In a Rush to Get Back Home

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She leaned back in the train seat and glanced over at the man sitting next to her. They’d had an interesting day sight-seeing but the train ride back was dragging slightly despite the beautiful countryside she could see from the window. She reached in her handbag pulled out her compact and checked her face in the mirror. She powdered her nose, a wonderfully quaint term. Taking out the lip pencil she redrew the red outline around her lips more firmly before filling it in with lipstick. She pushed her lips together to even out the colour before pouting to admire the effect.

She checked her watch and smiled over at him licking her lips just slightly. She’d been slightly disappointed when despite a number of opportunities to avail themselves of quiet corners in the old buildings he had just smiled at her and moved on. This despite her promise to wear no panties, not today, in fact never when they were together. The outfit, the skirt, boots and hold ups could have been entirely designed to provide ease of access but much good it had done her. She had flirted, her conversation littered with innuendos but still nothing in response.

“So what are we going to do this evening,” she asked him raising her eyebrow slightly.

“I’m not sure,” he said, not a flicker of taking the bait.

Well that one clearly hadn’t worked either and she pouted slightly pulling her phone from her bag. Then she smiled slightly a thought occurring to her and began to tap away on the screen.

“I want you,” she tapped in that line they used so often, hit send and grinned.

A moment later he reached into his pocket and she looked innocently at him as he opened the phone.

“Anything, um, important?” she enquired.

“Not really,” he said deadpan.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she whispered under her breath to herself, “what the hell do I have to do?”

Seconds later her phone vibrated and she checked out the screen.

“Where and when?” it read.

She smiled at him wondering at how he managed to give so little away.

“You know I was just thinking of that Martini advert,” she said conversationally. “The one with Joan Collins, do you remember?”

“No,” came back his terse reply.

“Anytime, anyplace, anywhere!” she typed in and hit send on the phone.

“We will be in the city any moment now,” he said glancing down at his phone just a flicker of response this time.

The train pulled into the station and she followed him down the platform cursing the fact that there kırklareli escort was at least twenty minutes walk back to the hotel still to go. When he headed straight for the taxi’s she grinned, delighted that he was clearly in more of a rush than she had thought.

She sat back in the seat of the cab only half listening as he directed the driver by the quickest route, her mind focused on when they got back. She had really wanted him to fuck her all day long. The day had been pleasant enough and interesting but there really were more important things. She wriggled a little on the seat feeling her bare ass sticking to her skirt and she knew the tops of her hold ups were already wet from her pussy which was growing damper as her mind wandered. They left the cab at the corner to save waiting for it to work its way slowly round the one way system in the traffic and headed off at a brisk pace up the side street on the two minute walk to the hotel.

Her mind was on were on what would happen when they got inside the room and whether he would push her up against the wall and fuck her right there clothes still on like he had done the day before. She was startled out of her thoughts when he spoke to someone else. She glanced up and found herself being introduced to another man who was passing.

“Fuck me, or rather not fuck me,” she said under her breath to herself as the two struck up a conversation. “I don’t believe this.”

She tried to smile pleasantly at the other guy as they both chatted away about people, places and things she knew nothing of as she stood there horny and increasingly frustrated. The conversation seemed endless and she couldn’t even pretend to join in given the subjects. She felt the roughness of the skirt against her ass as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other and wriggled her thighs together wondering when they were going to stop talking. Finally after what seemed like half an hour although it was probably only five minutes they said their goodbyes, not a moment too soon.

“Nice to meet you,” she’d said to his friend smiling at him as they parted though she meant anything but!

They headed down the street, walking faster now, keen not to have any other distractions. Within a minute or so they reached the hotel and quickly headed up to the room.

“Why did that have to happen then,” she laughed, frustrated and annoyed, pushing the door closed quickly behind them.

“Rotten luck,” he replied and held her head tight kırşehir escort in his hands whilst he kissed her hard then running his hands up her back and tugging on her hair.

They moved into the bedroom and she pulled off her few clothes and boots quickly leaving just the hold ups in place. She watched him strip his suit off and they fell onto the bed , their hands roving over each others bodies as they kissed passionately.

“Well let me make it up to you now,” he said huskily. “Time for you to have something you told me you wanted.”

He slid his hand down between her legs, massaging her clit and slid a couple of fingers into her oily wetness.

“Oh fuck yes,” she moaned feeling him working them inside her that sensation of being full that she’d been longing for all day.

He moved his fingers rubbing her G spot, adding a third as his thumb worked away on her clit and his little finger grazed her asshole. She arched her back, pushing herself harder against his hand trying to pull him deeper. He added his fourth finger and she cried out feeling his knuckles stretching her, painful and yet still on some level still just pleasurable all at the same time.

“No,” she moaned, “too much. You can’t it hurts too much, I can’t do it,” she started to pull away from him as she realised he planned to fist her.

“Oh you can,” he murmured, “I know how much you want to do this, it is your fantasy and I’m not stopping now. Just go with it and trust me.”

He massaged her clit and as the pain eased off she started to gasp and push back against him. Sensations flowing out from her clit and the amazing feeling of his fingers inside her working her G Spot making her gasp and moan.

She cried out as he pushed his whole hand into her, the pain excruciating but quickly replaced with other more pleasurable sensations as he started to move it inside her hitting sensitive spots. She felt so incredibly full, possessed, taken and controlled, as if she wasn’t the mistress of her own body any longer. With every movement it felt as though his fingers were working magic. She had no idea exactly what he was doing she kept experiencing new feelings welling up inside her body as waves of pleasure rolled over her.

“Fuck yes,” she cried out as he worked his hand in and out of her and she began to pant, her breathing growing ragged.

Within moments she started to come feeling sensations flooding over her and she cried out again and again until he put his hand over kızılay escort her mouth to quieten her and withdrew his hand from her body.

“Well you got your fantasy, to be fisted,” he murmured in her ear. “Did it live up to your expectations? I was inside you right up to here,” he pointed to his wrist.

She rolled against him and buried her head against his chest still shaking. He pushed her chin back and looked at her bringing his hand still covered in her juices to her mouth.

“See how wet you were,” he told her, “taste yourself.”

She took his fingers in her mouth and sucked on them greedily, licking them clean of herself.

“Now it is my turn,” he said. “Suck me.”

She slid down the bed planting kisses on his stomach and ran her tongue over his hard cock. Sliding between his legs so he could watch her she took the head into her mouth and flicked her tongue over it, teasing the spot he liked best. Sliding her head further she took as much as she could into her mouth feeling the head pushing against the soft inside of her cheek and she worked her mouth up and down.

“Oh yes, that is good,” he murmured admiring the red lips as they worked his cock, leaving traces of lipstick on it.

She sucked harder on his cock feeling it jump in response to her efforts and teased his balls with her fingernails. She flicked her tongue repeatedly working the sensitive spot as he watched her sucking him, her full breasts jiggling with the motion.

“I want to watch you to swallow me,” he told her and pushing her away rolled onto his side and took his cock in his hand and began to wank. “Open your mouth like a good girl I know you love to taste my come.”

He admired her naked body, head back, waiting, black mascara smudged under her eyes and red lipstick smeared around her mouth by his cock. He came hard, shooting it into her mouth and watched her swallow it, running her tongue over her red lips to capture every drop.

“Clean me,” he told her.

She bent her head back to him taking his cock in her mouth and licking and sucking the remnants of his come from him as he took her head in his hands holding her there. Releasing her he pulled her up against him and she turned nestling his cock against her ass and he wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her breasts flicking her nipples with his fingertips.

“Well was it worth waiting for?” he enquired smiling.

“Oh yes, it was, the reality was definitely better than the fantasy.” She laughed and snuggled closer wiggling her butt against him, “but next time lets play it safe and take the taxi right to the door.”

“You are such a slut,” he said smiling at her, “but I love you for it.”

Authors Note – Inspired by a day out and the long journey home.

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