If My Husband Only Knew

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Leading two lives is not always easy. On the surface I am your typical young soccer mom. Shuffling my kids to school, practice, games and home again.

My husband Steve is the youngest V.P. his consulting firm has ever seen. Even in today sluggish economy I want for nothing. I have the means to buy $1000 dresses without so much as batting an eyelash and I have grown accustom to driving my Silver Mercedes Convertible to and from the Mall on a weekly basis.

But, there is another side to me. I am sure I am not the only suburban housewife like this either- I love sex, I crave it, I have to have a lot of it. If my husband were fucking my brains out every night, I would probably be satisfied, but, he’s not, so I have to resort to other men to fulfill my insatiable cravings.

It came as no surprise to me that the day after my husband left on a two week business trip I was already feeling restless and lonely. I began to daydream of the rousing farewell fuck session I had shared with my husband just one short day before.

As I reminisced of my husbands hard cock slamming into my dripping wet pussy, my love mound began to ache. I was just about to pleasure myself when I heard the doorbell.

My pussy was still tingling as I opened the door. A gorgeous young man was standing there in front of me. His light brown hair framing his sweaty brow, and those eyes, the most beautiful, almost devilish green eyes staring right at me. He introduced himself as Tyson with Santa Fe Exterminating. As he spoke to me I noticed he couldn’t take his eyes off my ample brazzers porno breasts, my cleavage showing flirtingly through my short terrycloth robe.

As I led him into the house I asked him where he would like to begin.

He informed me that he liked to start at the bottom and work his way up. “OK” I replied, wondering to myself if that was supposed to be flirting. “ I’m going to hop in the shower and you can work your way upstairs when you are done down here”

“Great,” he replied “I’ll let you know when I’m all done” As I turned to walk up the stairs I caught him watching me.

I hopped in and took a quick shower, thinking about the sexy young man walking through my house as lathered soap all over my body. As I emerged from the shower I heard a noise in the attached bedroom. I quietly peeked out the open door to see Ty checking the room for signs of bugs. At that moment I knew I had to have this man. So, I decided to try to get his attention.

I walked from the bathroom with nothing but a towel on my head. Trying to act surprised I gave Ty a coy little smile

“Oh my God, I didn’t realize you were up here yet.” I said slyly

“I , I’m sorry” he stammered, never taking his eyes off my glistening wet, naked body.

“Well, Do you at least like what you see?” I giggled.

“Yes Mam,” he replied quickly.

“You wanna fuck me don’t you?” I asked

“ Uh, Uh”, he tried to find the right words.

“There’s no use in trying to deny it, your little friend has already answered for you.” Pointing clip4sale porno down to the obvious bulge in his pants.

I made my way towards him slowly and carefully, his astonished stare burning my naked body. My freshly shaven pussy began to tingle at the thought of his rock hard cock under those tight pants.

I knelt before him undoing his belt nimbly. As I lowered his pants, a gorgeous rock hard cock was displayed before me. I inched forward teasingly, tasting his velvety smooth cock head. Lapping circles around the tip and slathering spit along the hard shaft, all the while firmly stroking his balls with my well manicured nails.

He groaned deeply as I took all his cock in my mouth. He bucked forward sending his love rod to the back of my throat. My cheeks hollowing from the constant suction. My hands continued to stroke his balls bringing him to the brink. He groaned that he was coming as I tasted the first sweet drops.

I began to suck more savagely, suddenly I felt the gush of warm cum shoot down my throat. I drank all I could then backing off his erection I let his jism paint my face.

My pussy was dripping wet and just as I was about to beg him to take me, Ty grabbed me by shoulders and pulled me up towards him. He kissed me hard on the mouth, our tongues intertwining passionately. Then to my dismay, he pulled away. Gently taking me by the waist he turned me towards my bed.

My naked back was towards him now and I could feel the head of his enormous cock pressed tightly against my bare ass. He reached colette porno around with one hand and playfully began to roll one of my nipples between his fingers.

His other hand began to wander slowly down my body and across my naked hips, until it came to find my dripping wet pussy.

His touch sent electric waves pulsing through my body. He gently slipped one finger inside me and began to work it in and out. I begged him to fuck me.

He bent me over so that my hands were resting on the edge of the bed for support. He slid his hard love rod in me slowly at first. Then he began to fuck me harder and faster, l I thought I might loose my balance if he went any deeper. I felt my pussy muscles begin to tighten. I could hear his groans growing louder as his grip tightened on my bare hips, my body bucked wildly against him.

He reached around and began to massage my ever so swollen love button rapidly. As he began to work his hand faster I felt the orgasm building quickly. I grabbed for two handfuls of satin sheets as a wave of ecstasy shuddered through my body, making my knees buckle.

Ty’s groans and grunts became louder as he soon filled my pulsing pussy with his love juice. Breathless he collapsed against my back, his body dripping sweat, pooling in the small of my back.

Finally catching my breath, I stood up and turned towards him. Smiling coyly , “Now that’s some excellent customer service “ I said with a giggle” Will you need to service me again soon?” I asked playfully.

“I’ll have to come back in a couple of days.” He replied slyly.

“Well then, I better get going” He stated bluntly. With a quick peck on the lips he was gone.

Ty and I shared many more afternoon appointments. I quickly realized he was just what this horny housewife needed to fill my insatiable need for sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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