Intimacies Afar Ch. 02

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Consciousness fading in I feel you stirring under me, who knows how long we were laying there, our bodies tangled in the backseat of my car. We both manage to untangle ourselves and sit up, too dazed to look into each others eyes. I zip up my pants and help you find yours, and then slip into the front seat so as to let you have more room to change. After you join me we finally look into each others eyes, lust still rendering a blissful glaze over your eyes. You let me know you need to go to the bathroom, so I start the car up, and start traveling towards the nearest gas station. We casually chat about how sexy that was, resting our weary bodies for the next encounter. As I drive along you surprise me as I feel your hand on my zipper, releasing the button on my jeans you free my flesh again.

I push myself back in the seat to give you more room to do as it is obvious you intend. You ease my pants down slightly so as to lightly tease my sac with your hand as your tongue begins lightly drifting up and down my shaft, instantly a moan escapes my lips, it takes all my energy to keep focused on the road, but the directing of focus serves only to amplify the pleasure, again I moan. You tease me with your tongue on my shaft, knowing I need it on my head, knowing that at this point I am aching for it. Finally you give in to me and begin licking and kissing the head of my shaft, sensually stimulating it with your tongue, teasing every inch, seeming to know exactly where would make me moan in pleasure.

Sensing that my mind is buzzing from the pleasure you have been giving me you slip it inside your mouth, easing it as far as you can handle, then easing it out again, licking and kissing the tip again before diving down and up, the more you do this you begin repeating the dive, then slowly begin doing only that, sucking hard on my dick, trying to force me to cum in your mouth, when suddenly a bump jolts you off my cock, you take a quick look around and realize we are at the gas station.

You race off to the family stroke porno bathroom while I park the car, wanting refreshments from the store, or so I tell you. I casually wait by the door to the bathroom for you to finish your duties in there, anticipating some serious fun as soon as the door opens. As you unsuspectingly open the door, I lunge at you, pushing you inside again. At first panic floods your mind, but as you realize that it is me you relax, more so as I begin kissing your neck, replacing the panic with passion.

Your mind flows to desire, your desires taking over you back up to the sink counter, still kissing me passionately. I pull you up onto the counter so that your body is sitting on it, then unbutton your jeans and ease them down to your ankles. I slip you close to the edge again and ease your legs apart, your mind floods with imagery of me fucking you just like this, your heart fills with desire, and a moan escapes your lips. My kisses ease down your neck and you feel my face slip down towards your open legs and you let slip a whisper from your lips “oh god” as you feel the short bristles of my face brush up against your thighs. You brace yourself on the counter to ensure you won’t fall. I run my tongue up the length of your pussy, instantly forcing a moan from your lips, my fingers part your labia, the cold counter almost numbing your senses. My tongue twirls around your clit, not touching it yet, making you wait for it, teasing you. I lower my face and tease your moist tunnel, making you wish I was putting more there then just my tongue, and then letting my tongue drift up again and finally sensually lick your clit. Shudders flash across your body, your eyes roll back in your head and your mind twists.

My tongue seizes every drop of flavor it can find, licking and tasting everything you have to offer me, your very essence flowing to me, our souls twisting, your moans louder and louder, your voice yelling my name, begging me to lick you more, female taxi porno to satisfy you more. With a final flick of my tongue your body stiffens, your legs wrap tightly around my head, your hands gripping my hair, and you let out a scream that echoes across the walls. Your arms give out, and you slip down almost falling from the counter, I hold you up with my shoulders, not stopping the pleasure with my tongue, pleasuring you even more while your body recovers from your first. I slip my hands under your blouse and massage your tits, standing up so as to ensure that you are not going to fall. As you recover, the sensations of my hands on your breasts and my tongue drift into your mind. The realization of depending on me not to fall causes you to call out “oh dear god” moaning loudly, you can’t help but wonder where I learned to do this, but you really don’t care, your just glad that I am doing it to you.

The sensations of my tongue and hands quickly become too much for you and you climax again, clinching me tightly with your legs again, your arms too weak to grip anything you shudder, and scream again, you want everyone to hear just how much you are enjoying this.

I ease you down until you are sitting on the counter again, lifting your head up and laying you back against the mirror, and patiently wait for you to recover. I stand between your legs, my hand on your face; I gently kiss your face, your forehead, and your cheeks. Your eyes finally drift open and you look at me, you try to speak but words just can’t cross your lips, until finally you manage the words “Fuck me hun.”

You push me back slightly and slip off the counter, you turn around and place yourself on the counter again your sexy, curvy rear pointing directly at me. Instantly I let my pants fall to the floor and step in behind you I ease myself to the opening of your moist tunnel, you arch your back and lower you’re behind to make it easier for me. I slip my hand underneath your blouse again and female agent porno grab firm your left breast, massaging it roughly. I ease the head inside and ease my other hand around your hips and place it just above your pussy until I am ready to use it. I ease myself slowly up inside of you, ensuring to get myself nice and wet in your juices first. Once I am finally up inside of you, your moans finally easing down a tone, I allow my finger to travel to your clit, slowly stimulating it. Your moans pick up again, a few words escaping your lips, but I cannot tell what they are, slowly I ease myself out of your hole then back in again, a moan softly escaping my lips. My pace slowly picks up as I force you closer and closer to your climax, my flesh amplifying the pleasure for you.

I hear you finally assemble some words between moans “Oh god, fuck me baby, fuck me hard.”, and of course never being one to deny a woman her desires, I quicken my pace, fucking you deeply, thrusting myself hard into your depths, each time pushing your body forward then back again, my finger still uninterrupted, your moans louder again, oh god on your lips now almost constantly. Relentlessly I pound into you, the sensations weakening your knees, you now almost completely depend on me holding you up as my thrusts grind into you harder and harder still, the pleasure blinding you to everything around you, words finally becoming just loud moans, your consciousness too far gone to utter anything but. Finally you climax to my finger and flesh, screaming loudly you clench down on my flesh forcing me to moan loudly, I thrust deep and hard into you and send my cream filling your insides.

After a little recovery time we dress ourselves and decide that we should probably get back to your house before lust consumes us again. You open the door, fussing with your hair, trying to make it look somewhat decent. As you step outside an older gentleman is standing there, waiting to use the bathroom, you hand him the key and start walking to the car, he looks at you trying to figure out what he had just heard. I step outside and he looks at me, I glance at him to see him with a stupid grin on his face. I walk towards the car, watching you stumble, trying to keep your balance, thinking to myself, if you can’t walk now wait till the end of the weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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