Impaled on the High Altar

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Big Tits

I was a student in a quiet town in the South of England, trying to pay my bills like everyone else, when I saw the advert in the local ‘Free Ads’ paper, one of those things that drops though your door and you put straight in the bin.

‘Cult needs sexually liberal girl for midsummer ceremony.’

Cult? I had visions of men in saffron robes banging drums and chanting. I wondered if they wanted nubile girls in transparent robes standing around whilst they ate lentils or something. I suppose more than anything I thought it was a joke. Well, wouldn’t you? This was Kent in 2019, not medieval Winchester. Of course, I secretly ALSO hoped it might be a turn-on, you know, Druids and stuff. I liked Game of Thrones. I loved all the fucking from behind. I thought there might be a bit of a role play. And so… I applied.

I wrote ‘My name is Lucy Lay and I have always wanted to join a sexy cult. I have blonde hair, nearly to my waist, and I have 32DD breasts. I have very pale blonde pubic hair and a small emerald in my belly button. I am also a virgin when it comes to the ass, but I love to suck.’ I thought very hard about adding the last bit and then I wrote, ‘and if you suck my teats really hard, milk comes out.’

I had just finished doing my last exam when I got the call up. And it’s maths, my Uni subject, since you ask. I’m a bit of a nerd. I’ve dated a few boys – mathematicians like me – but I’ve always been too shy to really tell them what to do with their cocks, so although I’ve lain there as they thrust into me, plunging their hot dicks into my pussy almost before I’ve lifted my hips, pounding into me, banging like hungry piston engines in a great rush of lust and cum, leaving me fantasising about sucking them and riding them, and taking two at a time. I’ve never done it, taken the lead and demanding my way. Instead I’ve lain there as they fucked me joyfully but inexpertly, grabbing my tits as if they were pies and fucking my tight wet passage as if I was target practice.

I’ve never let them suck my teats. They wanted to, and I stopped them. I was worried they wouldn’t like it when they knew I could make milk there, but I longed for my teats to be sucked. I ached for it.

I had resorted to secret porn, and I had a really nice technique with my finger, fuelled by a recurring fantasy in which two men with masks on pushed me to the ground, held me down and started, with gentle urgency, to suckle on my two soft fat nipples, drawing them between their lips, licking and sucking in a gorgeous rhythm that never ended, suckling on me, kneading me, milking me as if I was a little cow.

The advert asked for a sexy picture of me and I had taken one with my phone, just of my right nipple. It’s a rather luscious plump nipple, on a small firm breast. The teat on the end is fat, pink and soft, but when you rub it between your fingers it goes hard, like a little rock. I rub it between my fingers a lot. Once on a bus late at night I let an old man rub it between his fingers. I pretended not to like it, kept begging him to stop, but he played with it all the way to Hastings. That’s where I got off. Not literally, sadly. I really needed to pleasure myself after that, I can tell you, but I knew it was risky.

The phone call, when it came, told me that if that was my nipple, in the photo, then they were looking forward to meeting me. It was made clear that if there really was milk then they would pay me twenty thousand pounds for the night. The milk, they said, had special qualities for this particular kind of ceremony. They had been looking for a girl like me for a long time.

I went to a house on the edge of Hastings, a rather smart and beautiful house actually. I came to know it well. A tall, dark, Victorian house, expensively decorated, with plush Persian carpets and fabulous antique stuff everywhere. Downstairs, though, the cellar had been converted into one room, decorated and panelled like a hall, painted all in burgundy and dark blue, with occult symbols on the wall and a wonderful kind of raised bed thing in the middle. I was to be auditioned.

The eldest of the two, who I’d say sounded about as old as my Dad, said ‘Strip,’ and so I did.

He was wearing Klu Klux Klan style headgear. I heard them murmur approval as they saw my high pert tits, my flat stomach, my shaved pussy with the fat, hidden clit.

They had me down on their table thing, and spread my legs, and they ordered me to masturbate, and I did it beautifully. Slow, fast, slow, fast, my fingers playing with my hot little pussy, my clit a swollen know for them to watch and enjoy as I teased and rubbed, squeezed and stroked, until eventually I could resist it no longer and went into a full frantic rubbing that saw me shuddering and cumming, my internal spasms seeming to pull everything tight inside as I orgasmed as publicly as I ever have. I could tell they liked it.

Then they asked to see the milk. It was easy because I had cum. Not taking my eyes off them I worked my left teat, and then my right, squirting little jets of milk fluid to demonstrate kocaeli escort bayan my kinky skill.

I got the job immediately. They told me straight away. I was to present myself at 11pm on midsummer eve. It was a rejuvenation ceremony for them. The money would be paid half up front and half immediately after. There were various safety provisions to make me feel secure. I was to wear white.

I could hardly wait till midsummer eve. I bought a cheap white dress, thinking they would rip it from me. I oiled myself. I didn’t milk my teats for 24 hours, as I wanted as much milk as possible. They had explained to me – they were all over seventy. They had a book. In it was a ceremony of rejuvenation that required a girl who loved cocks, mother’s milk and midsummer eve. It was worth twenty thousand pounds to find out if it worked.

And so I arrived at 11, heady with anticipation, perfumed and ready, I’d even done enemas as I knew they wanted everything. I was, in truth, shaking with lust before I was even through the door. If I don’t milk my tits I get very horny. There was a doorman looking at me kinkily and I thought if these guys couldn’t perform, in the end, I might suck his cock and milk his balls whilst he fed off me like a lecher. I had no idea!

They were all waiting for me. We had drinks together, me and ten old men, some fat, some slim… All wearing Klu Klux Klan hoods. They were charming. There were canapes and champagne but I had a couple of margaritas. We talked for about half an hour as anybody might – who I was, what I did for a living, how I’d come to discover I made milk from my tits…

I explained how I loved to play with them, always had, and had discovered it by accident, had read about it, seen the doctor who did tests and then said that if it didn’t bother me it didn’t matter as some normal women do this. And he said, if you don’t milk it, it will get less, but if you keep milking it, you get more…’

And I asked him how to milk it and he showed me, working my tits expertly with his thumbs till I gasped, then sent me away, oblivious, and called in his next patient. I had to masturbate in the surgery toilet. My clit was so huge I couldn’t walk. That’s how I found out, I told them.

I could see they were thrilled. The book said, they told me, that if they followed the ceremony they would be, physically, twenty years younger at the very least. So here they all were.

There were candles lit all round the room, and chanting music was playing. As we sipped our drinks together they took off my clothes, as if that was entirely normal, and I stood amongst them, horny, naked and exposed and they made small talk about my beautiful cunt and fingered my teats in admiration. Someone said ‘the high priest must cum in her first but we are to play and prepare.’ I was wet and horny, longing for the fucking to begin. I wanted to be played and prepared..

Eventually, as we chatted, one of them men came up to me, took my right tit in his hand, lowered his mouth to my teat and began to suckle on me like a baby. I moaned and arched, and felt him slip a questing finger into my pussy, parting my sticky lips and feeling my slit. I was wet and swollen with anticipation, and now slightly drunk too. I started to fall over, and hands caught me expertly and lifted me onto the raised table, which was draped with midnight blue silk. I heard a voice say,

‘The slut is wet… We will prepare her.’

And everyone moved.

I was lifted, on my back, on the table. Eight men surrounded me now.

We had all had Viagra, including me, although as though took it they joked they wouldn’t need it again, after this. I love it, it gives me multiple orgasms. I wanted to enjoy this.

Now there were only eight men in the room, and the hoods were gone, they were naked apart from black eye masks. I still didn’t think I recognised any of them.

They weren’t wearing anything else. Their cocks half hung, half stood, proud and beautiful, some small, some large, some long, some short. I wanted to kneel and begin but, weirdly, I was too shy. I needed to be told what to do.

And then chanting began. There was lots about rejuvenation, about me being a worthy receptacle, about masters and slaves … and as they chanted they stroked me and teased me, my tits, my pussy, my arse. Fingers pushed into my mouth and I sucked them gratefully…I could feel my clit throbbing. Twenty thousand pounds too. This was wonderful… My hand slipped towards my pussy…

‘Not so fast, girl…’ And then I was gripped and held down.

‘Do you accept the rite of the Brotherhood of Rejuvenators?’

I had learned the script. I had been given it in advance. ‘I do Masters.’

‘Do you accept all cocks, arse, mouth and pussy?’

‘I do masters.’

‘Do you spit or swallow?’

‘Oh, it is my pleasure always to swallow, masters.’

Are your teats ours for pleasure?’

‘Oh yes, master..’

‘Milk your teats girl…’

I knew how to do it with one hand. If you work my teats enough, kocaeli sınırsız escort you get really good at it. And the more you stimulate it, the easier it gets. And so, as they watched me I squeezed and worked my teats till I could squirt little jets of fluid, and the grogerous drawing feeling of it inside my nipples was firing my clit

‘It begins. Inform the great high priest…’

‘The milk of rejuvenation is ours!’

A cheer went up and they gathered around me. A hood was put over my head. I struggled, but it was loose, I could breathe, I just couldn’t see…

And heaven began. Two mouths, two, one on each tit, my fat, swollen, already bruised tits had mouths on them at last, suckling, pulling, tweaking, kneading, and I could feel the let-down reflex and the milk begin to flow, could heard them swallowing as they feasted and laughed and took turns on me…

‘Oh my god masters that’s so good…’

Feasting and sucking, chewing and gobbling, I was at last being used and played with, I was at last being given pleasure for what I am…

I heard one of them ordering the others

‘Oh yes, oh suck those tits, that’s it, suckle her, pull her, knead me…

As I moaned and writhed they forced me down they fed from me, chewing and suckling like babies as I whimpered and moaned. There’s quite a lot when my tits get going, and I knew it wouldn’t run out, so when they stopped I begged them to carry on.

My G spot was contracting with joy, my orgasm building, I wanted it to go on and on…

‘Please suck my tits, I am yours oh masters…’

Fingers on my pussy, gently touching, ticking, I spread my legs and shuddered and begged

‘Oh please, oh please…’

And then a new voice. ‘The time is come. Midnight approaches…’

‘Welcome oh might necromancer, welcome of priest of the cock… The girl is primed…’

The suckling began again, forceful, hungry, I shuddered and moaned as they drank from me, and now, as they feasted, my legs were parted, and a small, hesitant cock nosed into me, pushed my pussy lips apart and started the slow delicious entry into my sheath.

I could hear, somewhere, a clock striking twelve as I felt it push into me. As he entered my tight wet pussy the mouths used my teats ever more roughly. Deep inside me the ridged tissues of my front vaginal wall resisted and gripped, and the short fat cock swelled like a horny dick should swell and he started to move, rubbing the wall rubbing my cunt, fucking me as my tits fed the rough hungry mouths, I arched and moaned, and as I opened my mouth it too was used, another cock entering my supplicant lips, and I too began to feed and feast and moan.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it was, the chanting, the lust, the feasting on my tits, the pistoning cocks roughing and plunging in and out of my tight pussy I was lost to cock and fuck, my pussy and my mouth delighted by the taste and feeling of fat cockheads and slim shafts. My tits, fired and horny, send urgent pulsating signals to my fat horny clit. As they drain you it kind of pulls inside your tits, a sort of aching, glorious sensation that flows through the nipples, into the sucking greedy mouths. They were feasting hard and hungry, they would keep going till they had taken every drop.

One after another they sucked me and fucked me as the high priests fed, kneading and milking and grunting. I loved it. I loved the first moment as a new cock spread me, the sense entering, the feel of the walls parting the feel of a fat cockhead finding a warm safe place in me, the slow thrusts, the increasingly hard and swollen and grunting fuckings, the banging, the screaming, the swelling…

A beautiful rhythm had begun. No-one had cum yet, there was no cum in me at all, but I was wet, and swollen and ready…throbbing and arching, moving my hips, begging for more whenever a cock left my lips…

And then they stopped.

‘Lord of light we have drunk from the milk of life…’

‘Then she must drink from us. It is right…’

And now a cock again in my mouth, and I was on all fours, feasting on it, pleasuring it, fingering the ass I couldn’t see as it swelled and strained and burst its lovely cum into my mouth, and I sucked and moaned and took every drop as they applauded quietly

‘Master she begins her reward…’

‘Let the fucking begin.’

I was slightly astonished, having through the fucking had already begun, but there was a surprise in store for me. They rolled me onto my back and took off my hood.

I was spread-eagled, naked, tits throbbing, pussy aching and he stepped forward, his proud erect penis wet and shining. It was enormous, fat and long and dark, he was of African descent and he had the kind of cock you see in porn. They were holding my legs wide apart and I was trembling, shaking, ready, my face as mask of lust.

‘Fuck me, oh fuck me Lord…’

God my clitoris, that fat bulge between a lilac hood, swelled like a cherry, exposed and greedy. I felt it izmit anal yapan escort roll beneath his questing glans as the beautiful, fabulous black dick stroked and probed at me, over and over and over, stroking it, pushing it, slipping over it so that it bobbed to the left and the right as if it were on elastic.

Images of fucking and forcing filled my head, I moaned. I thought if I write this down and anyone likes the sound of this clit, my clit, perhaps they too would play with it. I love the feel of a cock teasing it, if a man would like to play with it, well… life is experience. I would love to feel your cock, your tongue, your fingers. What could you do to me?

‘Oh masters, oh masters, fuck me now…’

My pussy heated. A finger slid between my thighs and probed my pussy lips apart, tickling at the entrance to my vagina.

Two fingers slid inside me, and began to play, deep, fumbling, pushing, prodding, feeling, spreading, stirring…

‘Oh God that’s good, oh master finger me, and I will be your slave… Please master, let me serve…’

There were murmurs of appreciation, and two elderly men stepped out from the ring, one white and one black. They were portly, short erect cocks almost hidden by their bellies… But they were strong as they pushed my shoulders down into the table and lowered their mouths to my aching tits. Two mouths latched me, two nipples drawn simultaneously, rough and gloriously sore, together, began into two grunting suckling mouths.

And then the black man put his knee between my thighs.

I watched in fascination as the, fat, velvet black head of his knob headed into the space between my legs, and then I felt it, pushing at me, hot and slippery.

I was aching. I waited for the push, the parting of my tissues, the spreading of me as he sank in but no, the beautiful hot cock just nosed between my labia then started to rub, rhythmically, up and down over the swollen knob of my clitoris.

I came alight. I thrust my pelvis in the air towards the huge round cockhead, I arched and begged, I reached for something, anything to suck, but they held me down, and I writhed with arousal and hunger at the same time.

‘Please, oh God please do it to me…’

More appreciation, and the rhythmic sucking grew rougher, but it wasn’t topping, not any time yet. The stroking cockhead was wanking me now, masturbating my fat clitoris to glory. I fought to hold onto my orgasm, I wanted to last, but he was working me, pleasing me, toying with me…

I became aware of chanting, and all the men were circling me now, all of them naked. An array of cocks, large, small, glistening, beautiful. Vaguely I wondered how many had already fucedk me, but I couldn’t think vaguely any more, my clitoris bulging and throbbing as the probing cockhead entered me just a little way, parted my lips, played and tickled inside me…

My orgasm took me and shook me like a rag doll. I cried and shuddered and shook as I came, two old men feeding off my tits and the African dick barely inside me. I roared my pleasure and a quiet, low cheer went up as hands were lifting me… Turning me… I was on my face…

No please, I want to see…

There was chanting. Fuck her lord, fuck her lord, fuck her…

I couldn’t see what was happening. I struggled. I tried to twist…

Fingers probed me open, he was poised at my entrance…

Feed, girl, and fee hungrily and well…

One of the old men presenting his fat hard member to my lips. I sank obediently onto it like a baby on the bottle, taking him deep into my throat and relaxing onto him as I began to feast.

Oh yes, he said as I pleasured him, she is working hard. She is earning the ceremony… the Gods will smile

I was aware of men lined up to taste me, tongues flickering, as I worked his cock. I pleasured his shaft, teased his cockhead, slaked my lust with fast feasting work, whimpering and begging as I served him, feeling his pleasure as he tightened, shuddered and spurted his creamy cum into my mouth as the giant black cock still played with my pussy, stroking my inflamed clit…

All around me voices were urging me on as my legs were spread and then the cock was gone and I could feel a long fat tongue, caressing me, fucking me, probing me, tickling at my sensitive labia, entering the hungry vestibule of my dark sheath. Little spasms shook me, and I tried to grip the tongue with the muscles of my pussy, but it was slippery, fast and teasing.

I sucked and rubbed and coaxed the cock in front of me, and as he started to shudder and spasm I heard the clock strike again.

It is time, said a voice. The priestess will be now fucked by our Lord…all give thanks!

Chanting began again, ‘thanks be to Agarok, thanks be to Badin, thanks be to Agarok…’

I had no idea who Agarok and Badin were, but I hoped they had big cocks…

Oh God yes…please fuck your slave, masters, it is my pleasure to be the receptacle for your glorious pricks…

I was on my back again and a huge, fat man of about sixty stood over me. He had taken off his hood, but he was wearing an eye patch. He was totally bald, and he looked like a pirate. In front of him was the hugest cock I had ever seen. There had been nothing like this on the porn films I had watched. I stared at it in fascination

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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