How to Stop Smoking Ch. 27

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After John and Gloria left, I showered and dressed, then went to the gym for a workout.

I ran through a series on the Nautilus and, after showering, I dressed and went to lunch.

When I got back to the house, the carpenter that I had hired to do some work was waiting on the front porch. I had entirely forgotten that he was coming today. His name was Scott. I led him to one of the spare bedrooms and told him what I wanted built.

I wanted a rack built apart from the ‘toys’ in the bath. One with additional straps in case there should be an occasion to have more than one guest tied up at a time and the spare bedroom had been elected. It had to be inconspicuous such that, should I have a guest that I didn’t want to know about the rack, I could keep it hidden.

Scott said he’d draw up a design and then we could discuss the details of materials and price. I took him to my hobby room, showed him where to find all the drafting material he needed and left. I was sitting in the living room watching a ball game when the door bell rang. It was Tom. He had come back for the donation he had forgotten Tuesday.

I invited him in and offered him a beer, which he accepted. While I was writing out the check, I asked if he would like to stay and watch the game. He said “Sure,” that he was off-duty and didn’t have any other plans. I told him that I had some, but they would have to wait. I had a workman in the drafting room and I didn’t know how he would react if he caught us.

I asked if he would rather take a swim, rather than watch the ball game and he said sure, but he didn’t have a suit. I showed him to the guest room where I have a couple of extra swim suits and left him to change.

I stopped by the drafting room on my way to change and told Scott that I had a buddy over and we would be in the pool out back when he finished. He said that he was almost done and would be out in 5 or so minutes.

Tom and I migrated to the pool and, after a short lap or two, got out and opened up another beer. As we sat there sipping on them, I noticed that Tom’s cock was getting hard. Apparently he was thinking about what we were going to do after Scott left. Mine was starting to firm up also so I tried to shift my thoughts to other things. It wouldn’t do for Scott to see my cock fully erect. Yet.

A few minutes later, Scott came out to the pool area with the plans. I gave him a beer while I looked them over. Naturally, they were in a rough draft form (have you ever known a carpenter that worked from anything else?), but the detail was fine enough that I could see that he had put a lot of thought into them. I told him that I thought he had a good design and asked when he could begin work. He said he had a couple of loose ends to tie up and he could begin on Saturday. I told him to have another beer if he wanted while I checked my calendar.

I didn’t have anything planned for Saturday. I told Scott that Saturday would be fine and he said that he would be going. I showed him out and returned to the pool.

As I stepped out on the patio, I saw that Tom had already started without me. He was lying on one of the chaise lounges stroking his cock. Remembering his staying power, I decided that he was probably right in getting a head start.

I sat down in a chair next to the chaise lounge so I could get a good view. Tom’s eyes were closed and, as he stroked his cock, it had almost reached it’s 10” length. I had forgotten how large a diameter it was. It was a good 2” in diameter.

I scooted my chair closer to the chaise lounge and took over from him. I alternately stroked his huge cock as I licked and sucked on the crown. I could not get much more than 3” or so in my mouth, as large as it was, but that was sufficient to bring his cock to a very rigid state. I played with his ball sac as I stroked and sucked his cock until I felt his hips begin to surge upward – a sure sign that he was about to cum. Then I stopped.

All the time I had been sucking and stroking Tom’s poker oyna cock, he had been rubbing mine. I had not taken off my swim suit yet, so he did not have as free an access as I did to his.

Tom suggested that we adjourn to the house and have at some of the fun and games I had planned. I told him that I didn’t have anything planned, but that we would play it by ear.

When we got to the Jacuzzi, I told Tom that the first order of business was to remove all his pubic hair. He remarked how he had noticed that I didn’t have any the last time he saw me and wondered if I shaved it off or what.

While I was getting the shaving equipment ready, I filled him in on the Acupuncture Treatment that I had and about having to be shaved and cleaned out with a warm soap enema.

Tom asked if I would duplicate that part of the treatment that I had undergone. I said I would and we began.

First, I led him to the table in the shower area and had him assume a position. Leaning over the table with his asshole open to me. Then I filled an enema bag with a warm soapy solution and hung it on a hook on the wall next to Tom.

After rubbing his asshole with some strawberry jell, I began inserting the nozzle. After a few in and out strokes, I soon had the entire nozzle up his ass. I then released the clamp and allowed some of the fluid to flow. All this time I had continued to stroke his cock, keeping it as hard as could be.

I told Tom that he was to tell me if he started to cramp up and I would stop the flow. He replied that he had done this several times and, although there was some cramping, it was nothing like the first time he did it.

Soon, he began to get the cramps and I halted the flow. He had taken almost all of the soapy solution. At least a quart or so. I massaged his stomach the way Mai Ling and Tai So had done me. Soon the cramp was gone and I was able to open the clamp again.

When Tom had taken the entire bag, I asked if he thought he wanted more. He said that would be enough to clean him out good. He felt that if he took any more, he might cum and not be worth a fuck later.

I continued stroking his cock and massaging his stomach until he told me that he was getting a severe case of the cramps and needed to expel the water.

Removing the nozzle from his ass, I helped him to the toilet.

While Tom was on the pot, I took the enema bag and washed it out, refilling it with warm plain water. When Tom finished, I had him again lean over the table. Inserting the nozzle was easier this time since his ass had loosened up. I released the clamp and his ass was again flooded. This time, he took the entire bag of fluid without even cramping up. I continued to stroke his cock all this time. I began to fantasize how his ass would feel around my 21” cock.

This time, after he expelled the water, I told him to shower, then lie down on his back on the massage table with his butt just on the table and his legs bent with his feet flat on the edge. When he was in position, I began to lather up the shaving brush.

I began applying the lather to his cock and balls. Of course I had to rub it in real good to make sure that his cock stayed hard so I would have a smooth surface to shave.

Then I began shaving him. For each stroke of the razor, I stroked his cock and massaged his balls. Sometimes twice for each stroke of the razor. Keeping his cock rock solid, I soon had all of the hair removed from his cock and balls and an inch or so of his pubic bone above the cock. He was smooth as a baby’s bottom.

I turned on the shower hose, adjusted the water and began rinsing all the soap off, stroking his cock as I did so. When I felt that all the soap was gone, I took his cock in my mouth and began sucking on it again, keeping it as hard as I could.

I stopped sucking him when I felt he was about ready to cum and told Tom to just lie there for a minute while I got something. I went into my bedroom and got a couple of the Arabian Stud harnesses and canlı poker oyna returned to the shower.

Placing one of the harnesses on a wall hook, I began putting the other one on Tom’s cock and balls. By the time I finished, his cock was beet red and hard as could be. His huge balls were separated with one of the straps and the sac was tight around his almond shaped nuts. Of course, I continued sucking his cock and balls as I applied the harness. That helped keep him hard.

Once I had Tom taken care of, it was my turn. Tom started by giving me the enemas to clean me out. Then he proceeded to lather up my cock and balls and shaved me clean. All through this, he sucked or stroked my cock to keep it rock hard. Several times I was on the verge of cumming when he backed off and let me cool down.

Tom had just finished putting the other harness on my cock and balls when the doorbell rang. I said “Shit” or some appropriate phrase and went to see who it was. If it was some damned salesman or some other clown, I was just going to ignore it.

It wasn’t. When I looked through the peep hole, Ann and Sherry were standing there. Tom had not met either of them, so I thought “Why not?” I opened the door.

They just stared. My cock was hard when I answered the door and the sight of my full 21” with the harness on had their mouths open. Then they pushed me aside and barged on in.

Ann said that she hadn’t seen much of me since my last treatment and she wanted a good workout before I went in again. I was scheduled for treatment number 4 tomorrow.

I invited them into the living room to have a drink. As they sat down, Tom walked in. He had been wondering what had been keeping me. Ann and Sherry’s eyes went from Tom’s cock to my cock. Then, looking at each other, began to strip.

While they were taking their clothes off, I made the introductions. Tom and I joined in helping them get naked. Once that was accomplished, I made drinks for everyone and we headed to the pool and sprawled out on the suntan mat I have.

The mat is one of those 2” foam affairs about the size of a king sized mattress. Most people buy them with leatherette covering but I had a canvass cover made when I bought mine. It was cooler.

Tom reached for Sherry while Ann and I began a little foreplay. Ann started it by reaching over and putting the tip of my cock in her mouth. As she sucked it deep into the back of her throat, she slowly jacked me off.

I reached for her pussy and began stroking it. Her clit was swollen already and her pussy juices were flowing. I alternately stroked her clit and slipped a finger in her, spreading her juice on her clit and making it slippery.

I pulled her to me and she straddled my head so that I could lick her. Grabbing a couple of handfuls of ass, I pulled her closer. I licked the inside of her thigh, slowly working my way to her steaming pussy.

As I flicked her clit with my tongue, she ground her pussy into my face. I began licking her, sticking my tongue in her as far as it would go. Her hips began bucking and she cum.

Meanwhile, she had my cock standing straight up and raring to go. Ann pulled her pussy away from my face and turned around. She straddled me and, taking my cock in her hand, slowly lowered her pussy on it. As she did squats on my cock, she would only take 3 or 4 inches – then slowly stand up.

Her pussy was working my cock the same way her mouth did. Slowly clasping it and squeezing until I was ready to cum.

When I told her I was about to cum, Ann suddenly dropped down until all 21” was immediately buried deep inside her. My cockhead crashed through her cervix deep into her womb and she screamed. It must have hurt her like hell.

I looked over at Tom and Sherry. They were looking at us. Ann’s scream had worried them and they were wondering if she was O.K.

Tom had his huge cock buried in Sherry’s pussy and was giving her one good fucking. Sherry’s hips were thrusting upward to meet his every internet casino plunge. Soon, she went over the edge and began cumming. Tom continued stroking his cock into her until she began to cum again. With his staying power, she was liable to have 10 or 12 orgasms before he came.

Ann had recovered a little and began to slide her pussy up the length of my cock as she French kissed me, sticking her tongue deep into my mouth.

I sucked her tongue as she slid back and forth on my cock. I could feel my cockhead entering and leaving her cervix. The effect was the same as having a mouth sucking on you.

Then, I felt the juice building up in my balls and I came. The harness didn’t allow much semen to be released and continued to keep my cock hard.

Ann rested awhile then began again. Soon she was rocking back and forth in a frenetic state. I could tell her orgasms were frequent and intense. By the time she had me ready to cum, she was ready to pass out.

Instead, she got off my cock and released the harness, freeing my cock. Then she began sucking me until my cock was deep into her throat. She pulled back, then sucked me in and I began to cum. Spurt after spurt of scalding hot cum and she frantically tried to keep from losing any. Swallowing rapidly as she stroked more and more out of my cock.

When she saw I was drained, she lay down beside me and we watched Tom and Sherry while we rested. They were still going at it hot and heavy.

I could see that Tom hadn’t cum yet so I reached over and began playing with his balls. As I squeezed and stroked them, it provided just enough stimulus to send him over the edge. He froze on the down stroke with his cock deep inside Sherry. I could feel his balls contracting and his cock pulsing as he came. He pulled out of Sherry and lay down on the mat. Sherry removed his harness and began sucking him. It wasn’t long until he began cumming again. Sherry swallowed his cum without losing any.

When Tom’s cock quit pulsing, she took it out of her mouth and licked it clean. All this time, my cock had begun to rise anew. When she spotted my rising cock, Sherry came over and took it in her mouth and began sucking it. I reached for Ann and moved her into position so that I could suck on her massive clit. Seeing this, Tom began to suck on Sherry’s pussy. Ann wasn’t one to be left out, so she took Tom’s softening cock in her mouth and began sucking him.

We were one big square of sucking cock, pussy and feeling tits. In a few minutes, I was certainly hard enough and Tom look as if he was getting that way. We decided to swap.

Sherry got astride my massive cock while Ann climbed aboard Tom. As they bounced up and down on our cocks, they reached for each other and played with their tits as they kissed.

Since we had just cum, the next one took quite some time. Both girls went through a long series of orgasms before we could cum.

After they had exhausted our supply of cum, we got fresh drinks and sat down on the lawn chairs. Or rather, Tom and I did. Ann and Sherry decided to lay down on the chaise lounges and get some sun.

After awhile, Ann and Sherry said that they were hungry and were going into the kitchen to fix some sandwiches. Looking at the time, I told Ann to fix a couple of baked potatoes and I would grill steaks.

We trekked into the house. Tom and I fixed another round of drinks while Ann and Sherry worked on the potatoes.

I cleaned the grill, loaded up the charcoal and lit it. It was ready to cook about the time the potatoes were done.

When the steaks were done, we all gathered around the patio table and pigged out.

Ann and Sherry said they’d clean up since I did the cooking. Tom and I relaxed with a cup of coffee while they finished.

When Ann and Sherry mentioned getting things started again, I told Ann that I better not. I was tired and had the Treatment tomorrow morning. With that, everyone suddenly decided it was time to go so they left.

I watched a little TV until my eyelids drooped so bad I was about to fall asleep. Getting up, I flicked the TV off – went to have a shower – and collapsed on the bed.

It seems as if I had just slept a little while when the alarm went off.

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