I’m In Love With Twin Vampires

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It was a chilly November evening. I walked down the sidewalk of the city streets at twilight, somewhat oblivious to what was going on around me. Frankly, I didn’t care what anyone else was doing. Hell, like there was anything to give a shit about. Life really sucked ass for me. For the past five months, I had been something of an emotional mess. The reason?

I had graduated high school back in June. Some of the richer kids had helped throw a graduation night party at their mansion. I had gone to the party with my then-girlfriend, Mindy. Happiest time of my life, right? WRONG. Around 11:30 that night, I’d gone to look for Mindy; she’d been gone for a good half an hour by now. I walked upstairs and down the hall, and suddenly heard loud moaning, moaning that sounded horribly familiar. Backtracking to the source from which the moans came from, I opened the door. My heart sank. Mindy was on a bed getting fucked by three guys in my graduation class, getting pounded in her pussy by one guy and in her ass by another while she sucked the third guy off.

The sudden burst of light into the semi-dark room startled the four of them. Mindy looked at me horrified.

“Nicholai!” she said in a shaky voice. “I-i-it’s not w-what you think!”

I said nothing, but stood there for a few seconds, shaking my head in disbelief. Mindy leapt off the bed and walked toward me, naked. I backed away, disgusted with her. Then I finally found my voice.

“You…fucking…whore,” I said slowly but firmly.

“I’m s-s-sorry!” she said, starting to weep. “I was g-gonna come back to f-find you but—”

“Shut up,” I said in an aggressive voice. “It’s OVER.”

I ran as fast as I could back down the stairs and outside to my car, Mindy’s loud sobs behind me, emotions flooding and ravaging my mind. I drove all the way home as fast as I could and once I got there, I ran to my room and cried a river until I fell into a deep sleep…

Ever since then, I was always typically in a fuck-my-life/fuck-the-world mood, but never really felt suicidal. Mindy was my first true love, and now she had cheated on me, betraying me in the worst way possible. The image of her with three cocks inside of her was stuck in my head. So many times I’d think about it at night, and I’d run to the bathroom and puke my damn guts out. I’d lost count of how many holes I’d punched in my wall. And I became a highly introverted guy. Damn whore…

I snapped back to reality. Thinking about that night was making my eyes water again. Wanting to maintain a little bit of dignity in public, I wiped my eyes on the sleeves of my hoodie, sat down on a bench on the edge of the sidewalk, and lit up a cigarette. I sat there, my hair partially obscuring my face, taking drags while numerous thoughts raced through my mind. Power chords on my guitar… She cheated on me… Throw down in the mosh pit… She’s riding Joey like a pony, Tommy’s pounding her asshole, and she’s deep-throating Chris… Those cars are badass, which one do I want?… I wanna find those assholes and punch them in the face so hard, their fucking heads go flying off… That sky is awful beautiful… My ex-girlfriend is a GODDAMN slut…

It became almost too much for me to bear. God, I wish there was something to take my mind off of her…

I could have sworn someone was looking at me from across the street. My eyes looked over there, but there was no one. I looked back down at the ground, and then a bus screamed by. Looking back up, I saw them. Two girls who looked to be my age were standing there across the street. They were both wearing tight black jeans with black shirts and coats. One had wavy, waist-length jet-black hair, and the other had straight, shoulder-length crimson hair. Then, their faces caught my attention. They were twins, but both faces were inhumanly pretty; pale-white skin, seductive electric-blue eyes, straight noses, rosy lips and smooth cheeks. That, combined with their similar figures (34-C tits and round asses) made then the most beautiful girls I had ever seen in my life. My body burned with lust; I wanted them soooo badly…

They were talking to each other while I looked at them, and then, for a brief second, their eyes met mine. Their expressions were hard to determine, but next second, another bus whizzed by, and when it passed, I noticed that the girls were gone. I heaved a deep sigh.

I’d always fantasized about having sex with two girls at once, but the odds were not in my favor. I had medium-length black hair with a somewhat emo-like style (though I never considered myself an emo), and a slightly handsome face for an eighteen-year-old, but I really didn’t consider myself sexy. I had rather pale skin, I was a bit on the scrawny side with barely any muscle, and my cock was only six inches at erection. No girl in their right would want to fuck me, would they? (Except that cheating BITCH…)

I tossed my cig butt away and got up and continued walking, the sky now at its lowest blue point before turning black. This was my favorite time of the day; I’d always been a nocturnal person. It was just in my nature; the night was when I really felt like someone. As I walked, my mind focused on the girls I’d seen across the street. Who were they? Where did they come from? What were they doing here? And WHY or HOW were they so damn beautiful?!

I found myself in a secluded alleyway off the street, lit only by the moon shining overhead in the now pitch-black sky spangled with stars. I stared up at it in oblivion, not knowing what to think, until two low, beautiful female voices spoke from behind me.

“Hello, Nicholai.”

I whipped around. There, standing six feet away from me, were the two beautiful twins I’d seen across the street earlier. Shocked by their sudden appearance out of nowhere and smitten by their gorgeous looks, I stammered.

“You! I d-don’t—you—h-how did you know m-my—”

“Shhh,” they whispered in unison, moving slowly toward me, smiling. I was paralyzed, either by anxiety, or by their sharp blue eyes, I didn’t know. They stood in front of me, the brunette on my left escort bayan and the redhead on my right.

“Close your eyes,” they murmured. I closed my eyes, wondering what they were going to do. A few seconds later, I felt their lips on my cheeks. A shock pelted through my body; their lips were cold as ice. I quivered for a second, then relaxed as they moved downward to my neck. I felt their tongues against my skin, sending another thrill of iciness through my nerves, but turning me on like nothing ever had before. I let out a soft groan of pleasure…

Suddenly, I felt piercing pains on either side of my neck. The girls had sunk their teeth (which were abnormally sharp) into my flesh. I yelled out in pain and began to shudder as I felt blood gushing from the wounds. The girls kept their lips locked onto my neck as they drank deeply. My brain went hazy and I felt my knees hit the cold ground. They finally released me, and I opened my eyes only a fraction. I could only barely see them standing over me, my blood dripping from their smiling mouths, before my vision went black and I passed out…

I came to about an hour later. I was lying on something very comfortable, a bed, it felt like. Or maybe a cloud? Was I in Heaven? I felt so calm, so serene. Maybe I was asleep; I didn’t want to move for fear of waking up from this dream, this zone of tranquility, this air of peace…

My eyes snapped open when a strange scent entered my nose. I was indeed lying on a bed, a king-size bed with black linens laced with red. I was in a very large bedroom with black walls. A golden chandelier hung from the ceiling, red and white bulbs mixed together, throwing a brilliant but ghastly light upon the black decor. Ghastly to anyone else, but I actually liked it. Then I found out where the scent was coming from; in each corner of the room, there was a stick of incense burning. I couldn’t discern what the scent actually was, but it actually smelled somewhat sensuous. I rolled out of the bed and for a few seconds was unsteady on my feet. I stumbled a few feet, coming to a stop in front of a full-sized mirror. I gasped.

I almost didn’t recognize the man looking back at me. It was my face, but it was about fifty times handsomer than before. Scarier too, as I saw that the irises of my eyes had turned a deep shade of red. I was mesmerized by how suddenly good-looking I was. I turned away from the mirror, but did a double take and looked back into it. It was then that I realized than I was only in my jeans and boots; my shirt and hoodie had been taken off, and I stood there bare-chested. Looking in the mirror, I noticed than I was no longer lanky and scrawny. I was still on the small side, but extremely muscular now. Every crease in my torso was visible; I looked carved out of stone. My chest was prominent and cleaved, my abdomen resembling a washboard, my biceps firm and rock-hard. My skin was even paler than before, almost completely white, but whatever. Wondering what else might be, I undid my pants, pulled them down and stared at my cock. Remember how I said I was only six inches when I was hard? Well, my cock right now was limp, but I could tell that it was a good 7 ½ inches. Remembering how beautiful, and now that I thought about it, how hot, those two girls had been, blood rushed to my cock and it grew to a solid 11 by 1-½ inches. I couldn’t believe it. I seemed to suddenly have the perfect body…

Then I became aware that my tongue was touching something sharp in my mouth. Looking back into the mirror, I opened my mouth, and I was simultaneously thrilled and somewhat horrified. I had FANGS. Reaching up, I touched my face, and though I couldn’t really feel it that much, my body temperature had dropped significantly. A wave of shock coursed through me. It was impossible; this HAD to be a dream. Had I really turned into a creature of the night? Was I a…a vampire?

I suddenly heard movement from somewhere close by. I hurriedly pulled my pants back up. I turned around and saw no one for a second, then from the doorway, the red-haired twin walked into the room. With my new vampiric eyes, she was even more beautiful than I’d found her more than an hour ago. She had stripped herself of her shirt and coat and now was only in her pants, boots, and a silky, black bra. Then she spoke.

“Good evening, my love,” she said. Her voice was a soft, velvety alto, sexiness in every word.

“Um, hello,” I said. My voice had changed too. No longer the rough, medium-pitched voice I knew, but now a smooth, seductive baritone.

She smiled at me, revealing the fangs that had penetrated my neck not too long ago. I had never in my life seen such beauty. Her ice-cold, smooth skin seemed to radiate and shimmer. I was speechless for a moment, then I asked, “Who are you?”

“My name is Annabelle,” she said. “And this,” she indicated her brunette twin who had just walked in to join her, “is my sister, Isabelle.”

“What have you done?” I asked. “Am I—?”

“Yes,” said Isabelle. “You are now a vampire.”

I looked back at my reflection in the mirror, my newfound…sexiness. I actually considered myself sexy now…

Annabelle glided over to me, putting her face very close to mine. She ran her long, slender fingers through my hair. Another chill went through my body and she stroked my face. I felt my cock growing to its new length in my pants.

“I think you will enjoy this new life very much,” she teased in my ear.

Isabelle then moved behind me. I felt her tongue run up and down my neck, eliciting sensual moans from me.

“We will be better than that selfish bitch who cheated on you a few months ago,” she whispered.

How they knew about Mindy, I didn’t know, nor did I ask or care. All I knew was that now there were two beautiful female vampires who really wanted me, and whom I wanted just as badly; who the hell was Mindy now?! I smiled as I felt the girls licking me, kissing me, lightly dragging their fangs against my skin. It became too much for me, I wanted desperately to throw the both of them on the bed and ravage them. kocaeli escort bayan My sex drive seemed heightened with becoming a vampire…

The twins sat me on the bed. “Just sit and relax,” they said together. And then, they started to kiss, their tongues rubbing against each other, their hands roaming each other’s body, through each other’s hair, then behind each other’s backs. They unclasped their bras, and they fell to the floor, revealing two pairs of luscious tits. My cock strained against my jeans as they continued to make out. Then they reached down and undid their jeans and slid them down. They did the same to their black panties and stepped out of them. Two beautiful, hairless pussies were revealed to my lustful eyes, making my dick throb more than ever. How badly I wanted to drive my tongue into them, and pound them with my dick…

Isabelle stepped aside, and Annabelle moved directly in front of me, her cunt right in front of my face. I looked up at her, and she smiled.

“Go ahead,” she said.

Hell, I didn’t need telling twice! I leaned in and inhaled the sweet scent of her pussy. I then stuck my tongue and ran it up and down the slit that separated her lips.

“Mmmm Nicholai,” she moaned in pleasure. I continued to kiss and tease her lips for a minute until I finally gave in to my bestial lust and buried my tongue into her love canal. I wiggled my tongue around her inner folds, making her moan louder, until I licked her clit. At this, she gave a particularly loud moan and bucked her hips into my face. It stunned me for a second, but I put my face back to her flesh, running my tongue up, down, and around. After a few minutes of tongue-fucking, I brushed my fangs along her outer lips. That was the icing on the cake as she shook in orgasmic ecstasy, practically screaming as hot juices sprayed from her insides and onto my face. While startling me for a split second, it was the most wonderful thing ever, up until then at least. I licked Annabelle’s sweet juices off my lips and smiled evilly up at her. I stood up and kissed her deeply, allowing her to taste her own cum.

She moved aside and Isabelle took her place. She kissed me too, and ran her tongue along my cheeks, licking up her sister’s savory fluids. Then she pushed me onto the bed. I lay there as she straddled my crotch, grinding her hips against my still-concealed cock. She leaned in and gave me a deep, sensual kiss, her hands on the bed on either side of my head. I reached up and caressed her beautiful body. I sat up with her still sitting on me. I eyed her gorgeous breasts for a few seconds before placing my mouth on them, sucking, biting, and licking as hard as I could. She threw her head back, moaning, her beautiful black hair falling from her shoulders as I traced around her breasts and nipples with my sharp teeth.

She shoved me back onto the bed and lay on top of me. Then she started making her way down, licking every inch of my newly muscular torso as she went, her long, black hair brushing my skin. I felt her unbuckle my belt and undo my pants and she slid them down. My monster of a cock stood straight up, hard as a rock. The damn thing felt like it was made of pure steel. Isabelle wrapped her long fingers around it and stroked it slowly. I growled, a sinister growl of pleasure as she began to lick the firm meat of my shaft up and down, swirling her tongue around the tip. She licked and slurped until my cock was soaking wet. Then in one move, she took my entire cock into her mouth.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned as the head hit the depths of her throat. She retreated, and then started going up and down at a slow pace. I felt her fangs sliding against my flesh, and that made the blowjob all the more pleasurable. I had never gotten head like this…

She picked up her speed and started rubbing my chest and stomach, playing with my nipples. I felt my balls start to tingle as my orgasm drew nearer. She lifted her head and looked at me, smiling at me.

“Let’s see just how much a newborn can produce,” she teased, and then continued sucking my cock quickly. I was getting closer. I wanted to cum right down her dirty little throat. My balls tensed up and my dick swelled. It felt like Isabelle was trying to swallow it whole…

“Ugh…Ahh…oh FUCK!”

I grabbed her head and held it in place as my cock erupted. Several jets of hot cum shot down her throat as the best orgasm I’d ever had rocked my body. I groaned and came hard for nearly fifteen seconds; damn, how much COULD a vampire cum?

I finally felt myself go soft in Isabelle’s mouth, and she lifted her head, smiling broadly.

“You are an ANIMAL!” she said as she stood up. I looked around and suddenly noticed that Annabelle was no longer in the room.

“Where’s—” I began, but next second, I saw the red wave of hair that was her, fully clothed again. She was dragging something into the room, something I could not see from lying on the bed.

“You will be needing your energy,” she said to me. “You must feed.”

I raised my head to see what she had in her hand. It was hair, on someone’s head. And I realized, with a pang of disgust, that it was my ex-girlfriend Mindy! She seemed to be unconscious; her body hung limply by the fistful of hair Annabelle had. She picked her up and threw her onto the bed next to me.

I sat up and looked at her with loathing. Then I felt an evil smile come to my face. I grabbed her by the arm and lifted her wrist to my face. “I’ll teach you to cheat on me, you selfish slut,” I said in a menacing voice. And with that I sank my fangs deep into her wrist. Blood gushed from the bite, and I gulped down as much as I could. The smell and taste of it was so sweet. I put my hand to Mindy’s throat. As more blood spurted from her wrist, her already weak pulse slowed down. After nearly a minute, her blood discontinued its flow and Mindy’s pulse was completely gone. I smiled at the twins with bloody lips, having had my fill and feeling fully rejuvenated, and Isabelle picked up the dead girl’s body and carried it out of the kocaeli escort room.

“She’s taking her to the fireplace to burn her body,” said Annabelle. “No one will ever find her.” She smiled evilly, and I kissed her, letting her lick the blood off of my lips. I heard the roar of the fire clearly. ‘So long, you miserable whore,’ I thought to myself.

Isabelle came back into the room with a bright smile on her face. “Time for round two,” she said. Annabelle stripped her clothes off again and they both began kissing me and touching my body, stroking my cock. In just seconds, it was hard again, as if it was never touched.

Annabelle sat on the foot of the bed and spread her long, sexy legs wide. Isabelle pushed me from behind toward her sister. Reaching down, I thrust my index and middle fingers into her twat, making her moan again. She was soaking wet. I played inside for a minute, then took my fingers out. I sucked the delicious pussy juices off of my fingers, and my lust was intensified. Animal I had been called, so animal I would be. With one swift, forceful move, I jammed my 11 inches of cock deep into her pussy. She gave a half-moan, half-scream as I tore into her. As I started to fuck her wildly, Isabelle climbed onto the bed. She bent over in front of me and locked her lips onto her sister’s. I leaned in and started licking her cunt, trying to keep up the pace of my fucking Annabelle.

I had to be dreaming; I had never had an escapade like this. I was a savage, masculine, newborn vampire, and I had two inhumanly sexy female vampires with me, eating out one of them while slamming my huge cock into the other one’s pussy. Their moans were muffled into each other’s mouths as their hot cunts were stimulated by my tongue and cock.

As I had done with Annabelle, when I could sense Isabelle was getting close to cumming, I ran my fangs along her outer pussy lips, which, as I hoped, sent her over the edge. Her ass bucked against my face as she came, squirting juices all over my face and torso, as well as her sister. She pulled away and knelt down on the bed next to Annabelle and they engaged in a savage kiss, while I continued to pound the latter’s pussy. I felt my cum stirring, and so I leaned in and started sucking and licking Annabelle’s tits, nibbling her nipples with my fangs. I had done the trick; the walls of het pussy clamped around my cock and she came, drenching it in her hot juices. The pressure on my cock from all sides became too much for me, and I fucked like a mad dog for a few more seconds, grunting like a feral beast, until I felt myself explode in her cunt; massive amounts of semen doused the inside of her vagina. I kept myself in there until I was sure every drop had been expelled.

I pulled out and stood up when my cock started to lose blood and go down, but Annabelle turned around in a split second. She took my softening cock into her mouth and sucked for a moment, cleaning it of whatever remaining cum. In that process, I swelled up again, somehow ready to fuck again, flames of lust burning my guts yet again.

She took her place at the head of the bed, spreading her legs again. She smiled at Isabelle, who climbed onto the bed, her face in her sister’s cunt, her perfect, round ass facing me. I had special plans for this hot vampire bitch…

I climbed onto the bed and shoved my cock into Isabelle’s soggy twat and began sliding in and out slowly. Meanwhile, she had taken to eating Annabelle’s pussy, sucking her juices as well as the cum I had just shot in there out of her. Both girls moaned in pleasure. Yeah, you just wait, Isabelle…

I pulled out of her pussy once my cock was nice and wet. Then I lined my throbbing prick up to the entrance to her tight asshole. When she felt my cock head press up against her anus, she lifted her head and looked around at me, her lips soaked with cum. She gave a wicked smile, and with that, I pushed with all my might into her tight ass. She gave a loud moan as the base of my cock hit her ass flesh. I pulled almost all the way out and slammed back in with full force. I began to piston my cock in and out of her ass at an amazing pace, making her moan loud and long as she continued to lap sexual fluids out of her sister’s pussy. Going mad with animalistic lust, I mounted her, fucking her like a rabid dog, my face just inches from her hair. Her hair smelled so sexy, almost similar to blood. My lust peaked and I fucked her harder. I saw her right hand reach in and start rubbing her pussy violently. I pulled her hair out of her face and nibbled her ear, my sharp teeth nicking the flesh.

“Oh that feels soooo good Nicholai!” she yelled. I fucked her asshole as hard as I could, as fast as I could. Annabelle was almost screaming as her twin ate her out, and in seconds, she was spraying juices all over her face. This sent Isabelle over the edge and she came too, soaking the sheets beneath us. As she came, her rectum tightened around my cock. But just as I was about to cum myself, Isabelle scrambled away. My cock popped out of her ass, bigger than I’d ever seen it. Annabelle, too, jumped out of the bed. Before I could decipher what they were doing, they turned me over onto my back. Then they both grabbed my cock and started pumping hard.


Looking down, I saw just how much cum was spurting out of my cock, more than I’d ever ejaculated before. A huge jet shot about 4 feet into the air before landing back on my chest and stomach. Isabelle licked it up while Annabelle kept pumping my cock, spraying stream after stream of jizz into the air and onto her face and onto my belly. It took a while. But I was done cumming, and the girls had licked me clean of every drop, and my cock went back down to softness.

The three of us lay there for a minute, panting, not necessarily tired, but without energy.

“I’ve never experienced anything like that,” I said.

The girls nibbled my ears and snickered.

“We will be yours,” said Annabelle.

“For eternity,” whispered Isabelle. “You’ll have forever to experience things like that.”

“Hmmm,” I said laying there, my eyes closed with a smile on my face, wondering what more things I could do to these hot vampire bitches until the end of time as I knew it…

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