Introducing Amy to the life style with a bbc

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My ex Amy was only 20 years old her first time she got a taste of the swinging life,meeting a couple online Tony and Jane we planned to meet on the weekend and they told us stories about this guy Jim they see for mfm fun and having his own place in the city its a great place to meet.
So Amy and I messaged him on the site we used telling him about our plans and about ourselfs. Now the couple were in their 40’s so telling Jim a couple with a gorgeous 20 year old are coming over with Tony and Jane for a night of swinging and swapping made him very open to hosting. On Saturday afternoon we are about to leave when Jane calls telling us she unfortunately got her period so going to have to change to the next weekend. Amy and I all ready to go look at each other and decide to go up by ourselfs and have our wild night anyway.
We meet Jim out front of his building and Amy was lost for words, Jim was a fit good looking 36 year old black guy. He introduces himself and we go up to his unit.We have drinks and get to know each other first but doesn’t take long before Jim and Amy are kissing and taking each others clothes off as we are still out on the balcony for half the city to see,Jim and I stand side by side naked as Amy kneels and holding a cock in each hand she starts with Jim taking his big cock into her mouth.Looking down I have big smile on my face watching such a hot amazing sight,she moves from cock to cock moaning as she is in heaven having something she fantasied about as she didn’t hold back for a second deep throating even Jim’s cock as it is one thing she did very well.
Jim leans down and getting Amy up he walks her inside and sits her down on a chair and gets down between her legs lifting them up and open.I stand next to her and watch as he works his way up her sexy long legs licking her wet smooth pussy softly.Then Jim looks up at Amy and begins licking her clit faster and hard as he goes,Amy arches her back moaning in pleasure and grabbing my cock she leans over feeding it into her mouth.I feel her moans on my hard cock as she pulls me deep down her throat.Jim eats her gorgeous wet pussy as he moves his hand down and spreading her pink lips apart to get his tongue in deep as possible.Amy slides my throbbing cock out of her mouth and grabs her legs holding them up for Jim helping him to get nice and deep.He then starts with one finger izmir escort bayan as he pulls his head back to watch as it slides into her tight pink pussy.He begins to fuck her with the full length of his middle finger moving faster and he leans back in licking Amy’s clit again making her moan and grown loud crying out how good he feels,Jim then works a second finger in and keeping up the pace he pumps Amy’s pussy deep and keeps going till her legs start shaking and she gets louder.Then screams out as she has her first orgasm.
Jim stands and takes Amy’s hand helping her up and laying her down on middle of the living room floor,he goes and gets condoms as I get down between her legs and lean over kissing her as I slide my cock inside her,I slowly move my hips back and forth guiding my cock deeper into her warm pussy.Then sit up and with firm grip I hold her waste and thrust myself harder and faster and Jim kneels next to her and watches us fuck on his living room floor.With condom on I slow down and slide out of Amy inviting Jim to take over,I move around sitting right behind her head so Jim flips her over on all fours and Amy leaning down to suck my cock has head down and ass up high. With the amazing view Jim looks down as he gets behind her and pushing his big thick black cock into Amy’s young tight pussy as he grabs her ass holing a cheek in each hand Jim pumps deep and I look up watching as this man fucks my girl thrusting long deep inside her.Loving this to much I pull my cock out of Amy’s mouth and grabbing my phone I stand there filming as I get every angle to be able to watch over and over,with Jim now having her to himself he turns her back around laying her down and lifting her legs up over each shower he slides back inside her and with long hard thrusts Jim pounds Amy deep and goes faster and faster making Amy cry out loud telling him how great his cock feels.Jim fucks her like this non stop without slowing down and Amy gets louder and louder,her tits bouncing up and down like crazy and the sight as I stand there filming is better then any porno.Amy screams loud and can see her legs shaking and kicking out of control as she does when she cums, then only seconds later Jim pulls out ripping the condom off and leans over her stroking his big throbbing cock till he shoots a huge load pumping out with every throb of his cock up all over Amy’s buca escort belly.
Jim wipes her clean with a towel and holds my phone keeping it filming as I lay down,Amy gets over me and squats down and guides my cock in as she lowers herself down taking every inch,is at that moment she looks around noticing we are fucking on open living room floor with every blind and window wide open and every unit on all building around us could see us clearly.I love that and sex in public and Jim has a smile from ear to ear so no doubt he does to and in no time Amy look on her face goes from shocked to excited and starts bouncing up and down riding me deep inside her.With the excitement of watching my young hot girlfriend get fucked hard y big thick cock in front of me it doesn’t take long before I blow my load and as Amy drops down ramming every bit my throbbing cock deep inside of her I pump my load filling her with my cum.
We have a quick break and stand out on balcony completely naked with a drink and a smoke,we talk about what Amy is willing to try and not into as Jim asks about anal.Amy is a wild dirty girl in bed and tells Jim she was hoping to try DP for the first time tonight.So on that note we head straight back in and Jim so horny and excited having such a young kinky girl to play with gets hard again without a problem and by the time I get phone back to filming he already has condom on and Amy laying on her back as Jim gets on top and gets straight into it fucking her fast with every thrust pumping his big black meat deep filling her tight little pussy.
He reaches down grabbing both her tits with each hand stopping them from bouncing around,then he watches as she sucks her finger looking up at him then reaching down and around Amy slides her finger into her ass which she does often to make herself cum.Just like every time Amy starts shaking all over as she has another loud wild orgasm straight away.By now we must have plenty of people watching as you could probably hear her up the road screaming and crying out over and over as Jim does not stop pounding her deep,Amy then tells him she wants me in her ass.Being so keen to to do anal Jim stops as his cock slips out her very wet pussy and she quickly spins around getting on hands and knees Amy takes Jim’s cock into her mouth as I kneel behind her and slowly push my cock in then feed myself deeper with every izmir escort thrust forward till I am balls deep.Amy pushes back against my cock as I pump my hips forward and start fucking her amazing ass.I hear Amy’s muffled moans as she has her mouth full with Jim’s thick cock and the sight is something else as she rocks back and forth with a cock sliding in her from both ends.I then wave Jim over and move aside grabbing her ass cheeks spreading them apart and with her bent down and ass spread pen he slips the tip of his cock in feeling Amy’s tight ass around his cock.Once in I get in front of her and look down to see her eyes wide open mouth gasping as she takes the biggest cock she has ever had inside her ass.He slides in and out nice and slow and enjoys every second as he fucks her for a good while.
Amy then looks back and tells me she wants to feel me inside her ass while she rides Jim’s cock,he gets down laying on carpet and Amy moves on top of him and holding his shaft guides herself down over his cock.I stand behind her and squat down and slide my cock along her ass till I feel her tight hole and gently pushing inside her Amy cry’s out in ecstasy as for first time she has 2 cocks filling both holes at once,leaning down on Jim’s chest she gives me better angle and I start sliding my rock hard cock in and out as Jim thrusts his hips up and down pumping his cock in and out and we work both her holes sliding out as Jim pumps in.After I get the feeling of it I pick up the pace and then Jim follows and soon enough we are both pumping away filling Amy deep and hard moving faster as we go.
Amy takes it like done it before and we fuck non stop till ready to cum so we get Amy face down on carpet and I pull her ass up high and Jim gets behind her sliding in deep with first thrust and fucks her hard taking every bit of enjoyment while he can then sliding out he stops right before he is about to cum and I move in his place feeding my cock right back in and thrust hard pumping deep till I cant last any longer and with one last thrust I push in deep as my cock goes and hold it as I sing out with a amazing orgasm pumping my load into Amy,Then Jim replaces my cock soon as I slide it out and with a quick pounding he does the same and holds himself inside of Amy’s ass filling her with his cum.Soon as he pulls out Amy drops to the floor rolling over onto her back she looks up at us with a huge smile still trying to catch her breath.
We get dressed and thank Jim for a experience we will never forget and head home

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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