I Volunteered My Sofa

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(Note: This story has been through dozens of reads and rewrites. All the punctuational, grammatical and spellingal “errors” are intentional (mostly). This story uses a sorta diary format, combined with real time description. I do understand the tense (time perspective) appears inconsistent. But, I find most people mix tense without awareness. Especially when speaking.)

Keywords: surprise, seduction,

Christine’s Stories: I Volunteered My Sofa

Hosting a visiting actor

Tuesday Morning

At nine, per his request, I set a cup of coffee on the side table. “Mind if I sit, or do you want to be alone?”

“Please do as you wish.” I sat in a chair across and to the side of him. It is my favorite morning spot. The bird feeders are busy. The sun just right. The coffee fresh.

He moved to sit. Chest bare. Legs bare. Covers across his lap.

‘What does he have under there? Maybe some morning wood.’

‘Breathe. Deep regular breaths.’

I did not want to have such thoughts. But I’m a horny single woman. And it was morning when I’m most wanton. And IT started yesterday.

I had met him last year a couple of times during play rehearsals. No real interaction. Others told me his was easy to work with, and always polite. He was looking too good to me right now. He will be here at least another 6 days. Sleeping on my sofa. Being mostly naked in the mornings. Drinking coffee.

“It’s nice you have the feeders near the windows. Great to see so many so close. Those gold finches are amazingly bright. Do you get grosbeaks?”

‘He knows about birds!’

“Occasionally. Mostly during migrations. The gold finches nest later than other birds so they are way happy to find thistle feeders now.”

“Many humming birds?”

“Mostly near fall migration when they are bulking-up. They are coming more often now that some of my flowering bushes have matured. Do you do much watching?”

“Not as much as I want to. Work keeps me mostly indoors. But I do walk in the arboretum near my house. Lots of turkeys, great blue herons, and other water birds. Because of the rivers and ponds there are lots of killdeer and sandpipers in the flat areas.”

“Do you live in a city?”

“Yes. Luckily, we have three rivers combining in a swampy area just south of the arboretum. This year I saw a bald eagle fishing in the area. Was way cool.”


Good thing I had dressed. Being in my robe and nighty right now might have made me bolder. Careless. More inclined to do something that may cause trouble later. But the longer we sat and talked and sipped, the more I imagined, the wetter I got.

“I’ll start breakfast. You’re welcome to shower. There’s a robe you can use in the towel closet.” I went to the kitchen. I glanced back to watch him stand. He was naked! And he was woody! Damn! I should not have looked! He took his bag and went to the bathroom.

‘Breathe. Deep regular breaths.’

Breathing was not my friend. I ran to my bedroom kicked off my slippers, yanked off my pants and panties, rubbed me into oblivion, dried, put on clean panties, stuck in a couple of liners, yanked on my jeans, and explored for my slippers.

Not in the kitchen more than a minute when I hear him say, “How can I help?”

Wearing my robe, with wet mussed hair, bare from mid-thigh down, he was standing in my zone of distraction, two very short feet from me. Touching distance. I was way tempted to tell him the truth.

‘Breathe. Deep regular breaths.’

“Slice the apple, please.”

We sat at the little table in the kitchen. I could see his chest as the robe relaxed as he was sitting. I could see it many times while I ate very slowly.

“What character are you playing this year? I was not told much more than your name when you were assigned to me.”

“I’m playing the lead male role.”




‘Breeeeathe! Breeeeathe! Breeeeathe!’

‘I have a naked leading-man sleeping on my sofa, using my shower, my cup, my fork, eating my food, watching my birds, and smiling at me! A leading man! In my house. During my three days of sexual hell! Can this get any worse!’

‘Breathe. Slow. Breathe. Deep. Breathe.’

I watched him eat. Always a good indicator of what I can tolerate. Bulging cheeks are a great turnoff. I had a hamster when I was ten. Big puffy cheeks. I can see his death and my discomfort in anyone who thinks the goal is to stuff in as much as possible. Worse if they try to talk.

He was a great eater. Small bites. Chewing forever. Mouth open only when needed to whisper his responses to my too many questions.’

He swallowed, slowly sipped his coffee, “I was a bit anxious about staying here. I asked some people about you and they said you’re occasionally very abrupt, and nervous. They think you might be like bi-polar, or something.”

“I Escort bayan try to not be obvious, but often it’s not easy.”

“Is it something I should be worried about?”

I looked at his very invited chest.

‘Breathe. Breathe! Sloooow. Deeeeep. Breaths!’

Breathing failed me again.

“I do have a bit of a problem. IT started yesterday.”

“IT? The festival?”

“No. I call this time of the month ‘IT.’ I’m ovulating. IT makes me totally obsessed with sex. I cannot focus on anything else. I see everybody naked. I want to touch what I see. I often use sick-days to avoid everyone during these days.”

He was showing me his stunned face.

“These three days are moon month related. So they are not on the same calendar days each month. And of course! this year IT has to happen during festival week! I cannot not work this week. I’m one of the assistants to the organizer. I have to be there. I have to be useful!”

“When IT first started happening I did some inappropriate things. Then I learned that if I have at least one orgasm in the morning and another at night, I can usually get through the days. Otherwise I cannot get anything done. Some days require repeated attention.

His eyes were wide and his mouth hanging a bit.

“People think I’m squirrely. I’m just not in control. When I’m home I use my Dilbrator. When I’m not here I sometimes need to rub myself in a restroom, or in my car. I don’t make a lot of noise, but heavy breathing and gasping in public places can draw applause.”

His eyebrows had reached their limit.

“I’m not in the habit of picking up guys, even when I’m in great need. Luckily, I have a couple of friends I’ve known for a long time who’ll come over for an evening. But they can’t always be here when I need them to. Which is every morning and every night for at least three days!!!”

His whole body was becoming tense, preparing to run.

“I don’t mind doing myself. I’ve learned how to get me to cum so hard the relief lasts most of the day even when I have lots of men around me. But, depending upon who I’m near I often need to take a mid-day trip to as private a place as I can find.”

His face told me he was getting the picture, or at least the images.

“And, I’ve learned that it is a bit easier and more effective to have someone help me. Might be the pheromones. A real penis is not always better than a dildo and fantasy. But, for this purpose, there is something about a live chunk of muscle that is just more satisfying. Maybe it’s part of my need to procreate. IT feels primal, genetic, to be horny and fertile and needing the feel of a real piece of meat moving in and out of my pussy hole!”

I didn’t think his eyes could get any bigger.

“The extra problem today, and possibly the solution, is I have a man, mostly naked, who will remain in close proximity during my time of greatest need.”

He pulled the top of the robe together.

“So, what I want, is, for you to help me every morning and night until my need subsides. No romance, no hugging, no kissing, no foreplay. Just drop our pants and fuck until we both explode!”

“You want me to get you pregnant?”

“No. NO! I have plenty of condoms. I just need orgasms. At least twice a day.”

“You want me to fuck you so you can have orgasms.”

“Well, yeeeaaaa! Isn’t that what fucking’s for?”

“For most of us.”

“I’ve never had a guy so completely available during one of these attacks. What I want to know is, if I have a real penis to get relief from, and to look forward to, can I cope better during the day? This happens every month! It is way worse than the week of my period. What drives me crazy then is how much my tits need constant rubbing.”

His eyes glared as I grabbed my breasts and shivered a bit.

“Maybe I should make more of an effort to find a guy to live with. Maybe get married so I can have access all the time. I have never lived with a man. The next few days will teach me a lot.”

“So this will be like a test run?”

“Sorta. Last night and this morning I used my Dilbrator. I should be ready to go. But knowing I have a real penis, attached to a warm body close enough I can smell it, has gotten me hotter than I’ve been for at least a month.”

“So, since we’ve already eaten, and you’re already naked, and I’m already extremely ready, and we have about an hour before we need to leave, I think we should get started.”

“Slow down for a minute.”

“Uhh? Really! A girl offers herself to you and you want to slow down?”

“I want to be sure I understand before we start.”

“Understand what?”

“To summarize, you want me to use my penis to make you orgasm every morning and night for as long as I stay here with no craziness. That is, no commitments, no obligations, no jealousy? Is that correct?”

“That sounds like lawyer speak. We don’t cotton ta that ‘roud here, mister!”

“Sorry. Bayan Escort Sorry. I spend too much time around my agent. But, isn’t that what you mean?”

“Yes, that’s absolutely what I mean. So, let’s get at it! It usually doesn’t take me long. But we will continue until you are satisfied. Right now I’m so turned on I can hardly speak.”


“Do you want to do this, or not?”

“Will you throw me out if I say, ‘No?'”

“Of course not! I committed to hosting someone for the duration of the festival. But you will have to endure any loud noises I make, at least twice a day.”

“I’ve never had an offer like this before. It’s a bit psycho like.”

“Yeah. I understand it’s a bit strange. A late twenty’s something girl agrees to host a guy and then hits on his hard. Might seem planned. But I didn’t think about what week this would be for me when I agreed to you staying here. And I did not know you would be you. I just volunteered a bed and food for six nights and days.”

“So, for the next six days we will have sex twice a day?”

“Not necessarily. I’m usually in heat for about three days. And since IT started yesterday afternoon. IT’ll probably only be today, tomorrow, and the first part of Thursday you will need to help me.”

“I was hoping you would say that. I have to be well rested for the performances this weekend.”

“Look at my crotch! I have been oozing so much I have to change my jeans. Even two panty liners couldn’t stop this. Not a good start to the day! So, Yes or No?”


“Just ‘YES OR NO!’ If you don’t want to help me, I’ll have to help myself again before we go.”

“OK! OK! Let’s try it this morning. Then I’ll decide later if I want to help you again. Is that acceptable?”

“You sit on the sofa. I’ll get a condom.”

I marched to the bedroom, yanked off shoes, jeans, panties, no time for socks and top, grabbed the box of condoms, and walked as slowly as possible to the sofa. He was sitting with the robe still tied!

“OK! Open my robe. Let’s see what ya got.” He did. He was very erect. I was ready for most anything, but this was exactly what I hoped for.

“Great! You don’t have a monster cock.”

“Would that have been a problem?”

“Right now I need orgasms, not stretching and walking around all day bow-legged and sore.”

“Am I big enough for you?”

“You look about the size of my favorite dildo. We’ll get along fine.”

I removed a red condom from its package. “I must’ve bought the party pack. You want to do this, or should I?”

“Have at it.”

Actually I like putting on condoms. It’s intimate, erotic, and imminent.

“It fits just like on my dildo.”

“Why would you put a condom on a dildo?”

“Practice, fantasies, different feelings. I think we’re ready.”

“Seems so.”

I straddled him, grabbed him, rubbed him between my lips, and sat on him.

Working him into me, “This is good. This is real good. Yep, good idea. You good?”

“Well, yea….feels,… feels,.. pretty good.”

“You let me know if I get too rough. OK?”

“OK. I prefer no biting or scratching or hitting. Especially on my face.”

I was now sitting on him. His penis was pretty much all the way in me. I felt wonderful getting this far. Now for the easy part. Uuuuuup and doooownnnn. Uuuuup and dooowwnn. This is good. This is just fine. A hard cock in my happy place. And time to enjoy it.

All of a sudden, I feel less crazy. My need for orgasms not as demanding. Probably because I knew one was coming soon. Probably my lizard brain responding to my vaginal intruder. Yet, I was no longer in a hurry. Desire without urgency. Uuuuuup and dooooowwnnn. Uuuuuuuuuup and dooooooowwwwnnnnn. Slow and steady. In me and out of me. In me and out of me.

My hands on his shoulders. My eyes closed. My steady rhythm. I was getting ready for the day. Ready for a day of looking forward to more of this!

He had his hands on my cheeks. Gripping just right. His breathing just right. His hips moving just right.

Steadily increasing my rhythm. A little faster. A little harder. A little deeper.

“Oh, yea! I’m feeling much better already.”

And then it was time. I pushed down to grind against him. I was closer and closer. I had a real hard cock in my pussy. I was riding a real live hot penis. I’m going to have an orgasm. A real penis is fucking me. I’m going to cum. I am…. I am…. I am….

I was there. An intense, full body vibrating, quivering, cumming. An eternity at the top and a cascade of strong deep pulses. Contracting so hard I was without breath.

I laid my head on his shoulder panting. My whole body relaxed. True relief.

“Did you cum?”

“Oh, yea. You were squeezing so hard I had no choice.”

“Was it OK?”

“Yea. Yea. It was, it was…fine.”

“You OK?”

“Yea, yea, very OK.”

“Good. I’m gonna clean-up and get ready Escort for work. Put the condom in the kitchen trash.”

As I got off him, his head fell back, eyes closed.

“You alright?”

“Yea. Just need a minute.”

“OK. I’ll be out of the bathroom in a few. We have to leave in about twenty to get you to the theater.”


“I’ll be back to get you at eight thirty. I’ll get some take-away for dinner. Thanks for the help. I feel pretty good right now. Hope it lasts ’til tonight.”


Tuesday Night

“How were rehearsals?”

“Good. How was your day?”

“Almost as good as I hoped it would be.”


“Better than last month. And much better than I thought it was going to be before you helped me this morning. But I did think a lot about tonight.”

“So, you want me to help you tonight?”

“Yes! Don’t you want to?”



“I got pretty distracted today whenever I thought about what happened this morning, and what might happen tonight.”

“Oh NO! I’m sorry! It wasn’t my intention to trade my discomfort for yours.”

“Don’t be sorry. It was a pleasant distraction. And nobody died.”

“OK, so you’ll help me tonight?”

“I agree to help you tonight. We’ll evaluate again in the morning.”

“Good. Sometimes I wake and have to masturbate to get back to sleep. Helping me now like you did this morning, I’m pretty sure I won’t have to do that tonight.”

“I need a solid eight to handle the intensity of the tech rehearsal tomorrow. I have to be focused.”

“OK. Let’s cum before we eat. I want to enjoy the food. And not eat in a hurry. OK?”

“I was hoping you would say that.”

We got completely naked.

“Do you want me on top this time?”


“Good. You are wonderfully hard. You can be on top.” I ripped the package to pull out an orange one. “I think this may be your color. You put it on this time. Slowly. I want to watch.” He used the fingers of both hands to carefully, very slowly, roll it down and down. His penis repeatedly twitching. Very sexy. Very erotic. Very sure of what was to happen next.

I was ready. Wet and spread. He knelt between my legs. I grabbed my knees and pulled so I had a good view. Some clear memories will help me get through next month’s torture.

“Since you’re on top you do what makes you feel good. All I care about is having at least one good orgasm.”

He rubbed the head of his cock along my slit a slow dozen times before he started pushing into me.

“That was good!”

“My pleasure.”

Again, just like this morning, my whole body relaxed. I was no longer feeling overwhelmed with need. During these days I’m usually all about the orgasm, the release, the hurry to reduce the obsession.

Not now. These feelings were erotic. Deep slow burning desire. Yet extremely comfortable. A complete acceptance of what his wonderfully slow mov ing pen is was do ing to me!

Long slow strokes. All the way in. Pause. All the way out. Pause. My favorite to start. All the way in. Push. All the way out. Pause. All the way in. Grind. All the way out. Hold.

“That is good! That is real good.”

He slightly increased the speed of his strokes but still pushed against me when all the way in, rubbing his groin against mine. His pubic bone smashing my clit. This is special.

“Yes! Grinding is good!”

He was leaning on his arms, hands on the sofa beside me. Forearms rubbing the sides of my breasts. That is like so hot.

I had hold of his arms. My head off the pillow. My eyes stuck on watching his warm hard just-the-right-size cock moving in me and out of me. In me and out of ME! IN ME AND OUT OOOOOFFFFF MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

The orgasm was so intense I almost feinted from not breathing, again!

“Oh! That was quick! A great surprise!”

I panted for another minute.

“Did you cum?”


“Goood! Thaat’s goood! You keep going. You have to cum before you can stop.”

He resumed his stroking. Now moving in a faster but steady rhythm, not stopping to grind. But, his pelvic bone he was hitting my clit just about every time.

“Yea. Faster is good!” I was panting again already. Another orgasm was building. I was yearning for this. I was ready for this. I was going to cum again! I was going to cum again!

‘Will he last long enough? Can he keep fucking me long enough?’


Another great orgasm just before he bucked and pounded against me.

This was a different feeling orgasm. I’ve only had it twice before. Each time with a new guy. A guy who stayed around for a long while.

‘What the hell does this mean?’


Wednesday Morning

At eight thirty I placed a cup of coffee on the sofa side table. I was naked under my robe. I was horny. Not quite raging. But ready to do what I must, again. Deep breathing would be futile.

“Good morning.”


“You said you needed eight hours, and it is now more than that.”


“You said you needed to be there earlier today. So, here we are.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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