his cock made me gag. His hips began the rock as he gently fucked my mouth. I sucked on him while he did and then I let it slip from my mouth to swallow again. He pushed it back inside and repeatedly slipped it in and out, the same fucking motion. Doing this seemed to get him off. He was moaning with his head back. Then he tensed and a deeper moan escaped his lips. His cock felt like it stiffened on my tongue and was followed by a pulse as spunk flooded into my mouth. Cole was grunting and crying out as he came. His cock pulsed again. I could taste his semen. It was thick and slippery. My mouth was full of it and some ran down my chin and onto my jean’s. He was loud and it worried me as I was suddenly aware the door was still open. I didn’t know who else was in the house. He began to slow as his orgasm faded. His cock was still in my mouth and more semen dropped onto my jeans. Then he pulled out and it hung in front of my face covered in spunk and saliva. My mouth was still full and I didn’t know what to do. Cole used the towel he had dried himself with to wipe his cock. I took that as my queue to stand back up and while avoiding his gaze I turned to spit in the sink. I then ran the tap and rinsed my mouth but the stuff was thick and coated my tongue. I had to swallow eventually and tasted the cum in my mouth again. When I had dried I turned back to see Cole is looking at me.

‘That your first time?’ He asked.

I hesitated.


‘You like it?’

I could only shrug. I felt incredibly uncomfortable about what I’d just done.

‘Maybe think about that when you wank. See what you think.’ He suggested.

I could only grimace. He didnt seem phased at all and I suspected that this wasn’t the first time he’d been sucked off by another man but I didnt ask. I was still hard and shaking. I was desperate to be alone, to get relief myself. The thought of what I’d just done was so powerful and I could still taste him in my mouth. For some reason it occurred to me that he wouldn’t do to me what I had just done to him. I never thought of it as even a possibility.

‘I should go.’ I managed to say.

Cole nodded.

‘Have fun, and thanks.’ He added as I left the bathroom and closed my bedroom door behind me.

I leant against the wall and frantically pushed my pants and shorts down. I took my cock and began to wank. The relief was incredible. Just to have stimulation. My stomach flipped. My balls were firm when I gripped them with my other hand.

I’ve just sucked a cock.

He came in my mouth.

At that point, after only seconds, I gasped and began to ejaculate onto my hand, the bed and carpet. I felt my legs go weak under me and struggled to stop myself crying out. The relief was incredible. I leant against the wall for a minute or two before I could open my eyes again. Expecting the familiar feeling of shame and confusion to wash over me I slid down to the floor with my trousers still bunched round my ankles and my cock still stiff between my legs. I lay catching my breath and I casually wondered if I could wank myself off again anytime soon. After some time I got up and cleaned myself. I wanted to take a shower but didn’t want to run into Cole. I waited until I heard him leave for the night out before I had the courage to leave. I showered and then returned straight to my room. My cock was hard again by the time I was getting into bed for an early night. My mind was in turmoil and I felt like I had stepped into another world, a strange surreal world that I had never meant to be a part of. Sleep didnt come quickly.

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