Jamila: Tales of a Prison Transexual

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My name is jamila, and these are my memoirs; i wrote a lot of personal shit, while locked down in a maximum security prison.

I was convicted of drug and weapon possession last summer, and sentenced to 7 years in prison.

My idiotic boyfriend stashed coke, and firearms inside of two cars, and 6 houses we both owned together.

He told the stupid cops, the crap was solely his.

but the prosecutor didn’t care. The bitch charged me for basically knowing the stuff was there, and not reporting to the authorities.

So, now I’m in prison;

and in case you didn’t know, I’m a transexual. I have a penis, so I’m classified a genetic male. 

 I was incarcerated with a bunch of big ugly motherfuckers. At 1st I was afraid. I was petrified; but I soon learned, in prison the more ruthless you are, the more respect you get. So, I was a bit lucky I guess, when I got paired with Bruno. Bruno Cassette.

He was an ugly guy. A 46 year old african american, with bad skin, very fat, and talked with a fucking lisp.

Still, Cassette ran the entire prison. 

He controlled the drugs, and had 7 correctional officers securely stashed in his pocket.

So, when he asked me to become his prison bitch, i eagerly accepted.

We started as friends.

he liked the way i carried myself.

He said I was a real lady

So, after about a year, We became passionate lovers.

I’d fuck, and suck cassette, til I couldn’t fuck and suck no more. He loved to cum in my mouth, and kiss me afterwards.

Being Cassettes personal bitch, ultimately granted me a great deal of privileges.

I ate burger king, and drank Starbucks, brought in daily by the guards.

I smoked weed, snorted coke, and constantly ordered bruno’s men, to viciously attack, any other transsexual, who looked better than me.

I became a real prison queen. I recruited a flock of young transsexuals, all sexy, and didn’t mind fighting, or sneaking in coke for me and Bruno. 

We loved to do drugs, and suck the dicks of the married prison officials, and handsome young officers.

They’re were 2 other powerful prison transexuals though. 

Tonia and Suzy.

They have both been there for years. They had more girls than me, which gave them more power. 

LDT “Large Dick Tonia” had over 10 big butt transexuals. Mostly black, and built like stallions. 

Suzy only had 5 transsexuals; but controlled over 10 gay men.

and personally, I wished death to them all.

Tonia, was dating Kiesto (the head Cuban) 

And Suzy dated Ludski, The top Russian. 

We didn’t want to start a prison war between Prison races.

So, we all hated each other, but never acted on our feelings.

One night, while giving Cassette a back rub, after sucking his dick, we bluntly began talking about making some serious Money. 

Bruno said 

“You’ll be leaving prison soon, and you’ll need some cash for when You reach the outside”

I replied “what do you have in mind?”

Bruno said “y let your girls fuck for free? Start a prison paid sex service. A flock of gay, and sexy transgendered prostitutes

“we’ll charge high prices to the population punks, and give discounts to the officers. 

“you’ll make some real money.”

 “I’ll take 50% for protection, and we both get paid”

I replied “but what about tonia, and suzy” 

Bruno said “we’ll kill them. We’ll kill them both”

I was silent at 1st, then Quickly added, a very nervous

“sounds like a plan”

Bruno said

“once they’re dead, all of they’re bitches will run to you.

 If not, we kill they’re bitches too”

“we’ll kill whoever the fuck cross your path. 

I stayed quiet.

fat man was right!

Once i get out of prison, I need money to quickly establish things.

All my assets were seized, and all the cash I managed to save, was spent on my 2 year trial.

So, I figured why the fuck not. 

I kissed Cassette, and once the officers turned off the lights, we passionately fucked for hours. I fell asleep around 3:30, thinking of the wealth, and power, I was about to ultimately receive.

Shit was about to get fucking crazy.

Part 2 (killing time)

Me and Bruno set up the hit, on tonia first.

LDT, worked mornings in the library, and was there from 7 to 7:49 all by herself.

Which meant, we had to commit the murder,  no later than 7:35.

So, I waited, outside the library one morning. I had a gun with a silencer, that cassette got the previous week from captain Foster. The head correctional officer.

I instructed Alberta, one of my Mexican bitches , to suck Foster’s dick, and to let him fuck as often as he pleased. That, plus $2,000, and thee nice officer didn’t fucking hesitate in handing over the weapon.

So, Cassette, gave me the sign, and at 7:26 we both quietly crep Into the library. 

Tonia, was sitting at a desk. Her eyes were rolled back. 

Her 24 year old  fuck toy (Westin) was kneeling on the floor, his head going up and down in a sucking motion.

He was jerking his cock, and sucking tonia off.

As soon as cassette, saw that it was westin; cassette began smiling.

You see, Westin, was very much lusted over. He would often walk around in small shorts, twisting his tight white butt, and bending over. He drove the men, and even some of thee officers crazy; But, he was only for tonia’s enjoyment; and Tonia had protection from the Cubans. So, he was off limits.

Tonia’s dick, was enormously big.

 Her nick name became quite fucking obvious.

Her cock was black, veiny, and westin was gagging over and over, as he sucked.

We remained quiet.

Tonia got up, bent westin over, and violently shoved her hard uncut penis, secure in his twink white butt.

He yelled, and She quickly started thrusting. 

Cassette, looked at me, and whispered “give me the gun”

I quietly replied  

“i’ll kill the bitch myself.

Cassette squinted, and answered

“don’t fucking miss”

So, I quietly walked from behind the bookshelf, and slowly towards tonia.

cassette followed.

Tonia’s big cock was fucking westin so deep, his small white opening was oozing out small amounts of smelly wet shit.

I remained still, walked Closer, and stuck the gun to Tonia’s head. 

Tonia stopped fucking, her eyes widened, and she tried to look back.

Cassette grabbed the twink, and gagged him with a green bandanna.

I Smiled, and grabbed tonia, by her awfully smelly dick. 

my small tranny cock, was pinned very tight, against tonia’s naked ebony booty.

I became horny, and  sprouted  a very hard erection.

To be honest, LDT, was a very sexy transsexual.

She stood 6 foot 4, had a perky pair of tits,  smooth mocha skin, and an deliciously huge booty.

I nervously whispered “goodnight Tonia, you stupid black bitch”

And pulled the fucking trigger. 

Then again. And again. And again.

Tonia fell instantly.

By then, cassette had started fucking the twink hard in the butt. 

Westin was sobbing, but couldn’t scream, due to the gagg.  

Cassette, like everyone else, had dreamt about fucking westin, and couldn’t resist the chance.

So, Bruno looked almost deranged, as he viciously pounded away at  westin’s sweet gay opening.

I stood by the door, very nervous, and watching for officers.

Cassette shot his load hard, wimpered, and quickly Got off the fagg

Westin, fell over, on an near by table, and tried to scream.

Still shaking, I walked over, kissed the  twink on the cheek 

and shot him once, execution style, in the back of the head. 

He fell. 

Cassette started laughing. 

Westin’s head, as well as his butt, was gushing streams of dark red blood. 

Cassette smiled, and took the gun.

He then said “we got to go”

I nervously followed cassette from the library, and made the way back to Our cell.

Along the way, cassette passed the gun to another person, who passed the weapon to someone else, who got the gun back to foster. Foster, then stuck the pistol, in an off duty guard’s locker.

I guess i should have felt bad, but I really didn’t care.

I looked at it as an crucial step, on my path back to justin.

I needed money, and tonia stood in the way of me making money.

My apologies, for murdering the punk,

but, he was collateral damage. Nothing personal. Just collateral fucking damage.

So, For the next several weeks, the prison was on total lock down.

The officials had no idea, but the prison population was talking. The word was around, and half of tonia’s girls, were already mine. The other half went to suzy. 

She and the Russians suspected, we killed tonia, so, once the lock down was over, they were all on guard.

Keisto, on thee other hand, did not express any hatred. 

It’s really fucking funny. 

Thee entire prison, knew Keisto, really loved tonia. 

but Keisto, would never admit, he had a relationship, with a big cocked transsexual.

Still, we aggressively watched the stupid fucking Cuban.

Just in case.

The lock down was good for business.

The prisoners were so horny, it was a perfect time to set the plan into motion. 

So, we quickly introduced to the population, the new pre paid sex system. 

At 1st, people buca escort bayan refused to pay for services, they once got for free. 
But, after some rather violent attitude readjustments, things began to really take course. 

Me, and cassette, made $2,000, in
90 days, 

and in prison, $2,000 is  a shit load of money.

We broke the girls into groups.

We had blacks, and Latinos, Which We charged $10 for oral, And $20 for anal sex. Sex with blondes, or barbie transsexuals, cost $15 for oral, and $25 for anal Sex

Lastly, for thee exotic beauty from Asia, mrs. kimsha, we charged $20 for oral, and anal sex was 35.

We gave foster, $100 a week, to kee the heat off.

Keisto, and the cubans, noticed our power, and soon joined us.

We gave them a very small cut;

in return, they helped us with enforcement, and protection, from the other races.

So, with the added protection, we made a lot more Money.

My girls fucked and sucked all day. we gave the  girls  $5 per service, no matter they’re ethnicity. 

Any other transsexual, or gay boy, charging for sex, we would order the cubans to viciously beat. 

If they kept it up, they were murdered.

The cubans, killed 1 transsexual, and 3 flamboyant fags, in one month alone.

Suzy, and the russians, were extremely pissed. 

Part 3 (get it cracking)

One afternoon, I watched as one of my girl’s sucked the dick’s of two of the prison guards. Her name was melissa. She was a ugly Hispanic transsexual, fat, and still looked like a man.

But still, everyone knew, Melissa’s mouth was electrifying, and made us thousands of dollars. Melissa was a top earner, and I needed her to help me secure my empire.

One guard started fucking her, and she sucked the other guard until he came hard in her mouth. 

The other guard finished in her butt, paid me $150, and they went back to they’re assigned destinations.

I gave Melissa $10, and we begin to walk back towards the prison yard.

On the way to the yard, we decided to stop in a storage room, smoke a joint, and talk about life outside of prison. 

Then, from nowhere, 2 of the ugliest Russians I’ve ever seen, walked in the storage room, and blocked the fucking door.

One of the russian idiots quickly grabbed Melissa, and stuck a large knife to her throat. 

The other, then spoke in a very heavy accent, and said

“we take Melissa, she works for Mr. Ludski now”

I replied “let my bitch loose”

The one holding Melissa, smiled, and shoved the knife hard in Melissa’s throat. 

Melissa tried to yell.

The other bastard, lit a cigarette, and laughed

I silently watched, as the hanus motherfucker, repeatedly stabbed Melissa, over, and over, and over in her neck.

He soon dropped Melissa, and started licking his fingers clean of the blood.

That bastard was one sick puppy.

The Russian with the cigarette, pulled out his dick, walked over, and started pissing on Melissa.

Then, the guy that just killed Melissa grabbed me by the neck, and told me to suck his dick.

His cock was very small, and smelled like death.

I put his Johnson in my mouth, and started sucking. 

To be honest, I enjoyed sucking on his penis.

Just knowing this man could kill me in any second, made my dick rock fucking hard.

I looked up, his eyes Were rolled back.

The other russian walked away, and was standing by the door masturbating with his back to us.

So, with the killer’s cock, wedged tightly in my mouth, i reached for an knife I had stashed in the small of my back.

Then, with one quick motion, I stuck my knife in his stomach, and turned the blade upward. Twisted the knife, and gently removed the weapon.

the man fell, without making a sound.

He twitched, but eventually lie  lifeless on the floor.

I then jumped up, and ran top speed towards the man jerking off.

I used all my might, and stabbed him hard as fuck in the back.

the man yelled, turned around, and punched me in the face.

I fell to the floor, in agonizing pain. 

The Russian looked over, saw his friend dead, and rushed at me full speed.

the knife still lodged in his back.

He stood over me, and repeatedly beat me in the face.

It was so fucking painful.

I blacked in, and out of consciousness.

The man, then picked me up by the throat, punched me hard, and spit blood in my face. 

I could tell the knife cut was beginning to really fucking hurt him.

his punches became weaker, and weaker.

Then, all of a sudden he stopped, and started coughing up blood.

He looked down at his shirt, and began to whimper.

I fell to the floor, and began crawling towards the door. 

He fell shortly after, and started crawling after me. 

I crawled over melissa, and struggled with opening the door.

I looked back, and noticed the motherfucker wasn’t crawling after me any more.

He was breathing heavily, and sobbing uncontrollably. 

I thought to myself, I’d better finish off this bastard.

So, I crawled back towards the idiot.

I slowly stood up wobbling, and pulled out my dick.

I then disrespectfully pissed on the stupid motherfucker, returning the favor he extended to melissa.

He could hardly speak, but still, he whispered, in an extremely vengeful tone, 

“fuck you”

I then decided pissing wasn’t enough.

I turned around, lowered my jeans, and grunted out, a very large turd,
right on his fucking face.

The man was stunned.

He distastefully looked, as i pushed from my butt, turd, after nasty fucking turd. 

I let loose one more shit log, and pulled up my jeans.

I quickly removed the knife from his back, smiled, And used whatever energy I had left, to Stab the motherfucker repeatedly in the upper back.

I dropped the weapon, got up, and limped away from the storage unit.  

I tried hard to not look suspicious, as i limped, and nervously staggered back to my cell.

When I got back, Bruno was talking to someone, who’s back was turned to the door. 

When Bruno saw my fucking face, he quickly stopped talking, and uttered an angry “what the fuck”

The man he was talking to, quickly turned around, and said

“Jamila, is that you?”

My motherfucking eyes widened.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

It was Justin. Justin fucking Polton.

Part four. (I’m disgusted)

Cassette walked over, put his hand on my shoulder, and said

“what happened”

I frowned, and quickly replied 

“I’m fine”

I had a minor altercation with a couple of dead Russians”

I sat down on the bed, and shamelessly continued.

“the more important  question is,

“Mister Polton. 

what are you doing here!”

Justin walked over, visibly upset, and quietly answered, 

“never mind that. I paid the right people, a lot of money, to get myself transferred.
I really needed to see you;

 but not like this.

 I promise, I’ll kill whoever is responsible for hitting you. 

Justin looked great. He was free from his wheelchair, and looked particularly muscular. His head was shaved, and his skin was beaming.

Justin smiled, kissed me softly, and gently whispered 

“who did this to you”

silence echoed throughout the entire room.

I felt the love in his voice; my hot transsexual opening, suddenly became extremely moist, and ready for entry.

cassette broke the silence by violently yelling.


“don’t worry about jamila, I’ll get those russian bastards!”

Justin frowned.

He stood up, And replied.

“it shouldn’t have happened in the first place. 

I paid the warden, a shit load of cash, to get her, in a cell, with you. We had an arrangement. Your cousin Slip, said you were reliable.  

Plus, my driver, Douglas, brought you a lot of fucking money, every fucking month.

You fat ugly bastard, you were paid handsomely to look after her.

I stood there.

in shock.

 I had no idea, justin orchestrated me, and bruno’s  living arrangements; or that he was paying cassette for protecting me.

Cassette stumbled for words, trying to explain his situation.

Justin didn’t care.

Justin reached back, and smacked cassette across the face.

Cassette fell, hard on the floor.

Justin walked over to me.

He looked at me dead in my eyes, and asked

“did the fat bastard fuck you”

 and jamila, don’t fucking lie”

I looked at Justin, and started to cry.

Justin put his hands on his head and asked me “why”

I panicked. So, I began to lie.

I nervously said

“it was against my will! The fat son of a bitch, would rape, and pillage me nightly  

 and the officers would just turn a blind eye!” 

Still crying, I continued,

“I’m so glad to see you.

 I was so fucking scared. He made me do horrible things, even kill two people.

That’s why the Russians attacked me, 

they were trying to settle a score, a problem they had with cassette.   

Before I could say any further, 

 justin walked over to cassette,

He yelled in a vicious tone

You fat motherfucker; I’m going to kill you!

He cracked his knuckles, an quickly punched escort buca cassette in the face.

Cassette fell back to the floor, and yelled for me to help.

But I could not harm my Justin.

 They’re was nothing cassette could say, that would have forced me to move an fucking inch.

Justin grabbed cassette’s collar, and pulled him from the floor.

He stood in front of cassette, and beat him across the face with his bare fist.

Just then, two of cassette’s goons walked in.

Luca, and Shelby.

Luca had a screwdriver, and shelby had a knife.

Cassette looked at justin, and started laughing.

Luca pulled Justin off of cassette, and held the knife to his neck,

I yelled “stop you bastard” and weakly punched luca in the back.

Shelby saw what happened, and slapped me to the floor.

Cassette got up, but he was disoriented, and lost his balance.

He fell back to the floor a few times, before gaining a stable stance.

Justin spit on luca, and hollered 

“let me go you filthy bastard.

Cassette held on to shelby, as he pulled himself up.

 he seemed to be a bit dizzy, from the short beating.

Cassette, caught his breath, and said 

“Justin, you may have been some hot shot rich fuck on the outside.

 but, in here shit bird, you’re just another fucking prisoner.

And I control this prison.

So, you prick bastard,

i’m going to get someone to kill you.

And pay them with your own fucking money.

Justin stayed still. I know him well enough, to know he was very nervous.

At that moment I wanted to kill cassette. I hated him instantly.

Cassette continued.

“and as for jamila, you lying fucking bitch. 

After justin’s dead, I’m going to pimp you around, like the rest of the dirty transexuals in this place. You dumb bitch, you could have been infamous in here. Now you’re going to be just another fucking prison tramp.

I frawned, and spit at the floor.

Then before I could say a word,

Sirens began going off.

45 officers, in full riot gear stormed the prison. Paramedics were on site, and the whole place was in a frenzy.

3 officers stormed my cell, and told us all to get on the floor.

The dead people had been discovered, and the officers were all pretty upset.

A tall latin officer put his foot to my neck, and told me to get up slowly, and come with him. 

I was taken from the cell, and placed in solitary confinement. 

About 2 hours later, I was taken from there, and bought to the warden’s office.

I was scared as fuck.

Part 5 (as the world turns)

The warden was a decent man. A 69 year old ex cop, and police activist. He was white with gray hair, a thick gray mustache, and hairy gray eyebrows.

His belly was big, and he dressed like a 19 seventies cowboy.

I was taken to his office, and was left alone to wait.

5 minutes later the warden walked in, visibly upset. 

He told me that according to two of his officers, he knew I was in the vicinity of the newly found murders.

I told him I had been in my cell all afternoon, and had no idea what the fuck he was talking about.

Then the bastard laughed, and told me to look at the small tv on his desk.

He pressed play on the VCR, and plain as day; me, and Melissa entering the storage room; the two Russians going in shortly after; but only me leaving. 

The warden lit a cigar, and began to laugh.

He quietly whispered, 

“so, the video, plus your blood stained shirt, and your fucked. That’s a triple murder. 60 years to life minimum.

My fucking heart dropped.

The warden walked over to me,
And said 

“I’m the only one who knows about this; I put that camera there personally, to catch my officers stealing supplies and shit. 

So, it’s pretty fucking simple, you help me; and I’ll help you.

I replied

“how can I be if any help to you”

The warden answered.

“cassette! I want cassette”

“Cassette’s been here for 18 years. His 20 year sentence is almost up”

“that fat motherfucker has been a pain in my butt for a long time.

 I know he has officers in his pocket, he’s bringing in crack, selling whiskey, and pimping booty; you bring me evidence to put him on deathrow, I’ll make this tape disappear.

I remained quiet. I remembered thinking, this is great. Here’s my chance to get rid of this fat bastard, and take total control of this prison.

I told the warden he had a deal.

 I told him i needed time though.

I had just had an arguement with bruno;
once we were back tight, I’d wear a wire, get information about death plots on other prisoners, and help crack cassette’s prison sex ring.

The warden smiled, shook my hand, and said “ok, we have a deal”

I got up to walk away, and the warden stopped me by saying,

“there’s one more thing You need to do” 

I turned around and said “what’s that”

I looked down

The warden had his pants, and boxers down, and was standing in front of his desk, stroking his white wrinkly cock.

Without talking, I Walked over, kneeled down, and started sucking his dick. 

a few minutes later, the warden shot his creamy load right down my throat. 

I gagged.

The warden then began to grunt, and piss on my face.

After he was done, I got up, the warden handed me $200, and told me to get the fuck from his office.

So, I left his office, furious, and smelling like piss.

When I got back to my cell, Bruno was sitting on his bunk, and nursing a black eye.

I put my hand on his shoulder, and said

“I’m sorry I lied, but Justin would have killed me, if he knew how much I really loved you”

I kissed cassette, and asked him for forgiveness.

Cassette stayed silent.

I began rubbing his cock, and kissing his neck.

Cassette broke the silence, and said

“i love you 2, jamila. you really hurt me when you didn’t do, or say anything to Justin.

I stayed quiet, removed my pants, and bent myself over the sink.
I licked my fingers, and used the spit to wet my butt opening. 

Cassette didn’t hesitate. He put on a condom, and slammed his dick in my butt, hard.

It was really disgusting.

I hated being penetrated, by this fat motherfucker; I began to day dream, to keep myself from throwing up in the sink.
While fatman fucked me, I started thinking about justin, and how good it was to see him.

I yelled  “oh yes” a few times, to make cassette think I was interested”

While he pistons away at my booty, 

I reveled in the fact that I was going to kill, or put away this idiot for a very long time.

My happy thoughts of killing this bastard, were crudely interrupted, by a loud scream, 

“oh shit” said The Fatman, as he shot his Sperm right in my ass. 

I couldn’t help it.

 I began barfing, all over the sink.

Part 6 (I’m a terrible Person)

I spent the next several weeks fucking cassette, and loving Justin.

I had both of those bastards eatting from my palms.

It was great.

Justin gave me a lot of love,  but couldn’t fuck me; justin still had a few bullets lodged in  his body; so, it disabled him from having sex, of even getting hard.

But, His doctor said he needed a few more surgeries, and a shit load of Viagra; and after a few sexless years, he would probably get his erection back.

to be honest I was kind of happy Justin couldn’t fuck. I knew he had a very large sexual appetite, and didn’t want any of these stupid transsexual bitches, trying to seduce my boyfriend.

So, I would kiss him repeatedly, tell him how much I loved him, and suck on his nuts.

He liked when I sucked on his nuts.

As the time passed, I gave more and more information to warden Johnson, about the greasy Fatman.

one afternoon, while snitching to the warden, I told him cassette was going to kill Suzy next. Suzy, was standing in the way of cassette’s prison prostitute service, and cassette wanted her dead as soon as possible.

I told him I would wear a wire, and give the code word “daddy”, right before cassette killed Suzy.

The murder, was to take place exactly at 4 o’clock, Saturday afternoon, in the lower level of the east wing kitchen. 

The days passed rather quickly.

 I pimped a few girls, sold coke, and snuck away daily for alone time with Justin.

Justin, knew about the deal i had with the warden. So, although he didnt Like it, he agreed to let me keep fucking cassette, until the time was right.

I met cassette in the kitchen at 3 o 5 on Saturday.

I sucked his dick, and as a change of pace, I fucked him up the butt; I didn’t want him to touch me, due to the fact I was wearing a wire.

I came hard in his booty, cleaned myself up, and we got ready for the murder. It’s really quite amusing, the warden, and the FBI, listening while I fucked big bad Bruno cassette up the butt.

I handed bruno a knife that was marked as evidence by the warden. It was a melted piece of metal, shaped in the form of an ice pick or something. 

I told him I got it from Shelby, the previous night. 

We made our way threw the back of the kitchen, and ended up behind the racks that held the pots and pans.

And There she stood. Suzy.

Suzy was tall, white, and had buca escort curly brown hair.

Her booty was plump, and her breast were tiny. She had bad acne on her face, and a crooked nose. But, all on all, she was a very attractive girl.

She was washing dishes, and smoking a cigarette.

Along with suzy, stood a very handsome Russian, hugging her from behind, in between drying the dishes.

I looked closer; Oh shit, It’s Ludski.

We stood there, still, and quiet.

Mister Ludski grabbed suzy’s butt, and told her he would be right back; he had to go take a piss.

Suzy replied “hurry back, I’m not going to wash all this filthy shit myself”

Ludski  gave her the finger, and left the kitchen. Suzy blew him a kiss, and turned on the radio.

 She started dancing, to Cindy lopper’s 19 eighties hit “girls just want to have fun” 

using a fork as a makeshift microphone.

Cassette looked at me and smiled, he lunged head first, and tackled Suzy.

Suzy yelled, and stabbed cassette with the fork in the neck; the loud music was great. The idiots on the other in of my wire couldn’t hear shit.

Cassette, yelled, and with two hands, shoved his ice pick hard in suzy’s 4 head; 

Suzy looked up at cassette. Opened her mouth wide, and then  went blank.

Cassette fell on Suzy, holding his neck.

I began smiling, shaking my butt, and mocking cassette  

I jokingly repeated,

“daddy, my sweet fat daddy, are you alright!”

All of a sudden, Ludski came running back into the kitchen.

He saw cassette, and yelled some crazy shit  in Russian.

I stopped dancing, and stayed still. I didn’t want Ludski to see me hiding behind the large metal dish racks, and come after me!

He pulled cassette up, and punched him
In the face!

He then threw cassette off of Suzy, and took the ice pick from her head.

He started crying, and lunged towards Bruno!

I quietly turned around, and started making my way from the kitchen,

I Faintly heard cassette yell my name, followed by a loud stabbing sound. 

I turned back, and saw Ludski jabbing cassette repeatedly with the ice pick;

Then, 4 officers in full riot gear, stormed in the kitchen, along with the warden, and 2 or 3 Federal agents

Ludski looked shocked!

He got up and backed himself towards the sink, waving the ice pick.

Cassette lay there shaking and bleeding from the mouth, 

I watched quietly as the agents drew there guns, and told Ludski to drop the weapon; ludski didn’t comply; so the black agent had no choice.

He closed one eye, took aim, and shot Ludski once in the chest.

Ludski, looked down at himself, and fell to the floor; 

They moved in closer, and kicked away the ice pick, and turned off the radio.

Ludski, was dead

I smiled. I remembered thinking, great,  3 birds with 1 fucking stone!

two paramedics soon came in, and started Working on cassette. They bandaged him up, and hurried him from the kitchen.

Part 7 (The takeover)

The next 4 years were a dream. Me and Justin took over the prison sex trade, and made a decent load of money.

Justin got his erection back, and the sex was off the charts. I stopped fucking all others, and promised my heart to only him.

As for Bruno, Unfortunately Cassette was still alive. after being in a coma for 8 months, he was put on
Trial, and sentenced to life in a near by prison. he was forced to stay in his cell 23 hours a day, and had only one hour for showers, and recreational activities.

That made the warden happy. So, He did as promised, and destroyed the video.

Now, With the video out of the way, My release date was drawing near, and i couldn’t wait to get the fuck home. 

One morning while Brushing my teeth, Justin told me to sit down.

I rinsed my mouth, and sat on the bunk.

Justin fixed my hair, and said

“Mother’s house in carson city, was left to me when she died.

Douglas has been keeping it clean, and has the keys. She also left us something very important there, and Douglas has the key to that too. 

I never spoke of this, in case we broke up, or U ever cheated on me.

Justin walked over to the sink, and sat on it.

I called him a bastard in my mind, but remained quiet. 

Justin then walked back towards me?, sat down, playfully punched my arm  and said

Well, you sort of cheated on me with cassette!

He smirked, and lit up a  large marijuana cigarette.

I frowned, Now a bit angry.

 so, I verbally replied, 

“justin, don’t make me feel like shit. Cassette was a mistake. Let’s move the fuck on”

Justin stood up, kind of pissed off, 

And said “stop being so damn bitchy”

He sat back down, put the joint down, and continued, 

” I don’t judge. I know life in here is crazy; especially for a beautiful girl, such as yourself”

But, now you’re leaving. It’s time to Start a new life. 

That leads me to my next request.

I stayed quiet.

Justin continued,

“once you get home, you and Douglas, are to fly to Thailand.

Meet, with Dr. Masques. 

I want you to have, well, sexual reassignment surgery.

I’m getting older, I wanna start a family. And, well,  I’ve already decided, I never will need anyone, besides you. once you cut off your penis, you’ll legally be a woman.

Justing got down on one knee, and pulled out a plastic ring, with cheap little rhinestones all over it.

He continued  holding my hand, and said

” jamila, you are my everything. I see stars when I look into your eyes. I love u so fucking much.

Will you please marry me!”

I took justin’s hand, and started to cry. 

He was so fucking sexy. I was puddy in his hands.

I remembered thinking. Our mother would be so proud. Justin is finally growing up.

 I never thought  I’d be having a fucking prison wedding proposal, but, stranger shit has happened.  
So, i leaned forward, kissed him, and said yes. 

Anything for you. I wiped the tears from my eyes, and gave him a hug. I was kind of sad at 1st, shit,  I really liked my dick. But, I guess I liked justin, even more.

Justin smiled, and started back talking. He said in a gracious tone,

“My appeal is going great.

 looks like the murder conviction, is going to be overturned.
I remembered thinking,

“Fuck! f i knew this shit was going to happen,  I wouldn’t have started pimping booty, or fucking fatman cassette.

Well, i guess I’ll just call it a learning experience”

Anyway, we decided when I got home, the first thing I would do, is fly to Thailand.

Then, once Justin came home, we could legally marry, and have children.

The hanus Prison life changed me.

This was a way for a fresh start.

 I wanted to get back to taking baths, doing my nails, and wearing expensive clothing.

justin was right, His appeal was going great.

A nice judge, in Texas, agreed to look at the case.

He came to the conclusion, that justin was rightfully defending me from our crazy friend  carlo.

Carlo went nuts one morning, and shot my mother In the head. He also shot justin, and killed Maria, justin’s pregnant girlfriend.

So, Justin shot Carlo, before he could kill either of us.

Justin was shot buy Carlo 1st, once, and then buy 6 times, by two trigger happy cops.

Justin shot back at the officers, but didn’t hit anyone.

So, for Justin shooting at the cops, and the illegal rocket launcher and pounds of coke  they found, Justin would still have to do time.

But, it had already been almost 8 years.

so, we figured, if the murder charges get overturned, maybe they’ll add on another 8 or 9 years for the drugs, and weapons, and justin would be home buy the time he’s 43; 

So, a new trial date was set, and I got us a 500 dollar an hour lawyer.

Part 8 (no more correctional shit palace)

I was released from prison on a hot summer day.

 I felt bad  leaving Justin inside, but, I left him making decent money; and virtually no competition.

Douglas pulled up in a black stretch limo, with champagne chilling on ice.

He handed me a chanel bag, and said hello.
I took off my prison jeans and put on a black Chanel dress.

I put on matching chanel hills, and popped the champagne. 

I told Douglas to take me to Fred’s beauty salon on the upper north side.

I got my nails done, and cut my hair. 

I ate at an expensive sushi house, and Douglas took me home.

The house mom bought, was a fucking mansion compared to that tiny prison cell.

I took a shower, and put on my night gown.

Douglas, knocked on the door, and walked in with a security box. 

He gave me the key, and went home for the night

I  opened the box, and almost shit my pants.
There stood a blank check book, a debet card with my name on it, the pin number 4 5 3 1 on the back, and a stack of cash.

I took a further look inside, and the same things, were in there for Justin.

I called the bank, and checked the balance of my account.

Oh shit, mother left me 5 and a half million dollars, and Justin 10.

The large stack of cash, added up, to a whopping $250,000.

I instantly started crying. I had enough money to pay for the surgery, and get justin’s lawyer, just with the cash alone. 

I poured a glass of wine, and went to sleep, in a beautiful king sized bed, with gold gucci sheets.

Comment, please! Let me know what you think. Check out justin’s story to fully undestand this tale!

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