House Warming

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Big Tits

My wife and I had just moved into our new home about six weeks ago. It is a nice upscale neighborhood with friendly neighbors. Just how friendly we did not know until we asked two other couples to join us for dinner Saturday night. John and Amy are very attractive and around 38 years old. Jim and Cindy are equally attractive and around 45. My wife Linda and I are 45 also. Dinner was excellent. Salad, steak, wine, you know typical stuff. The dessert; however turned out to be something entirely different.

Just as we were having a third round of wine, the table had been cleared, and the subject turned to dessert, the doorbell rang. My wife, Linda, answered the door to find a tall slender man in a hat and pinstripe suit. He surprised my wife and I when he mentioned that he was the entertainment for the evening. Taken back a little, Linda let the man in the foyer. Our foyer is just off the dining room. So, when he gently pushed Linda to the wall and placed a passionate kiss on her lips we were all a little more than curious. Linda resisted at first and then she started giving in to his advances. I noticed that Amy and Cindy were smiling at each other as we all were entranced by what was happening next. This man had his tongue down Linda’s throat and his hands all over her body. He was kissing her and groping her breast. Then he ran his hand up her legs and under her dress all the way to her pussy. The look on Linda’s face was as surprised as mine. I started to get up and stop this when John and Jim instructed poker oyna me to sit down and enjoy the show. At that moment I knew that we were in for a very interesting evening.

The man walked Linda into the dining room and placed her down on the table on her back. Amy and Cindy started undressing Linda. The ladies quickly removed her blouse and skirt. I am not sure why but tonight Linda had no bra or panties on. Wow, I am watching our new neighbors undress my wife in front of us while this man was preparing to fuck Linda right in front of us.

This night is still full of surprises. John and Jim stood up and started kissing this man and groping his body while their wives were devouring my wife. Suddenly, the guys had removed the man’s pants and I could see a huge erection through his boxers. Then the surprise: The boxer shorts were removed and I saw a strap on dildo. The hat came off and I realized that the man is really a woman with long beautiful hair. Jim and John removed her blouse and began to massage her small but firm breast. Amy and Cindy slid my wife down to the edge of the table and spread her legs to reveal a drenched pussy ready for action. I have not seen my wife so full of desire and anticipation this early in the evening. She was moaning and begging to be fucked. The mystery lady stepped forward and placed the strap on near the entrance to Linda’s soaking wet pussy. And then with a gentle but firm thrust penetrated my wife. Linda has never had sex with another woman. Really, we have canlı poker oyna never had sex outside of our marriage until tonight. We have fantasized but never…

Linda was getting a real good fucking while Amy was undressing. Cindy continued licking my wife’s nipples keeping her in a state of ecstasy. After Amy was undressed she climbed on the table and placed her pussy over Linda’s mouth. Linda immediately began licking Amy. Cindy started undressing along with John and Jim. At this point I decided to get undressed too. Cindy came over and began to lick and suck my cock. I thought I was going to loose my load right away. Oh man this is wild. Around that moment I noticed that Linda was writhing in desire and screamed out as she had her first orgasm of the evening. With that the mystery lady got dressed and stepped out of our house. Cindy continued working on my cock and she is an expert I must say. John stepped up to the table and put his cock into my wife. He pumped her hard and fast until she was ready to cum again. John pulled out and Jim took his place. Linda was getting another round of orgasm ready when Jim pulled out and John placed his cock into my wife once more. Amy let out a scream that I thought would shatter the windows. It was at that moment that I looked out the window and saw the entire neighborhood peeking through the front windows. Everyone was enjoying the show, including the mystery lady.

John and Jim kept bringing Linda close to orgasm and then swapping, they seemed to be experts internet casino at keeping a woman on the edge. I think they have tag teamed a few times before. Amy got down off the table and swapped places with Cindy. Amy gives great head too. Cindy lowered her shaved pussy down on my wife’s mouth and told her very bluntly to start sucking her clit and to suck it hard. Linda seemed happy to do so. Jim let out a moan then he grunted really hard as he pumped my wife full of his cum. This is the first time my wife has had anyone other than me cum inside of her. John jumped right in and started ramming his cock in and out so hard that Linda was about to slide off the table. Soon, John filled my wife with a huge load of white cum. The cum was dripping from her pussy now. I cannot tell you how sexy this scene was to me and beyond my wildest imagination. I was asked to lay on the table while Amy climbed aboard my erection. She slid up and down and pretty soon she was cumming herself. Then Cindy took her place. I have never fucked a shaved pussy before but this was smooth and slippery. Perfect.

Then another surprise; my wife said that it was time for dessert. She climbed over my face and lowered her pussy to my mouth and said that this would be very sweet. John and Jim’s cum was being pushed by her contractions right into my mouth. I had never tasted cum before and it was too much for me to hold back any longer. Soon, I was shooting my cum into Cindy and my wife was shooting my dessert down my throat. I have to admit it was really tasty and the whole experience was incredible. We will be getting to know the rest of the neighbors very soon. More to cum on that story as it unravels. I think we bought the right house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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