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When the holiday season came around I left to go home a day earlier than I told my mother so I could spend a night with Joan at her apartment. The next day being a Saturday she had invited me to go Christmas shopping with her, so after going home and saying hello to mother and Liz, we left to go to Albany to shop. The stores were crowded as you can guess being so close to Christmas, and we were in a mall when a voice called out, “Joan”, and looking round there was this small woman waving to her.

After the hugs and kisses I was introduced to her, her name was Rose, and was a good friend of Joan. This lady was quite the looker, at that time in her early thirty’s, not very tall, she insisted she was 5’0″, but I think more like 4′ 10 or possibly 11.” She was nicely dressed in a coat and I noticed she was wearing rather high-heeled boots, with her slacks stuffed inside them, rather provocative I thought.

We went for coffee and the two friends chatted about what they had been doing. We had removed our coats and I saw Rose had lovely tits, their mounds showing above the neckline of her top, pushed up by her bra, with a double strand pearl necklace resting between them. As they talked her eyes would occasionally make contact with mine and smile as if to include me in their conversation, Rose asked how we met, and Joan explained how I’d gone to work for her company during the summer, and that I was now home for the holiday season.

At that time I was naive enough to think that other people would just consider us ‘friends’, as I told you I introduced her to colleagues from college as my Aunt, although I realize now she knew Joan well enough to suspect there was more to our relationship, and other than complementing güvenilir bahis me on my looks and particularly my long hair, wasn’t rude or too inquisitive. When she went to the ladies room I noticed she carried herself well, as if stretching herself up to look taller. She was wearing a two-piece pantsuit of light material with the legs tucked inside her boots, and as she walked away from me I saw she had a nicely rounded bum that seemed to be exaggerated by the material being stretched over her ass. I had the intuition that I’d be seeing more of this lady, and before we left she asked us if we’d like to go to her house for dinner on the Saturday after Christmas. There was a moment of silence and I glanced at Joan and without thinking said, “yes I’d like that,” Joan nodded her acceptance too.

For Christmas Joan had bough me a lovely duck egg blue silk Tap Pant outfit with matching garter belt and blue nylons, and as I had a lovely navy blue the dress to wear with it, decided to wear it for her on the Saturday. I bathed early and went and got my hair done, I didn’t want to leave it down, and when it’s up in a bun I think it makes me look too severe, so had fixed it so there were bangles hanging down on either side of my head to soften the look. I borrowed the car and drove over to Joan’s apartment, she looked stunning in a lovely cream colored dress, one that showed her nice boobs tucked inside their holders, and we kissed and could have done a number on each other but had to get going, so she drove us over to Rose’s home.

Once inside Rose took our coats and we took off our boots and slipped into our shoes, then she led us into her living room. It is tastefully decorated and there was a nice fire burning türkçe bahis in the fireplace. I was introduced to another lady, named Sandy; a tall blond attractive lady who I was to learn later was married and bisexual too. Rose served us some wine and we sat and chatted, she was wearing a dress with a flared skirt, black nylons and what I was to learn was her ‘trademark’ stiletto heeled shoes. The top of her dress was very low cut, showing off her boobs, and she was obviously wearing a half bra that threatened to push her ‘globes’ out of their holders. It didn’t take much to see she was extremely proud of her tits, Joan had told me very little about her, other than the normal social things, and the fact she also enjoys women’s company at times.

We were sitting on the sofa and she was in her easy chair, and between her boobs and her thighs, where, as she moved I could see the odd flash of white flesh it was hard not to stare. I’m sure she was deliberately ‘flashing’ me and oddly I was embarrassed at the feelings being induced in me by her being so provocative, and when we went into dinner felt relieved. After we returned to the living room where she lit candles and with the fire going it was a very cozy setting, and put on some music.

We took turns dancing with each other, and drinking more wine. Sandy was about my height, slightly taller perhaps and loved to dance close as did Joan. With Rose being shorter she loved to press her tits into me and press her head into my neck, with a hand lightly stroking my ass. I leaned down and could smell the fragrance of her hair, mixed with her perfume and those delightful tits straining in their holders, looking down I could see her nipples pressing against the material of güvenilir bahis siteleri her bra, surrounded by the nice darkness of her areolas.

The whole atmosphere was very sexy, the candles burned down and the light from the fire gave a cozy glow to the room. Rose was on Sandy’s knees on the chair, necking and fondling each other, while Joan and I was doing the same thing on the sofa, the crotch of our panties was soaked from our excitement. Soon we paired off, me with my Joan and Rose with Sandy, kissing and fondling each other and Joan took my hand and let me to the spare bedroom, while Rose and Sandy headed for her bedroom. With Rose having her house on the outskirts of town there was no limitation on the noise we could make, and the sounds of our fornicating was amazing as we gave each other orgasm after orgasm, licking sucking and fucking each other into the wee hours of the morning.

I woke feeling a little ‘woolly’ from the wine, Joan got up for a pee and I heard voices and laughter coming for the master bedroom, followed by noises from the kitchen as Sandy went and put the coffee on. I got up and put my panties on, and after going to the bathroom joined the others in the kitchen for coffee. They were all naked, Roses tits were every bit as beautiful as I’d imagined, perfect globes of flesh tipped with dark brown nipples the size of your thumb, and surrounded by the perfect circles of her areolas.

After Sandy ran the water into her hot tub, and we all got in to soak in the bubbly scented water. Sandy’s pussy was bald and at least Rose had a full bush so I didn’t feel too out of place with mine. Rose played tootsie with me under the water and I was definitely turned on by her, the whole experience was very heady and after Joan and I dressed and left for home, and I asked her to take me to her place where we headed straight to her bed for more pussy licking. After a delightful couple of hours of more love making, I finally drove home.

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