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Double Penetration

Note from the author: Literotica has proven to be a wonderful tool for me to open up about my fetish of flying and reliving some of my past of getting to the Mile High Club. To ensure not to incriminate any one I have left the names out of individuals as much as possible or have used a different alias. But the details of events are as much true as I’ve experienced them and though I have used a different writing style this time, I hope you will enjoy it as much as my first two stories. Introduction To The Mile High Club & Christmas Shopping in NY.


So how does one go about joining the Mile High club and what are the rules to become a member? These are two common questions, on which I would like to share my view with you and maybe give some advice or ideas to our new members or for those who are keen to join. Since ‘The Club’ is kind a fictional and there isn’t an actual club counsel or governing body that I know of, the rules are somewhat unclear. The main rule is that you have a sexual encounter while flying. Just like the airlines’ frequent flyer programs have different tiers, I think a membership of the Mile High Club can be classified in the same way.

Starting with just the basic one, this can be acquired by just fooling around a bit. Some innocent finger play or jerking off will suffice, doing it yourself or with a partner. From there it is easy to get awarded the Bronze title. For this it will need to include obtaining an orgasm while in flight. Ladies, faking it, does not count. Still this is a level which can be achieved together or on your own. It was only my second time on an aircraft when I reached Bronze status. On the return flight of my very first vacation together with my boyfriend at the time, I got so horny that I masturbated twice in the lavatory during the 3 1/2 hour flight, both times causing me to achieve an amazing orgasm. To enter the Club or to get bronze status, there is really not much to it. Lavatories are available to anybody to help themselves, just like I did.

However for getting to Silver you will need to be with a partner. Silver status is for those who have engaged in oral sex where at least one of the two individuals has achieved an orgasm. For the more adventurous who like to do so in the cabin, some wardrobe planning is highly recommended. When I first tried to give someone a blowjob while flying, my partner was wearing jeans. Besides the aching efforts to get his trousers open so I could get his cock out and my lips wrapped around it, it created a very great risk of being discovered as it was almost impossible to cover up his manhood quickly when someone passed in the aisle. It was a trial by error and after two attempts we had to give up before I could get his release. Since I was wearing leggings at the time, he did have better success with giving me an orgasm using his fingers while I had a blanket over my lap.

At our vacation destination we did some shopping for our return flight, which was scheduled at 4am. Though not very elegant, I got him some loose fitting sweat pants and a baggy over-sized jumper. Due to the departure time almost everyone on the flight was passed out from either being too tired or still drunk from the last free drinks they got at the bars of the all-inclusive resorts. Seated near the back, we got lucky and had three seats just for the two of us. This time around it did not take much effort at all to get his cock into my mouth. He was at the window seat and I lay across the other two seats with my legs pulled up and my head in his lap. His cock had been hard ever since we had been picked up by the shuttle bus to the airport, so the baggy shirt came in handy to hide his erection, which had created a big tent in his sweat pants.

On the aircraft it was perfect as well, when he spotted someone coming down the aisle he tapped my head gently to warn me. All I had to do was release his cock from my lips and move my head to his lap, pretending to be asleep, while he pulled the jumper over his hard and shiny cock. Halfway through the flight we had no interruptions for quite some time. My boyfriend got a bit bolder by reaching around my ass under the dress I had chosen to wear for this occasion and he easily slid his fingers in between my moist cunt lips. Being able to minister his cock with my lips and tongue without disturbance I finally got his balls to the boiling point. Suddenly his hips jerked and his fingering of my pussy ceased as his cock erupted in my mouth. He had never cum that much before and his semen spilled from my lips as I did my best to swallow it all. Unfortunately it proved to be quite a bit harder for me to receive oral sex in the cabin unnoticed and I had to settle for a mild orgasm from his fingers.

By that time I had already managed to get registered for a flight attendant training program in Toulouse. It was clear I was not cut out for long distance relations and after two months I broke it off with my boyfriend, which ended up not being such a bad thing. In November the college had arranged a trip to Morocco during which I managed to collect more Bronze and Silver points on both flights. During the excursion in Morocco I confided about my growing fetish for asyalı porno ‘The Club’ with my roommate Florence. As it turned out she shared a desire with me, or more a desire for me. She came clean with me that she was bi-sexual and was very much attracted to me. It just kind a happened that I was as much intrigued by her sexual desires as she was with mine, or perhaps she was with me.

That trip to Morocco rewarded me with two firsts. Florence advances towards me were very persuading and made me give in and allow my very first sexual experience with woman. In return Florence fulfilled my own desires by giving me my first oral orgasm on our return flight. Still up until this day, her oral skills have been some of the best I have ever experienced. Maybe it was just the thrill that it was my first time with a woman, or the first time I got my pussy licked in flight, but both occasions were extremely erotic and satisfying.

The return flight was like 5 or 6 in the morning and since getting your head between the legs of a woman in a cramped economy class seat is nearly impossible, Florence suggested we should sneak into one of the lavatories in the back of the plane as soon as the seatbelt signs would go off. Due to the rather short flight, the hostesses would pretty much immediately push their carts through the aisle for a round of snacks and drinks, which would be the perfect opportunity for us to be left undisturbed. It almost had seemed that she had it planned out more than I had, and I was more than happy to go along with her idea. Once we were alone together in the lavatory, the space was a bit more cramped for two people than what I had imagined, but it was not going to stop the fun I was about to have.

Leaning back with half my ass on the little sink, my skirt hiked up around my waist and one foot lifted on the lavatory seat, Florence knelt between my legs and started her amazing skills. The whole idea, plus the taking off of the plane earlier had me so excited that my bikini briefs were soaked already. At first she just pressed her lips and tongue against the wet fabric, tasting me, with the soft touch on my pussy lips sending shivers through my spine. By the time she pulled my panties aside, my labia was slick and swollen. With her first lick along my slit, my hard clit was un-hooded and I screamed out from pleasure when the tip of her tongue flicked across it. If she would have done it again I would have came instantly, but Florence had proven to be a master in sensing the state of my arousal and instead she just toyed with me, opening up my pussy with her fingers and probing her tongue deep into my creamy cunt. When my excitement had eased down a bit, she would pay her attention on my sensitive little bud again. Sucking it gently, circling her tongue around it and bringing me to the verge of ecstasy again.

I think I lasted less than 10 minutes, but the agony to cum seemed like an eternity. Florence was also the one who taught me about my G-spot. When we had made love together in our hotel room for the first time, Florence had played with me using her fingers in such a way that got me extremely wet. It was this slow warm feeling, like a fire that started burning inside me, until I reached my very first orgasm together with another woman. Locked together in the small lavatory of the plane, she did the same thing to me again. Two of her fingers slightly curled, moving in and out of me with short quick motions. Only this time she doubled the pleasure by sucking my clit between her lips at the same time. I was squirming on the edge of the little sink and had to steady myself with both arms spread between the door and the back wall of the lavatory when my orgasm washed over me, bathing her face and hand with the juices that erupted from my pussy. There have not been many occasions I have cum like that. Needless to say Florence has been my best girlfriend since and also was a colleague in crime for a while after we both got hired by the same airline. We are both married now and have not enjoyed each other’s company in a sexual manner for quite some time, but we have some good memories together.

Sneaking into the lavatories is also probably your safest bet to become a Gold member. As you might be able to guess, the Gold membership is reserved for people who have intercourse on board an aircraft high up in the air. It wasn’t till I actually had become a crew member that I managed to get this status. For the long haul international flights most aircrafts are equipped with crew rests for the flight and cabin crew. The cabin crew rest has eight bunks and though it is not intended for sexual encounters between crew members, it is the ideal confined and private location on board an aircraft to have sex. The only thing is, is that most male crew members are gay and during the break times the crew rest is occupied with 4 to 6 other crew members as well. Now the crew rest areas for the flight crew have a single bunk and seat. In addition pilots and first officers are a much safer bet to be straight. Even though the confinements of a private secluded crew rest might look safe and easy for a crew member to reach the Gold level, it turned out that it castajans porno could come with a whole different kind of risks.

It was a first officer who awarded me the Gold status. He was mid-thirties, married and very handsome. Before we came on board, he was coming on to me during our pre-flight briefing and I was more than willing to flirt back and play along with the prospect of a mid-air romp in the back of my mind. The only problem I was facing was that as a Jr. attendant I was working the back end of economy class and had nothing to do with the flight crew, who are being taken care of by the cabin staff of First Class. It was a long flight to Narita in Japan, with no prospect of me getting anything more than some extra Bronze points with a private visit to the lavatories with my favorite little bullet vibrator. New at the job, I hardly knew any of the tricks and practices nor was I nearly as bold or experienced as I’m these days to get to that next tier.

But my strong desires would prove to become my lucky ticket on our return flight. A ticket that I earned by entertaining the young officer for two nights in a row while we were on our layover in Narita. It involved a blowjob at one of the Karaoke bars in town and a hot passionate night of sensational sex back in his hotel room, all in return for a promise from him that he would fulfill my own little fantasy on our way back. I thought that it must be great to have the status and respect of a pilot, as for our return flight I got assigned to First Class and even the planned crew breaks were perfectly timed with his. When the Maître de Cuisine and the Sr. purser took their breaks, I got a call from the flight crew rest.

The whole thing got me so excited, that I nearly came while walking through the First Class cabin one last time to make sure the passengers had everything they needed before I would leave them completely unattended so I could claim my promised first midair shag. At that time the flight crew rest could still be accessed from the cabin and after a soft knock on the door, I was greeted by the first officer, who seemed equally as excited as I was. As soon as the door was closed behind me, he was all over me. He already had proven to be a great kisser and when he embraced me and pulled me closer with his hands on my ass, I completely melted. Leaning into him I pressed my breasts against his broad chest and let his hands explore my bum cheeks while he hiked up my uniform dress to find my dampness seeping through the thin lace of my panties. His touch was driving me mad, and I had to break free from his tender lips to gasp for air. He smiled at me while I ground my hips against his loins. His slacks constrained his hardness, which I could feel throbbing between us.

Knowing what was about to happen, I lost my patience and almost ripped them open. He knew what I needed and aided my attempt to release his manhood by undoing his belt. In one swift motion I pulled his slacks down together with his boxers. His thick cock twitched in front of me as I leaned down to free them from around his ankles. Eagerly I sucked his bulbous head between my lips to moisten his shaft with my saliva as I bobbed my head a few times up and down. All the while jerking him off with one of my free hands till his precum oozed out from its tip down on my swirling tongue. But this was not the moment for racking up Silver points by giving a blowjob and I was not going to waste any more time to get his slick cock up my horny twat.

Standing back up, I leaned over the edge of the bunk with my legs spread apart and my ass sticking back out at him. With one hand I pulled my panties to the side and with the other I guided his shiny cock head towards my longing cunt. As I slid the thick purple mushroom head up and down my swollen pussy lips, they easily parted with the light pressure I created by pushing back towards him and let his cock find my entrance. With one smooth thrust he pushed his hips forward, invading my creamy pussy with his entire shaft. A loud sigh escaped my lips and I quickly buried my face down into a pillow as he slowly started to fuck me with long deep strokes. The whole build up, my excitement from flying and being penetrated by a wonderful penis in mid-air right at that moment was enough to send me over the edge. My pussy clinched tight around his shaft as my body started to quiver till my legs finally became limp.

Falling back on the bunk was only a temporary escape from the invasion of his cock. My horny stud was far from done and just gave me a short moment to regain my senses before he rolled me on my back and pushed my knees up towards my shoulders, spreading my pussy wide open ready to receive his slick cock again. He started by teasing me, running the entire length of his cock back and forth between my lips, grazing my still aching hard little pearl. I was squirming underneath him, but with my legs locked up in the air and his hands holding me down, I was helpless. All I could do was beg him to fuck me again. It encouraged him to tease me some more and he started to tell me how I was his horny little fuck hostess. He wanted me to acknowledge just how much of a dirty bangbros porno little flying whore I was, or else he would just continue to rub his cock along my burning clit. It was a side I had not seen from him yet. I was extremely turned on by it and it sent shivers down my spine as he continued to proclaim how my horny little cunt was his forever now. How he could ruin my career if he would to make a claim of sexual harassment and I had cornered him to have sex during a flight. I was only a Jr. in my first year as flight attendant and he had already 10 years with the company as a first officer and was close to making captain.

Part of me was filled with immense desire to feel his cock inside me again and part of me just wanted this to be over, so I gave in to all his sleazy demands. Assuring I was his and would do whatever he wanted. Telling him my little cunt was for him to take, how and when he wanted. My surrender to him and being a dirty little bitch made him give in and with one hard thrust he pounded his meat back into my depths, his heavy balls slapping against my bare ass as he drove his cock like a piston deep back and forth with quick hard thrusts. One of his hands covered my mouth to muffle my screams of ecstasy as my cunt started to twinge from the assault of his massive cock that sent me from one orgasm to the other. I could feel it swell up and knew he was close to erupting. One last time he drove deep and hard into me and his body stiffened up, pinning me down while his exploding rod filled my cunt with his semen. After he was spent he pulled out and straddled me to present his cock to my mouth so I could clean it up. When he got dressed and I straightened myself up, he told me how he sure hoped I was on birth control as he was not looking to get saddled up with a bastard kid.

That is how I got my Mile High Gold status. I was young and naive, still discovering my sexuality and how to fulfill those secret desires. The whole thing had just backfired on me. The rough sex and his demeaning behavior, treating me like a dirty slut was not even the issue, in fact during the heat of the moment it was very arousing and urging me on to please him was very much pleasing me at the same time. But it turned out he was serious and meant every word. By the time my next roster came through, I learned that he had some good connections in the company which he must have used to ensure I was scheduled on several of his flights. Sure enough the following time I was part of his cabin crew, he used his seniority status to lure me into having sex with him again. He knew about the fact flying made me extremely horny, so instead of allowing me some pleasure in return for my submission to him, he tortured me and demanded me to suck him off. Not only did he make me his during the flight, but I was also his little fuck toy the entire time we were at our out station. Back in the hotel he got quite rough with me, which was surprisingly arousing and got me to finally experience some relief myself as well. He even took my anal virginity and I was mixed in the turmoil of pleasure and pain, thinking I deserved this and should just enjoy the pleasure I got with the pain and humiliation.

It wasn’t till I was back at home that I realized how much he abused his powers. Even though some of it turned me on like crazy, I dreaded the next flight that I would be sharing with him again. In the end I called in sick and contemplated if I should quit all together and find a job with another airline. My last hope was to call Florence to confide in her about the whole ordeal. Needless to say she was livid about it and told me I should not have let my desires cloud my judgement and make such stupid mistakes. But she also assured me that she would help me fix this. I have no idea how she did it, but the following time I was scheduled to fly with that sleazebag of a first officer, she was also listed as crew. She told me that after this trip he would never bother me again, in fact she claimed I would be able to ruin his life if I wanted to.

Like the other time, he arranged for me to be in First Class and during the break called me into the crew rest. I had no idea what Florence was planning, so I just played like my usual self. This time around he got me to strip naked and told me to lay back on the edge of the bunk. He pinned my legs back up and secretly I actually longed for him to take me, just like that first time. His control was making me horny and he knew it. He toyed with my pussy, rubbing his cock head along my slit and slapping it against my clit that had stiffened and had appeared from its little hood. Over and over he repeated this, jerking his own cock as he teased me like this. His words were becoming more and more insulting and for some reason I loved it at that moment. I needed his cock and he knew it, pleading over and over, telling him all the things he wanted to hear. Each time I was close to orgasm he would ease off and just show me his big shiny cock, with his cock head very swollen and ready to explode. After all that torture that was he gave me. He jerked is cock while he demanded again for me to tell how I was his and as I did he started spraying his hot cum all over my stomach and tits. He got me to suck the last drops from dripping cock to clean him up and then instructed me how I was not allowed to clean one drop off of my own body. Instead he told me to put back on my uniform dress, denying my panties and bra, which he claimed were his to keep.

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