How Country Feels Ch. 01

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“Fuck my tits that’s good shit!”

After a long, hard pull on the bottle of homemade blackberry wine that Bobby had retrieved from under the seat, Country wiped at her mouth with the back of her hand, leaving a dark streak-shaped stain.

Jamming the bottle between her legs, she leaned over it and reached for the volume on the stereo system as Skynyrd broke the air with the opening chords of Sweet Home.

“Turn it up!” she exclaimed loudly, dancing in her seat.

Bobby watched her, fascinated from beneath his sweat-soaked ball cap.

“Jeezus girl…how old are you?” he said.

Country giggled. “I’m old enough,” she said, flashing him a killer smile from under her dirty blonde bangs as her blues eyes danced.

“Old enough,” Bobby repeated. By the looks of her, he judged she had to be eighteen. At least he hoped so anyway.

“Oh stop frettin’ boy, I turned eighteen last month and you know it.” Raising her arms, she moved her shoulders, dancing from the waist up to the beat.

“You got ID?” he joked…sort of.

Grabbing the hem of her t-shirt, Country pulled it up and over her breasts.

She was braless.

“Is that good enough?”

Caught off guard, Bobby’s eyes widened, gorging on her firm, totally bare breasts. They were much bigger than they had looked under her shirt and she had bikini top shaped tan lines. The whiteness of her skin inside the tan lines made it look like she was wearing an invisible bra.

“Uh…” he stammered, before recovering “yep…I reckon that’ll do,” he said as his young cock swelled in his jeans.

With that, Country smiled and pulled her t-shirt over her head and off and tossed it on the seat between them.

“Want some?” she teased at him, shaking her bare boobs. He stared at them incredulous. Then, shoving the bottle at him, she grinned.

“I mean this.”

Taking the bottle, he pulled at it, leaving a stain on the back of his own hand. “You’re crazy girl,” he grinned goofily back at her from behind the wheel.

“You ain’t seen nothing,” Country laughed.

Skynyrd suddenly gave way to Randy Houser, describing how country feels. ankara escort

“HELL YAY-YAH!” Country hollered as the sweet, opening guitar chords belted the air. “My song!”

Pushing the door to the pickup open, she jumped out…planting her bare feet in the soft undergrowth of the forest floor and danced, twisting her body. Still holding onto the bottle, she swayed in perfect time to the music.

Her bare breasts swayed with her.

“C’mon! Dance!” she hollered at Bobby.

Bobby watched her, fascinated, with an erection pressing into the front of jeans. Pushing the driver’s door open, he reached into the front of his pants and shifted himself.

Stepping out of the truck, he went around to the back and opened the tailgate.

“C’mon and get up here,” he said, taking a seat on it.

“Hooo!” Country called, climbing into the bed of the truck. As she kneed over the tailgate, Bobby watched her breasts hang in front of her for a moment, until she got to her feet again, and danced in the center of the bed.

With both doors open, the stereo system was loud enough to be heard outside. He had turned it up pretty high and the bass vibrated through the back of the truck as Country danced in front of him in her cut-off jeans. Her tanned legs moved as teasingly as her bare breasts and he felt his desire rise to the top.

Unable to stop himself from doing it, he placed a hand over the straining tent at the front of his jeans and pressed slightly.

The movement did not go unnoticed by Country, who grinned wickedly at him.

“Like it huh?” she said, smiling. Thrusting her hips, she took another pull from the bottle.

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet,” she giggled, and reached for the buttons on the front of her shorts.

Popping them one by one, slowly, she opened the front of her cutoffs, revealing a snatch of white panty.

Bobby stared hard, pressing his palm into his crotch.

Country wiggled her hips, making her cutoffs ride down over them. Her panties slowly appeared until her cutoffs fell to her knees, then her ankles.

Finally, she stepped out of them and kicked them off the escort ankara back of the truck.

Bobby was already sweating hard from the heat…but watching the gorgeous young girl dance, practically naked in the bed of his pickup had him poring bullets.

He was soaked underneath his work shirt…and his cock pounded, begging for release.

“Goddamn girl,” he breathed more than said. His voice was low, and husky…he wanted her.

“Take it out,” Country said over the music, smiling that wicked smiled again, tossing her head as she danced.

Eyeing her bare breasts, watching them swing, he gorged on her all the way down to her bare feet. Unbuckling his belt quickly, he opened his jeans and pushed them and his underwear around his hips.

His cock sprang free; bobbing and bouncing, it slapped off the front of his shirt. It throbbed and ached.

Watching him, Country smiled.

“Damn you gotta big one,” she said. Her mirthful, blue eyes dancing with open lust.

Moving over to him, she knelt. Spreading her knees, she squatted over his outstretched legs. Then setting the bottle down beside her, Country grabbed at the waistband of her panties and slid them to her knees.

Bobby moaned at the sight of her dark pubic hair, stroking his cock in front of her.

With her panties around her knees, Country picked up the bottle again and pulled from it. Still squatting over him, she grinned wickedly.

Bobby noticed the white area around her hips. Like her breasts, she wore bikini shaped tan marks. The whiteness of the un-tanned areas contrasted with the rest of her…the contrast was totally erotic.

He pulled at his cock, looking up at her, gorging on her.

Squatting, Country spread her knees as wide as her panties would allow and snaked a hand between her legs, causing Bobby to moan again.

Pleased with what she was doing to him, she lightly pressed her fingers into herself, running small circles around her enflamed clitoris in front of him. Her nipples swelled hard standing away from her skin, along with the pink circles of her aureole.

“Stroke that big cock boy,” she said, her ankara escort bayan throat raspy with excitement.

“Stroke it…stroke it for me.”

Pounding his cock faster, Bobby reached out and grabbed at her panties. Taking hold of the crotch area, he bunched them in his fist and pulled in time with his stroking, making Country sort of duck walk forwards until she squatted directly over his erection.

Pulling harder, her panties began to tear, coming apart at the seam on one side of her hips.

His aggressiveness excited her, and her pussy gushed, slickening her inner thighs.

“Oh fuck yeah,” she said, gyrating her hips…tear my panties off boy…make me naked.”

With that, spurned by her hot words, Bobby pulled harder, tearing her panties. With a ripping sound, they gave way, and he pulled them off of her body, stripping her completely naked in the bed of the truck.

Bobby could hardly breathe.

Country pressed her fingers harder into her sopping snatch and moaned loudly as shockwaves of pure excitement shot through her like bullets.

“Let’s do it…”she said throatily, masturbating her wet cunt with her fingers. ” I wanna fuck…now.”

Suddenly, a cruiser appeared on the dirt road just off the left of the pickup truck.

“HEY! WHAT ARE YOUTWO DOIN?” a stern-sounding male voice came over the P.A. system mounted under the hood…shocking them both.

Bobby and Country froze in place, with her squatting over him, inches from his erection…both of their hearts thudding in their chests.

Pushing the door to the cruise open, a tall sheriff got out, fixing his drill sergeant hat firmly on his head…a gun and handcuffs slung from his waist belt.

“Don’t move,” he said, approaching them.

Aware that she was totally nude, Country set the bottle down and made to cover herself with her hands.

“I said don’t move!” the sheriff warned sternly. Country stopped, abandoning the effort.

“Turn that fuckin’ shit down!” the sheriff yelled at Bobby over the chorus of Dirt Road. Reaching into the cab, the sheriff cut the music before coming around to stand at the edge of the tailgate.

“Don’t nobody listen to real music anymore?” he spat sarcastically at them.

“Now,” he said eyeing Country’s naked body from behind his dark glasses, “you two wanna tell me just what the hell you’re doin’ out here?”

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