It Was More Than Just Sex

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I wasn’t openly gay until I was 17 years old, and even then I was a virgin. I had one sexual encounter when I went back to school to get my science credit for Biology.

I am now 22 years old, and I have a story to tell about my ex-relationship that I was in for 15 months, engaged. She started off as just a friend for 3 years. She enjoyed my company and we only became close in the winter of 2011. I never thought we would ever date, but once we became close, I developed a sexual attraction to her that I never thought could be so strong. The night that I told her I had feelings for her, she admitted to liking me for the past 3 years. We lay on the couch, watching a movie. I moved closer to her, and that we both came face to face. She kissed me softly, and I got a shiver in my spine. After a few minutes of kissing, we both talked. We knew there had to be more to this. She asked me to be her girlfriend. Without a doubt, I said yes. We never had a sexual encounter before dating, but I was totally fine with that.

She told me to come into her bedroom, and I followed her quickly. She started kissing me on the lips, and we continued to kiss for quite some time. She started kissing my neck, and I started to feel nervous. This was the first time I felt so sexual in quite some time. She removed my shirt and started to admire my breasts, but didn’t stop there. She removed the snaps on the back poker oyna of my bra with one hand and began to touch my breasts and nipples. I told her to keep going, and she put her tongue on my nipples and started to suck them. Her mouth moved down to my navel, and I felt my pussy starting to get wet. She removed my jeans and put her hand on my thighs. I started kissing her more, as she removed my panties and touched my hairless pussy. I began to moan, and I didn’t want her to fuck me until her clothes were off too. I demanded her to take off her shirt, and I began to remove her bra within seconds, amd sucked her nipples until she moaned.

I stood there naked, removing her jeans and panties. She also had a hairless pussy that I wanted to fuck so bad. We both stood there naked, and before she got a chance to put her hand on my pussy, I pushed her on the bed. I played with her clit, making her extremely wet. I admired the scent of her perfume on her neck and I looked at her, and she whispered in my ear, “fuck me.” instantly I put my two fingers in her wet pussy and she began to moan. I took control of everything, and that was the way I liked it. I continued to fuck her hard, and the faster I went, the more pussy juices I felt exit her pussy. She was soaked, and I was so attracted to her.

She let out a scream, and said, “oh my god, fuck me harder, I’m going to cum” I had so much confidence canlı poker oyna and I fucked her so hard. Her back began to arch, and I knew she was climaxing and about to cum any minute. She wanted me to stop, but at the same time, I knew this was my big chance of making a good impression on our first sexual encounter. I began to whisper in her ear as I fucked her, “don’t make me stop, I wanna make you cum so hard, you’re so sexy!”

After multiple organs, and being in charge, she begged me to stop. I did, and we both lay on the bed, gasping for air. She looked at me and smiled. After she caught her breath, she told me how amazing it felt. I smiled at her and kissed her mouth passionately. I lay on my back, and it was her turn to make me orgasm, but as I was fucking her, my pussy was already wet. She began to kiss my neck again, and slowly moved down to my navel, and I opened my legs for better access of my pussy. Her touch was amazing, and nothing I’ve ever felt with a woman. This was more than just lust. She began to play with my clit, and the squishy sounds of my pussy juice arroused me even more. She slowly slid down into my pussy, and put one finger in my tight pussy. It wasn’t my first time, but I had a tight pussy because I was more of a giver than a taker. She slid her finger in and out as I moaned so loud! She put hand over my mouth, because we were in an apartment building, internet casino and surely someone was going to hear me moan. I moaned, “fuck me harder, don’t stop, I want you inside of me more!” I didn’t expect to ever feel this good, and I wanted more fingers inside of me, even if it meant pain. I didn’t care, I wanted her inside of me. She put two fingers in my pussy, and she had to shove them in hard. I screamed, but I didn’t want her to stop. By this time, I felt like I had at least four orgasms, as my pussy was soaked with cum. Every time I would be close to having an orgasm, my body would start shaking, which I believe made her feel more attracted to me. I couldn’t take any more, and begged her to stop. This was the best sex I’ve ever had.

We both lay naked and I felt a cold shiver, as it was the end of February. She put a blanket over my body, and pulled me closer to her. I felt more intimate with her than I ever did with any one else. I was so content as she held me close to her warm, naked body. We were both exhausted from our first time having sex, and by then it was at least 2am. We both stayed naked and slept in each others arms, and I knew for a fact, that this was going to be the start of a beautiful relationship. Not only physically, but emotionally as well. She made me feel like I was the most beautiful person she laid eyes on. But she was so gorgeous, and attractive in every way.

I know we aren’t together any more, and it didn’t end in the easiest or more pleasant way, but I know I will always admire you and love you until the day that I die. You were the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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