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This is my first submission. Any feed back will be appreciated.

I heard the shower running, when I walked into the apartment. I poured myself a small glass of vodka, and sat in the recliner. I pulled the handle to lean the chair back, and reached for the TV remote.

This was not my apartment or my chair. It was my boss’s home. He had gone to Europe, for a few months, and had offered me a large bonus, to live in his apartment, until he got back. The building was pretty secure, and a house sitter was not necessary, but he said he’d feel better with some one there. Of course, when he hired me to do this, he had no idea that his 19-year-old daughter would be home from college, for the summer!

I had already moved in, when she arrived home. When I called Mr. Turner and told him she was there, he told me to go ahead and stay. He said that his daughter, Becky, would probably only be there a day or two, and then she would go to her mother’s house, in California. He did not think his daughter would stick around, with him out of town. She did not leave.

After being in the apartment with her for a week, I had seen enough of Becky Turner, to know that I wanted to see all of her! She was about 5 foot 4 inches tall, and did not weigh more than about 110 pounds. She had dark brown hair that went almost to her waist, and dark brown eyes that were beautiful. Her body measurements were around 34-22-34, and she had c cup tits. Her tits looked full and firm and there was no hint of sag. Whatever she did at college kept the rest of her body in fabulous shape, too. Her tummy was flat and firm, and her ass could make the Pope drool! Her legs were pleasantly athletic and looked silky smooth. I knew so much about her, because she walked around the apartment in almost nothing. I saw her in short, tight shorts that looked painted on, and equally tight tank tops. I saw her in spandex work out clothes and in bikinis. She apparently slept in a thong and a tight half t-shirt, and she had no problem letting me see her in it. I had to hide an erection, anytime I was in the same room as Becky, for more than two minutes. Of course, I was smart enough to leave the boss’s daughter alone! She did not make it easy for me to keep from jumping her, either. She knew what her body did to me, and she loved it. She took every opportunity she could, to tease me.

I turned on the TV and took a sip of vodka, when I heard the shower turn off. I flipped through the channels, and wonder what she would be wearing, this time. Just thinking about Becky, I felt my cock twitch, as it started to stiffen.

After a few minutes, I heard the bathroom door open. I could see down the short hallway, from where I sat. When the door opened, I looked over. I was surprised to see that it was not Becky who came out! The girl who walked out of the bathroom was a blonde.

She had a towel wrapped around her body, and was still drying her hair with another. She heard the TV and looked over, directly at me. At first, she looked shocked, but then she smiled, as she walked toward me. She was about 5 foot 7 inches tall and looked to weigh around 110. Her wet hair was dark blonde and looked curly. The skin that showed above and below her towel looked to be lightly tanned and smooth. The towel was clinging to her body, showing off her great figure. The towel looked like it was only inches to long to show me her pussy, and her legs were long and slim. As she walked into the living room, I saw that her eyes were very light blue. pendik escort There was almost no color to them.

“You must be Bert!” The blonde said, smiling. “Becky told me that someone who works for her dad was staying here, house sitting. She just didn’t say you were so cute!”

“I am Bert.” I said. “Intruders don’t normally take showers, and you mentioned Becky, so I will assume that you did not break in!” She giggled.

“No, I didn’t break in!” She said. “I guess Becky didn’t tell you I was coming! I am a friend of hers, from college. My name is Jenny.” She leaned toward me and held her hand out, for me to shake. Because of the way she was leaning, her towel started slipping.

“Nice to meet you.” I said. As I shook her hand, the towel fell to the floor. Jenny blushed, turning beet red, but she made no move to hide her flawless body. Her measurements were about 36-23-36, and she her tits looked to be d-cup, at least. They were firm and beautiful, with no evidence of gravity affecting them. Her areolas were about the size of poker chips and were light brown in color, only a little darker than her lineless tan. She had no tan lines above or below her waist. I could see the slit of her pussy lips, and not even a hint of hair, blonde or otherwise! My cock immediately became rock hard!

“Oops!” She said, giggling nervously.

“It’s very nice to meet you!” I said. It had been months since I had seen a naked girl, and I thought I was gonna cum in my pants.

“I take it you like what you see!” Jenny said, posing so that I got a good look at her body. I nodded my head. I noticed as her gaze went to the bulge in my pants. “Becky told me that I’d like you!” Jenny said. “She was right!” Jenny suddenly leaned forward and grabbed my cock, through my jeans. After a brief squeeze, she reached for my zipper.

“What are you doin’?” I asked. She unbuttoned my jeans and pulled the zipper down.

“You see me, so it’s only fair that I see you!” She said. She started to pull down both my jeans and my underwear. My hips lifted off the chair, as if they had their own mind. My large cock flopped out of its prison and pointed up, toward Jenny’s tits. “Wow, that’s huge!” Jenny exclaimed. With my pants at my knees, she reached out and wrapped her hand around my shaft. Her thumb and her longest finger could not touch, as they encircled my cock. Jenny started to move her hand slowly up and down my shaft. It felt incredible to have some one other than myself stroking my meat. I watched Jenny’s face as she licked her lips. Her nipples looked as hard as my cock.

I reached out and cupped a breast in each hand. They felt as firm and soft as they looked. Jenny’s eyes closed and a moan escaped her lips, as I started to massage her tits. I pinched and twisted her nipples.

Suddenly, Jenny leaned forward and kissed me. I pushed my tongue into her mouth, and started to explore it. Her tongue seemed to attack mine, trying to force it back to my own mouth. When I did pull my tongue back, hers followed. I massaged her tongue with mine, as she tried to taste my tonsils. She continued to give me a hand job, and I continued to massage her tits. Jenny broke the kiss as suddenly as she had started it. She went to her knees and started to lick my shaft. She coated my cock with saliva, before she took its head into her mouth. Her tongue continued to twirl around my shaft while inch after inch disappeared between her beautiful lips. My fingers ran through her wet hair as I let escort pendik out a moan. When my cock head hit the back of her mouth, Jenny gagged and pulled of a little. She sucked on the part of my cock that was in her mouth, and she stroked the rest of it with both hands. After half a minute, her head started to bob up and down my cock, to the same rhythm that her hands stroked it. Each time, she seemed to take more into her throat, before she gagged. All the while, her tongue was drawing figure eights, along the bottom of the pole. I closed my eyes and laid my head back, letting out a long, low moan. When I felt her nose in my pubes and my balls hit her chin, Jenny stopped bobbing her head. I looked down and saw, for the first time ever, my entire nine and a half inch rod inside a girl’s mouth. Jenny applied suction with her mouth and her throat muscles started to flex, milking my cock. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to take much of this! I was surprised that I had lasted as long as I had.

“I gonna blow!” I said, after barely a minute had passed. Jenny did not pull herself off of me. She only sucked harder as my cum started shooting out of my cock and down her throat. Jenny kept her chin on my balls, until my cock stopped spewing its seed into her. She then pulled her mouth off of me. The air-conditioned air chilled my wet cock as it left the warmth of her mouth.

“My belly feels so full, now!” Jenny said, rubbing her flat tummy. “Full of your cum!” She reached over and took my glass of vodka off the table. She poured about half of it into her mouth and swirled it around, before swallowing it. Then she poured the rest of it into her mouth and leaned forward to kiss me. The vodka poured into my mouth when her tongue forced my lips open. My left arm went around Jenny, pulling her tight against me, while my right hand started to roam around on her skin.

As soon as my fingertips touched her nipple, Jenny moved. She leaned forward more, and put her tits in my face. She held her right tit in her hand and pushed her nipple against my lips. I started to nibble and suck on it. Jenny moaned lightly. My right hand started to squeeze her other tit. After a few minutes, Jenny took her right tit away and fed me her left tit. Then, a moment later, she pulled back and looked at me.

“Would you go down on me?” Jenny asked. “I know we just met, and all, but would you do that?”

“How could I possibly refuse?” I asked. Jenny grinned and squealed with delight. I pulled her mouth to mine, for a brief kiss, before she moved off of me. She held out her hand, for me to take. I held her hand, as I got out of the chair.

Jenny led me over to another chair. I removed the rest of my clothing, as we walked. Jenny sat on the chair. I leaned over her and kissed her. Pushing her back on the chair, I kissed my way down her body, stopping briefly at each nipple. I also stopped to make out with her belly button, for a second, before moving down between her legs. Jenny spread her legs, putting her knees over the chair arms. I looked at her beautiful pussy. The fingers on my right hand traced her outer lips, before parting them. I blew lightly on her, as my fingertips explored every fold of Jenny’s sex. She moaned and played with her own breasts. I leaned in and started to kiss her pussy. The tip of my tongue retraced the path my fingers had taken when they explored her. Jenny moaned and pushed her hips toward me. My tongue slid down her slit and pushed into her hole. Jenny grabbed the back pendik escort bayan of my head and pulled me tightly to her while I shoved my tongue into her pussy. My fingers moved up and started to rub her clit. I swirled my tongue in random patterns as I pumped it in and out of her. Jenny was moaning continuously and pushing her hips against me. After several minutes, I pulled my tongue out of her, and licked up to her clit. Holding her clit with my teeth, I started to write my name on it, with my tongue. I pushed the first two fingers of my left hand into Jenny’s hole and started to fuck her with them.

“I’m cumming!” Jenny cried, after only a few minutes of this treatment. She squealed loudly and her entire body started to tremble as her juices washed over my face. As Jenny’s orgasm subsided, I moved up and started to kiss her. She pushed her tongue into my mouth, tasting herself. My cock rubbed along her slit, as we kissed. Jenny pushed her hips against me so that my cock was sliding between her pussy lips and against her clit.

“I know we just met and all,” I said. “But can I fuck you? It’s been a long time since I have, and you have made me very horny!”

“I can’t believe you even asked!” Jenny said. “And I am surprised that you haven’t shoved it into me already!” While she said this, she pointed the tip of my cock at her vaginal opening. I pushed into her, but not far. Jenny’s pussy was tight around my thick cock. I went in about an inch and a half, with the first push. Jenny gasped. Then I pulled out pushed again, going in further this time. On my third thrust, Jenny pushed her hips toward me as I pushed in. We continued on in this manor until my cock was hitting her cervix. I stopped moving, to allow Jenny to adjust to the size of my cock. I kissed her.

“You are tight!” I said. “It feels great!”

“Yeah.” Jenny said. It sounded almost as if she moaned it. “Yours is only the second cock to be in me, and the other one was not even half the size of yours!” She kissed me, probing my mouth with her tongue. She locked her ankle together, behind my back, and started to move her hips. Jenny’s hips rolled as she thrust against me. I started to pump my cock into her. Soon we developed a rhythm, increasing our speed with each thrust. The volume of Jenny’s moans seemed to be directly proportional to the speed of our fucking. Jenny and I were soon totally lost in each other. Anything could have been happening around us, and we would not have noticed it.

“I’m cumming!” Jenny said in a voice that was about half moan and half squeal. Her body tensed up, and her pussy gripped me tighter than anything ever had, for a several seconds. Then her body started to spasm and tremble. Her pussy pulsed around my cock, and the vice like grip of her pussy is all that kept me from joining her in orgasmic bliss.

As soon as Jenny’s body started to relax and her pussy released my cock, I started blasting her insides with cum. I was unable to stop myself from cumming inside her, or even warning her that it was going to happen. My cock was half way inside her, when it erupted. My instincts were to push in further, and that’s what I did. My cock pulsed for almost a minute, spitting its seed into Jenny’s hot pussy. When I finished, my cock slipped out of Jenny, and I slumped onto the floor, in front of the chair. I lightly kissed the inside of her left thigh.

“Well!” Becky said, behind me. I had not even noticed that she had come into the room. I looked at her. “I walk around her, for days, in clothes that just screamed for you to fuck me, but you never even touched me. I leave my best friend here, alone, for an hour, and when I get back, your fucking her brains out!”

to be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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