Jamie Ch. 19

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We slept soundly that night, fully content in each other’s arms. And when morning came, we were both full of smiles.

“Good morning, Beautiful,” I said when her eyes opened up and met mine.

“Good morning,” she said and stretched her arms before cuddling close to me again.

“Did you sleep well?” I asked, lightly dragging my fingertips over her exposed shoulder.

“I did,” she said, reaching for my other hand and interlocking our fingers together.

“Good,” I said and let out a deep breath.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

“I’m more than okay,” I told her. “Last night was amazing.”

I saw her smile spread from ear to ear as she rested her head on my chest. “If I knew Michael wouldn’t get upset, I’d tell you to give him some tips. I’ve never had two orgasms in one night before. I’m usually lucky to get one,” she said, criticizing her husband’s lovemaking. I didn’t want to be a part of putting him down, but I wasn’t going to stop her from finally expressing all of the problems she was having with him.

“Have you tried communicating to him what you like?” I asked carefully.

She was silent for a minute and I was afraid I’d asked the wrong question. “No, I guess not. Our communication is usually great, I guess just not in the bedroom,” she admitted.

“I think that’s the place communication is most important. I told you about how Jamie and I almost broke up not too long ago, right?” I asked her.

She nodded. “Yeah, you told me about what Jeff did. I was surprised she believed you.”

“It was because I have never lied to her and have always, since we decided to be together, told her almost exactly what I was thinking.”

“Almost?” she teased.

“Well, sometimes I’ll tone it down,” I chuckled.

She laughed with me and then we fell silent, just enjoying being close to each other. Camille snuggled in closer to me, hugging me tightly. It felt amazing feeling her so close to me, and the fact that she was still naked didn’t hurt either. My mind went back to last night and what had transpired between me and my favorite cousin. For years I’d fantasized about making love to her and after it finally happened, I couldn’t be happier.

Why wouldn’t I be happy? Not only did I get to sleep with my cousin, I’m also about to marry the girl I’ve been in love with for fifteen years, her dad gave me a good job working for his company; life was finally turning around for me. What else could possibly make this better? I knew the answer to that one; Camille wanting to and agreeing to a threesome with Jamie. That would just be the icing on the cake, though. I didn’t need for that to happen.

“Someone’s getting excited,” Camille said as my cock began to stiffen; it rubbed against her leg as it did.

I grinned at her as she looked up at me. She rubbed her knee against my continually hardening cock, teasing me so wonderfully. I kissed her and she kissed back enthusiastically, our tongues dancing wildly, passing back and forth between each other’s mouths. She rolled over so she was lying on top of me, pinning my cock between our bellies. She slowly grinded her hips into mine, her pussy already wet. I had no idea she’d woken up horny; she hid it so well.

Grabbing her ass, I lifted her hips up off of mine, aiming my cock for her hole. She reached down and wrapped her hand tightly around my thick cock, guiding it into her entrance. I released my grip on her perfect ass and she slid her pussy over my cock. I slid in smoothly and it felt amazing to be back inside of her. It felt like the first time all over again. She was still so tight and so hot and wet too.

She broke our kiss and sat up and immediately began to ride me hard; harder than she had last night. Last night we kept it about our love for each other. Now we wanted to give into lust and just fuck instead.

Her full breasts bounced wildly as she rose and fell on my hard cock. Our skin slapped loudly, echoing off the walls with each contact. The springs in the mattress joined in as well, almost harmonizing with Camille’s moans. I held onto the curve of her hips, pulling her down harder as she fell. After a minute or two I held her down with my cock deep inside her pussy and then sat up, taking one of her tits into my mouth. Her head fell back as she let out a heavy sigh.

I leaned forward, pulling my legs under me and then dropped her onto the soft mattress. She giggled as I lay on top of her, my cock never leaving her pussy; I stifled that giggle with my tongue in her mouth. Her arms wrapped around my neck as I pulled her body tight against mine. I then began fucking her hard, pounding her pussy as fast as I could in that position. I broke our kiss and then pulled out of her; I was possessed by lust, as was she. I got up and stood at the foot of the bed. Then I turned her around and she bent her legs at the knees and spread them wide, exposing her glorious pussy. Grabbing my cock, I directed at her cunt again and shoved it in roughly. She gasped and then grinned at me playfully. I held onto her legs just above her knees Beylikdüzü escort that were now bent over my shoulders. I went to town pulling out and slamming back into her repeatedly, continually picking up speed.

We were rudely interrupted by a knock at the door. I stopped fucking Camille and looked down at her with a confused expression. She shrugged and then nodded at the door. Without bothering to put any clothes on I reluctantly pulled out of Camille and walked to the door, peering out the peephole. I grinned when I saw Jamie standing there, still wearing her leather pants and pink top.

“It’s Jamie,” I said quietly.

Camille smiled and then nodded, agreeing to let her in. She sat up on her knees, her beautiful breasts jiggling with each subtle movement she made. I opened the door wide, still fully nude with my cock at full attention still. Jamie’s eyes widened in shock at the sight of us, but then she smiled mischievously as I grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her inside, pinning her against the wall next to the door and planting my mouth on hers. She accepted my sudden and rough greeting greedily, sucking my tongue into her mouth and taking hold of my stiff cock and jerking me. When I broke our kiss and looked into her eyes, her lust-filled face matched mine equally.

We both looked at Camille, who looked scared for a moment but then smiled excitedly as we walked towards the bed. I wanted to run, but I also wanted to savor the moment. Jamie reached her first and I watched as she lifted her right hand to Camille’s face, caressing her cheek and then running her fingers through her thick hair. Camille looked nervous as her eyes kept shifting from looking into Jamie’s eyes to her lips. Desire grew in my cousin’s eyes as she anticipated Jamie’s kiss.

Jamie leaned her head in closer, pressing her lips against Camille’s. Camille’s eyes closed as they held their lips together unmoving for a few seconds; Camille melted into Jamie, lifting her smooth, slender arms to wrap them around Jamie as she opened her mouth wider to receive Jamie’s kiss deeper. Their jaws opened and closed as they began to make out; my already throbbing cock ached for release as I watched the love of my life kissing my favorite cousin passionately.

I stepped up closer, the tip of my cock poking the bare part of Jamie’s back. Without breaking her kiss with Camille, Jamie reached behind her and grabbed my rod and began to jerk me slowly. Pressing my body in closer, I reached around Jamie with my left hand, slipping my hand underneath her skin tight shirt and massaged her breast as much as I could while Camille’s chest was pressed against hers. With my other hand, I stroked Camille’s back with my fingertips, causing her to shudder.

They broke their kiss and stared at each other again for a few seconds before Camille smiled widely. “Wow,” she said.

“She has that effect on people,” I said.

Camille’s eyes met mine and then looked over Jamie’s body. “Jason, we have a problem,” she said.

“Yes, I see we do,” I said inspecting Jamie’s body.

“What?” Jamie asked concerned. “What’s wrong?”

Camille and I looked at each other again and grinned. “You have entirely too much clothing on,” Camille said and then I pulled her shirt up; she lifted her arms, allowing me to remove it from her body.

Before I could even drop the shirt to the floor, Camille had taken one of Jamie’s full breasts into her mouth; I returned to Jamie and massaged the free one. Jamie turned her head to receive my kiss from behind. Her leather-clad ass pressed against the base of my rigid cock, slowly gyrating in small circles. I broke our kiss and dropped to my knees. From behind, I unbuttoned her pants and pulled the small zipper down then pealed the leather pants off of her perfect ass and thighs, stopping at her knees. I pressed my face into that beautiful ass, shoving my tongue out to find her pussy from behind. I felt her long fingernails begin to scratch the back of my head as I licked her from pussy to ass-hole; licking the salt from her skin.

Needing better access, I pulled away from her perfect ass and removed her pants the rest of the way, tossing them aside and then spreading her legs. I cocked my head and shoved my tongue deep into her pussy; a small shudder spread throughout her body at my touch, or was it from Camille’s? Either way, Jamie was in heaven as were Camille and I as we worshiped her body. Taking a quick break to catch my breath, I looked up to see the two girls kissing and fondling each other again.

I stood up and startled the girls by picking Jamie up and then placing her on the bed. Camille dove in and began eating Jamie out without hesitation. Jamie reached for my cock and pulled it closer to her face. I settled on my knees on the bed next to her head and she slid her mouth over my waiting cock. She moaned as she blew me; a combination of pleasure from sucking my cock (which seemed to turn her on quite a bit) and from Camille eating her out. I put a hand on the back of her head and began to thrust into her mouth. Beylikdüzü escort Jamie increased the pressure on my dick as I fucked her face.

Looking back at my cousin eating out my fiancée, I longed to stick my dick back in her hot pussy. I brought my attention back to Jamie and pulled out of her mouth.

“Go,” she said. “I want to see you fuck your cousin as she eats me.”

I kissed her gratefully and then got on my knees behind Camille; she wiggled her ass at me teasingly, still licking Jamie’s pussy as she did. I grabbed a hold of her hips and rammed my cock into her tight pussy in retaliation. She let out a small whimper but never pulled her face away from Jamie’s beautiful love hole. I slid my length back out of her pussy, leaving just the head inside and then shoved it back in roughly. I increased my pounding of Camille’s pussy, which put more pressure on Jamie’s pussy as Camille fucked her with her tongue. Jamie’s hands were now on the back of Camille’s head as she bucked her hips into her face, much like I did by holding Camille’s hips as I went to town on her pussy.

Soon the build of my orgasm returned after the short break my cock had gotten from answering the door a few minutes ago. I remembered that Camille had said she was on birth control, so it was safe to deposit my load into her pussy. I increased my speed, causing Camille to cry out and look back at me. I locked eyes with her for a few seconds and then looked directly at Jamie.

“Fuck her, Jason. Fuck her good for me,” Jamie demanded.

I looked at Camille again and she looked desperate for her own release. “Give me your seed,” she begged. “Cum in my tight little pussy.”

I held on as long as I possibly could, but a few hard thrusts later, my first blast of jism exploded in Camille’s pussy, two more big blasts followed, filling her womb. After the final smaller bursts were released and my dick was spent for the time being, I slowly pulled out of her and crawled up to lay next to Jamie, only stopping to kiss Camille on the way.

“Give me that pussy,” Jamie demanded.

Jamie slid down onto the bed so her back was flat on the mattress as Camille crawled up her body and planted her knees on either side of Jamie’s head. Jamie lifted her head up to meet Camille’s pussy, slurping my seed out of her pussy. I never thought I’d be turned on by something like that, but I instantly felt like I could go another round. I reached behind Camille and squeezed Jamie’s beautiful breast which elicited a groan from her as she fed off of the cum in Camille’s pussy. Camille’s orgasm began to grow next from Jamie’s ministrations. I felt that it wasn’t fair that Jamie wasn’t getting enough attention to her sex organ, so I quickly got up and planted my face in her pussy, picking up where Camille had left off after I came inside her.

I could hear Camille’s breath grow more ragged and labored, and when I looked up as I ate Jamie’s pussy, I saw that she was grinding her hips into Jamie’s face more and more, leaning against the wall with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other.

“Oh shit,” she squealed as her desire grew. “Fuck that feels good. God, I’m gonna cum,” she announced and a few seconds later, she did, her juices exploding all over Jamie’s face. Camille screamed in pleasure as her body shook and shivered. When her orgasm subsided, she laid next to Jamie, licking her juices off her face and then moved down to suck on Jamie’s breasts.

I slipped a finger inside Jamie’s pussy, coaxing her to come to climax sooner. She reached down with one hand, pulling my head tighter into her beautiful pussy; her hips bucked and gyrated into my face. Fuck it was sexy. She screamed louder and louder and then her body suddenly went stiff as she held my face tight into her fuck hole. She shook as her orgasm finally released, her pussy contracting around my finger as I licked her exposed clit. I lapped up the juices that leaked out of her and after I did and sat up on my knees, Camille attacked me, cleaning up my face with her tongue and then sticking that tongue in my mouth. The mixture of tastes of Camille’s tongue and Jamie’s pussy drove me insane.

I reluctantly broke my kiss with Camille as I noticed Jamie shift around in the bed. She got up and retrieved her phone from her leather pants that had been discarded to the floor. She tapped her thumbs on the screen quickly and I looked at her curiously. She noticed my inquisitive look and grinned.

“Another surprise is on its way,” she said. I looked at Camille and she shrugged, she was just as clueless as I was. So, I shrugged and continued making out with my beautiful cousin. My dick was extremely hard again; she noticed so she began to slowly stroke my cock. I knew I was going to be sore after this weekend, and honestly, I couldn’t wait for that; it would serve as a great reminder of the fun we all had together.

Our attention was directed to the door as someone knocked on it. I looked at Jamie confused and she grinned widely as she skipped naked to the door. When she opened it, I was Escort Beylikdüzü mildly surprised to see Meagan standing there. Her mouth open in shock as she saw Jamie’s naked form before her, pulling her quickly into the room by the hand, so she could shut the door. Jamie slipped the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the outside door handle before returning to an awkward and nervous looking Meagan. I felt like an asshole just staring at her, but I didn’t know what to say. Jamie knew about my history with Meagan and how I’d had feelings for her years ago but gave up because she’d continually turned me down.

“Jamie, what is this?” I asked, covering myself. Meagan was usually awkward around anything sex related, she usually cringed or giggled nervously at the mention of the word “penis”. But here she was with three naked people, staring at each of us in turn, surprisingly mostly me. I thought from the awkwardness of the situation my fiancée had just put me in, I would begin to grow soft in my cock, but it surprised me by growing harder.

“Meagan and I had a bit more to drink last night, as you know, and we got to talking about your guys’s past. She told me how many times you pursued her and she always turned you down, though there were times she hadn’t wanted to.”

“Meg?” I looked at her imploringly.

She looked away and refused to meet my gaze. Was it shame or fear that kept her from making eye contact with me? I couldn’t tell.

Camille began to stroke my back with her long, dainty fingers; they felt great against my skin, but it didn’t ease the tension that’d grown in the room. Something had gotten into my fiancée that I didn’t understand, and right now I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not. Sure, it’d gotten me to finally connect with Camille, it allowed Jamie and I to move past my accidental cheating with Tracy, but now it was trying to fulfill more fantasies of mine.

Jamie went on. “We talked about you and she confessed that she sometimes regretted those times she turned you down, but she’d been scared at those times,” Jamie explained softly, caressing Meagan’s bare arms. “She told me last night that when she saw you and Camille kiss, it shocked her but also turned her on. Seeing you kiss both me and Camille the same night made her curious about what she’d been missing the past few years.”

“Meg, look at me,” I beseeched her softly.

She finally did that time. I couldn’t tell if she was scared or about to cry.

“Is this true?” I asked, pulling away from my cousin as I moved towards her.

Meg shrugged. “I guess,” she said and laughed like she does when she’s uncomfortable.

I looked at Jamie, who was now running her fingers through Meagan’s hair. “What else happened last night?” I asked suspiciously.

Jamie feigned innocence, but I recognized the look right away as being fake. She grinned devilishly at me. “We just made out a little bit,” she lied.

“You fucked her, didn’t you?” I accused.

Jamie’s face went red, as did Meagan’s. “Okay, fine! You caught us! You can’t get mad, though!”

She was right. I’d been with Camille, but it’d been Jamie’s idea for us to be alone together last night. And the time I’d cheated on her with Tracy had been a mistake and I’d been coerced into it by someone else. Jamie had done this on her own volition. The whole situation with Tracy really had changed her. But, if I was able to fuck my cousin, possibly fuck Meagan and still marry Jamie, who was I to complain? So what if she and Meagan hooked up last night.

“You’re right,” I told her. “Is this what you really want, Meg?” I asked.

She looked at me again and smiled. Her eyes glanced down at my cock that was now exposed as I stood between her and the bed. Camille sat on her knees, still completely nude, behind me. Jamie joined her on the bed as Meagan and I stared at each other. Her eyes continually dropping down to look at my re-hardening cock. The conversation had eventually made it go half-hard, but when I imagined her and Jamie together last night, it’d begun to grow again.

“You, uh, like what you see?” I asked with a smirk.

She looked at me, her face going red again, but she nodded.

“Come here,” I encouraged and she stepped up.

I reached up and pushed her hair behind her ear and then pulled her face towards mine into a kiss. We’d kissed once in the past, around Thanksgiving time when I’d come out to California to visit in 2007. We were out with some friends and had a few drinks and as my brother drove with my best friend in the front seat, I’d pulled Meagan close to me and kissed her; at the time, she didn’t fight it and actually kissed me back.

This time was much different. For one, we were sober so there would be no denying it happened later on. Two, it was a much deeper kiss. She even opened her mouth to welcome my tongue to dance with hers. I took control and pulled her full figured body in close; her large breasts smashing wonderfully into my bare chest; my cock growing back to full mast, rubbing against her blue jeans. She closed her thighs, trapping my penis between her legs. She broke our kiss and looked at me with a mischievous grin. I smiled back but was distracted by wet noises behind me and when I turned to see the cause, I found Jamie and Camille already in a 69 with Camille on top.

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