Instant Surrender

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They had met once, briefly, in the back shadows of the club. They had talked online and on the phone. His voice! She craved the power and energy he contained in his voice. She got to the hotel early, knowing if her friends knew she was meeting him here they would be upset with her. It just felt right and they had met once, and had mutual friends. He wasn’t a real stranger.

His car pulled in. She had blocked the door open downstairs as she was told. She saw him get out of his car with a few bags. He looked great. The dark jeans show his wonderful ass, not the ass a man his age should still have. His long hair flowing against the deep red shirt. He enters the hotel, and she rushes to her spot, blocking the door open, getting to her knees back to the door, blind fold on, and cuffs on.

She waits, hearing her heart beating faster as his slow and steady foot steps take their time approaching. She tries to will him to hurry up, as her skin beings to tingle as he approaches the door. He stops. Waits. She can hear him breathing. In her head she begs him to enter, to touch czech couples porno her, to take her.

Slowly the door open, almost silently. She can feel him get closer more than hear him. He brushes her shoulder as he walks past. The electricity flashes through her. She is instantly wet.

He grabs her hair, lifting her up. She follows his lead like they have danced together for years. He walks her slowly to the hallway. Presses her up against the wall. Leans into her. She can feel his breath, his heart beat racing, his manhood growing. He kicks her feet open and reaches beneath her skirt. Finding her with nothing on, wet, and open to him. He is pleased. He moans pleasingly into her ear as he buries 3 fingers in her instantly. Pushes the air right out of her, and pleasure right in. He laughs deeply, knowing he now owns her.

He removes his hand and lifts it to her mouth. She cleans herself off his hands greedily. Once his fingers are completely cleaned, he begins to undo the buttons on her blouse. On by one, slowly exposing her. Anyone czech estrogenolit porno can walk down the hallway at any moment. Once her shirt is open he lifts each breast gentle to rest above the bra. He quickly turns her and walks her away from the room. She walks reluctantly, scared of being caught. Then suddenly the cold glass of the window at the end is pressed against her. She is now exposed to all of the busy road going past. She begins to throb.

He takes her back to the hallway and against the wall again. His hands all over her. One on her chest, one between her legs. Not the normal exploring of a first time coupling. Each touch seemed to have a purpose. Each touch plunged her deeper into the warm darkness of pleasure. Suddenly both hands between her legs. Two fingers are deep in her. Triggering every pleasure point they can find. Sending shock wave after shockwave of heat thru her. His other hand so soft yet firm massaging her clit. His fingers know right where to go. Most men take a few meetings to find all these pleasure czech first video porno points. He seems to have a natural radar. Finding it very difficult to think any words at all, she just hopes she can please him so well. A third finger is slid into her ,and all thought is pushed right out. She no longer can feel the wall behind her, or the floor under her. All she can feel is what he is treating her with. Lifting her ass to him, she forgets she is in the hallway and just lets herself fell nothing but his hands.

“You may not enter my room until you cum.”

With that he puts a fourth finger in her. Her legs begin to quiver instantly. She starts moaning so loud someone is going to look out eventually. They may be peeping already. They idea they could all be in their door way jerking off, watching her get fucked with his hand deep inside her took her right to the edge. She begins to shake. He laughs, signaling her to cum, now. She lets go, lets the feeling rush over her, his energy flowing from his fingers, running through her like lightning bolts.

She collapses onto his arm, he supporting her as she falls to her knees. He leads her by the hair, her on her knees, into the room. He sits her on the floor and draped a blanket over her. He wraps himself around her, letting her breath catch up with her. He chuckles to himself.

“Ready to begin now?” he asks with a grin in his voice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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