Incipient Priapism

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I like having sex. I make no excuses for it. It’s me and that’s what I like. Why shouldn’t I? It’s a fun activity. Fortunately my wife also enjoys sex and we’ve had a lot of good times together.

On this particular day I’d become rather horny during the morning. Probably due to the warm spring weather and all the young women wearing sun-dresses and looking mighty fine.

Now, by chance, I was working on a building site fairly close to home, so come lunchtime I hopped in my car and me and my erection went looking for a little fun. I knew Katy had no plans for the day so I was sure she’d be up for a quick break to the usual routine.

It turned out I should have phoned ahead. When I got there, Katy’s car was in the garage, but no Katy. I wandered through the house checking but she just wasn’t home. Maybe she was visiting a neighbour.

I called her mobile, but no answer. I was starting to feel a little concerned. Then there came a knock on the front door and a voice calling out and Caitlin and Michelle came bustling in. Caitlin lived next door and she was a lovely young thing. I wouldn’t mind making a pass at her, but wasn’t sure how she’d react. I wouldn’t want to spoil her friendship with Katy, after all. Michelle was another mutual friend of Katy and Caitlin.

“Hi, Nick,” said Caitlin. “We thought you’d be wondering where Katy was so we came over to tell you.”

“I was wondering,” I admitted. “Her car here and her not is rather unusual, and I can’t raise her on the phone.”

“She probably has it switched off while she’s in the hospital,” volunteered Michelle.

Seeing the look on my face Caitlin hurried to explain.

“No, no. There’s nothing wrong with her. It’s Brenda. She went into labour and Katy’s gone with her to the hospital because Jack is interstate. Katy insisted on using Brenda’s car, because she said if Brenda’s water broke or she delivered in the car it wasn’t going to be her car that got messed up. She’ll probably stay with Brenda until the baby comes and that may be hours.”

My frustration at seeing my midday nooky slipping away must have shown on my face. Caitlin was quite concerned.

“Um, you see a little concerned. Is there a problem? Maybe we can help.”

“Ah, yes,” I admitted. “I do have a little problem that I was expecting Katy to help me with. Now I’m not sure what to do.”

“Well if you explain the problem, maybe we could help.”

I laughed.

“Kind of you to offer, but I don’t think you realise the type of problem I have.” Acute horniness, but I couldn’t really tell them that. “I, ah, have this potential medical problem and it needs to be treated as quickly as possible. I, ah, I get these bouts of Incipient Priapism every so often. One started up this morning and I was looking for Katy to treat it.”

Caitlin was totally clueless as to what Incipient Priapism might be, but Michelle apparently recognised the term Priapism. She flashed a look at my groin and my erection was probably noticeable if you were looking.

Caitlin, bless her tender heart, wasn’t worried about expressing her ignorance. If she didn’t know something, she asked.

“Um, pardon my ignorance, but just what is Incipient Priapism?”

“Ah, this is a little embarrassing to explain,” I hedged.

“Oh, don’t be embarrassed. It’s not as though it’s your fault, and maybe we can help.”

“OK, but I warned you. You know how men can get an erection, and if they ignore it, it just goes away again? Happens to everyone. A case of use it or lose it. Unfortunately, with Incipient Priapism the damn thing doesn’t go away. There is some sort of blockage caused by pressure of the gonads against the base of the shaft, preventing blood from draining back out of the erection, so it can’t subside.

Blood keeps seeping teen porno into the penis, causing it to keep swelling and become very painful. If not treated as soon as possible through natural means it could mean a trip to hospital, as the Incipient Priapism turns into Priapism proper, which could require surgery to repair the problem.”

Caitlin blushed. “Oh. It sounds painful.”

“Not yet, but it could get so if I can’t contact Katy for some assistance.”

“Well, what does the treatment involve to resolve the problem?” asked Caitlin, quite innocently.

“God, you’re dense at times, Caitlin,” Michelle chimed in. “He just told you, if you’d been listening. Stop and think. How does a man’s wife help reduce her husband’s erection?”

Caitlin looked puzzled for a moment and then twigged. “Oh,” she said, blushing.

“Precisely, so unless the pair of you are willing to lose your panties in a good cause I don’t think you can really help.”

“The pair of us?” asked Michelle delicately.

I shrugged.

“The pair of you. While I can keep, ah, entertaining Katy, until the matter is resolved because she’s used to it, it would be a bit rough if just one of you tried to keep up with me.”

“Hmm,” said Michelle. “I think it would only be the right thing for us to do to come to your assistance. Don’t you, Caitlin?”

Caitlin nodded, but she didn’t look nearly so sure.

“So, now that that’s settled, why not show us what the exact problem is.”

Make or break time. I still figured that there was a good chance that Caitlin would be out the door real fast once my trousers dropped. I unzipped and modestly produced my erection. Michelle eyed it with appreciation. A touch of the tart in her. Caitlin eyed it rather nervously, wondering what she’d got herself into.

“Oh, my,” murmured Michelle. “I can see why you wouldn’t want it growing any larger. We’d better start your treatment right away.”

For her it was easy she had on a short dress and it was easy to just drop her panties. Caitlin, on the other hand, was wearing yoga pants, and while they looked terrific on her it was plain she was going to be nervous about taking them off and standing there half naked. I didn’t even suggest that she should.

I suggested that they bend over the arm of the couch and we’d see what developed. If you change your mind I will quite understand, I assured them. Or assured Caitlin, anyway. I suspected you’d have had to drag Michelle out, kicking and screaming.

Michelle coaxed Caitlin into position and I came up behind them. I took it slowly with Caitlin, rubbing her bottom lightly for a while before letting my hand trespass between her legs. She gasped a little but didn’t protest, even shifting her legs slightly to allow better access.

Michelle on the other hand – when she bent forward she also flipped her dress up, showing all. My hand closed on her pussy and I started manipulating her with no hesitation.

I could feel Caitlin was warming up. She was breathing harder and I could feel the heat emanating from her mound. I switched my full attention to her. Taking hold of her yoga pants I slowly lowered them, pulling them down and over her bottom, making sure I took her panties with them.

I half expected her to make a break for it, but apart from some nervous trembling when my hand closed over her bare pussy, she stood firm. Michelle had straightened and was watching, a smirk on her face. I eased apart Caitlin’s lips and let the head of my cock rest there. Stretching them a little more, my cock moved inside her and I let her lips close around me.

She was hot and wet and tight and nervous. I eased into her very slowly, taking my time and sinking deeper and deeper. There’d been a moment of resistance as I started, but the travesti porno slow easy pace was relaxing her, letting her yield gracefully, not feeling rushed into something.

Once I was in her I continued the slow and gentle treatment, just sliding softly in and out. My hands were on her hips, helping to guide her, encouraging her to move with me. While I would have liked to have played with her breasts, not this time, I decided.

I continued to gently ravish Caitlin, sliding slowly in and out, taking my time and building her excitement without making her feel rushed. An odd whim of Mother Nature lets me take my time in sexual matters when I want to. I wasn’t going to climax until I was good and ready to, and I had some interesting work to get through first.

I loved the slow and gentle feel of Caitlin rubbing against my cock. She was breathing hard and making funny little noises and I could see that it wouldn’t be too much longer and she’d be climaxing. I didn’t hurry it, just letting it occur naturally, even though she was getting a little restless towards the end, wanting more decisive action. Then she was wailing and shuddering as her climax washed over her, writhing with the force of it.

Caitlin slumped over the end of the couch and I turned to Michelle, indicating she should bend over again. She gave me an amused look and did so, waiting her turn.

Michelle was a completely different type of character to Caitlin. She may have thought that slow and gentle was my normal behaviour, but it’s not. I’m willing to adapt to what is required. I already knew that Michelle was hot and wet, willing and eager, and I just lined up and drove in hard. I took her by surprise and she gave a startled squawk as I drove home.

With me full inside her I demanded that she undo her bra. She hurried to do so and my hand closed around her lovely globes. Then I went to town. I hammered her pussy, hard and fast. Michelle gave a couple of squeals at the start but then managed to adjust and then she was bouncing off my cock in fine style.

Where I had coaxed Caitlin along to her climax, I drove Michele. My cock was a whip, impelling her forward, urging her to make haste, forcing a response out of her. At the same time my hands were mauling her breasts, treating them roughly, and she was lapping it up.

I became aware that Caitlin had aroused herself from the after effects of her little climax and was staring at us in shock. She hadn’t thought to pull up her yoga pants and she looked awfully cute with them bunched below her knees, her charms on display. I took a moment to wink at her.

“Take of the rest of your clothes, love,” I told her. “I’ll be back with you shortly.”

She blushed and looked faintly scandalised, but I noticed that she was also getting undressed. Slowly and nervously, maybe, but stripping anyway.

I turned my attention back to Michelle. I’d only been taking her for about half the time I spent on Caitlin but she was already rising toward a climax. I hammered her harder and harder, driving in with great big strokes that shook her every time I slammed home. She was squealing and squeaking at such a rate that she almost sounded as though she was yodelling.

Then she was flat out screaming as she climaxed, yelling her head off. I would have to say a rather more intense climax than the one Caitlin had had.

Leaving Michelle draped over the couch I turned back to Caitlin. She was looking nervous again, not having really believed that I would be taking her again. I eased her back until she was leaning back against the couch, her arms behind her on the arm of the couch, supporting her.

She watched nervously as I moved her legs slightly further apart and eased forward until my erection was pressing firmly tricky masseur porno against her slit. I think she wanted to protest but would have felt like a fool doing so, after I had just had sex with her.

“I’m going to be a little more vigorous this time,” I told her, while my hands reached up to firmly cup her breasts.

“Not that vigorous,” I added, seeing her cast a furtive look at Michelle.

A look of relief crossed her face, followed by a look of surprise as I drove firmly into her. It was a lot more vigorous than the first time but nothing that she couldn’t handle. I squeezed her breasts in time to the thrusting of my cock into her.

Caitlin was looking down the length of her body to where I was driving into her, seeming fascinated by what was happening. She was humping her hips firmly up against me, matching me stroke for stroke. She was still aroused from the first little episode so it was child’s play to have her hovering on the edge of a climax once more. The trick now was to keep her hovering there while I enjoyed myself.

Michelle was recovered and watching us again, seeming surprised that I was still in action. I took a moment to tell her to finish stripping as I’d be with her soon. She looked amused and disbelieving, but started stripping anyway.

Caitlin was gasping and tossing her head about, wanting. She looked as though she wanted to plead for relief but wasn’t game as she didn’t know what I’d do. I showed her. A slightly harder drive and Caitlin was suddenly being pushed up and over the hump. She made a moaning sound and then just yielded to the climax that came crashing through her. A climax that was a lot more intense than her first one, I would guess.

I turned back to Michelle.

“Hands and knees,” I said firmly, pointing to the carpet.

She sank gracefully down, taking up the required position. I moved around behind her and knelt.

“Now let’s see how long you can last this time,” I murmured.

With that I drove into her again, very much in the same manner as the first time. She worked her hips with great enthusiasm, meeting my drives and pushing hard back against me. Again, it was a case of an aroused woman being further aroused, and her climax wasn’t far off right from the word go.

I didn’t try to delay it this time. I just let it wash over her, but I also didn’t stop having my fun. Michelle went to relax with her climax and gave an outraged squeal to find that I was still making hay. It took her a good half dozen strokes and some rude words before she was matching me again.

I was now prepared to let myself go. I managed to keep Michelle hovering on the brink of a third climax for a couple of minutes, but only a couple. She was too energetic to just take what I dished out and she came seeking her climax. So I relaxed and just let myself go.

I’d built up quite a tidy reservoir of seed, what with all the humping, and I let her have it all. I flooded her pussy, and with that first gush she screamed again and clamped down on my cock, determined to milk me dry.

When I pulled out Caitlin was watching me, eyes wide. She looked at my cock, and it was already starting to wilt.

“Oh. It looks like you’re OK, now,” she said, her voice a mixture of relief and disappointment. Relief that she didn’t have to have me take her a third time, I suspected, and disappointment for the same reason.

“Yes, I’m fine now,” I assured her. “I’m really grateful for you coming to my aid. It was a real charitable act.”

Caitlin was practically glowing with pride as she dressed. Michelle, on the other hand, seemed just a little suspicious about the whole thing. It’s a pity some people are so cynical.

I did remember to send Katy a message. It read something along the lines, ‘If asked, yes, I tend to get Incipient Priapism, but you know how to treat it and you’d rather not discuss it. I’ll explain later.’

Now I had only two problems. One, how to explain it to Katy and two, how to arrange it so that Caitlin would feel she needed to help me again.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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