I’m Running on Empty Ch. 04

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This is an adult sex story.

All the characters are of the age of consent or far over it!

Any children named or mentioned are not involved in anything sexual.

This story follows “I’m Running on Empty Chapter Three.”

This is the story of how I spent my time starting that first week of the month of April and what my penis was doing too.

Enjoy and thanks for the views and votes.


My Las Vegas hotel has a couple of limos reserved for guests so I asked one of the drivers to please take me down The Strip to The Four Seasons (located in the Mandalay Bay property).

I had been kicking around the idea of buying, buying in or starting a limo company for months.

I’d crunched the numbers and thought that it would make sense, financially and otherwise, particularly in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

I decided that when I met Ziba’s CPA referral (my only candidate at this point to become my CFO) the next day that I would test her and evaluate her based on her analysis of my work papers.

Assuming she did this well, I would have her review the financials of the dealerships I had currently and ask for her thoughts.

Then, since there was a whole flock of ladies, all CPA’s who wanted to leave their Big Four jobs coming to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks, I would have them crunch numbers as a test and present to me their thoughts on all these hotel and car dealership acquisitions I was planning to make.

I’d be in the room along a few other people I could trust to make these important hiring decisions with me.

Those business matters settled, I thought about the evening ahead of me.

I had no idea, no clue, that I wouldn’t get back to my hotel suite until after 2am.

Where Pamela, my pilot, would be … waiting. Minus her swimsuit.

Pamela … that was one very fine MILF ass I was massaging out at the pool this afternoon.

I also observed that she had a nice large rack too, but I had yet to see those puppies uncovered.

Sure, Pamela was a bit older than me, so what.

I’d found that some of my very best sex had been with those ladies who were a couple years my senior.

Remember Monica the Maid? Lorraine my real estate lady? Akiko the lady that owned the dry cleaners?

I had a lot of fond memories of all those times I was naked with them.

They were all used to cock … getting me from soft to hard to climax … repeat … again … again … again.

Each of them took me in all three holes.

I am not sure how willing they were, especially about a very stiff cock up their tiny assholes but not one of them pushed back as I came in them and on them.

These women could go all night long … it was as if I gave them an upper and they couldn’t get enough of my penis.

And they seemed to really enjoy the time they spent with me.

So who knows what the future would bring when it came to older women?

I had the entire Hot to Trot club to get to know; the CPA’s and who knew what was going to happen with The Blonde and all the ladies she knew.

Strictly speaking business-wise, I hoped she had a large network of people for me to tap into.

Professionally speaking of course.

If her connections were in her league, and were female, and available, as in not married, well, I’d be happy. Very happy.

Let me explain.

I had dinner scheduled on Monday with a lady who had told Catherine, my wife, that she owned a national brokerage company.

Not stocks and bonds. Commercial property sales.

You met her in my last story; her name was Lauren Davies.

The Blonde at the adult pool.

This real estate pro was based in New York City and her company did nothing but buy and sell hotels.

Lauren had reached out to Catherine after reading somewhere about our purchase of the Las Vegas hotel (called a “property” in real estate lingo) and Catherine had shared our desire to buy more properties.

Strategically, it made sense to connect with Lauren and at a minimum, hear her out.

If things went well, I could well end up with another company, another profit center, but one that would help me expand my hotel footprint which was my goal.

My expectations were not really high; it was a dinner out with someone who was very attractive, didn’t mind showing her body off to me and seemed engaging.

Networking is important too; most CEOs don’t do enough of it.

They also don’t do enough interviewing but this week I was working to fix that deficit.

So, with Lauren, best case, we strike a deal, create an arrangement and she’d be buying hotels for me (and Catherine).

Worst case, we meet; don’t find common ground, and we part company for the time being and maybe sometime down the road something would come up for us to work together.

But I was betting that Lauren knew people that I needed to know.

Bankers, commercial insurance agents, appraisers.

So, I went to this business dinner with an open mind.

I didn’t have a problem spending money to make money as youporn porno long as I wasn’t over extended.

Banks like to lend to hotels because they have good business models, provided the location is desirable.

I needed to be working with more banks too; maybe Lauren could make some introductions on my behalf in that regard.

Hotel brand names matter too, but I wasn’t interested in paying a fee to use someone else’s name when I could create my own.

(This is what the food industry is doing, store brands make up close to 40 percent of total sales in club stores, retail grocery and in food service. Those house brands become worth a lot of money very quickly on a balance sheet).

I had settled on the name Darius Hotels and logos were being created and a website for reservations and all that stuff.

Trademarks were being registered with the USPTO.

We planned to set up call centers in a couple of smaller cities where job opportunities were limited and we could become the employer of choice. I was thinking of places in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Iowa, even up into Canada.

I had a growth strategy in mind that I copied from a family in Las Vegas.

These were the people, two brothers actually, who took over the Palace Station Hotels and Casino chain from their father.

Their whole strategy called for catering to the local population; if they got some tourist business that was just icing on the cake.


As the limo worked its way south on The Strip, I mentally checked off all the questions I was going to ask Lauren, including finding out who that lady was she kissed at the bar as I left the pool.

I also wanted to get the skinny (no pun intended) on what level of participation Lauren played at by the pool late on Sunday afternoon. Was she topless? Did she go nude? I had already had my crack video team searching the backup tapes for her.

Lauren told me she might share with me at dinner and maybe even show me after dinner how she was dressed (or not dressed).

I was going for both show and tell, but we’d have to see how things went.

One of the nicest steakhouses in all of Las Vegas is Charlie Palmers. Its at The Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas.

Lauren took care of the reservation. At her request we met at 8pm.

She told me at the pool that she was staying at Mandalay Bay but she had been checking things out at my hotel since arriving on Saturday.

Sort of mystery shopping; wanting to learn who we were and what kind of operation we ran.


Lauren was waiting for me when I arrived.

She greeted me with a warm smile as I walked into the restaurant.

Pretty blue eyes complimented her blonde hair and just added to what I already considered to be a beautiful woman.

Lauren had a pretty good tan; a bit darker than when I saw her at the pool; I wonder is she ran to get a spray tan before getting dressed (?).

Looking at her, I confirmed my estimate that she was under 40; just a couple of years older than me.

Her hair was up; displaying a very kissable slender neck and small ears I knew I’d love to nibble on.

She had on gold earrings, and a matching necklace but no rings.

Her stunning black cocktail dress was showing off her legs, her arms, and of particular interest to me, her ample chest.

The top was in a halter style.

We looked at each other and we both smiled.

There was no doubt that we were attracted to one another.

She reached out her hand to shake mine when I took her hand, she pulled me into her.

She leaned up slightly and kissed me lightly on the lips.

Her tits grazed my chest.

Lauren laughed and said “Now that we got that first kiss out of the way …” and I laughed too.

She leaned in again and we kissed like lovers.

Lauren was a great kisser.


“You look like a million bucks” I said to her when our lips parted.

“Thank you kind sir” she replied with a grin.

The hostess announced that she could seat us and Lauren took my arm and we followed the hostess through the restaurant. .

We were taken to a private dining room.

For just the two of us.


It was a Monday night and while the restaurant was busy, it wasn’t crowded.

When we got to the room Lauren had reserved, I noticed that her dress was backless, causing me to wonder for a nano second what was holding up those delightfully large breasts of hers.

Then I remembered that they were either man made (implants) or just firm on their own accord.

Based on those first two kisses, I was probably going to find out.

Giving her the once over, I noticed that like most classy women, she had on expensive Italian shoes with “fuck me” high heels and she had an ass I would love to man handle, kiss, lick, massage, spank and maybe use a whip on.

That great ass, as I described in my last story, was, I dare say, both firm and pert.

I liked her black silk stockings too.

I wonder how high they zenci porno went up those legs.

She had thin ankles too, always a good sign.

I imaged her bent over the table, her dress hiked up over her waist, panties trapped on her thighs, her legs spread as I took her from behind in her fuck me heels.

Kind of like how Michael Douglas fucked Jeanne Tripplehorn in the movie Fatal Attraction.

If my movie memory serves me right, he took over the back of a sofa in his shitty San Francisco apartment after drinking too much after work one night.

Thinking about that scene as Lauren slid into the booth was better than a shot of espresso.

I slipped into the booth and she ended up sitting at my left.

I had been so caught up in her physical beauty, for the first time I noticed Laura’s perfume and it was intoxicating.

Dick hardening.

It was the same fragrance that Catherine wore on our special dates.

The server came in, a nice, attractive young lady named Cindy, and she confirmed with Lauren that we wanted total privacy and that if we needed anything, we were to signal her using a little device that looked like an upscale version of a garage door opener.

“That way I’m not coming in at inappropriate times” she smiled at us, meaning, ‘so I don’t interrupt your inappropriate activities’.

A bottle of champagne was already chilled and waiting and Cindy popped the cork and poured.

After toasting to a getting to know one another, and a few more short kisses, we sort of got down to business.

Don’t get me wrong; I wanted to ask about her time at the pool on Sunday but I held off because I knew if she brought it up I’d be fucking her.

I wanted her chasing me. I wanted her to pursue me. I needed her more than she needed me.

We enjoyed a little chit chat about this and that. She was very touchy with me.

She was left handed and had her right hand on my thigh.

Which felt very nice.

I figured out Lauren was deflecting when she started peppering me, politely, slowly, put deliberately, with questions about my businesses and my life; she asked about Catherine and how we had met and it was so fast and furious, like a fire fight in battle, she didn’t really let me get a question in edge-wise.

I held nothing back about my past, my present or my future plans except I did not mention the extracurricular sex I was having, I mean enjoying.

When Lauren asked about children I told her about Catherine’s daughters. I said nothing about Catherine being pregnant and Janet and Julie were none of her business.

We kissed a few times during this but nothing too hot and heavy.

Lauren ended her interrogation by handing me a folder that had been lying nearby.

She said “I need to go use the ladies room but while I’m gone I want you to look at this proposal I’ve prepared. It also includes background information on me.”

With that she kissed me lightly on the mouth and left the room.

Dinner was on Lauren but when Lauren got up to use the ladies room I gave Cindy two $500 bills; one for her to keep and the other to be put into the tip jar and shared with the other staff members.

Cindy mentioned to me that Lauren had stopped to talk to a table of women out in the restaurant. I asked how many were there and she said eight.

I reviewed some of the papers she left for me, but there was still a stack to go through.

I wasn’t in the mood to read.

When Lauren returned we ordered some small plates and skipping the usual heavy five course meal.

But we kept drinking. She had ordered some very fine French champagne.

We talked a bit about salary and relocation costs. We agreed to a good salary; Lauren wanted more but I was only going to pay on performance and not in the bedroom — in the business.

On our second bottle Laura opened up too, mostly about being married and then going through a messy divorce. She also shared that she was getting passed over for promotions in her present company.

I interrupted her to get some clarification about her saying she was an owner of a company but that didn’t fit with being passed over for a promotion.

She smiled, took a sip of champagne, and explained.

“It’s an ESOP Jack, an employee stock owned company. My goal from the beginning was to be the Managing Partner. Every year I close more deals and bring in more money than any one else, and at promotion time the old men in the old boys club smile at me and tell me I’m too valuable to the firm to be promoted out of sales. So, like every other employee there, I am an owner. But I’ve hit the glass ceiling. I’m never going to run the company because the old boys club members are starting to bring in their sons now. Those boys will be running the show and if I don’t move now, I’ll be making money for the kids. No thank you. When I leave I intend to run my own show.”

I nodded, hearing her frustration.

I asked if she was planning on bringing anyone with her when she left and she replied that it depended on what xhamster porno the two of us could work out but in an ideal situation, she wanted to bring out five ladies. I quickly calculated, despite the buzz of booze, that the salaries were way more than I wanted to spend.

Lauren said she had been out in Las Vegas back in September and had discretely asked around at the hotel, which is how she found out about Catherine and me. A few more inquiries and then she contacted Catherine, who set this dinner meeting up.

I still wasn’t clear what she wanted from me and I told her so.

Laura set her flute down, and grabbed my left hand and holding it, leaned into me, looked me in the eyes and said “I need a partner to get my new Las Vegas based brokerage business off the ground. I’m leaving New York and starting over again. I can buy and sell with the best of them, and I can negotiate properties for you to buy better than anyone else you know or will get to know. The bankers love me because my deals are clean and profitable. I’ve done all my research Jack. You’re my first choice to partner with.”

She was so serious, so intent on selling me that maybe she didn’t notice (or maybe she did) but her right tit was very firmly pressed into my left upper arm and I could feel a taut nipple through my suit coat.

A vision ran through my head of seeing her out at the pool, topless, that afternoon.

To this point I hadn’t seen a pokie but now I was feeling it.

The pupils of her eyes were fully dilated so I knew she was very attracted to me.

I sensed she wanted me to kiss some more but I held off.

For the moment.


When she finished talking she stayed close to me and in fact, pulled my left hand down to her right thigh.

I didn’t resist.

Her dress had ridden up (or she had pulled it up) and my hand was on her toned tanned thigh, about ten inches above her knee.

It felt nice. Warm.

Lauren asked me in a quiet voice “Can we talk about how we can work together?”

Her left hand pulled my right hand up a little further up her leg.

I now had two fingers on her bare leg above the top of her stockings and three fingers on her stocking.

I liked touching her and she liked it too.

Her pussy couldn’t be far away, maybe an inch or so.

Laura smiled and said “I want to work closely with you Jack; very closely.”

Taking the initiative, Lauren kissed me softly on my lips.

I returned her smile and replied “How will that work, exactly?”

She sipped the champagne as her right hand continued to rest on my left hand.

“I was thinking that I would be based here in Las Vegas but maybe it would be better for us if I was in LA. What do you think?”

Friends, at this point my little head was thinking more clearly than my big head and the alcohol did not help.

I smiled and said “I can accommodate you either place. It depends on your preference.”

With her tiny right hand she sort of tickled and teased my hand on her thigh and said “I need to be near you Jack. You’re going to be my partner on these deals and we’re going to be interacting with one another almost daily.”

If she moved her right hand just a little bit further to her right she’d find out my definition of working closely because I had a huge erection in my slacks.

She knew it too.

She hadn’t touched me but she knew. Women like Lauren knew exactly what they were doing when they wanted something … big.

Lauren had planned this whole thing out for months.

I was her prey; she had found me, stalked me, tracked me, enticed me and she wanted me.

I nodded and took a sip of champagne and Laura pulled my left hand further up her leg so that my entire hand and all five fingers were on bare skin.

All my fingers were north of her thigh high.

Her promised land was close.

My pinky was on the crease of her thigh and was next to the promised land.

So close I could feel the furnace of her pussy on my pinky finger.

If she opened her legs, I’d be there.

I sure if I moved my pinky just a bit it would get wet.


If anyone had been watching us, they would think Laura and I were lovers.

Cindy our server did.

Now five hundred dollars richer, she wisely kept her distance and left us alone.

Laura was sitting so close to me she was practically on top of me.

My left hand was below the table, so was her right hand.

Something had to be going on down there.

I didn’t want to push things; I wanted this to be her deal; let her pursue me.

Our heads were close together; she and I were talking softly, smiling, laughing, drinking champagne, exchanging soft kisses and picking at the tapas.

I knew the champagne was getting to her but she held her right hand firmly on my left hand which sat on the bare skin of her upper thigh.

I believe she was thinking “Should I do it or not? Should I let him or not? Will he think I’m a slut? Or just someone who wants him?”

This wasn’t the business dinner I had thought it would be.

Not that I was complaining.

My erection was so strong it was on the verge of becoming painful.


While my hand rested oh so close to the promised land, we talked about good cities to have hotels.

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