I Shouldn’t Have Done That

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Disclaimer: This is a fairly long story, with bouts of descriptive sex. If you’re looking for a quick read, look elsewhere. Otherwise, enjoy the story.


I awoke to the sweet familiar scent of my husband. Only my husband has been in jail for a few months now.

As I woke up more fully and rubbed my eyes, I looked around my dark room. Light was starting to flood in from the arched window, and was peeking inside my room. I felt the warm light on my naked chest and my cold nipple. It felt good to get warm. I had an old style house, that was made of stone. My husband insisted, said it made the summers feel cooler.

I wondered why I thought I had smelled my husband’s scent here. I must have been wrong, he couldn’t have been here. I must just be missing him more than I thought. But honestly, it felt like I didn’t miss him at all. It felt horrible to say, but we had only been married a few months before he went to jail for a minor drug charge. The DA decided to make an example out of him, so he was serving jail time. And I was actually happy to have the chance to be away from him. It feels like I’m a terrible wife to think that.

But today I was going to visit him at the jail, he said he had big news. I was going to need a lot of coffee to get myself there. I had worked a full shift at the Hospital last night. I rolled out of bed, having realized the time was already away from me, and stood naked in front of my mirror. I don’t like sleeping with clothes on, but my husband always insisted I wear them when he was here. He said it made him uncomfortable. Well he isn’t here now.

I looked into the mirror and examined my body. I’d like to grow a cup size, but I now just fit into a C cup, I thought to myself while running my hands over them. I’m a curvy girl who could stand to lose a few pounds. But the weight I did have fell mostly in my ass, and thighs. It made me curvy, and let me have the hourglass shape that is the much celebrated form of a female body. The part of my body I would love to change has always been my brown straight hair, which I have always wanted to be curly.

I got out of bed and threw my clothes off of the end of the bed and into the hamper. I picked my scrubs back up and picked my nametag back up and put it on my dresser. My name is Samantha. I hopped in the shower, and got ready to meet my husband.


On the way there, I decided to stop in at my local coffee shop. There were other Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts around, but I liked to help the local place. Also the coffee guy was mad cute. I stepped up to the register and ordered a coffee.

“There’s the most loyal coffee drinker I’ve ever seen.” He said to me.

“Just here to stare at your body as usual.” I said back to him smirking, in our usual flirty manner. I probably shouldn’t flirt with other men when I’m married, but like I said… My husband was in jail. And Jim here was sex izle tall, dark, and handsome. Well hot, not exactly handsome. He had a tattoo running the length of one of his right arm and a piecing in his ear.

“It is too bad you’re married, I have this copy of Top Gun where the directors talk the entire time. On VHS.”

“Oh, I’d need to change my panties after watching that. It’s clearly the best movie ever.”

“Me too.” He joked. “So you should swing by, it makes for a great show Samantha.”

“Oh I just might do that, Jim.” I said jokingly. He made various offers like this every time I was in here, I never took them seriously.

I paid and left with my coffee. I went to my car in the parking lot, and took a sip of my coffee. It was then that I noticed that this time he had written his address on my coffee cup.

Well, this is the definition of a dilemma. I would like to go over and.. watch the movie. But I should be a good wife and see my increasingly distant husband. Do I do what I want to do, or what I ought to do?


I decided to do the right thing, and be faithful to my husband. I had my appointment to see him around 7pm. The local jail had late visiting hours, and you had to make very specific appointments. I was driving to see him, when as the fates would allow, I got a flat tire. I didn’t know who to call, and I didn’t have a spare. I obviously couldn’t call my husband to come and pick me up. It was late and dark and beginning to feel the start of a horror movie. After all, I was dressed in a tight black dress to go see my husband.

I did however notice that I was within a few blocks of Jim’s house. I gathered my wits about me and walked briskly the few blocks to his house.


“You must be freezing!” Jim said to me.

“I’m alright, I just didn’t want to get raped. Sorry to bother you.”

“Well as far as excuses go, that one is more valid than most. I mean it is a really creepy sidewalk at night.”

“So creepy. Much scare.”

He draped a blanket around my shoulders.

“Now let me get you a glass of wine to warm you up!”

Against my better judgment, I accepted.

He brought a full bottle in, and two glasses. We sat on the couch together and talked a little. Nothing too deep or personal, just kind of flirting back and forth. He said how good I looked in my dress, and I said how good he looked in just a plain white t shirt and jeans. He put Top Gun in and we started watching. By the time the first 30 minutes were gone, we had drank half the bottle.

The more I drank, the friendlier I got. It was so easy to talk with him and he made me laugh. The wine was giving me a nice warm feeling, and I subconsciously was playing with my hair. I dragged my fingers across the front of my dress and pulled it down some, showing off more of my boobs than I should. I wanted to see if he would sexmex porno look, just if he would look, just to see if he was interested in my body. Nothing more, I was a married woman.

He did look. We kept joking and talking, and slowly getting closer to each other. He put his arm around me and said something about making sure the blanket was keeping me warm enough. I said something like how I could always be warmer.

His hand fell on my naked thigh, and I breathed in a little. He was rubbing my thigh gently, trying to be soft but his hands felt rough dragging across my tender skin. A silent voice nagged again at me, telling me I should stop it. I should just stand up and leave. But then he leaned in and started kissing my cheek and I couldn’t hear any voice while he was doing it. He kissed along my cheek, until he was at my neck. He started to kiss lightly across it, which made me moan involuntarily.

I just then noticed what I had been doing while he was kissing me, I was rubbing my breasts through my dress. I couldn’t help myself. One strap of my dress had fallen down over my shoulder so that my bra was showing now. His hands fell now onto my hands. He moved them to the side and started squeezing my breasts through my dress. I was getting so hot and started to shift where I was sitting, and then he started to suck my neck. He sucked lightly, kissing across my neck until he found just the right spot and then sucked so hard. I moaned again, because there was no stopping it.

He pulled the other strap of my dress down and tried to tug it down. My mind said no no no no noo, even while my ass lifted off the couch to help him. I was half naked now and practically writhing around, wanting to be touched so badly. He reeled his hand back and smacked one of my boobs through my bra, sending waves of pleasure and pain through my whole body.

Oh god, he’s kinky too.

He reached behind me to unclip my bra, and it fell away. I said “finally” and was about to caress my tits myself, but he reached it before me with an enthusiasm too high to prevent. He pulled my nipples and rubbed my boobs in circles. I was so wet, and looked down to see his hard cock straining against his pants. I licked my lips.

He pulled my dress off of me all the way now, and I was sure that he could see the wet spot on my panties. He put his hand on my panties and rubbed my really quickly through them, for only a few seconds. I bucked my hips with my eyes closed, enjoying it. When I opened them, he was naked and rubbing the magnificent cock of his. He pulled my panties off and started rubbing my pussy with his cock. Oh my god, I wanted it so bad.

“Noo, stoppp.” I said, breathing in more than I was breathing out.

He looked surprised.


“I can’t, I’m married.”

He looked disappointed, and then he dragged his cock all around my pussy.

“But, sikiş izle as long as you don’t fuck my pussy it’s not cheating.” I said, desperately.

You wicked girl, my mind said. I was too horny, it couldn’t stop now. The illicit nature of it only served to turn me on more now. I’d never wanted it so bad.

“Give me your cock in my mouth, I want it so bad.”

He came up to my mouth, and started to shove his cock inside of my mouth. Oh god yes. I started to finger myself hard. I sucked his hard cock quickly and fervently. He put his hand in my hair and started to fuck my mouth. He slammed his cock in and out of my mouth. I was gagging on his cock, and kept my fingers going so hard inside of my pussy. I used my other hand to rub my clit fast.

Suddenly he pulled his cock out of my mouth. I was confused and so horny. He brought it down to my pussy and pulled my hands away. He thrust his cock inside of me hard. My entire body spasmed, and my moan betrayed how badly I wanted it. He started fucking me hard, while groaning. I bucked my hips to meet his cock.

He kept slamming into me harder and harder, over and over. I could not think straight, I was so close. He started shooting his hot cum inside of me and fucked me as hard as he could. I felt the cum shoot deep inside of me, and I started to cum so fucking hard along with him.

We laid there awkwardly for some time. By his posture, he seemed to not notice it. I had just cheated on my husband, and on top of that I had told Jim to not fuck me. He did anyway. I felt anger at myself for having enjoyed it even though I said no.

My resolve coming back, and also an aching awareness of what I’d done, I sat up in the bed.

“I should leave.”

“No, don’t leave.” He said, seeming genuinely upset. “You’ve talked about those German waffles that your grandma made, and I thought you could make some for us.”

While I was just enthralled with the idea of staying to cook him a meal, I definitely felt like I had stayed too long. “No, some other time maybe. I should really get going.”

I started to put my bra on, and stood up. He furrowed his brow and also got out of bed.

“You shouldn’t leave when you’re upset.”

“You probably shouldn’t tell me what to do.”

His eyes narrowed at that, and he pushed me against the wall.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

He started kissing my neck. I told him to stop, but he kept going. He held my hands over my head until my protests eventually turned to moans. And then we had sex again, before I finally gave up on my car and called a cab to go home. I was home by 2:30 am, well past when I should have met my husband. And then I laid in bed awake for several more hours, feeling too upset to even cry.

I didn’t know what the future held for me and husband, especially now. But I vowed to keep what happened a secret, to keep my own failures to myself. The truth could only harm things. And I really saw no way of it getting back to my husband anyway.


End of Chapter One

If you are interested in being an editor for me, with my future stories, please let me know!

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