Interage Intimacy Pt. 03

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Adriana Chechik

Jennifer stood by Sean’s desk, placing her books and notes back into her bag. Sean sat on the chair, looking down.

“So, um, are we going to talk about it?” He snuck a glance to catch her reaction.

Jennifer paused for a moment, staring at her bag. Then she continued packing.

“About what?” She kept a straight face.

“Uh-what… happened… you know, a couple nights ago.” Sean swallowed.

He remembered the taste of her lips and the smell of her hair. His thumb instinctively rubbed his knee as he remembered gliding his thumb over her small tit.

Jennifer blushed as she thought of the same thing.

Sean watched her cheeks turn red, and excitement stung at his chest.

“Or are we just going to forget about it?” he asked as he took her hand.

Sean brought Jennifer’s hand up to his lips and gave it a soft kiss. Then he kissed her wrist and moved his lips slowly up her arm. He stood up to kiss her shoulder, and she let out a light gasp as his lips sucked on her neck.

When he was done, Sean leaned in for a kiss. Jennifer flinched away at first, and Sean responded by backing away slightly to give her room, not wanting to rush into it.

Jennifer leaned back in and brushed her lips against Sean’s. After a few gentle brushes, she began to softly suck his lips. Sean responded by wrapping his arms around her and holding her tightly.

Their kissing became more passionate as Jennifer moaned into Sean’s lips and her hands wandered over his back, neck, and hair. He lifted her up and laid her down on the bed, their lips still stuck together.

Sean felt the butterflies in his stomach and the pounding in his chest as he relished every little smooch that Jennifer’s lips placed on his. He closed his eyes and leaned into her, not wanting to let go.

Jennifer had one leg propped up against Sean’s waist. He reached back and rubbed her thigh, feeling the fabric of her jeans on his skin. She responded by wrapping both legs around his waist. He felt the soles of her feet brushing against his calves.

When Sean finally gathered the willpower to pull his lips away from Jennifer’s, it was only to catch his breath and look at her blushing face. The air felt cold against his lips, which were wet with Jennifer’s saliva.

Her eyes were half closed, and she was breathing heavily. Sean brushed her hair aside so that he could look into her soft brown eyes. Jennifer bit her lip as she met his gaze.

Sean leaned in to kiss Jennifer’s bright-red cheek. As his lips found their way to her neck once again, he took in her soft, sweet smell.

Suddenly, he felt her hands push up against his chest. He lifted off, afraid he’d done something wrong.

“What is it?” Sean asked, concerned.

“We should take it slow.” Jennifer searched his eyes, hoping he wouldn’t be disappointed.

Sean smiled as he felt Jennifer’s warm body under him.

“We can go as slow as you want.” He grabbed her hands, locking their fingers together.

He slid her hands up along the bed until they were on either side of her head. Holding onto her tightly, he leaned in for a kiss.

“I can take you on a date… we can relax by the beach, with a nice bottle of wine.”

Jennifer giggled. “Sounds romantic. And expensive.”

“Anything for you.” Sean kissed her again.

He got off of her and lay on his back, his arm under her neck, wrapped around her shoulders. Jennifer rested her head against Sean’s shoulder and put a hand on his chest.

They drifted off to sleep, listening to each other breathe.


“So did you sleep with her?” Sarah lay naked on the bed, save for the black pantyhose on her legs.

Sean stood next to the bed with a t-shirt on and his pants around his ankles.

“Well, yeah, but not like that.” He tossed the square condom packaging onto the nightstand.

“The hell’s that supposed to mean?” Sarah took the condom from Sean’s hand.

Sean tilted his head back and groaned as Sarah rolled the condom onto his erect penis.

“I mean I literally slept with her. But we didn’t do it or anything,” he answered.

“Oh, that sucks.” Sarah grabbed a bottle of lube from the nightstand.

“Not really. I enjoyed it. I think we’re going on a date later.”

Sean put his hands behind his neck, letting his elbows hang down. He watched as Sarah rubbed the lube on his shaft, biting his lip and sighing with pleasure.

“Ooh, sounds romantic. You’re not getting soft on me, are you?” Sarah asked as she continued to massage Sean’s cock.

“This look soft to you?” Sean asked with a raised eyebrow.

Sarah looked up at him and smirked, making him throb in her hands. Then she turned around and got on all fours, her ass facing him.

Sean squeezed some lube onto Sarah’s anus and rubbed it around the rim with his thumb before pushing his forefinger in. Sarah moaned as he glided his finger in and out with a drilling motion.

When he felt it was smooth enough, he pulled his finger out and grabbed his hard cock.

“You should’ve let poker oyna me lick it first.” Sean stared longingly at Sarah’s moist asshole, hypnotized by its contractions.

“I thought it’d gross you out,” Sarah said with a chuckle. She turned to look back at Sean.

Sean met her gaze and bit his lip, smiling. He shook his head.

“Next time then.” Sarah winked at him before burying her face into the sheets.

“Fuck me, baby.” Her muffled voice compelled Sean to action.

Sean pushed the tip of his penis through Sarah’s butthole. It was a tight fit, but Sarah’s moans urged him on. He thrust the rest of his shaft into her. When he got hilt-deep, Sarah let out a yell and he felt her tighten around his rod.

“You know I’m gonna cum on your feet, right?” Sean watched Sarah’s toes curl through the thin, black fabric.

Sarah giggled. “I knew you’d like the pantyhose.”

Sean continued his thrusting, watching Sarah’s asshole twitch in rhythm with his shaft sliding in and out. Sarah’s loud moans almost covered the sound of her supple ass tapping against his pelvis.

Suddenly, Sarah collapsed forward as Sean pounded himself into her. Sean nearly fell on top of her, but flung his arms out and balanced himself on the bed. The feeling of Sean’s cock tapping her G-spot made Sarah’s knees weak. She slipped a little, widening her legs and lowering her pelvis. Now Sean’s cock was ramming down onto her, hitting her sweet spot even harder.

“Oh Sean, that’s the spot… right there… don’t stop! You’re gonna make me cum!”

Sarah screamed into the sheets as her whole body shook. She balanced herself on her knees as her legs rose up involuntarily, toes curled tight. A string of fluid dripped down from her slit.

“Oh fuck…”

Sean pulled out quickly and yanked the slimy condom off. He grabbed Sarah’s foot and jacked off on top of it, rubbing his tip on the fabric covering her sole. He moved the foot slightly forward to let her wiggling toes tease his frenulum.

When he couldn’t take it anymore, Sean released his load with a shivering moan. His cum launched off of Sarah’s sole, landing on her ass, thigh, and calf. The white strings of cum created a nice contrast with the black fabric.

“Oh, I can feel it all over my leg,” Sarah moaned, collapsing onto the bed.

“Fuck, that felt good.” Sean let out an exhausted sigh.

Sarah heard a camera shutter behind her, causing her to look back.

“You took a picture?” she asked sassily.

“It’s hot.” Sean shrugged.

“I better not end up on some porn site.”

“People like that stuff! But nah, this is just for me.” Sean dropped the phone onto the nightstand.

Sarah sighed and rolled her eyes at Sean’s immaturity. But her pulsing asshole, still raw from Sean’s rough fucking, prevented her from being angry at him.

Sean rolled the cum-soaked pantyhose off of Sarah’s leg and walked to the laundry. When he came back, he flopped onto the bed next to Sarah.

“Tsk. You’re gonna break my bed,” Sarah scolded.

“I think that’s bound to happen anyway.” Sean winked.

Sarah snorted. She just couldn’t hate him. She wrapped her arms around Sean and rested her head on his back.

“I was thinking if maybe I could borrow the wine,” Sean asked.

“For your hot date?” Sarah rested her chin on his shoulder.

“Yes, for my hot date.” Sean forced himself to play along with her probing.

“Tell you what. Pour me a glass, then you can have the rest.”

“Deal.” Sean slapped Sarah’s ass as he got up to go to the kitchen.

When he came back, Sarah was sitting upright, her back against the wall. A blanket covered her body, but her bare leg stuck out.

Sarah took a big gulp of the wine before handing the glass to Sean.

“We have to do that again.” She rested a hand on his thigh.

“I’m that good, huh?” Sean took a sip.

“Pfft, get over yourself.” Sarah took the glass from Sean and drank the rest.

She got up to put the empty glass on the nightstand, letting the blanket slide off her body.

“You staying the night?” she asked, her back to Sean.

“Yeah,” Sean replied while staring at her bare ass. As if he could walk away from that.

“What’d you tell your parents?” Sarah got back on the bed, kneeling next to Sean.

“That I was banging a hot MILF.”

“Oh! You-” Sarah threw a pillow at him.

“Oof! Kidding! I told them I was sleeping over at a friend’s house.”

“Gah, you’re such an ass.” Sarah lay on her side, her back facing Sean.

“You love my ass.” Sean fell behind her and wrapped his arms around.

“Shut the fuck up!” Sarah laughed and reached around to slap his ass.

Sarah was woken up by the sound of her phone vibrating. It was a text from her boss. At 2 AM.

‘Fucker,’ she mouthed to herself before turning the phone off.

The sound of Sean’s heavy breathing drew her back to the bed. He was sound asleep, the blanket covering just his crotch.

Sarah wrapped her arms and legs around Sean, nuzzling her canlı poker oyna face into his neck. He gave an absent moan as his hand landed on her arm. Sarah closed her eyes and cherished the feeling of a warm body next to her.


“You got kicked off the team for that?”

“Well, that, and maybe I sucked a little.”

“A little?” Jennifer raised an eyebrow.

“Okay, I sucked a lot,” Sean admitted.

Jennifer’s chin tickled Sean’s chest as she giggled.

“But to be fair, I-”

Jennifer’s lips cut him off. Sean closed his eyes and let her peck him with gentle kisses.

They lay on a towel on top of the sand, a bottle of wine at their feet. Sean was on his back, his head on his hands. Jennifer lay flat on her stomach with her arms crossed beneath her chest, propping her up.

She wore a black tank top and light blue short shorts. Sean was in a V-neck t-shirt and tan jeans with the legs rolled up to his shins.

Jennifer’s lips sent chills down his spine and through his legs, causing him to stretch his toes.

When their lips parted, Sean ogled Jennifer up and down. The darkness concealed most of her body, leaving a lot to his imagination.

Sean’s senses were in overload. His heart ached for her, but his crotch throbbed harder.

“We could go skinny dipping.” He glanced sideways, knowing it was a long shot.

“You wish.” Jennifer sat up and crossed her legs.

Sean reached for her hand and locked their fingers together, placing it on his chest.

“Slow and steady, remember?” Jennifer teased.

“Well, you could slooowly take your clothes off.” Sean winked.

Jennifer bit her lip. “You first.”

Sean sat up, his chest pounding in anticipation. He slid his shirt off and kept his eyes on Jennifer, gauging her reaction.

She snatched his shirt from his hands and took off towards the ocean.

“Aw, damn it! Jen!” Sean got up and chased after her.

When they reached the water, Sean grabbed her from behind and swung her around. Jennifer squealed in delight, her legs flailing wildly. He let her down with a splash.

“I think you have something of mine.” Sean reached for his shirt.

“Mm-mm.” Jennifer shook her head, keeping the shirt out of his reach.

Then she took it in both hands and wrapped it around his neck, drawing him to her. Sean’s hands roamed from Jennifer’s neck down to her ass as they kissed. The salty mist caressed their cheeks as the cold water washed over their feet.

Back on the towel, Sean’s phone lit up. ‘This milf needs you ;)’


“Who was it?”

“Uh, no one.” Sean put the phone back into his pocket.

Jennifer unlocked the door and stepped in. She turned around and bit her lip, looking at Sean.

“I had a great time.” Sean placed his hands on her waist.

“Me too.” Jennifer leaned in to give him a kiss.

“Listen, my friend is having a pool party tomorrow afternoon. You should come.” Her hands were still wrapped around Sean’s neck.

“Yeah, I’ll be there.” Sean brushed her hair behind her ear.

“Ok.” Jennifer traced her hands along the length of Sean’s arms until she reached his hands.

She gently removed them from her waist and placed them back at his side.

“I’ll see you.” She began to close the door.

Sean put a hand up while backing away. He caught one last glimpse of her body before the door shut.


Sarah’s phone vibrated and she snatched it from the nightstand. ‘Sorry, was busy.’

‘No prob. Fun night?’ she replied.

‘Yeah. Very.’

‘Good. Don’t wanna bother you then. G night.’


Sarah tapped on the picture next to Sean’s message to enlarge it. It was an image of Sean smiling brightly, his eyebrows raised slightly. She had taken it one night after they had sex. Sean was putting his clothes on when she got his attention: “Hey sexy.”

Sarah smiled to herself as she remembered how happy Sean was that she had called him that. She brushed her thumb along Sean’s face on the screen.

‘What am I doing?’ she thought. ‘I’m the one who told him to chase after that girl.’

‘Am I getting jealous?’ she threw her phone down in frustration.

Sarah grabbed the vibrator from her drawer and turned it on. She put it between her legs, not bothering to take her panties off. She kept her eyes open as she rubbed the toy along her slit, feeling it buzz against her labia. Nothing.

Sarah threw the vibrator back into her drawer with a disgusted sigh. She shut her eyes tight and waited impatiently for sleep to take hold.


The loud thumping of dance music assaulted Sean’s ears as he made his way through the packed house. All around him, people with red cups jumped up and down, shaking their heads back and forth.

As soon as he walked through the patio door into the backyard, it all faded away, leaving only the sound of splashing water and muttering conversations. The sun felt warm on his bare chest as he squinted at the sunlight.

“Sean!” internet casino A voice echoed in front of him.

When his vision adjusted, Sean saw Jennifer standing in front of him, wearing only a blue bikini. He barely had time to react to his first time seeing so much of her skin, before she took his hand and dragged him into the pool.

The water felt warm as the sun beat against his face. Sean brushed his hands up and down Jennifer’s torso, admiring her small but plump breasts. Suddenly, he saw a glint of silver on her belly beneath the water, making him lose his breath.

‘Can she get any sexier?’ he thought to himself.

“I didn’t know you had a belly button ring.” Sean teased Jennifer’s belly button with his thumb, feeling the cold piercing.

“Do you like it?” She nudged closer to him and put her finger between her lips, tilting her head down and looking up at him expectantly.

Sean felt his senses fading away again, just like when Jennifer’s beautiful eyes pierced him right before they kissed for the first time on Sarah’s couch. He struggled to breathe as his heart pounded in his chest. He blushed brightly, but not from the summer heat.

‘Am I going crazy?’ Sean thought as his body became numb except for the butterflies crashing in the pit of his stomach.

Jennifer’s insecurity betrayed her feelings for him and made him melt inside. All that confidence and playfulness he exuded at the beach vanished as her words and body language left him nervous and vulnerable.

Sean desperately wanted to let Jennifer know how he felt about her. His voice lodged in his throat, but seeing her eagerly awaiting his response, he knew there was no better time to speak up.

“I-I love it, Jen. You’re gorgeous.” He said through a shaky breath.

Jennifer blushed and shrunk away, smiling. Sean took her in his arms.

“I really like you, Jen. I don’t even care if we never have sex. I know I make it seem like I just want to get you in bed, but I-I just want to be with you so badly.”

Jennifer nuzzled against his face and nodded.

“I’m new to this too,” she said into his lips.

Jennifer wrapped her legs around Sean’s waist and hung on to him while he stood in the pool. He held her buttocks as they made out.

“I didn’t say we would never have sex,” Jennifer conceded.

“Seriously, you could wear ten layers of clothing and you’d never get me to leave.”

Jennifer giggled. “It’s summer, dummy.”

“Well, you got this dummy all over you.” Sean looked up and puckered his lips.

Jennifer kissed him and dropped back down into the pool. It was her turn to grab his ass.

“Do you want to see me naked?” She gave him a squeeze.

Sean’s smile disappeared and his mouth hung open as he became flustered all over again.

“Uh-um, yeah, I-I guess…” He swallowed hard, ogling her cleavage and crotch.

“Because, I was thinking, since we’re already half-naked…” Jennifer tugged at his swim trunks.

“Gosh, where is all of this coming from?”

Sean felt disoriented by Jennifer’s simultaneous shyness and audacity, although he knew he’d let her toss him around as much as she wanted.

“I don’t know… I just feel good around you.” Jennifer caressed his chest longingly.

“Well, I can make you feel good… if you’re up for it.”

Jennifer kept her gaze down, but Sean could feel her excitement as she shuffled impatiently, clawing at his sides and gently bumping into him.

“I live down the block. Come on.” Jennifer grabbed Sean’s hand and led him out of the water.

The sun dried their hair and the sidewalk felt hot under their feet as they walked hand in hand. They strolled slowly, enjoying each other’s company in silence.


Sean closed the door to Jennifer’s bedroom as Jennifer got on the bed. They were still in their swimwear. It looked perfectly natural in the water, but Sean’s head spun with depraved thoughts when he saw Jennifer half-naked on the bed. The way she sat – with her back slightly arched inward, her legs bent back, round ass resting on her bare feet – made him instantly hard.

Sean climbed onto the bed and sat next to Jennifer, his legs stretched out in front of him. He felt the warmth of Jennifer’s body as her sweet scent floated through his nostrils. He leaned back on his arms to seem more relaxed, letting her know they would go at her pace.

Jennifer straddled Sean and reached for her back, untying the bikini top. She had one arm across her chest, keeping the top in place after the straps came loose. Sean kissed the length of her arm, then put his lips on her cleavage and felt as much of her breasts as he could.

Loosened up by Sean’s teasing, Jennifer gathered the courage to let go. She dropped her arm, letting the bra fall. Sean sighed in desire as he took in the sight of her beautiful breasts.

They were relatively small, but made up for it by being round and perky. Her puffy pink nipples accentuated her pale white skin nicely.

Sean cupped his hands around Jennifer’s tits. They fit nicely, and felt warm under his palms. He gave a light squeeze, listening to her whimper. Wanting to hear more, he stuck his tongue out and flicked the tip lightly against her nipple. Then he wrapped his lips around and sucked tenderly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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