Initiation: Fucked From Both Ends

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It started out innocently enough. I met him at the gym. Very hot ripped body. I had just finished an intense workout, and was now relaxing in the steam room, alone. I was naked with only a towel over my crotch.

I heard the door open and opened my eyes and saw HIM enter the steam room. God was he built, just like one of those gay porn stars you always fantasize about. I didn’t make it obvious, but I did check him out. I couldn’t find an inch of fat anywhere.

But I went back to relaxing. He sat about three feet away and relaxed on the tile seats. I am not sure how it happened but I opened my eyes and saw him looking at me with a rather evil predator’s looking smile on his face. He had no towel, but was massaging his cock, which was growing by the second.

I looked from his cock to his face and he raised his eyebrow, as if to ask me if I liked what I saw. I looked at the floor and probably blushed. He was still looking at me when he asked if I liked what I saw.

I was a little shocked, but thought what the hell, and so I said, “Yes.”

He said, “Good, because I have been admiring you since you started working out today.” He said that if I was interested we could have some fun. I said that this was a little too public for my tastes, and he laughed, and said that it was for him too. He said that if I was interested that I could join him sometime a more private workout.

He stressed the word ‘private’. I said sure, and he gave me his email and left without another word.

I finished relaxing in the steam room and then had a cold shower, got dressed and went home.

Then I got online and emailed him for more details…

After I received his reply, I read it twice to make sure that I had it all right, he said that he was into role playing, and that turned me on because I had never done that but was interested.

He wanted me to come to his house and act like I was lost and looking for directions. I was supposed to play it like I had never been with another guy, and had not even considered gay sex before.

I did as I was told and arrived on time. I rang the door bell, and there he was standing in front of me wearing a black leather harness around his upper body (kind of like a tank top), and tight leather chaps. He asked if he could help me, and I stuttered a minute taken aback by his clothing choice.

I snapped out of it and said that I was lost and needed to know what part of town I was in. He smiled at me with that familiar predator smile, and said that he could probably help me out. He asked me where I was trying to get to and I said the gym (where we had met).

He said that he knew it well but it was kind of hard to get there from here. He asked if it would be easier if he draw me a map, and write the directions down.

I said yes that would be great. He said to come on in, and that it would only take a second. I came in and he turned around and I noticed that the chaps he was wearing had no back to them and that he had nothing on under them. So I got another glimpse of his ass. As we were walking into his kitchen he looked over his shoulder and smirked at me again. He started to draw on a piece of paper.

I asked if I could use the rest room (I really needed to pee). He said sure and told me where it was. I went to pee. After I was through I came out and saw that the door across from the bathroom was open and there was someone in there. I thought it was him, so I walked inside. But it wasn’t him.

Oh my god was this guy just as hot as the one I had already met. He looked at me and said, “Hi, can I help you?” I was again stuttering casino siteleri because he was wearing the same kind of leather top, but other than that had on only a leather jock strap. I got my composure back and said that I was just getting directions to the gym.

He laughed and said that I was a little lost.

Then the other guy came in the room. He had the map and directions drawn out, and asked if there was anything else I needed. I said no and thanked him. He asked me how long I had worked out at that gym. I told him and we all made small talk for a minute or two.

Then he walked over to his friend in the jock strap and rubbed his crotch. He whispered something in his ear, and his friend laughed and said yes.

Then they both turned and faced me. He said that if I would like to work out tonight, that they could give me a much better one right here. I asked if they had their own equipment in their house. He laughed and said, “Not that kind of workout.”

I pretended to look confused. He just looked at me and rubbed his crotch. I made a look like I was surprised, and said that I was not gay. They looked at each other, and then back at me and the one that had invited me said that, “If you were going to leave, you would have already left.”

I said that I had to go, and he walked over to me and grabbed my crotch, which was now rock hard, and said, “It feels like you do want to work out here.”

I again made a look of shock on my face. He said to me, “We have ways to make you sweat, that are far more fun than going to the gym.” I looked at him and he smiled at me and his friend walked up to me and said, “Don’t worry; you’re going to love this.”

At that he pushed me to my knees and shoved my face into his friend’s leather clad crotch. He told me, “Lick that cock, you little bitch!” I was so turned on by that point that I completely forgot about the role playing and I went to town licking all over the mound in his chaps.

He had me go all over it. Then he asked me if I liked it and I said yes. He said, “Good, now lick this!” turning his friend in the jockstrap around exposing his bare ass. He pushed my face into his smooth ass cheeks and told me, “Start eating a little ass boy.”

I licked all over his hole, and then spread his cheeks and licked deep inside his hole. I darted my tongue in and out of his now quivering hole.

His friend was breathing hard and moaning. I heard him say, “Looks like we found ourselves a keeper.” I kept eating ass while his friend walked around and started undressing me, telling me to keep my face in that ass. He removed all of my lower clothing, socks and all. Then lifted me onto my feet and removed my shirt. He then said, “Good boy, now get back where you belong!”

I got back on my knees, and they both removed their cocks, and told me to suck them good. I began sucking them in intervals, going from one to the other. Then they held my head and put both cocks in my mouth at the same time and started to pump my mouth like pistons. I was so turned on by all of this that I was leaking precum. Then they picked me up to my feet again, and lead me over to a saw horse-looking thing, but it was clad in leather and padded. It had a place for my knees to go and for my hands.

So I was now on my hands and knees on the saw horse, with my ass in the air. Then I felt one of them spread my ass cheeks and start licking my hole, I felt his tongue darting in and out of my ass. Then other one walked in front of me and put his cock in my face and said, “What are you waiting for you cock sucker? Do your job!”

I began sucking slot oyna him off again.

I am not sure how long I stayed sucking him off, while his friend rimmed my ass, but I was in heaven. He started to moan and grunt then he grabbed the sides of my head and held my there while he started to cum a lot into my mouth. Since he was so far in, it all went right down my throat, but he stayed hard, even after he stopped cumming. He looked down at me and said, “Keep sucking you cum slut, I’m just getting started!”

Then I felt his friend stop and I felt his cock slap up against my ass cheeks. He said, “Now I get to see how this ass really feels.” With that he plunged the whole thing up my hole. The force of it drove me deeper onto the cock in my mouth. Then they started up a rhythm, fucking both my mouth and my ass.

I had never done this before so I was really enjoying it. They fucked me for what seemed like hours, might have been too. They started to really pick the pace and going faster and faster, and also deeper and deeper. I didn’t even know it but my cock started spraying cum all over the saw horse I was on. And no one had even touched it.

The act of me cumming liked that made me suck in harder and made my sphincter close tighter. Both guys moaned loudly and both pushed deep inside of me from both ends and blasted their cum all over my insides. They left their cocks in me while I milked the cock in my mouth with my tongue and lips, and milked the cock in my ass with my ass muscles.

They both shuddered and pulled out of both ends. We were all panting at this point. I collapsed on the saw horse, from exhaustion and pleasure. The one who had drained his cock in my ass, wiped off his cock and tidied his crotch. I was regaining my breath and strength when they helped me to my feet. Then dumped me unceremoniously to the floor.

I was kneeling and still panting. They were both standing in front of me now, with their cocks in my face. I looked up at them with half shut eyes. They were stroking their flaccid cocks. Apparently we were not done yet. One grabbed my chin and guided me to their cocks. They told me to open up. I took their cocks back into my mouth and began to suck them both. I had never sucked two cocks at once before, so it took me a few seconds to get the proper method down.

I began to go from one cock to the other and really worked them over. I was enjoying the submission. Then with both cocks back in my mouth I worked them both. They each had a hand on my head and they started to pump their cocks into my mouth. I was really getting the hang of giving a double blow job, and judging by their moans they were enjoying it too. They began to get hard again in my mouth. I could hear them kissing. Then one of them said it was his turn to try my ass.

He withdrew his cock and walked around me. I felt his finger probing my asshole. I heard him say, “Mmm, I do love sloppy seconds. His ass is full of cum.” He then raised my ass into the air, so that I was now standing, bent over with one hard cock in my mouth and my ass ready for more. He then grabbed my hips and plunged his now hard cock all the way into my asshole. I heard a squishing sound as he went ball deep into me.

The force of the ass fuck slammed my face into the other guy’s crotch, and forced the cock deep into my throat. But I didn’t gag. I was still spent from the first double fuck, so I just had the energy to suck one cock and take what the other guy gave me. The one fucking my ass really knew how to work an asshole. He kept a firm grip on my hips and would pull me back into him as he would push his cock deep canlı casino siteleri into me.

He was hitting me prostate wonderfully. I felt my cock harden again. My knees were shaking as I was once again double teamed. I was in pure pleasure. The one fucking my ass would occasionally pull his cock all the way out and then plunge back into my asshole. Again driving my face into his partner’s crotch.

I worked the cock in my mouth all the way to his nuts. I was able to take his cock deep into my throat. I noticed that I apparently had no gag reflex. I then experimented with using my throat muscles to swallow, massaging his cock. The guy seemed to really enjoy that feeling. I heard him shout, “Holy fuck! Now that is nice. Take that cock. Swallow it whole.” He then described to the one fucking my ass, exactly what I was doing.

The one fucking my asshole laughed and said, “I guess he really is a cock whore. We may just have to keep this one to ourselves.” The other one said, “No, I think l broadening his horizons would be hot. Plus he will always know who turned him out.” He then grabbed my chin and made me look at him, not an easy task when my asshole is being pounded mercilessly and I have a hard cock in my throat.

He looked at me with a smirk and asked, “Won’t you boy?” I was of course unable to speak with my mouth full, so I just mumbled an affirmative “MMM HMM.”

The one behind me started to pick up even more speed slamming my ass. I knew he wouldn’t last much longer, so I began to push back into him and clinch my ass muscles. I also doubled my efforts sucking the cock in my mouth. They both started to moan and groan louder. They would call me names and egg each other on.

I just took what they gave me, knowing that very soon I would have another two loads of hot cum inside me. The cock in my mouth began to twitch and jerk. The guy had a hold of my head and jammed it all the way into my throat. I again started to massage the cock my swallowing. This action sent him over the edge and he began to shoot his load down my throat.

I swallowed all his cum and worked my tongue to milk his cock. I felt his knees buckle slightly and he began to shake as he sent his seed into my willing throat. He then withdrew his cock to the cockhead and had me suck the remaining juices from his cock. The one fucking my ass really enjoyed the show, but enjoyed fucking my asshole more. He then picked up his speed and depth.

My whole body was being pushed by his thrusts, and it took all I had to stay standing and keep my balance. Then in one final thrust he slammed all the way inside me and began to cum. I felt spurt after spurt of his hot cum coat my insides. I really enjoyed the feeling of the warm seed inside my ass. I worked his cock again with my ass muscles, desperate to get all his cum inside me. No sense letting it go to waste.

My cock was still hard and I was not going to make a move to stroke myself.

They then both pulled out and again tidied themselves up. I finally collapsed onto the floor on my knees. I had the good sense to keep my asshole clinched. I didn’t want the two loads of cum to leak out. I wanted that in me as long as I could keep it there.

The one who invited me over asked if I had a good work out. I was still out of breath, but was able to gasp out a “yes.” They laughed.

They said that they had both seen me in the gym, and had decided that they had to have me. I told them that they surely got what they wanted.

They agreed and asked me if I would like to come over and workout with them again.

I thought about it for a fraction of a second before I said yes. They said ‘good’ and told me that they belonged to a gay men’s leather group that meets in their house at least once a month, and that they had just gotten an new member—me!

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