Ice Cream

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Copyright ScottArroy

January 05, 2018

This story occurred in 2018. I hope you enjoy it:

I first saw her queuing at the ice cream stand so I circled the food court by which time she had procured her double cone with what appeared to be pandan and mango.

I said; “that looks nice may I take a lick?”

She eyed me up and down then said “Why not?”

I held her hand on the pretence of supporting the ice cream. Then I blatantly licked from her wrist along her forearm; almost reaching her elbow before she could exert enough force for me to release her.

I winked and said “even tastier than I thought.”

“You really are a forward one aren’t you? Confident! I like a man who takes control.”

Not needing to be asked twice I took the ice cream from her hand and held it to her face. She licked the ice cream seductively keeping eye contact with me.

Keeping the game going l let her know, “A little has clung to your upper lip. Let me fix that for you”.

I leant my head forward initially licking then sucking the ice cream splodge from her lip.

“You really are a bad boy. I need to be careful with you.”

“Well you could do that but I was sort of counting on you continuing your spontaneity with me.”

“Are you now?”

“So this is what I would like you to do. Follow me to take a seat at that table over there and without looking round slide down that lovely g-string you’re wearing; remove it and pass it to me. I’ll hold your ice cream for you and be appearing to tease you with it. I’ll allow you to lick it while you are bent forward retrieving my little prize.”

“Really!?” I didn’t wait for her to finish speaking what she was saying if she was intending to do that. I walked over to and sat at the seats I had identified.

She followed me sitting down. While leaning forward she took not one but two licks. Playing the game beautifully she passed up her red g string. I accepted it and handed back her ice cream. Discreetly I held her unmentionables to my nose sucking in her aroma; stating “very nice.”

When she had finished teasing, with and consuming the ice cream; I asked, “Shall we take a walk?”

I offered my hand which was accepted. As we approached the escalator, I stood back allowing her to enter first. With the upward movement of the ride my hand easily slid under her dress. I found she was as wet as I had suspected. Taking my own little swab. I licked it off my finger and smiled, repeating “even tastier than I thought.”

Just before our ride levelled out I took another swab. Offering my finger, she needed no encouragement, eagerly sucking in her own juices.

We walked around the escalator pod and promptly took the downward moving stairs. This time I went on anime porno first leaning my head in to take possession of her cleavage. Licking and placing a trail of kisses to her neck.

As we alighted from the ride I grabbed her right arse cheek and tickled her anus through the fabric of her dress. I released my grip and slid my hand up around her waist.

Her actions in stretching her head to nibble on my neck, finishing with a kiss to my checks; confirmed her appreciation of my attention.

We walked to the department store where I captured her with a video camera that was projecting its image onto a large UHD television. I zoomed onto her boobs motioning for her to turn around and bend over. Now focussed downstairs she eagerly viewed her most personal places on the one hundred inch screen. I kept it there long enough to be brazen. We burst out laughing before deciding an exit without invitation might be best. We quickly skipped out of the store continuing our laughter holding hands.

We went into the bookstore next, right to the back of the store where I ran my finger down her exposed cleavage. On the upward track flipped the material of her dress exposing her left nipple. I snuggled tight providing privacy using her saliva on my finger to lubricate her nipple. She was enjoying my tormenting of that nipple if moaning is any indication. I left her boob exposed opting for passionate kissing. No resistance was provided when my tongue sought entrance. We held that embrace for several moments before I released the kiss and re-covered her nipple. Grabbing her hand again we left the bookstore, once again laughing but perhaps giggling might describe it best.

“You really are a naughty boy” she uttered amongst those giggles.

“Gee I thought I was behaving; so I take it you don’t want to see me misbehaving then.”

“I like the way you control me so I’m not sure what to say; I probably wouldn’t have done any of the things we have done up to now if I hadn’t surrendered to your will.”

“Well we will have to test you then and see just how far you’ll go.”


“How long do you have until you need to be somewhere?”

She squirmed a little but finally responded. “Well, not until Monday morning when I go to work.”

Now that’s a better answer than I could ever have imagined. “That leaves nearly forty hours of fun.”

Her look was either excitement or trepidation perhaps a combination of the two.

“So let’s not waste any of it.”


“Did you bring your car?” I asked

“No; lead the way.” She giggled.

We exited the centre, my mind trying to think of more explicit situations. Before too long I was pulling into the driveway of someone’s house. I got clay-dirt from asyalı porno the garden adding a little water from my drink bottle, smearing my number plates. Hopefully making it difficult to read them. Rinsing my hands I re-entered the car asking her for her dress.

She removed the dress and passed it to me without hesitation. I threw it onto the backseat and drove on. Turning into an industrial area I pulled to the side of the road. “This would be a good time to get out.”

She looked at me. I returned the stare with a trust me smile. She exited the car in all her glory highlighted only by her tan pumps. “I’ll see you in a hundred metres!” I yelled. Driving off to park about one hundred metres down the road to wait.

As luck would have it no one came but when she re-entered the car she was absolutely beaming.

“Wow! Who would have thought that could be so exhilarating. Thank you.”

“You’re truly welcome,” I said.

“So are you brave enough to go a hundred metres on the highway?”

“No; what about fifty metres?”

“You’ll have to cross the road. There’s a chance of getting caught in the traffic.”

“OK… What am I saying? But I really loved that and what the hell; I want to do it! If someone had told me this morning I’d be running naked on the highway today I would have said they were mad.”

We drove to the highway pulling up in the service lane where I could exit and then turn in the U turn bay to get to the other side.

“Are you ready?”

Opening the door she said “I might half hide behind this tree till you get to the U turn bay.”

She exited more with excitement than apprehension this time. I drove off as I made the U turn there was a break in the traffic so I was able to scoot across in one action pulling up fifty meters further down the road from where I dropped her. I could see her standing in the middle waiting for a break in the traffic. Car horns tooting and drivers yelling. She crossed and started running toward me. A car pulled over after passing her but she made it to my car safely. I took off with her screeching. “That was better than I thought it would be! What a rush!”.

We drove on. I offered her back her dress which she took but simply left on her lap.

“Where to now?” she asked; clearly still wanting to up the ante.

I smiled and said “You’ll see”.

I drove onto the freeway and pulled over and got out. She followed; I asked her to bend over the hood. She was there so fast she nearly fell. I unzipped and took her easily. She was wetter than any girl I’d ever been with. We stood there in the breeze and noise mostly from the traffic. Giving and getting the best each of us had. In other circumstances her trimmed beaver might have been tight. babes porno Not today. Again we earned quite a few toots, hoots and hollers from the passing parade after they realised what they had sped past. She quickly came but I just kept ploughing her. When she came again so did I. A bit late but it was then I realised I hadn’t used protection.

“I’m sorry I forgot about a condom,” seemed a lame thing to say but she happily accepted it with a positive response.

“It’s ok. I’m on the pill and I loved the feel of you exploding inside me. Anyway it’s your seats that are going to soak it up.”

We drove off quickly. I asked her to put her dress back on.

We drove to a somewhat dingy suburb entering the pet store. I bought a dog collar with studs and a chain. After exiting the store she placed it round her neck without comment, simply handing me the chain. We walked to a nearby XXXX shop entering their upstairs showroom. I led her to sit to watch the show. I started fingering her, she willingly spread her legs wide. There were two other guys in there who started to move closer. Evident the best show was no longer on the screen. I whispered in her ears “Are you ok if they watch?” She simply smiled and closed her eyes. The guys looked to see if they could advance; I nodded. They sat in the row in front of us and proceeded to watch. I flicked her dress up exposing her snatch with my fingers doing what fingers do in such circumstances making sure the audience got an eyeful. The guys each pulled out their manhood desperate to show their appreciation.

I could feel the tightening of her muscles so I whispered to her. “You have an attentive audience”. She opened her eyes and saw the guys beating off. This visual stimulation was too much. She came straight away. Her orgasmic noises were too much for the men. They blew their loads in symphony with her orchestra. When she settled I pulled on the chain and we walked out; heads held high. I took the chain back to the pet store and asked for a refund which was gladly given. We smiled at each other and returned to the car.

“I didn’t know I was an exhibitionist let alone appreciate I’m submissive; but that was bloody brilliant!”

“So are you ready to walk into your parents house naked with me?”

“Bloody hell! No!”

“Are you sure?”


“Just kidding. We are not doing that but maybe your neighbors.” Which earned me a punch to the arm.

“Do you have a straight male friend you would be prepared to have casual sex with?”

“Possibly Stephen?”

“Pass me your phone please. Now also might be a good time to tell me your name.”

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Do you want to find out what happens when Stephen was phoned (i.e. do you want a part 2)? Comment and let me know. If I get enough interest I may share that story too!

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Copyright ScottArroy January 05, 2018

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