Housewife’s Night

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“Have a good night at work,” I tell my David as he leaves. He kisses my cheek, then hops in his car to go. With the garage door closing, I hear the freeing silence. David’s schedule leaves very little time for intimacy and my sexual frustration has been brimming to the point of overflow. The few moments I squirrel away to finger myself have not been enough.

I am restless and frustrated to the point of clumsiness. My own door thuds heavily against the frame and I may ease my throbbing clit.

My lips curl into a slow smile as my hand slips into my satin PJ shorts. There aren’t any panties to get in my way. I made sure to prep this morning. I shaved my pussy bare this morning. The smoothness of it has me getting wetter by the minute.

The kinky bitch in me longs for some extra excitement and I open the window with my spare hand. Blinds open as well. Our home borders the woods on a sparsely populated cul-de-sac, I’m fairly certain no one can see me, but the illusion of exhibitionism is thrilling.

I stop rubbing myself long enough to go to my closet and pull out casino oyna a pink plastic storage box. Inside it are my toys; Dildos of various shapes sizes, textures, and colors, lubes, hand and ankle cuffs, floggers, anal beads, and the list stretches on… Picking out a purple 8′ vibrator with a pliable fork on it for clit stimulation, a vibrating egg, nipple clamps, and a butt plug I toss the all on my king size bed. I take off my robe and free my swollen DD breasts, involuntarily swaying as they bounce slightly. My nipples harden into pink peaks. I am weaning so they are engorged and sensitive beyond touch. My shorts come off easier though I will need to throw them in the laundry before David gets home as they are soaked. I crawl into the bed next to my toys, and I’m ready to begin.

My hands run over my breasts and down my flat stomach. I don’t want to touch my sex yet. I am not in the mood for a quick one-off. I can do that anytime. I want to build my orgasm brick upon brick, and then send the whole building exploding in ecstasy. I run my hands down my inner thighs slot oyna then bring them up slowly just a feathery touch on my hood. My hands shake as I repeat the ritual. Up over my tits, down again grazing my tender wet lower lips. Up, I take a ragged breath in. Out, I can’t take this torture much longer.

On the next down stroke, my left-hand finds my budding clit and starts to make slow clockwise circles. As light as I can manage, and deepening with each circular stroke. A satisfied moan escapes my lips as my hands move faster getting harder on my clit until I am grinding it. But I must have more.

Moving without mental guidance, my finger parts my pussy lips and delves between. I can hear my juices squishing against my hand, it drives me to the brink. I take a few shallow breaths to steady myself and gradually add another finger inside me. I curl them finding my g-spot, pressing releasing then repeating unit I am frantic with the need to be filled more completely. Reluctantly pulling my fingers out, I slowly massage my lips, and relish in the tease. Fooling myself canlı casino siteleri that I am still in control of my baser instincts.

My left-hand cups my sex, my slit is warm and it takes all my willpower not to ease my fingers in again and pick up where I left off. My right-hand paws for whatever toy I can get to fastest. Finding my egg, I swiftly pop it in. Imagining my hot wet gash is eating it whole. I whimper. I begin to rub my clit again following the same process as before, only I’m no longer able to be as patient and it’s not long before I’m grinding my clit hard flicking it from side to side.

Completely lost in the moment I roll onto my stomach, propping myself up with my elbow. I am thrusting against my hand which is now pinned to the bed. Cannot Stop. Cannot force myself to slow down. I cum, hard.

The orgasm shoots through me. My pussy clinches, pressing on the egg. It vibrates so forcefully, my teeth chatter. I long deep moan comes out of me.

I fall, spent, exhausted on the mattress. I indulge myself in a few moments of rest before I roll over, with my head propped up on the pillow and my knees raised and spread. The night is still young. David will not be home for several hours. I’ve only used one of my toys. After a drink of water from my nightstand, it’s time for round


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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