Jackie gets drugged (Chapter three)

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This story is entirely fiction and the characters used are in no way real persons. This story contains underage sex and is only intended for entertainment purposes. If you have a problem with under age sex then please do not read this story.

This is the third chapter to a story that I started. Please feel free to read my first two chapters.

Chapter Three

Sitting on the couch day dreaming about what I was about to do to this fresh young teen girl. I was suddenly brought back to reality by the sound of the towel rack on the bathroom door hitting as it was closed. As I looked up Jackie was just coming out of the hall way and into the living room.

“Feel better?” I asked

“Much better” She said

She was now wearing a black pair of Sofie shorts that she had rolled up the elastic waist band on about 3 times so that they were tight against her pussy. Her butt cheeks were hanging out of the bottom of them just enough to see the crease that her ass made when it met her thighs. She had on a tight T shirt that clung to her tits. I could tell right away that she hadn’t put her bra back on because of the natural swinging of her tits under the thin fabric that separated my prying eyes from her beautiful nipples and perky little tits. Or maybe it was because I could see her holding her bra in her hand along with her other clothes.

She went over to her back pack and put her clothes on top of it. Among her cheerleader outfit was her bra, her white basic cotton panties and her socks. Seeing her panties sitting there made my cock jump in my pants half just from the sight of them and thinking that they probably smelt wonderful from her pussy juice and sweat that was surely on them from her practice. And half from the thought that this sexy little bitch was now in my house with “Booty” shorts on with no underwear on underneath.

Coming over to the couch and sitting down on the total opposite side of the couch from me I asked her.

“So what do u wanna do? We are gonna be here for about 6 hours until your mom gets home”.

“I don’t really care. Do you have any video games?”

“Of course I do. We have the X Box and the WII that we can play”

“What games do you have?” She asked.

“Well they are all in the cabinet right there.”

“Okay” She said.

I then decided that I was going to try to set my whole plan in motion. Hoping that she would take the bait I said:

“Are you hungry?”

“Starving” She said in a kind of sighing voice.

“What do you want?”

“I don’t care. Something good.”

“Okay let me see what I can round up.”

Looking through the kitchen I found plenty of stuff that I could have made. We even had food to make a full four course meal. Not really wanting to get into all this I just wanted to get this little tramp naked and do some of the most taboo things that I have always imagined doing to a girl.

“We don’t really have anything”

“It don’t matter, ill eat anything right about now.”

“How about Mac & Cheese?”

“Sure I love Mac & Cheese” She replied

“Okay” I said glad that she would make it easy on me.

When I got done making the Mac & cheese I made both of us a bowl. I reached behind the sugar canister that I had hidden the sleeping pills behind before and pulled them out. Opening the bag I sprinkled the whole bag of four ground up pills on her Mac & Cheese and gave it a final stir before throwing the bag away and heading back towards the living room.

Jackie sat there eating her Mac & cheese and watching cartoons. I could tell that the pills that I had poured into her meal were already starting to take effect, and she had only eaten about half of the Mac & Cheese. As she finished the bowl I knew that she was going to be done for any second now.

The pills finally hit her full on she leaned down and placed her head on the couch arm rest. From
where I was sitting I could not tell if her eyes were actually closed yet, so not wanting to take the chance I just sat there for a few more minutes. From where I was sitting I could look at her body, I could look
almost directly into her shorts as her left butt cheek was lifted in the air and her shorts were not. I already knew that she did not have any panties on. Moving my head at a little more of an angle I could see right into her shorts.

I could see the outline of her hairless lips and the wrinkles that were being caused in the crease between her lips and her thighs from being slouched over on the couch. I could see that her puffy little lips were spread open so slightly that I could barely make out any pinkness at all. As I looked closer to the front of her crotch I could see her tiny little clit sticking out of her lips like a proud member that was standing
up for its right to party.

After about 5 or 6 minutes of just sitting there and starring at her smooth lips and feeling my raging hard on thumping in my pants with my quickening heart beat, I finally decided that it was time to make a move. I started out just by simply getting up off the couch. Because I wanted to make sure that Jackie was in a deep sleep I made as much movement and noise that I could while getting up. I moved just enough to wake a person that had simply just fallen asleep on the couch, but not enough to make that same person wonder what the hell you were doing.

Jackie didn’t even flinch, move, yawn, or even moan from all the commotion that I was making. I knew at this point that she was totally out and totally under the control of the pills in her system. I started what was going to be a long night by moving closer to Jackie and grabbing her left knee that was lying on top of her right. With a smooth and gentle push of her knee her legs moved apart and spread wide. I took that leg and slowly let it rest on the couch so that she was now sitting on the couch with her legs spread wide open and her feet touching each other. From the angle looking down between her tan legs I could see both lips of her pussy around the material of her shorts. The crotch of her shorts had bunched up in the middle the same that her bathing suit did, only now it was directly in between her young pussy lips making a perfect “camel toe” out of her 16 year old pussy.

At the sight of this my semi hard cock was now at full attention and was just begging to be released from its cage. I unbuttoned my pants and took them off letting them and my boxers drop to the floor and stepped out of them. Taking my cock in my hand and stroking it to the sight in front of me, my cock became so hard that it was actually aching.

Now it was time to get down to business. With a rock hard cock flopping around in the wind, I took Jackie’s legs and pushed them back together again. I reached down under her but and hooked the tips of my fingers under the stretchy waste band of her shorts. Sliding them down over her smooth coffee colored ass cheeks and exposing her bare flesh to my gazing eyes and the cool air in the house. I slid the shorts up to her knees and looking down I could now see her entire pussy. It was now being squeezed shut in between her young athletic thighs. Moving the shorts over her knees and down to her feet I picked up one foot at a time and took off her shorts, tossing them on the floor next to mine.

I grabbed her by her shoulders and sat her up a little more so that I could take her shirt off. I grabbed her shirt by the bottom and slid it up exposing her young tits to me. I loved the shape of her tits. They were almost perfect in shape, and the perfect flawless tan that she had naturally made them spectacular. Picking her arms up one at a time I removed her shirt from her motionless body.

Once I had her fully undress I stepped back to take a gander at her young beautiful body. Starting at her tiny feet I followed her smooth legs up to her thighs, then to her smooth young cunt. The most amazing cunt I had ever seen, so young and ready to please a man in every way possible. From the way that she was sitting I could see that her ass cheeks had been spread slightly from the couch cushion. Her tight little virgin asshole was now touching the couch. I wondered what it was like. I would certainly find out soon enough. I removed my eyes from her cunt and followed her body up to her tits. There was a sight all in its self. Her smooth flesh being stretched over the delicious fat that made up her wonderful tits was perfect like the rest of her body. She had dark aureole’s that were only the size of a quarter. In the middle were her lush nipples that were now standing proud like a beacon in the night, from the cool air in the house.

As I made my way up her chest to her head I could tell that she was still fast asleep. Her mouth now hung open and her eyes were darting back and forth beneath her beautiful eye lids, the indication that she was in REM sleep the deepest sleep of all.

Seeing that her mouth was hanging open gave me a great idea. I knelt down and started leaning into her face. Pressing my mouth to hers I started to kiss her. Sliding my tongue past her full lips I started massaging her tongue with mine. The taste of her was wonderful. I sucked her tongue into my mouth, and sucked on it as though I was sucking on a miniature dick. I broke the kiss with a pop sound as her tongue went izmir escort bayan back into her mouth.

I stood up in front of her, my cock right in her face. I laid my hard cock on her plush lips. My cock jumped just from the touch of her soft skin on the sensitive head. The first contact that my dick had made with her young flesh and I already thought that I might cum. I slowly pushed my cock into her mouth and felt her tongue slide over enlarged head. I kept pushing until my cock was about 2 inches in. I pulled my cock back out and pushed in again, this time a little farther. The feeling of her hot mouth on my dick and her smooth wet tongue sliding down my shaft was all it took to throw me into a lust frenzy. I grabbed her head and shoved my cock in as far as it would go, past her tongue and into her small throat.

From her being in a sleep that would be comparable to death she had no gag reflex. I held her head tightly in my hands and preceded the face fuck her. Every time I pushed in my cock would slide down her throat. Closing my eyes and enjoying the feeling that this hot young little slut was now giving me; I reached down and placed my hand over her pussy. I could feel the heat radiating off her tight fuck hole. I spread her pussy with two fingers to get a look at her. I could see that her pussy was now getting wet.

Did she know what was going on while she was asleep? The feeling that she did and that she was actually getting wet and horny from it made me feel wonderful.

With her pussy lips spread open as far as they would go I stared at her little virgin cunt. I let her lips go and slid my middle and index finger in between her slit. Finding her clit I started to flick my fingers back and forth over her tiny love button.

Still sliding my cock into her mouth I lowered my fingers and found her fuck hole. I slowly slid my middle finger into her all the way to my knuckle. I was surprised to not find any resistance, but because she was in cheerleading she probably broke her hymen years ago and never knew it.

I withdrew my finger and stuck it into my mouth. She tasted so sweet and fresh. I twirled my finger around in my mouth and sucked all her pussy juices off my finger. I pulled my hard cock out of her mouth and watched as a rope of her spit stuck the tip and stretched to her lips as I got farther away.

Kneeling down in front of her open legs I grabbed her hips and moved her lower on the couch so that her ass was hanging over the edge. I placed her feet on the ground in front of her and spread her delicious thighs wide open once again. I moved my face to her pussy and paused to take in the scent. Her sweet pussy smelled wonderful and I could smell her sexual arousal. I knew that while in lala land she was enjoying what her body was feeling in the real world.

I leaned in and ran my tongue from her pink fuck hole all the way up to her awaiting clit. I stopped there for a moment and teased her clit with my tongue, flicking it back and forth on her clit. I then sucked her clit into my mouth and teased it with my tongue while I was still sucking on it. I reached up with my left hand and spread her pussy lips open as wide as they would go. I could see into her pinkness, I could see her wetness glistening in the light of my living room. Still holding her pussy lips open with my left hand I sucked on my right middle and index finger. I placed them at the entrance of her virgin pussy and slowly pushed them inside her pussy. She was extremely tight for just two fingers going into her. Watching my fingers sliding into her body was the most gratifying thing that I had seen in my young life. I worked my fingers in and out of her tight cunt for a few minutes. Pushing my fingers up and curling the ends of them I could tell that I was hitting her G-Spot. I slid my fingers out of her pussy slowly, as I did I spread apart my middle and index finger while in her and pulled out so that her pussy was gaping open when my fingers left the tight passage.

As I started to really heat up I started having all sorts of things running through my mind that I wanted to do to this young little bitch. I decided that those things could wait till later. Right now I needed to play a little more before I finally fucked her.

I picked up each one of her feet off the floor and placed them back on the couch. From how low she was sitting on the cushion her ass cheeks were spread open perfectly. I once again bent my face down to her pussy and gave it a big wet lick from her clit all the way to her waiting ass hole. As my tongue came in contact with her little hole I could feel it pucker. I started to lick in a wild frenzy. I was licking all around her hole being careful not to miss a single spot. I jammed my tongue in her tight little orifice as far as it would go, about 2 inches. From her being passed out as heavily as she was, her ass gave me no resistance. Being that all the muscles in her body were relaxed, even her other-wise tight anus. As I withdrew my tongue I could see my spit seeping out of her now slightly gaping ass hole.

Standing up and heading to where I normally sit I reached under the cushion and grabbed the lube, dildo, and butt plug that I had stashed there before Jackie got here. I moved back over to where Jackie was laying her legs splayed wide open and her feet on the couch. I lubed up the butt plug and smeared some lube on her ass hole. I slid my middle finger in her tight ass to make sure that she had some lube in her. Although what I was doing seemed wrong I still did not want to hurt her. Her ass hole felt wonderful on my finger. I could feel her heart beating through the vein that was in her. I twisted my finger in her. I pulled my finger out and slowly pushed it in again.

I placed the butt plug at the entrance of her tight hole and slowly started to push it in. As the narrow tip entered her ass I could see her hole spreading over the plug as it slid in deeper and deeper. About half way in it was starting to get harder to push. I knew that I was now stretching her tightness. I pulled the plug back out until only the tip of it was in her. Twisting the plug, I started sliding it back into her to make sure that it had enough lube on it.

Again I could see her hole sliding down the plug as her ass hole was stretched tightly over the soft plastic. I was getting so hot watching her asshole get stretched. I knew that I had to calm myself down a little so that I could last until I could finish everything that I wanted to do to her.

When the plug was finally in her at the widest point I fucked it in and out of her hole. Her asshole stretching and relaxing as the plug got wider and wider. As I pushed in one last time getting to the thickest point I pull it out as fast as I could. This left her asshole gaping wide open. I could see clearly into her tiny little back door. I placed two fingers into her ass and two fingers into her pussy. I rubbed my fingers around in both of her fuck holes and I could feel my fingers rubbing the thin wall of flesh between her cunt and asshole.

I took my fingers out of her pussy and placed my index in her ass alongside my other two fingers. This tiny little bitch now had three fingers in her ass all the way up to my palm. I twisted my hand and fucked my fingers in and out of her asshole. All of a sudden her pussy got real wet and a steady flow of white creamy cum seeped from her cunt. This bitch just had an orgasm while I was finger fucking her hot ass hole. Oh my god what a turn on! I leaned down and sucked and licked every drop of her little girl cum from her puffy pussy lips. It tasted very pleasant, salty with a certain musk that was to die for.

I took the butt plug and reinserted it into her ass. Her stretched out hole closed around the base of it that had a narrow point to keep it inserted into her anal cavity. I then stood up, grabbed her feet and placed them on my shoulders. I bent down a little and placed my raging hard cock at the entrance to her pussy. I slowly started to push into her. Her pussy lips were spreading open slowly to receive me meet as it was being forced in. Her pussy was tight on my cock but thanks to her cum soaked insides I slipped in with ease. I knew that she was a virgin from her tightness even though she did not have a hymen. I continued to push until my balls were touching the hard plastic base of the butt plug that was in her ass. I could feel her cervix on the head of my cock and knew that I was bottomed out inside her.

Grabbing her feet from my shoulders I spread her legs as far apart as they would go. Looking down to see my cock buried in her tight little pussy was something that I had dreamed about sense the day that i saw her fresh young cunt that day in the pool. I slowly started to pull my cock out of her pussy until just the head of it was resting on her little girl lips. My cock was now shining in the light of the living room, wet from her pussy juices. As I slowly pushed in again I just watched her pussy lips spread open and slide down my cock.

I started to speed up a little and watch as my cock pumped into her tight passage. Each time I would pull my cock almost all the way out and slam it in with such force that it made her move up higher on the couch. I fucked her like this for about a good 5 minutes before I felt the cum in buca escort my balls building up. With each thrust I knew that I was going to cum any second. I did not want to cum in Jackie because I was not sure if she was on the pill, which I doubted.

When I knew that my cum would start to flow I yanked my cock out of her pussy which made a squishy pop sound. Rope after rope of my hot sticky cum came gushing out of my cock and shot all over her tight teen pussy. My cum was running down her pussy lips and right onto her ass hole and butt plug before finally dripping off her ass and onto the floor. When I was finished cumming I laid down on the floor for a minute to get my composure. That was the most amazing orgasm that I have ever had. It made me week and all I wanted to do was lay there for a while. Not knowing how much time I had left before the pills wore off I decided to sit back up.

I grabbed the butt plug that was deep in her ass and started to pull on it. Her ass hole was being pulled out from the inside as I tried to pull the plug from her tight hole. Her ass started to spread once again as the plug slowly started to slide out of her. I pulled the plug all the way out of her and watched as her ass hole slid down the shaft of the plug. Her hole starting to close as the plug got more narrow toward the tip.
The plug slipped all the way out of her ass. I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide open, gaping her asshole wide open. I could see into her bowels, I could see the wetness and pinkness of her insides. It was an amazing sight to see. Her pussy was still covered with my cum, so I ran my fingers over it scooping it up on my fingers. I pushed my cum into her ass with two fingers. I pulled my fingers out of her ass and placed them into my mouth. The taste of my cum mixed with the muskiness of her ass tasted wonderful.

I grabbed the rabbit dildo off the floor next to our clothes and placed it at the entrance of her pussy. I pushed the dildo into her pussy. I filled her pussy with the dildo pushing it all the way into her tight cunt. The dildo was longer than I was so I knew that I was really stretching her. I put the dildo at an upward angle so that the head was hitting her G-spot. I fucked her really fast like that for about 30 seconds before I felt the pressure of her pussy pushing out as she was about to cum. I reached up with my other hand and spread her pussy lips open. I yanked the dildo out of her pussy and as soon as the dildo came flying out of her cunt she started to squirt a huge amount of cum. I was startled as I heard a low moan escape from her mouth. Looking up I knew that there was no way that she was waking up. She was still in a deep sleep. I could tell from her mouth hanging open and her still slumped over look as her head lay on her chest. She was surely having a dream that she had just had the most amazing orgasm in her life in. Her cum landed all over my face. I was shocked that she could cum like that even though she was not very sexually experienced.

I wiped her cum off my face with my hand and licked it all of my palm and fingers. I sucked on the dildo getting every drop of her sweet pussy juices off. I leaned down again and sucked her pussy lips into my mouth and cleaned every drop of cum and pussy juice off her. Being that there was still a little bit of cum on her. It mixed with her cum and pussy juice and made the most amazing taste ever. If I could have it my way I would have that shit bottled up.

I stood up and grabbed Jackie by her arms. I turned her on the couch so that her head was hanging off the couch and her legs were hanging over the back rest. Because she was passed out her head hung off the couch in a drug induced stupor. Her mouth hung open and I place my cock into her mouth. I reached down and spread her legs wide open and moved my face between her legs. I started licking her pussy with all I had. Sucking her clit into my mouth I started to fuck her face. I could get my cock all the way down her throat like this and I could feel the tightness of her throat as my cock slipped all the down her throat. I thought that my cock would actually go into her stomach I was going so deep. My balls slapping against her nose and forehead I sucked on her clit like I had never sucked anything in my life.

I could feel Jackie’s cum getting close as her pussy tightened up. I was also getting close to cumming from the feeling of her throat milking my cock. I stopped fucking her face and stood up. I grabbed the butt plug once again and the bottle of lube. I spread lube on the plug making sure that it was nice and slippery. I poured some lube in my hand and smeared it on my own ass hole. I placed the plug at my own tight ass and pushed it in stretching my ass around the soft plastic shaft.

I had used my mom’s plug before for on myself so it slipped in slowly all the way to the widest point and my ass closed around the narrow part between the base and the shaft. The pressure on my prostate and the fullness of my bowels was amazing and I was now ready to continue where I left off. I crouched back down and pushed my cock back into Jackie’s mouth. Leaning down with my face toward her pussy I grabbed her legs and pulled them back so that her pussy and ass was spread wide open. From me moving her around her ass hole was now closed up I reached around her leg and placed two fingers at the entrance of her asshole. I pushed my fingers into her asshole slowly, watching her ass give way to my intrusion and slide down my fingers. I licked her pussy as fast as I could and fucked her throat as fast as I could.

I finger fucked her ass, sucked on her pussy, and fucked her throat for about 5 minutes before I felt my cum starting build. With one final jab of my cock I sank it all the way into her mouth and let loose. Rope after hot rope of cum shot down her throat and into her stomach. At this time Jackie started cumming at the same time. Her ass clinched around my fingers like a Chinese finger trap, trapping my fingers in her. Her pussy spasmed under my tongue and a gush of white cream cum seeped from her pussy. I gobbled it up like a hungry dog not missing a single drop of her sweet nectar.

Totally give out I slowly got up off her I reached down and pulled the butt plug from my ass with a pop and sat on the floor for a second. Looking at her face, I could see my cum leaking out of her mouth and running down her cheeks toward her nose and eyes. I didn’t want her to get my cum in her nose and drowned her so I wiped it away with my fingers. Seeing her hard nipples sticking out from her arousal I smeared cum all over on her nipple. I was rubbing in little circles with my finger, rubbing my cum into the skin surrounding her nipple. I pinched and twisted it. I started tugging her nipple, pulling on it till her skin was being stretched out. I would let it go and watching it bounce back into place. It was so fucking hot. I am not much of a boob man but I loved her tits. And knowing that I was playing with them while she didn’t know made me so fucking hot.

Not knowing how much more I could cum tonight, there was a few more things that I wanted to do still before I put Jacking in bed and let her sleep it all off. For this part I was going to need my camera. I stood up, off balance from all my cum being drained out of my nuts I almost fell over. My knees were weak and I felt like I was ready to go to sleep.

I walked over and grabbed the video camera from behind the CD cases and brought it over to where we were at I went over her body with the camera I started at her face showing that she was passed out. I showed her open mouth and zoomed in. I could see some of my cum still in her mouth and laughed at that thinking about how great it was. I moved the camera down to her chest. I rubbed her tits with my free hand and squeezed her right tit with my hand. I pinched her nipple, twisting and pulling on it before letting go and letting it bounce back into place. I moved down her body with the camera to her pussy. I reached down and spread her pussy lips wide and zoomed in with the camera. On the screen I could see the redness of her pussy. It was swollen from the abuse that I was laying on it. Jackie’s Legs were still in a spread eagle position so I moved the camera lower and her asshole came into the view of the camera. I reached down grabbing her ass cheek with my hand and spread her ass open. Her asshole gaped open slightly. I placed my finger at the entrance and slowly slid my finger in. I wiggled my finger around a little inside her before removing my finger.

I stood back up. By this time my cock was hard once again only not as hard as when I started this mission. I pointed the camera down at my cock and said.

“See this cock?”

“Now your gonna get this big cock in your beautiful asshole.”

“I bet you’re really gonna like this”

I set the camera down on the couch for a minute. I grabbed Jackie’s legs and pulled her down off the couch. I slid her down until the back of her neck was lying on the floor. Her ass was still leaning against the couch right above her hips. Gravity did my work and her legs leaned down so that they were touching the floor next to her head. In this position her pussy and ass was spread wide open. I picked the camera back up and positioned myself on the couch so that I was izmir escort facing her. I grabbed the lube and pored some on her ass and smeared some on my dick. I crouched down on the couch and placed the head of my cock and started to apply pressure. I felt her ass give way and with the camera focused on what was going on I slowly sank my cock into her ass. Her ass hole stretched over my cock as inch by inch entered her. As my cock finally sank all the way into her and my balls were resting on her butt crack I started slowly pulling my cock back out.

When my cock got to the entrance of her hole again I let all my weight slam down on her. My cock rammed back into her ass. I quickly yanked my cock back out of her so that her ass would gape open. Her ass gaping open I zoomed in with the camera I could see clearly into her once very dark passage. Because of how she was laying the light from the ceiling were now shinning into her butt hole. I could see how deep her bowels went, Seeming like it never ended. I placed my hand on her ass cheek and spread her asshole wide open. I said.

“Oh my God,”

“Look at that tight asshole gaping open.”

“Its just begging for my cock to be shoved back in.”

“God you are such a little anal whore.”

I placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy and shoved my cock into her pussy. When it was fully in her I once again yanked my cock out and her pussy was now gaping open as well as her asshole. It was a wonderful sight to see. I shoved my cock back into her ass, pulled it out then shoved it back into her pussy. I went back and forth like this for a while making sure to get every penetration of this young sluts dirty fuck holes. I finally left my cock in her ass and fucked her nice and slow. I would pull my cock out every now and then to show the camera her gaping ass.

I reached over and grabbed the dildo and pushed it into her pussy. I then turned it on. This rabbit was one of the ones that have the beads inside that spin and the head swirls around. With the dildo buried in her young pussy I pushed my cock back into her ass. The feeling was amazing as my cock bottomed out in her ass hole. I could feel the dildo inside her swirling around and the beads spinning through the thin flesh that separated her anal cavity from her cunt. The feeling on my cock was amazing. I reached down and turned on the vibrating part that stuck out that pushed against the clit. I made sure that it was pushing firmly on her clit and started fucking my hard cock in and out of her ass.

Feeling my cum building once again I started to pump her ass hard. Each time I would jam my cock in my balls would slap her ass cheeks with a loud SMACK! Jackie started to cum from all the stimulation. I could feel her ass clenching around my cock milking the cum from my enlarging balls. The feeling of her ass clenching, the spinning and swirling of the dildo in her pussy and the faint vibration sent me over the edge and with one final hard slam into her ass I let my cum flow. With that final slam I sent Jackie into a huge orgasm her pussy spasmed and the dildo came flying out of her cunt as she started to squirt cum into the air coming down and landing all over her own face. Sticky cum seeped from my cock slowly after cumming so many times already. My cock twitching over and over in her ass as my cum slowly filled her up. Her asshole was clenching on my cock so hard that I thought that I would never get it out again. When all my cum was drained I collapsed on top of her, too worn out to keep myself up any more. Laying there my cock starting to deflate slipped from her ass. I sighed as the feeling of her ass wrapped around my cock was no longer there. Looking down I could see my cum seeping from her ass and running down her ass crack and entering her gaped open pussy.

I slowly got up from my slumped over position and stood up. Feeling light headed from my amazing orgasms I held myself up on the wall. Sighing from that amazing experience that I had just had I couldn’t believe that I was able to pull this off. When I felt like I could stand on my own again, I knelt down and pointed the camera on Jackie’s face.

“That was amazing wasn’t it?”

“I think you really enjoyed that from how hard you came.”

“It seems to me that you are just a little whore who needs to come out of your shell.”

“Maybe one day we can do this together, while you’re actually awake.”

I turned off the camera and closed the screen on the side. I set the camera down on the couch and stepped back to take in the scene. Sighing at the mess that we had made and thinking about the work that it was going to take me to get everything cleaned and get Jackie into the bed where she would think I placed her after she fell asleep on the couch.

I picked grabbed Jackie by her arms and pulled her out of her fuck me pose that I had placed her in and laid her on the floor on her side. I went to the bathroom and got a wash cloth out of the closet and put it under the warm water in the sink. I rang it out and returned to the living room. When I got back Jackie had rolled over on her back. I knew from that that I needed to hurry up and that she would be soon coming out of her drugged state.

I got down on the floor with her and spread her legs. I cleaned her up with the wash cloth. As soon as the warm wash cloth made contact with her pussy I saw her ass clench. I wiped her off real good in the crease of her pussy lips and her thighs. I wiped her pussy off real good and cleaned her asshole off. I moved from her crotch and wiped off her tits. Making sure that I wiped my dried cum off of her nipple. I wiped her mouth off and made sure that I got around her lips and nose real good where my cum had dried into a white crusty mess. I wiped her whole face off real good to make sure that I didn’t miss anything. I had to make sure that she didn’t have any speculation about what happened to her. I already knew that she was going to be sore when she woke up. Her pussy was going to be sore and her asshole would be tender.

After I was done making sure that everything was cleaned up I grabbed her shorts and slid them back on her body. Stopping when they go close to her crotch to lean down and give her pussy one final wet kiss and a swipe of my tongue over her clit. I pulled her shorts all the way up and made sure to roll the elastic band back up like she had it. I grabbed her shirt off the floor and gasped as I realized that she had got her cum all over her shirt. There was a huge wet spot on the front of it. I wasn’t sure if it would be dry by the time that actually woke up so I took a gamble. I sat her up and put her shirt back on her. Squeezing her tits together with both hands and feeling her smooth skin in my hands one final time before letting her shirt fall down over her body. I laid her back down, picked up my own clothes and got dressed. I picked her up off the floor and carried her to our extra bedroom. I placed her on the bed and covered her up with the throw blanket that we kept there. I looked at the clock on the night stand and it was 10:00pm and it was getting close to Jackie’s mother coming to pick her up.

I turned and left the room. Knowing that it was over, and thinking that I would probably never be able to do something like this to her again if she even thought something weird happened. I let out a sigh and hoped for the best in hopes that everything would turn out ok in the next 2 or 3 hours when she woke up and over the next few days.

After I left the room I went back into the living room and grabbed the dildo, butt plug, camera and the lube. I took it to my bathroom and washed it off under the warm water. I didn’t want my mother to smell the young pussy or ass on the toys and think that it was weird or something like that. I took it to my mother’s room and placed it back in her night stand.

I left her room and went to my own with the camera. I hooked it up to my computer and started transferring the video to my computer so that it wouldn’t be left on my camera for someone to find. I logged into my yahoo email to check my email after going through some junk I remembered the email and just had to reassure myself. I opened up the email that I had gotten a week ago from Jackie. The email read:

“Jake I know that I made your dick hard that one day while we were in your pool. It really turned me on. I can’t believe that you cock was so hard for me. I don’t think that you realized that I saw it but I did. I cant believe that I am gonna say this to you, but I have a fantasy that I have developed after reading stories on xnxx.com. Jake I would love to be drugged and violated. I read this story that made me cum so hard that I thought that I was going to pass out. If you want to have your nasty way with me, then drug me and do anything to me you want. Just keep me safe, I know that you will you are such a sweet and caring person. I don’t want to know that it is going to happen and I don’t want to remember anything about what happened while I was out. Just do me a favor and video tape the whole thing so I can watch it later. Who knows maybe if you seemed good on video then we can fuck for real.”

If you liked my story and would like to read more please let me know.This is the last chapter that I have completed currently. If there are people who like it I will continue to write and post for your enjoyment. Please leave me feedback or any ideas that you have and I will try to put them in the story.

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