International Relations

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As a rule, I generally, hate long international flights. I was on my way to Munich to attend a seminar about international business relations and to give a lecture at this same seminar. My company specializes in assisting client corporations with international cultural understanding as it relates to business and diplomatic issues. We have over 500 employees from every corner of the earth who assist with making cultural barriers less of a hardship and more of an asset to our clients. I started my company 15 years ago making it what it is today, a multi-million dollar enterprise.

As the flight droned on towards Munich a flight attendant asked me if I would care for another cocktail. I replied that water would be fine until breakfast is served. She smiled, turned and walked towards the galley to bring me a glass of water. I can never sleep on planes so I listened to music and worked on my lecture notes, fine tuning them towards my expected audience.

Upon arrival in Munich I went through immigrations, claimed my luggage and proceeded down to the train that would whisk me to the hauptbahnhof in downtown Munich. I then caught a taxi to the hotel where the seminar was going to be held and where the attendees were staying. Once in my room I took a quick shower, to help wake me up a bit, and then explored Munich for a while, killing time until I could go to sleep.

After breakfast I headed down towards the conference center at the hotel, checked in and got a schedule of the planned events. I discovered that I was due to give my lecture the following day right after the lunch break. I then proceeded into the main hall and found a seat for myself. After a while the conference hall began filling up with a very diverse group of people of many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Just before the first speaker was to be introduced a young woman took the seat next to mine at the table. She dropped some papers as she tried to arrange her things so I bent over to pick them up. As I turned to hand them to her I looked into two of the darkest, most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. She then smiled, a dazzling smile, and thanked me.

“You are quite welcome. My name is Gordon.” I said and then stuck out my hand to shake.

“Mine is Evelyn,” as she took my hand. Her hand was very warm and soft. Just then the host began introducing the first lecturer of the day and so we both turned our attention towards the speaker.

After the first speaker there was a scheduled break and I stood to get some coffee. “Evelyn, would you like a cup of coffee?” She replied that she would and that she would join me so she could stretch her legs.

As I looked at Evelyn I was taken by her beauty. In addition to her nearly black eyes she had a lovely face framed by long light brown hair. She was wearing a business suit with a skirt that ended just above her knees. Despite the conservative nature of her suit I could tell she had a very nice figure. As we walked towards the coffee table I admired her derriere, which swayed back and forth nicely.

We made small talk for a while and then I asked her for whom she worked. “I’m currently not working as I just finished my PhD in international relations,” she replied. “I’ve come to this seminar in an attempt to do a little networking in hopes of securing a job. There seem to be a number of companies and countries that might consider me.”

“So, you don’t want to remain in academia? I thought that was where all PhD’s ended up after their studies.” I asked.

Evelyn replied, “I thought about it but decided that I would prefer to work in the field instead of teach…at least for a while.” Evelyn then inquired, “What do you do Gordon?”

I replied, “Well, I’m the owner of Creative Culture and I’m here to speak tomorrow on a number of subjects.”

This knowledge brought a smile to her face as she said, “Oh! I was hoping to meet you during this seminar! You wouldn’t happen to have any positions available, would you?”

I replied, “As a matter of fact, one of the reasons I come to these seminars is to do some talent scouting in addition to speaking. Why don’t you email me your CV and any other pertinent information and I’ll take a look at it. In the meantime, we can conduct an informal interview during lunch this afternoon, if that fits into your plans.”

Evelyn beamed her beautiful smile at me and said, “That would be very nice. I would like that.”

We returned to the conference with our coffee to listen to another speaker and I reviewed the CV and other materials that Evelyn had emailed me. When the speaker was finished Evelyn and I gathered up our materials and headed to the hotel restaurant.

As we walked I mentioned to Evelyn that I was very impressed with the information she had sent me. I had worked with and respected highly several of the people who wrote references for her. During lunch I asked her more questions about the fieldwork she had done and other details that I thought would czech streets porno be pertinent regarding the position I thought she would be suitable for.

When lunch was finished I had made my mind up that she would be an ideal fit for our company. “Evelyn, based on everything I have read and heard I think you would be an excellent fit in our company!” I then told her what the pay and benefits packages were and asked her what she thought.

She smiled and said, “Thank you, I think that would be great.” And then we shook hands.

I told her, “Great! As of now you are on the job! Why don’t we take the rest of the day off from this seminar because there aren’t any speakers neither you nor I need to hear. Get some rest and we can go to dinner this evening and speak in more detail what I have in mind for you.” She agreed and we parted company.

I went to my room and sent details about Evelyn to my Administrative Assistant and then took a nap. After a couple of hours, I got up, put on some workout clothes and headed to the hotel fitness center. Shortly after my arrival Evelyn arrived with the intent to work out as well. We greeted each other and set to our workouts. I was admiring Evelyn in her workout attire. She had on a white sports bra that seemed to have very thin material because her nipples were very pointy and looked as though they would break through the material. Her shorts seemed to mold to her body clinging to her skin, again, with very thin material.

We had a very similar workout routine so we assisted each other with the weights. As I was lying down to do some bench presses Evelyn nearly stood over me to spot me. I was able to discern the labia of her vagina through her thin shorts as I pumped the barbell up and down and began to feel a quiver in my own shorts as my penis decided to wake up. I then spotted for Evelyn as she did some bench presses and noticed that her nipples were seriously straining the integrity of her sports bra!

We then moved onto the treadmills for some aerobic exercise. The two treadmills were set up one behind the other and Evelyn opted for the front one. As we started walking to warm up I was able to admire her magnificent fanny! Her shorts had tended to ride up into the crack of her ass exposing, somewhat, the glorious mounds of her derriere. They had a lovely jiggle as she walked and ran which was beginning to pose problems for me! Luckily I had on very good jockstrap which kept my condition less obvious! After the workout I told Evelyn to wear something nice and dressy because we were going to a very nice restaurant for dinner to celebrate.

At the appointed time I went to Evelyn’s room to collect her for dinner. I knocked on her door and when it was opened I was greeted by a vision of beauty! She had piled her hair on her head in a very becoming way. Her floor length gown was a very thin satin in multiple colors and spaghetti straps. The satin clung to her enhancing the shape of her body.

“You look lovely! I like what you have done with your hair.” I stammered, taken by this vision of loveliness. Evelyn thanked me for the compliment and then put a light matching jacket on, took my arm and then we headed for the elevator. “I hope you don’t mind walking. The restaurant is just around the corner and comes very highly regarded.” Evelyn replied that she didn’t mind walking so we continued arm in arm.

Upon arrival the Maître d’ showed us to our table and I ordered Veuve Cliquot to celebrate Evelyn’s new job. “I’m happy you ordered Veuve Cliquot as that is my favorite champagne! My parents sell their grapes to that vintner so it is very close to my family’s heart.” She went on to tell me about her life living near Reims in champagne country.

We killed the champagne and a bottle of Bordeaux during dinner while we talked about the job and our lives. After dinner and coffee, we wandered back to the hotel. I escorted Evelyn to her room and as we got to her door she invited me for a nightcap. She had a bottle of wine that she said was from her home that she would like to share with me as a token of her thanks. I told her that would be nice.

Her room was much the same as mine, a two room suite with a small sitting room just inside the door and a separate bedroom. Evelyn went to her room to fetch the bottle of wine and a corkscrew while I grabbed some glasses from the top of a table. When she came back with the bottle I noticed that she had taken her jacket off while in the bedroom. I tried not to stare at her in the dress she had on because I didn’t think that was too becoming now that I was her boss.

Evelyn walked over and handed the wine and corkscrew to me to open the bottle. I was having a difficult time not staring so was thankful to have a task to perform. I poured us two glasses and then handed one to Evelyn while holding my own. I smiled and she smiled back and then said, “Thank you Gordon for giving me this job. You won’t regret it, I promise.” We tapped czech taxi porno our glasses together and drank.

Evelyn asked, “So, what do you think of the wine?”

I responded, “It is very good! I might have to go to Reims and buy a case!”

She smiled with a twinkle in her eye and said, “I can have a case sent to you directly from the vintner as he is my Uncle!”

I laughed and told her, “I definitely made the correct choice hiring you!”

Evelyn laughed at this and told me, “I told you that you wouldn’t regret hiring me!”

We were both a bit tipsy from all of the wine so we were finding everything amusing. Evelyn then asked me, “So, do you like my dress?”

This question startled me a bit and forced me to look her up and down as if I was evaluating it. I cleared my throat and ran one of my hands through my hair and stuttered a reply. “Well, uh, your d-dress is, uh, well, very lovely.” She smiled, moved up to me and kissed me on my lips and said, “Thank you.”

Evelyn then turned and walked towards the bedroom. I couldn’t take my eyes off her ass as she walked. She then turned around and asked me to refill her glass that she had left on the table. I did as she asked and then turned to hand her the glass. As I looked up she slid the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders and the dress fell into a heap at her feet. Evelyn was totally naked except for the high heels she was wearing!

I just stood and stared for what seemed to be an hour. Her body, as I had surmised earlier, was perfect! She was slim with an hourglass figure and her breasts were firm with hard, pointy nipples. Her vagina was completely bereft of hair and looked magical. Her legs were magnificent as she stood there with her feet apart at about shoulder width. I was afraid that I would start drooling as she had the most beautiful body I had ever seen.

“Why don’t you bring my glass to me in the bedroom.” Evelyn whispered and turned to go into the bedroom. Before I grabbed her glass I stared at Evelyn’s incredible ass as she walked into the other room. Like an automaton, I grabbed her glass and headed for the bedroom noting that my penis had grown exponentially in my pants! I handed Evelyn her glass and she took another sip of the wine without taking her eyes from mine. She then set her glass down moved up to me and kissed me again.

I felt Evelyn’s tongue on my lips so I opened my mouth to receive hers and to share mine. As we kissed I ran my hands up and down her back pulling her too me. Her skin was incredibly soft and felt wonderful to touch. I pulled her tight and continued kissing feeling her nipples push into my chest. After a few minutes we broke the kiss and I stammered, “Why are y-,” but Evelyn put her finger to my lips and said, “I told you I wanted to thank you for hiring me and for the wonderful meal we just had. I have to admit that I found you very attractive the first moment we shook hands this morning. You have been so nice and professional all day so I just thought that I should thank you in a way that we can both enjoy!”

“Now, I think someone is a bit overdressed at the moment.” And with that Evelyn began undressing me as I stood there speechless. My tie and shirt came off first. Evelyn leaned in and kissed my nipples at great length. This always aroused me whenever women did this and Evelyn did it very well. After a while she knelt down on the floor and untied my shoes, pulled them off and then pulled my socks off. As my feet were in the air Evelyn bent down to suck on my big toes. I had never experienced that one before but it felt wonderful!

Evelyn then straightened up while on her knees and reached for my belt, undoing it, and then unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. She then slowly pulled my pants and boxer’s down and watched as my penis slowly came into view. She licked her lips as my now erect cock popped clear of my pants. I could feel her warm breath on the tip as she continued to push my pants down while staring at my penis. When my pants were all the way down she bent over and told me to step back clear of the puddle of pants.

When I stepped back Evelyn stood up and came up to me to hug and kiss again, very passionately. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her tight feeling my penis press into the warmth of her belly. I then began running my hands up and down her back rubbing her ass cheeks alternately. As I rubbed her ass Evelyn would moan and pull herself closer to me as she rubbed her hand all over my backside.

Evelyn turned towards the bed, grabbed my erection and pulled me along with her. She crawled up to the middle of the bed and laid down with her head on a pillow. She then reached over and patted her hand on the bed next to her and said, “Come lie next to me.” I did as she asked and then took her into my arms and kissed her.

Our kisses became very passionate and we began rubbing each other’s bodies with increased ardor. I reached for Evelyn’s left breast with digitalplayground porno my right hand admiring the firm yet supple feel of it. Her nipples were very erect and stood out a good half of an inch. I loved the feeling as I rubbed my palm over her nipples feeling them bend back and forth as I rubbed. I then pinched it and began rolling it between my thumb and index finger. Evelyn moaned loudly and then whispered, “My nipples are very sensitive! I like to have them pinched, pulled and bitten!”

I can take a hint! I pushed her onto her back, slid down the bed a little way so my face was level with her breasts. I began licking the flesh of her left breast while I continued rolling her right nipple with my hand. I worked my mouth to her nipple and began licking and lightly sucking it. Evelyn’s moans got louder and she began writhing beneath me. I leaned over and began licking and sucking her right nipple while I worked my right hand down her flat, hard belly. I began sucking harder and bit down gently eliciting a full-fledged groan from Evelyn!

As I alternated sucking and biting between each nipple I reached my right hand further down Evelyn’s body towards her beautiful, hairless vagina! I had never encountered a pubis without the accompanying hair so was thrilled with the experience! I rubbed my hand up and down over her lips while pressing down, lightly, with my middle finger. Her muff felt incredibly smooth without the coarse hair! I was regaling at the feel. My finger managed to work its way through both set of lips to her moist opening. I dipped my finger in and began working her dampness up towards Evelyn’s clitoris.

When I first touched Evelyn’s clit she arched her back pressing herself into my hand and moaned, “Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!” I then reached down and pushed my finger, gently, into the depths of her wet vaginal canal, relishing the warmth. I began working my finger in and out of Evelyn’s pussy and rubbed her clitoris with my thumb. After several minutes Evelyn began quivering and yelled out, “MON DIEU!” as her orgasm hit her!

I then slid down her body further and began licking and sucking her pussy as she spread her legs. Her outer lips were very swollen as I licked and kissed them getting more moans out of Evelyn. She then reached down and spread her vagina open for me. I inhaled her lovely scent and began licking up and down her crevice lapping up her dew. I then focused my attention on her clit by licking around and on it while pushing two fingers into her love tunnel!

Evelyn was writhing and moaning wildly! She had a nipple in each hand pinching and pulling on them very hard. Her head was arched back with her mouth wide open all of the while letting out a long, low groan. She began arching her back pushing her pelvis harder onto my face and began another orgasm, seemingly stronger than the first! I continued working on her clit with my mouth and felt her have yet another orgasm!

Finally, I felt Evelyn grab the sides of my face as she began pulling me up towards her head. She growled something in French and then said, “FUCK ME! NOW!”

I slid up her body until I could kiss her then sat up a bit so I could work myself into her warm, wet slit. I rubbed the head of my cock up to Evelyn’s clit and back down to her opening several times before I gently pushed my way into her warmth. She felt amazing as I sank into her as far as I could go.

Evelyn moaned and said, “Oh yes…that is so good! Fuck me slowly…” As I pulled myself most of the way out before pushing all of the way in at the same tempo. I could feel every bit of her vaginal tunnel grab me as I continued sawing in and out, over and over! The feelings were exquisite!

I lowered my head to kiss Evelyn, again, with all of the passion I had. We played with each other’s tongues as Evelyn pulled my head to her as we kissed.

As my lust and passion took over I began to increase my tempo as I began to plow into her harder. I pushed myself up with my arms as I continued our pushing in and out of Evelyn’s hot, steamy pussy. I watched as her tits moved up and down as I hammered harder and harder into her.

Evelyn reached down between us with her right hand and began working away at her clitoris while her left hand was pinching and pulling her left breast very hard.

As I watched Evelyn pull on herself, I began to feel a tingle in my balls, a sure sign that my orgasm was imminent. I was about to announce my orgasm when Evelyn cried out, loudly, in French and began her own orgasm. She wrapped her legs behind my ass and pulled me hard against herself.

As soon as Evelyn pulled me with her legs I cried out, “OH FUCK! I’M CUMMING!!” I then began to shoot stream after stream of my ejaculate deep into Evelyn’s womb! As my release ebbed I lowered myself down so that I could kiss her lovely mouth some more. When I was ready to roll off Evelyn she held me tightly against her while I was still impaling her with my slowly softening cock. I then laid my head on her chest as she ran her fingers through my hair.

After ten or so minutes Evelyn finally let go of me with her legs so that I could roll off her. I laid on my back and said, “You’re welcome!” and then we both started laughing. Once we stopped laughing I told her, “That was incredible!”

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