How to Stop Smoking Ch. 21

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Friday morning I got up early and had breakfast as usual. After eating, I drove to the clinic for my appointment. When I arrived, Ann was at the reception desk.

I said hello. Ann smiled and phoned Mai Ling to notify her that I was there.

Mai Ling told her to take me to the treatment room and we headed down the hall.

When we entered the room, Mai Ling greeted me and told me to put on the hospital gown and lie down on the examination table.

Foregoing the straps this time, she went into the bathroom and got the shaving equipment. She sat the washbasin on the stool at the end of the examination table.

After adjusting the table, she began removing my pubic hair stubble that had grown back.

Before soaping me up, Mai Ling took a warm wet washcloth and washed my genital area thoroughly.

Then she dipped the washcloth into the water and made sure my cock and balls were wet. Now my cock was beginning to react. It was getting hard.

Mai Ling smiled, took the shaving brush and began to apply thick soapy suds to my cock and balls.

The feeling was very erotic. My cock began to get really hard then.

As she began rubbing in the soap, she stroked my cock. When she squeezed my balls, I thought I would cum. Then she stopped.

Picking up the straight razor, she shaved all the hair off until I was as smooth as a baby’s butt.

While she was shaving me, she would alternately stroke my cock and squeeze my balls keeping me hard as a rock and close to cumming.

When she had me cleaned of all hair, she took another warm wet wash-cloth and washed me off again. Then she dried me off and took all the shaving equipment to the bathroom.

When she returned, Mai Ling had the bottle of lotion she used to prevent infections.

She began applying it to my balls and around the base of my cock.

As she smoothed the lotion on, I could feel the heat in my loins rising again.

My cock, which had begun to subside while she was in the bathroom, began to stiffen anew.

While Mai Ling was rubbing the lotion in, she reached down and put my cock in her mouth and began to suck on it.

Mai Ling sucked my cock as she applied the lotion. Soon, the juices began rising in my cock. When I came, Mai Ling was careful not to lose a drop.

I could feel the cum spurt time after time. She must have sucked on me for a full five minutes until I was drained.

As she eased my cock out of her mouth, she licked all around the crown, making sure not a drop was wasted.

When she was finished, Mai Ling went into the bathroom and washed her hands. She returned in a few minutes carrying the tray of needles.

Mai Ling took a piece of antiseptic gauze and began to swab the areas where the needles were to be placed.

She took one of the needles and approached me. First, she inserted one in my lower lip – on the inside. Then, she placed one in each of my temples.

I remembered that this was not part of the treatment. They were to make me relax.

I awoke just when Mai Ling was removing the last needle. I was very relaxed.

I noticed Ann, Tai Soo and Suzy were in the room. Mai Ling explained that Ann and Suzy were there to learn more about the treatments. Tai Soo began to lower the examination table.

Mai Ling had me roll over on my stomach. Then, she showed me where to place my hips.

They began to elevate the center of the examination table – raising my butt in the air.

Tai Soo went into the bathroom and began filling the enema bottle with a warm, soapy water solution.

While she was gone, Suzy took some of the strawberry jell and began applying it to my asshole. Then she pushed some inside, gently inserting her finger, loosening my asshole for the enema nozzle.

She continued stroking it in and out until my ass hole relaxed and accepted it.

When she had my ass hole ready, Tai Soo inserted the enema nozzle. As before, it hurt a little, then, after she worked it in and out a few times, it began to feel good. That’s when my cock began to stiffen some more.

After Tai Soo had the nozzle in far enough, she reached up and released the clamp on the hose. The water began to flow.

As my insides filled with warm soapy water, I began to get a cramp. When I told her, she set the clamp on the hose.

Then Tai Soo reached between the table and me and gently massaged my lower stomach until the ache went away.

I told her when my cramp had subsided and she loosened the clamp letting the water surge in again. Soon I was full. I had taken the entire bottle again and felt very full.

Mai Ling straightened the table and they helped me to the bathroom. I had begun to cramp up again and could barely walk.

They left and shut the door and I emptied all the water into the commode. By the time I had finished, I felt very weak. I called for Mai Ling telling her I was through.

They opened the door and entered the bathroom. Mai Ling took the enema bottle and, after washing it out, began filling it with plain water.

While bareback studios porno she was filling it, Tai Soo and Suzy helped me up, then bent me over the side of the bathtub.

After washing me off, Tai Soo again took some more of the jell and applied it liberally to my ass. When she inserted the nozzle it was easier this time.

As soon as she had the nozzle in place, Tai Soo released the clamp.

I was filled with a warm feeling as the water rushed in. My cock was still stiff as a board.

Once I had taken the entire bottle, they massaged my stomach. From time to time, they stroked my cock, keeping it rock hard. After a few minutes, I had to sit down again and release the water.

It took longer than before and I was even weaker when I finished.

They helped me up and into the shower.

After removing my gown, all 4 of them undressed and stepped into the shower with me. Turning the water on, they gave me a thorough soaping from back to front – top to bottom.

Mai Ling and Ann started on my front – Tai Soo and Suzy on my back. By the time they finished, my poor cock was begging for release.

After drying me off, they led me back to the examination table.

Mai Ling gave me a fresh gown to put on. Then, they helped me back onto the table. Face up this time.

They positioned my legs and feet like they were before. Knees slightly elevated and legs spread wide apart.

Mai Ling then told me that she needed some more measurements so they could compare the last ones.

Suzy pulled over a stool and positioned herself between my legs. Taking my cock in her mouth, she proceeded to give me a blow-job. It felt great.

When I was about to cum, she stopped. As Tai Soo had during the other treatments, she pressed near the base of my cock to prevent my release.

Mai Ling stepped in and measured the length and diameter of my cock. She said that my cock was 16″ long and 2 ¼” in diameter.

Tai Soo took my cock in her mouth and started slowly sucking, taking in the full length then releasing it.

Three or four of these and she stopped as I was about to cum. She again applied pressure to the base, stopping my release.

Mai Ling stepped in and again took the measurements. No change. Still the same size and still begging for release.

They continued this procedure two more times before they were satisfied that my cock wasn’t getting any bigger.

Then, Ann rolled the ejaculator machine in from the bathroom. She placed the nozzle over my cock, plugged it in and turned it on.

It began humming and slowly applying suction to my cock. As ready as I was, it only took a few seconds and I emptied every drop of sperm I had into the bulb.

When I was finished, Mai Ling turned off the machine and read the scale on the side of the bulb. She said that I had 7 ounces of cum.

Tai Soo came out of the bathroom carrying a washbasin full of warm water and began to wash my cock again.

The little bugger was beginning to get stiff again by the time she stopped.

After repositioning the table where it was flat again, Mai Ling told me that I needed a rest. This time I must rest for two hours.

She got the tray of needles and applied them to my lower lip and temples as she did before. Then, I slept.

When I awoke Mai Ling was removing the last of the needles. She was alone in the room again.

She adjusted the table as before. My knees were slightly bent and my feet were wide apart. Then she began.

She placed a stool between my legs again and sat on it. Reaching forward, she took my cock into her mouth and began to suck the length of it in and out.

As my cock got harder and harder, she began to make low moaning sounds. The vibrations from her moaning were exciting. My cock got hard in no time.

After getting my cock hard enough to start the treatment, Mai Ling picked up a needle.

She inserted the needles much in the same fashion as the first two treatments.

She then started the second part of the treatment. Inserting the needles so that I could sleep.

I began to get drowsy. Mai Ling told me to relax and that I would probably sleep for a couple of hours and she would be back. I didn’t hear her finish because I dozed off.

I was just beginning to come around as Mai Ling was removing the last needle from my cock. It was still hard as a rock.

I couldn’t believe it when Mai Ling told me that I had slept almost 2 hours and my cock was stiff the entire time.

She then got another washbasin full of warm water and proceeded to wash me again.

While she was washing me off, Mai Ling told me that she could hardly wait to find out if my cock had grown any more than it had after the second treatment.

As she was finishing the washing, Ann, Suzy and Tai Soo returned to the room. Ann took off her dress and climbed onto the table. She reached for my cock as she lowered her pussy to my waiting mouth. The aroma of her pussy was heavenly and the taste was delicious.

She czech amatör porno wasn’t wasting any time. She was working my cock over and I loved every minute of it.

I felt Mai Ling applying some strawberry jell to my ass hole. She was slipping a finger in and twirling it around to loosen it up.

When she felt that my ass hole was lubricated, she raised the dildo from beneath the table and inserted the tip of it into my ass. She tilted the table.

As my legs were being lowered and my head raised, the dildo began to slip up my ass until I was impelled upon it.

After another few minutes of sucking my cock, Ann managed to get it twitching. My cock jerked and tried to explode but it didn’t. It was another “false cum.” I mentioned it so Mai Ling could record it for later comparison.

Ann then positioned herself above my cock and began to insert it in her pussy. I noticed that my cock seemed much larger than before. Ann settled down on my cock and I could see pain in her eyes. I didn’t think anyone had a cock large enough to hurt her. Mine must have gotten really large with this treatment.

After a few tries, she managed to get it started. If I had not gotten her pussy well lubricated, there would have been no way that my cock would fit in her cunt.

Ann began to move slowly up and down on my cock, taking a little with each thrust. It must have taken five minutes until she had the entire shaft in her pussy. By now my cock began jerking again – still no cum. “False cum” number 2 arrived.

Soon Ann stopped moving and just sat there with that massive cock filling her. I felt her cunt clench and unclench around my cock as she reached another orgasm.

When she decided to get off my cock, Mai Ling had to help her.

Ann reached the floor and her knees were so weak she couldn’t stand. Mai Ling helped her to a stool.

I looked at my cock and saw that it was much larger. Mai Ling moved toward the table and, reaching underneath, flipped the switch on the dildo.

The dildo came alive in my ass and started to massage my prostrate gland. As stiff as my cock was before, it was getting stiffer.

Suzy removed her dress and assumed the same position that Ann had. My cock in her mouth and her pussy lips covering my mouth.

I began to lick and nibble at her pussy lips and clit. I sucked her pussy and teased her clit with my tongue.

Her wriggling ass told me that she was enjoying my sucking. She had a little better control than Ann. Suzy managed to bring me to three “false cums” before she succumbed to the desire to fuck.

She moved down to the end of the table and positioned herself over my cock. It was huge. I didn’t know how much, but it was a lot bigger than before.

As she inserted the crown of my cock into her pussy, she stiffened. She had to move up and down several times before she managed to get the crown inside her.

She leaned forward and lay on my chest and rested. Her breath was rapid and I could feel the quick beat of her heart.

Then, she began to move back and forth, forcing more and more of my huge cock into her pussy.

Finally, she had it all inside and she stopped. She leaned forward and placed an erect nipple in my mouth.

I began to suck on it slowly, bringing it to full hardness. I thought for a moment that Suzy had passed out but she began to stir. She tried to work my whole cock in and out of her.

Her pussy was so tight that she could only manage to move an inch or so before cumming. I had already gotten “false cum” number 4. She again leaned forward and lay still to gather her strength as she had before.

Then she began to stroke back and forth on my cock again. In and out she worked it, managing to work another couple of inches out this time and then, back in.

In seconds, she began to cum again. Her copious juices were providing lubrication so her tight pussy could move on my huge cock.

It took a little longer this time for her to regain her strength. I felt her stir and she began to slide back and forth on my cock.

With her pussy well lubricated, she managed to move about 6 inches of it in and out of her cunt.As she raised up I could see how stretched her pussy lips were. As she plunged down, her pussy lips were forced inside her.

After a few minutes of frantic fucking, she stiffened and began to shake. She was coming again. By this time, my cock began to twitch and jerk and I got “false cum” number 5.

I asked Suzy how much of my cock she could take. She replied that she was enjoying every inch of it. Apparently, she had no thoughts about getting off me yet. She rested some more and I could feel her body bathed in sweat. She was getting more of a workout than she expected.

She began to move again, sliding up and down my chest, pulling my cock out of her as she slid forward. Forcing it in on the return trip. After a minute or so, she raised up and put her feet on the table on either side of me. With an effort, she raised her ass.

Moving czech bitch porno slowly she worked her hot pussy up and down my cock. She told me that my cock was growing inside her. She wondered just how much more she could take.

Suzy reached another orgasm as she talked and I could see the juices running down to the base of my cock. She rapidly stroked my massive cock with her pussy as she raised and lowered her ass. A few strokes later, I hit “false cum” number 6.

She said that she was exhausted and ready to call it quits. At this point, she asked Tai Soo if she would mind taking over for a few minutes.

They helped Suzy off me. As they did, I looked at my cock. It was much larger than before. I decided that this would be the last treatment.

Tai Soo didn’t waste too much time on the preliminaries. She climbed on the table, inserted the head of my cock between her wet pussy lips and sat down.

Her pussy was so wet that my entire cock was imbedded to the hilt. Tears of pain came to her eyes as my rock hard cock stretched her womb.

Using her knees for leverage, Tai Soo began to fuck me. She raised up, then slammed down fucking the full length of my turgid shaft.

About 4 or 5 strokes later, she began to cum. As her body shook, her pussy lips tightened on the base of my cock. I reached “false cum” number 7. I hoped that the next one would be for real.

After she rested a few minutes, Tai Soo began to move her ass slowly. Working it around in small circles, rotated my massive cock inside her.

A minute or two of this and she was coming again. I was still hard as a rock and nowhere near coming. I reached “false cum” number 8.

Suzy and Mai Ling helped Tai Soo off my cock.

Mai Ling took this opportunity to measure my cock. Her eyes opened wide when she saw the reading. She then climbed onto the table and aimed my cockhead at her pussy lips. Lowering herself slowly, she forced the head inside. Then she began to lower herself, forcing it inside her.

She moved up and down, slowly forcing my cock in inch by inch until she had the full length inside. Mai Ling sat back on her haunches, placed her hands behind her for balance and leaned back.

Then, slowly raising her pussy in the air and then lowering it, she worked my cock in and out of her. Stroking my cock with her hot pussy, milking it for all it was worth.

I could feel my ball sac swelling and told her that I was about to cum.

With that, she leaned forward, reached beneath her butt and placed her hand on my balls. As she slowly rotated her pussy on my cock, she began to massage and scratch my balls with her long fingernails.

It wasn’t long before my cock began to erupt. She told me that she could feel the force of the cum slamming against her pussy walls.

As she stroked me with her pussy, I could see the cum running out of her pussy. Faster and faster she stroked until finally, she began to stiffen and reached her orgasm.

When she began cumming, she began to move faster yet. She managed to keep the pace going until I was drained and she had a second orgasm. Then, she collapsed on my chest.

Ann and Tai Soo helped remove Mai Ling from my cock. This took some doing this time because my cock was so large.

They helped her into the shower. I joined her. I had perspired a lot during the exercise and needed to clean up as well.

Mai Ling and I were soaping each other when we were joined by Ann, Suzy and Tai Soo. The five of us took turns scrubbing each other’s backs.

Suzy reached for my cock and I told her that I was spent. No more juice to give. I had no more energy.

All I wanted to do was clean up, go home and sleep, but first, I had to know. Just how big did my cock get before finally coming?

Mai Ling told me that it was 22 inches long and 3 ½” in diameter. I told her that we were going to have to talk about canceling the rest of the treatment if Suzy’s potion didn’t reduce the size of it.

This was the first Mai Ling had heard of Suzy’s potion. She asked about it and I told her. Suzy had concocted a potion when she was in college that partially counteracted the effects of the acupuncture treatment.

It had been effective, after the last treatment in reducing my size to 16″ long and 2 ¾” in diameter. It also eliminated most, if not all, or the “false cums.”

If it continued to work, I’d continue the treatments. I also explained that Suzy’s potion made you horny as hell.

Mai Ling asked Suzy why she hadn’t mentioned the potion before and Suzy explained that, in order to insure that Mai Ling believed her, she needed someone else to tell her how well it worked.

Mai Ling said that she was inclined to agree with me. She said Suzy should take a few days to see if she could reduce the size. If there were some significant changes and I wanted to continue the treatments, fine. If not, she would work on reversing the treatments.

Mai Ling brought over my clothes and we talked as I was dressing. After the first treatment, my cock had grown to 12-3/8″ long and 2 ¼” in diameter. I had 7 “false cums” before finally having the big one. After the second one, it had grown almost 8 inches longer and over an inch thicker.

Suzy’s potion had managed to reduce it to 16″ long and 2 ¾” in diameter. Now, treatment
had made it bigger again.

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