It Was Going to Happen

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Big Tits

Heather and Matt headed down the aisle way towards the exit doors leading to the street; she thanked him again for helping her with this huge favor since her boyfriend Scott was at work and unable to help. She would not have been able to return that heavy chair to the store by herself.

“Having such a big strong guy like yourself around sure comes in handy.” She playfully flirted with him.

“For you, I would have driven all the way to the manufacturer.” He returned.

This is just how they always acted whenever she, Scott, he, and his girlfriend hung out together. Well, his ex-girlfriend now as they had broken up three months ago when he found out she was having sex with her boss. Heather insisted that she had never liked her in the first place and she could tell that’s the type of thing she would do, but both men dismissed that as total bullshit. She understandably had mixed feelings about how the foursome they had all joked about at that one party didn’t happen though.

“So, when are you going to get around to getting a new girl…”

“Oh, dammit.” Matt exclaimed.

She glanced over at where he looking and saw that on his windshield was a parking ticket. Crap, they had parked here because it was close to the doors and moving that chair around was a bitch. To be fair though it was only a bitch for Matt as she mainly assisted with doors and steps.

“Ohh Matt, I’m so sorry, I’ll totally pay for it.” She said really feeling bad.

“Nah, don’t worry about it, I knew I shouldn’t have parked there.” He said obviously annoyed with this.

“Really, let me have it.” She insisted.

“No, it’s my company’s truck. I have to find out what happens now first.” He admitted.

“Well, you let me know.” She tried. She didn’t know what else to say, and she didn’t want to keep pressing since she felt responsible. The ride back wasn’t as playful as the ride over so when they got to her place she said. “Come on inside, I’ll get you something to drink.”

“I can’t I have to return the truck and tell them what happened, and if I do that with alcohol on my breath I’m toast.” He said, still seeming down.

“All right, return the truck, and I’m sure they’ll say it’s no big deal, and then come back here because we are going out tonight once Scott gets home in…” she looked at the clock “3 and a half hours. So you have time to go home and change too.” “…if that’s what you want.” She quickly threw in.

“Oh, so I look like shit now?” he said catching on, but at least the humor of what she was implying seeming to lift his spirits a little.

“No, no, no. You look great.” she backpedaled, “It’s just that you’re sweaty and dirty. And gross.” She ‘kidded’.

“All right,” he relented, smiling a little now. “I’ll see you in a few hours.”

Relieved the mood was better she thanked him one last time and leaned over and kissed him on the cheek before hopping out of the car.

A little later she was out of the shower and in her favorite sexy clubbing bra/panties, she just finished drying her hair and let her thoughts wander as she started putting on moisturizer. She was feeling a little ‘flush’ now, only partly because of the cosmo she was sipping. So she went in and lay on her bed a stretching out a little. Soon enough her finger was teasing her clit and Matt was going down on her in her mind. She was really getting into the fantasy so street blowjobs porno shortly he tossed her to the bed and roughly entered her while her fingers were furiously jerking. She felt the orgasm rush all throughout her body and lay there breathing heavy. She was just thinking she should get up when she heard the knock on the door. Shit! She opened her eyes and looked at the clock, it was just over an hour from when he left, if this is him he’s early. She jumped up to find where she had frantically tossed her bra and panties and quickly put them on. She just grabbed her pajama shorts and a t shirt that she liked how big her breasts looked in and pulled them on.

“Hold on.” She called out as she quickly made her way to the door. She unlocked it and pulled it open, realizing with slight panic that she hadn’t looked out the peephole first and she could be putting herself in danger. To her relief though she smiled wide as it was Matt and he was looking pretty nice. He had the same athletic build as Scott, maybe an inch shorter at 5’11”. He had reddish brown hair that was medium long, sometimes a little shaggy she told him, whereas Scott was dirty blond usually kept neat. She gave him a friendly hug.

“So you send me home to change and you are wearing your PJs.” He got her there. “Just kidding, looking good.”

She had to admit she was looking pretty good; she had a curvy figure that she alternated between loving and hating at times. She had nice sized breasts that were on the larger size being soft but firm and her bottom was a nice shape and Scott loved it, not big at all but noticeable. She was sometimes concerned about her waist, it wasn’t big as she worked out pretty regularly it just was curvy as well. She had shoulder length black hair that she didn’t normally have to do much with for it to look good.

They went into the living room and she flicked on one of the music stations on the TV and asked him how it went as he sat on the couch.

“It’s fine,” he admitted “Boss didn’t care. I will be paying for it but it’s not that much.”

“That’s a relief.” She said sitting on the other end of the couch. “I guess it didn’t take you long to get everything done?” she asked.

“Uh, no.” he replied. “Oh! Am I too early?”

She laughed. “No, you’re right on time.” She said getting up and heading to the bar(bar in this case is the top of their stereo). “Bourbon and Coke Zero?”

“Please.” He accepted as she made him his drink and fixed another cosmo for herself.

“Strong. Nice!” he joked as he took a drink.

“That’s how I make them.” She said as she went back to her end of the couch and sipped her equally as strong drink.

They talked and laughed for a while until both drinks were empty, Heather was feeling flush again as she got up took his glass and headed back to the bar.

She mixed and handed him his second drink, strong once again, and made one for herself. Once that was done she plopped down right next to him on his end of the couch and smiled at him. By now she made up her mind that she was going to thank him, also lately she had actually been thinking she was going to end up doing it anyway. She leaned over against him and put her hand on his knee.

“Just lean back and relax” she said.

He looked at her shocked as she continued to smile at him and put her other hand on his chest student sex parties porno rubbing it a little. Matt could not believe what was happening as Heather moved her hand from his knee up to his crotch and slowly began kneading it causing it to instantly get hard.

“Heather…” he began but didn’t know what else to say and definitely didn’t want her to stop.

“Just lay back and don’t worry”, she said. “I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your help, with everything.” She studied his face, “Now, I can give you head, but that’s all I can do because of Scott.” she said rubbing up and down his cock that was threatening to burst out of his jeans. She could already tell that Matt was a bit bigger than her boyfriend.

Both of them were quiet and the sounds seemed to be magnified as she unbuckled his belt, undid the button on his jeans and pulled down his zipper.

She dared to look him into his eyes as she lifted the waistband of his boxers and slid her hand in there.

He closed his eyes and she could not help but let out a little “Ohh,” as her fingers wrapped around Matt’s sizeable cock, it seemed even bigger in the flesh. She was becoming quite aroused now and planned on screwing the hell out of Scott when he got home(she tried to convince herself that that would be her way of making up for what she was about to do).

She was attempting to jerk him a little but the position of her hand in his pants was awkward. She took her hand out of his pants to use both hands to pull his jeans and underwear off his hips. He put his hands on her shoulders and she actually though he was going to tell her to stop.

“Take off your top beautiful.” He said with a smile.

She couldn’t help but giggle as she sat up and pulled off her shirt.

“Think you can manage my bra?” she queried with a seductive grin as she leaned in to him.

He answered her question by easily undoing it in less than two seconds.

Very impressive, she said and looked down at his bulging jeans, “In more way than one.”

I’ll say he said staring at her exposed breasts

This time he helped her get his jeans and boxers down to his knees. His large cock sprang free straight up in the air causing Heather’s heart to beat faster. “Wow, you’re big” she couldn’t resist saying as she slowly jacked him. The feeling was heavenly as she surrounded him with her mouth. She very slowly bobbed up and down it’s length letting out sweet little moans every now and again.

“Hey, take off your shorts.” He nearly whispered.

His penis came out of her mouth with a pop. “Matt….” She replied with some uncertainty (but she really wanted to).

“You can leave you underwear on; I just want to see more of you.” He assured her.

She knew he was in for a treat because her sexy clubbing panties just happened to be a thong.

Again there was silence between the two as she stood up and undid her tie to her shorts and worked them to her ankles

She was sure that he got a couple glimpses of her pubic hair as she pulled her feet out of the holes, she didn’t know if he was able to see how very wet she was now.

She did a fake slow model spin, “What do you think?”

“I think Scott’s the luckiest man in the world”

Her smile froze on her face a little as she had to wait a few seconds to prevent herself from submissive cuckolds porno dropping her panties and climbing into his lap to try and slide his gorgeous manhood into where it belonged.

“Let me just position myself a little better” she said as she got onto her knees between his legs, she pulled his jeans all the way off and moved up to the couch. “Now I can get at everything.” she smiled to him briefly before quickly putting his dick back into her mouth.

She sucked his dick a little quicker now and frequently took him out of her mouth so that she could lick up and down his length as she fondled his balls. She appreciated the additional room to move now that she was off the couch.

When she let him out of her mouth to lick his balls Matt took her hand off his dick and grabbed her arm, pulling her up and leaning her back onto the couch. He lay on top of her and she grabbed the back of his head as they attacked each other’s mouth kissing passionately. She felt him push her panties to the side and position himself. She sighed in his mouth as he slid inside her.

“It’s OK.” She breathed out, as he started slowly screwing her, she felt lustfully full each time he pushed all the way in. After a while he broke their embrace, pulled out of her and sat up as he hooked his fingers into the thin band of her panties. She lifted her ass off the couch to allow him to pull them down her legs.

“Do you want to get into the bed?” he asked.

“No.” she answered honestly.

He leaned back down on her and guided his dick back all the way into her pussy; she was looking into his eyes as he was fucking her. She was meeting all of his thrusts with her hips now, his cock was feeling heavenly. She was thinking that she might well be able to have an orgasm during missionary intercourse which was something she could very rarely do with her boyfriend. He began fondling her breasts and kissing and sucking her nipples which always drove her crazy. And a couple minutes later she felt it coming on, she panted out a few times and held her breath as she felt the orgasm wash over her. Matt grinding his pelvis to hers she felt it subside. Matt continued to slowly pump into her and she pulled his head to hers and kissed him deeply.

“Come in me, It’s my safe time of the month.” She said, now eager for it, it was still a little risky but it felt so good. Matt will be only the third guy, after her boyfriend and brother in law that she’d done this with. Scott came in her only a handful of times over the years they’ve been together and her sister’s husband John after that party last spring. However that time she hadn’t agreed to it, she just waited too long to tell him to pull out. She remembered feeling it throb and flow into her before she saw it in his face or heard any sounds to indicate that he was coming. Those were a scary few weeks after that, her sister would kill her if she had gotten knocked up by her husband in their SUV, and she decided no more alcohol when John was around without her. She was tenderly sucking/kissing/licking his neck as he was pumping.

“Oh God, your cock is wonderful.” She let out, and that was enough for Matt. A few quick thrust and she felt his cock get even harder as she felt the warmth of his ejaculate in her. They lay there for a few moments before they kissed and he pulled out. She sat up a little to get some of her stuff but she felt his cum start to leak out so she tried to hold it in with her hands as she scurried to the bathroom.

“Hey, hon?! Can you bring me my stuff?” she called out sitting on the toilet. She felt guilt seep in already, her relationship with Scott was going pretty good, what was she doing? She was going to need to figure something out soon.

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