Housewives and Cheerleaders Ch. 11

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A few minutes later, Olivia was on her back on a pile of mats in the corner, with Kat on top of her in 69 position. They were eating each other so furiously, intoxicated by young lust and the scents of fresh sweat and pussy, that neither noticed when the door opened.

A few seconds later Olivia, whose head was toward the door, caught something moving out of the corner of her eye. Craning her head, she saw that a janitor had come into the room — an older African-American lady that Olivia had exchanged friendly banter with a few times. Olivia froze, mortified, as the janitor stooped to pick up a bucket and mop, then turned back toward the door, apparently not noticing the pile of naked cheerleader in the corner.

But just then the janitor’s eyes met Olivia’s and she smiled, then winked, before quietly closing the door behind her. Olivia breathed a sigh of relief and went back to licking Kat’s pussy — what else could she do?

* * *

By the time Janice and Jessica were finished with Kelly, dinner was ready, and Jessica invited Kelly to stay and eat with them. Kelly accepted and was eternally happy that she did — Marie had made authentic French food, which Kelly had never had before, and the meal blew her mind. She stuffed herself with coq au vin, potatoes gratin, and ratatouille.

She also drank quite a bit of wine with dinner, which she was not accustomed to, and by dessert she was feeling a little tipsy and very uninhibited. Throughout dinner she had found herself staring at Marie, admiring the French girl’s cooking skills, escort kocaeli sexy accent, and sense of style. Though she was wearing a simple blouse and skirt, Marie looked effortlessly glamorous, like some model from the Sixties.

Dessert was chocolate mousse and, delicious as it was, Kelly was so full that she could only finish half of hers. There was also brandy but Kelly took one sip, made a face, and didn’t touch the snifter again; the taste was simply too harsh for her young taste buds.

Afterwards Kelly offered to stay and help Marie clean up. Mostly she was just trying to be polite, though she may perhaps have had an ulterior motive. As they cleared the table they kept brushing up against one another, and finally ended up standing facing each other next to the kitchen sink. For a long moment they gazed into each other’s eyes. Then Kelly boldly reached out to pull down the straps of Marie’s blouse, which slipped off to reveal her milky-white bosom and hard pink nipples.

Dipping her fingers into the bowl of leftover mousse, Kelly dabbed a little onto each of Marie’s breasts, then leaned down to lick it off. Marie closed her eyes and leaned back against the sink.

Neither of them noticed when the door opened slightly and Jessica peeked in. She’d had a feeling that something might be afoot in the kitchen and, after seeing Janice to the door, she’d snuck back to have a look. She looked on as the cheerleader’s red head traversed Marie’s chest, then moved down her belly, then disappeared under her skirt.

Just then Marie gölcük escort opened her eyes and looked straight into Jessica’s. For a moment she felt panicky; she hadn’t exactly asked permission for this little indulgence. But Jessica smiled reassuringly and brought a finger to her lips, indicating that she wanted to just watch for now.

For a few minutes Kelly’s head moved around under Marie’s skirt. She was still not an experienced enough lesbian to easily find her way around in the dark, and eventually Marie grew impatient with her fumbling and gently pushed her away. After standing Kelly up, Marie stripped her clothes off and laid her down on the kitchen table.

Marie licked her lips as she gazed down at Kelly Ann’s naked form. She rarely got to frolic with girls her own age, much less younger ones like these cheerleaders. She felt empowered around them, mature and confident. And Jessica enjoyed watching Marie express her assertive side — within limits, of course.

After divesting herself of her clothes Marie climbed on top of Kelly, lowering her crotch onto Kelly’s face as she leaned down to taste the cheerleader’s delectable red-haired pussy. After observing for a few minutes Jessica couldn’t resist joining in. Dropping to her knees, she joined Marie between Kelly’s legs, and the two of them happily shared the teenager’s yummy little cunt.

* * *

When Kat got home that night, her mother greeted her with a look of concern. “You’re home late, honey,” said Samantha Bowman.

Kat sighed. “Yeah,” izmit sınırsız escort she said, “I, um, had some stuff to take care of.” She didn’t like hiding things from her mother; they had always been close. But she wasn’t sure that Samantha would understand her recent lifestyle change.

Samantha narrowed her eyes at her daughter. “Are you OK, sweetheart? I feel like I haven’t seen much of you lately.”

Momentarily annoyed at her mother’s prying, Kat sighed and said sullenly, “I’m fine, mom, really.” But seeing her mother’s guileless, well-intentioned face, Kat relented. Smiling, she reached out for a hug. “Thanks for caring.”

For the rest of that evening Kat played the dutiful daughter, helping make dinner and volunteering to clean up afterwards. Then she sat in the living room with her parents, all three of them reading silently and contentedly.

But by bedtime the now-familiar itch had returned. Locking her bedroom door, Kat turned off the light and opened her laptop. Huddling under the covers with earbuds in, she began to search for lesbian porn.

She was amazed at what she found — everything from sweet, playful sex to hardcore bondage, from crisp HD video to hazy vintage black-and-white. Prison scenarios, orgies, nuns, spankings… sci-fi, horror, and historical scenes… schoolgirls, strap-ons, stepmothers, stepsisters, on and on and on…. She masturbated over and over, and might have kept on going till dawn if her battery hadn’t finally died.

When it did she set the laptop aside, pulled the blanket up over her, and curled up with her hands clasped between her thighs. She felt a cozy inner warmth that seemed to be emanating from her nether regions. Within minutes she was fast asleep, her unconscious mind already beginning to formulate plans for the future.

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