I Like it Deep

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I had recently separated from a beautiful human being that I had immense feelings for in a very desirable way. I had moved to a new area and he continued with his life in the area that I had left. It saddened me; however my ambition would not enable me to stay located in the area that I had lived in due to the economy. We said farewell on good terms and promised to meet at a later time and finish the ultimate sexual desire that we had for one another.

Almost a year to the day I was cleaning house on a Friday evening and getting my things together to go out and the phone began to ring. I did not want to be sidetracked from my previous plans that evening and hesitated to answer the telephone. I then decided that it could not hurt so I picked up the phone expecting to have a brief conversation and carry on about my business, but to my surprise – brief was not what he had planned. I answered in a reluctant voice only to find that the voice on the other end was the one that I had waited for so very long to hear. John and I talked for a brief moment and then he asked if I had plans.

I said, “No, what do you have in mind. ”

It was though I could see the devilish smile fall across his face at that moment.

He then replied, “I thought perhaps since I was in town that we could get together for a moment and share one another. “

I was consumed with excitement, but did not want to act as though I was wrapped in his words even though I was, so I said, “Sure, why not. Where would you like to meet?”

He said, “How about at the Country Inn and Suites. “

This hotel was located approximately thirty minutes from my home and I once again did not hesitate in saying, “sure. “

We spoke a few more moments and discussed the time that we would meet and excitedly forbid our goodbyes until 9 p. m.

I was thrilled to hear from him and as soon as the phone was laid down by myself I could feel the liquid burning from inside me. It started to stream down my body at that very moment with lust that I knew not possible since he touched me. I jumped in the shower and prepped myself for that evening and within no time it was 8 p. m. I decided to go ahead and drive to the hotel. Never hurt to be early and I surely did not want to miss him.

As I pulled in the paved parking lot of the hotel I did not see his vehicle but I could sense that he was there. Perhaps waiting, but I was not sure so I walked to the front entrance and questioned the lady behind the desk as to which room he was located in. She gave me this information and as I walked to his door I could feel my moisture rising with each step. I had carried a book bag and enclosed a few items that I knew we had both missed very much.

So I walked to the door and I smelled his aroma fill my nostrils as I turned the doorknob I realized it was not locked. I slowly slid myself inside without him noticing me as being there. I heard the shower water running and I turned and locked latina fuck tour porno the door. I removed my clothing at that very moment and walked further in the room. The further I walked inside the more I melted on the inside. The aroma of candles entrapped the room and a walkway of these burning, fragrance blocks was created and led to the bed and wrapped around the centerpiece of the room. The centerpiece being a large, heart-shaped Jacuzzi.

As I stepped towards the bathroom door that was cracked just enough to reveal the beauty of what was inside I peaked in as my tongue ran across my moist savoring lips. It was him. Glistening with water streaming down his muscles. Each curve deliciously revealed to my eyes. My body heated. I then slowly stepped across the room with the carpet pressing between my toes as though it was soft cushioned clouds and I walked to the bed that was vertically located from the bathroom.

I laid down with my own heat consuming me and grabbed my bag that laid near me. I then pulled out my 8 inch dildo that I so crazily enjoyed at times and began with no hesitation to fill myself with the toy. I pressed it deeper and deeper with each thrust and moved my other hand down lower to feel my wetness devouring my clit. I was soaked every inch of me and my thighs were already lubricated with my juices. I rubbed myself faster and pumped my toy deeper knowing the man that was soon going to grasp me. My whimpers soon became moans and then I felt the power almost overtake me as I heard his voice and opened my eyes to the astonishing individual that stood in front of me.

He said, “Stop dear, I’m here to take care of you now. “

I laughed an evil laugh and said, “I apologize I couldn’t handle it anymore. “

He then grinned and said, “No need to. “

He looked at me laying spread as though an eagle taken in the air and grinned as he looked over to the black bag that I had laid near me. He picked up the bag and stepped closer towards me with a towel covering the piece of manhood that I desired to see and he reached down and pressed his hand on my leg and withdrew my dildo with his other hand. He ran his fingers across my pussy and this made me tremble. He winked and told me to roll over, as I did. He crawled on my back and straddled me with each knee on one side of my body and soon after I felt a silky liquid drop onto my body. It was baby oil.

He pressed his tender hands upon my shoulders and slowly caressed every inch of my back making my skin slick to his touch with the oil that lay upon my body. He worked his way further down with his tongue running down the center of my back and then blew lightly. I felt him raise up off his knees and then he positioned his hands upon my ass cheeks and placed a kiss upon each cheek and massaged me deeply. My breathe became shorter with each touch and soon I felt his finger slip in the crack between my cheeks and then he lifted lezbiyen porno my legs to bend me on both knees and I felt the wetness of a soft intruder inside my ass cheeks. I jerked away momentarily and then pressed my ass into his face. He had began to rim my asshole with his watery, damp tongue and then pressed his stiffened tongue inside my red, puckered asshole. He was tongue fucking my ass with every pump and I whimpered lightly, “Oh yes baby fuck my ass. Lick me… oh please. “

I then felt a finger slide inside my moisturized pussy and another slide directly behind the first and he began to lick furiously at my ass and then would slip his tongue down to my liquid pool. Then I felt a finger slide slowly into my cum covered asshole and he passionately licked all the remaining areas of my body that had not been filled. I trembled on the inside and my body jerked. My breath shortened and moaned as he was finger fucking my cunt and ass and licking all the gaps in between.

I felt the rapid moment of his fingers stop for a moment and I looked back to see him grasping the dildo and then I felt a thrust as he filled me with the large weapon. He fucked me with the toy for half a second it felt like, with a finger still in my ass and I came so hard that my nails embraced the bed and was ripping at the sheets with each second and third thrust he threw into my body. I screamed, “AWWWW… YEAAHH. “

John slowly removed the toy and began to rub it on my ass. In a lust taken voice I heard him ask, “Where would you like it next?”

I replied shortly after still gasping for breath, “My ass baby, fill me please baby please. “

This he did and I felt the head slide roughly inside me and then he twisted the next 7 inches in me deeper and deeper as though rotating it inside my ass. The walls of my asshole widened and I could feel my muscles contracting as though trying to swallow the dildo. I screamed from the pressure of it separating me, but after the next thrust I began pumping it in and out of me without pain. The pleasure overtook me and his fingers slid down on to my clit and I screamed with desire. “Awwww, please don’t stop John. ” Three more minutes and I was laying on my back consumed with the passion inside this man. My body felt as though I was convulsing on the inside and I slowly raised my body as I was light headed, but driven by the desire to taste him.

So I reached up as he was standing between my legs and grabbed the towel that was wrapped around his waist and pulled it down. It didn’t take but seconds for me to grab his hips and jerk him on the bed. I rolled my oily, heated body onto him and ran my tongue across his puckered lips. He moaned lightly as I ran my tongue further and further down his hot, delicious body. I sucked his nipples as though a starving child nursing and his breathe shortened with each nibble that I placed upon them.

I continued to travel further and further until I reached liseli porno his belly button where I blew seductively and circled my tongue around his hole and he jumped abruptly as he felt my hands suddenly grasp his balls.

Not seconds after the grabbing of these treasures I engulfed his hardened cock inside my mouth. Pre-cum drizzling down my throat. I ran my tongue in a circular motion and wrapped my tongue around each inch that I slid inside my mouth deeply. Soon I had all 9 inches of this man inside my mouth and began to vibrate my lips upon the base of his dick. I could feel his excitement building and I raised his legs to have complete access to the skin lying between his ass and enormous stick and french-kissed it and blew until he squirmed with each intense kiss that I laid upon the area.

He replied, “Yes, yes, awww… oh yes baby… yes. “

Deep breathes heard coming from his lips conquered me and I felt him building so I pushed him deeply into my mouth once again and removed him making sure that my saliva covered his dick and crawled on top of him straddling him with my breasts hanging above his head with sweat beads forming on me I took my hand down to my pussy lips and spread them gently and feeling the wetness that I had obtained from hearing his whimpers I slid his rock hard organ inside me and with one mighty thrust I pushed every inch of him inside my hot, swollen pussy.

As my thighs contracted and released I heard the smack of me wetness hitting his balls. I rode up and down with my hips grinding onto him. He screamed, “YES FUCK ME… YES BABY!!” His hand smacked my ass cheeks and this made me rush with excited, and I breathed in deeply and said, “Ohhh yeahhh. ”

I felt his cock hardening inside me and knew that neither him nor I could hold out much longer. So I thrust down and having all of his 9 inches deep in me just motioned my hips back and forth and I came with a shuddering of my body and trapped his cock inside me momentarily. “Ohhhh yeeahhh… Oh shit… Oh yeah… I love fucking you… oooohhh. ” I said.

I raised up and took the full length of him out of me and fell onto it once again sliding it almost completely out of me and pushed it deep inside me knowing that this would make him cum. His breathing shortened, and he moaned deeply, “awww baby… awww… fuck me… fuck me… yes fuck me. “

With one final thrust his cum erupted all inside me, stream after stream flew into me as though a dam had broke loose and it was uncontrollable. He was screaming, “yeah… oh shit… yes, yes, yes… fuck me… ohhhh. ”

Then I withdrew him out of me and felt the cum slipping down my legs. I was soaked. I reached down to fulfill the incredible desire that I had to taste mine and his juices mixed and sucked every last drop of the cum he had on him inside my mouth. He moaned and groaned, “yes, oh yes oh fuck. ”

At this moment I released his dick from my mouth and rolled to my side to take a short well deserved break. We lay arms and body enwrapped in one another and rested for a short moment… until next time…

Let me know what you think. If you like I have plenty of others, and would love to finish this one. I have some incest if you are interested just let me know. Thanks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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