Janette Pt. 03

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Janette by StarDust

Part 3

The next day flew by quite quickly. We were mostly passive attendants on several presentations and demonstrations of the other company’s products.

I got surprisingly honored by Janette’s increased attention. She would rub my hand occasionally or squeeze the thigh under the table. I reciprocated by caressing her shoulder few times when I walked by to fetch a glass of water or a sandwich.

The cherry on the cake came when she once grabbed the front of my shirt, pulled me down to her and planted an unexpected kiss right on my lips. This happened in the corridor when we had found ourselves alone suddenly.

At the end of the day we had an early dinner at the hotel restaurant, filled up with a lot of lustful looks and sensuous licks of lips. And I bet with a lot of dirty thoughts and imaginations too, on both sides.

When we had finished I went behind the wheelchair and helped Janette to back away from the table gallantly. She then pushed herself across the restaurant and foyer and once we had entered the corridor leading to her room she suddenly took my hand and we went on hand in hand. I felt so touched by the gesture that my heart almost melted with love.

When we reached her room I took the courage, leaned down and kissed her on that pretty mouth.

“I will give you an hour. Please, be waiting in some nice lingerie,” I said in a quiet, seductive voice.

“Hey, who is the boss here?” she teased me.

“It’s for your benefit, believe me,” I smiled at her.

“Man, you are so self-assured… Better don’t disappoint me. I’m still your boss, don’t forget about it.”

With this she turned around and entered the room without paying more attention to me.

Exactly 60 minutes later I knocked at her door. She opened without any asking this time and when I had entered I found her sitting in the wheelchair, all wrapped in the soft, thick hotel bath-robe. The belt was snugly tighten around the waist.

Only her feet visible under the bottom of the robe betrayed the camouflage. They were dressed in thin black stockings and rested bare on the foot plate of the chair, lightly touching one another. My imagination had started to race at full speed as I wondered what she had on under the robe.

She must have noticed my inspecting look because she said: “You have promised a lot of things, you said you would worship my body. So I took the decision to let you stand by your word and prove it. I’ll let you do all the work and I will just enjoy your attention and caring. But I warn you, don’t get me bored. I’m your boss and I’m a demanding person. You better do your best.”

“Is kissing allowed?” I asked. “Because that’s what I would like to start with.”

“Y… yes,” she said after a small hesitation.

I walked to her and dropped to my knees by the left big wheel of the wheelchair. I wrapped my right arm around her shoulders and turned her face to mine with the other hand.

I kissed her gently on lips, then I kissed her cheek, the nose, forehead and her mouth again. This time I kissed harder and pushed my tongue into her mouth and explored the sweet warm wetness inside.

I used my hand to caress her body through the soft material of the robe, paying attention to not get too low, to parts she wouldn’t have felt. I massaged her breast and I could sense an additional layer of cloth between the robe and the skin. Then I started to loosen the belt around her waist, still kissing her hard on mouth.

I separated the front of the robe and inserted a hand under it. I enjoyed the contact with the smooth, silky skin below. I blindly explored the shape of the stomach, hip, a bra and knickers down below. I still hadn’t looked at her properly, my mouth permanently pressed on hers.

“You feel so delicious to the touch,” I whispered in her ear. Then I caressed her front a bit more and let my sight turn down slowly. I gasped.

To be honest, I expected to see some fancy flimsy black erotic underwear, but she had on a very simple, plain bra and knickers. They both were of the same solid light-gray color with no decoration at all.

However, despite them not being the state-of-the-art of erotic industry, she did look surprisingly sexy in them. They provided the sort of modesty that you would look for when going to a doctor. They would have allowed you to strip down and still didn’t feel vulgar or too much on display.

She must have read my thoughts because she said somewhat apologetically: “I’m sorry, I haven’t brought anything fancier with me. These just go well with my business suits.”

“No problem, Janette, you look stunning anyway,” I assured her and affirmed my confession with a longing kiss on her unfeeling stomach, half way between the simple bra and knickers.

Then I started to pull the robe from her shoulders and she helped me a bit by tilting forward in the chair. I bared her upper arms and kissed her on the revealed back as well as the neck. I knew she could feel there, so I tried to be as sensuous as possible. güvenilir bahis Then I helped her to get arms out of sleeves and wrapped my own arm around her back again, this time inserting it under the left armpit.

She understood what I wanted to do and hooked the arm around my neck. With the other hand she grabbed the wheel and its rim on the right side of the wheelchair. I lifted her upper body a little and with the helping push of her arm we had managed to get her ass high enough for me to pull out the white robe from under her. Then I lowered her back onto the seat again.

This brought my attention to her – now revealed – legs. They were dressed in black opaque stockings which looked much more appealing than her underwear. I guessed it was because she was aware they would be partially seen from under her dress.

They had a wide, decorative band at the top and ended in the middle of long thighs. That was where I had noticed an odd thing. Janette’s thighs were so thin with muscles completely atrophied that the supposedly self-holding belts didn’t encircle them snuggly enough. There were visible gaps between the fabric and Janette’s legs. It looked really intriguing and inappropriate – but at the same time strikingly sexy too.

The black color hid real contours of her bare feet, especially as they were lying on the equally black footplate. It disturbed me undeniably because I wanted to admire their lovely shape badly. I could not resist and kissed skinny thighs on their naked parts above stockings and then went down to the feet directly.

I took one into my arms and it was laying there lifelessly without a tiny trace of any motion. It felt soft and supple. I caressed the beautiful thing and kissed its nylon-clad toes one by one. But then I heard a boring sigh from above me and quickly replaced the foot back on the footrest.

I rose up, grabbed handles of the wheelchair and turned Janette around. I parked her in a distance from the bed, but facing it, so she could watch what I was about to do. I applied brakes and went to the bed.

I put away the duvet and collected all pillows. I stacked them up at one corner of the bed. Then I went back to Janette and without a word I scooped her in my arms. I carried her half-dead body effortlessly to the bed and placed it there, facing the headboard as she did yesterday, although closer to the foot end of the bed than yesterday. I carefully straightened her limp legs in front of her, enjoying their floppiness and still getting blown away by the fact they could not even fill-up stockings properly.

Then I went to the bathroom and gathered two towels – smaller and big one. The bigger one I tossed on the bed beside Janette and with the smaller cloth I went to the build-in closet on one side of the room, being followed by the puzzled look of my boss.

The closet had sliding doors that could be pushed to either side to make access to different parts of the closet. One sliding panel had the front made of mirror. I grabbed it, lifted it up carefully until small wheels at the bottom derailed from the single rail in the floor and tilting it slightly I let the top part slip out of the housing. Then I draped the small towel over the top of the panel for protection.

I brought the removed door wing to the bed. I was seriously afraid it would not fit because the panel was quite big – 2 meters (or almost) high and more than 1 meter wide – and that would have ruined all my plans. I lifted it up and placed it standing on the bed, very close to the headboard. Fortunately, it fit between the bed and the ceiling perfectly. I adjusted its position and made sure it was leaning on the wall securely, the towel protecting the sharp edge from scratching the wallpaper.

I looked at Janette. She was sitting there, in front of the recently installed mirror, admiring herself in it. I guessed she didn’t have the best view of herself in the mirror because it was tilted a bit, but according to my plans she would get a better view soon.

I quickly stripped myself and noticed she didn’t pay any attention to me at all. She was twisting and turning on the bed, looking at her reflection from different angles. Only the lower half of the body remained motionlessly laying on the bed as I had arranged it there before. I felt the well-known stirring inside my lower abdomen when I noticed that.

I knelt down on the bed beside Janette and caressed her arms lovingly.

“Are you ready, pretty lady?” I asked.

“Can’t wait longer,” she answered and I nodded with understanding.

“So, here we go!”

With that I moved to her side and grabbed one of her legs, bent it at knee, twisted and folded it by her side. Then I did the same with the other leg, all the time paying attention to keep close to her and let our bodies touch frequently. I was aware that she could feel only some of those touches, so I tried to contact her above the line of feeling as much as possible.

“Didn’t we do the same yesterday?” she asked while watching me folding her legs the same güvenilir bahis siteleri way she did herself the day before.

“Don’t worry,” I assured her, “just enjoy it.”

I grabbed the remote controller of the trapeze and started to lower the thing. Once it was low enough, I took the bigger towel and wrapped it carefully around the bar. I made sure there was no wrinkle anywhere because I needed it to be as soft and comfortable as possible. This way I had formed a sort of padding around the bar and after I had declined it even lower I told Janette to hang herself over it.

I helped her put arms over the bar that went under her armpits and across the top of her chest then. I moved her bottom and legs a little bit, so more of her weight leaned onto the trapeze. Then I started lifting the hinge until Janette’s sexy bottom got airborne by several inches. She watched the whole process thoroughly in the mirror.

I disposed the remote and went behind my boss. I rearranged her legs, spreading knees wider and pushing her feet right under the bum. Then I literally sat on them and squeezed my pelvis into the space between those beautiful upturned soles and the paralyzed ass. My half-erected penis brushed along her bum crack and jumped up with joy. Supple buttocks came to rest on top of my thighs.

I pressed my whole body onto Janette’s back and looked over her shoulder in the mirror. I could see her half hanging from the trapeze, half kneeling on her unsupportive legs, thighs wide and the venus mound visibly emerging between them. I reached forward with one arm from either side and started to caress her.

I let my hands wander over a slightly puffy stomach, along her sides, down to thighs, where I massaged the naked parts first, then I inserted palms between loose stockings and the unbelievably supple tissue that had remained from her thigh muscles.

She could not feel any of it but she could see it all in the mirror. And I was able to watch her face and reactions there too. It was a perfect set-up.

I caressed her lower body a bit more, then moved to her tits. I squeezed them through the thick fabric of the bra while I kissed and licked my way from the shoulder to the wide strap of the bra that ran across her back and where the fastening was located. I didn’t dare to try to open it with mouth, I rather quickly withdrew my arms and unclasped it manually. Then I unhooked also small hooks at the end of thinner shoulder straps from their little loops and stripped the bra completely off. I tossed it on the night table by the bed.

Once her breasts were free and naked, I reached around her body again and started to knead those beauties simultaneously. Janette uttered a sigh of excitement.

I had been massaging these perfect tits for quite a while, then took one in the palm and covered it with my other hand. It had disappeared completely under my hands. I squeezed and mangled it ever so tenderly from all sides and that had made Janette moan with pleasure.

Then, still supporting the breast by my palm, I used fingers of the other hand to pinch the nipple. The sexy thing had filled-up with blood in an instant. I pulled on it and nudged it with my thumb, while squeezing the firm orb with my other hand as if trying to milk it out. Janette was panting. Then I moved my hands to the other breast letting the previous one rest on my forearm.

I started to nibble at her earlobe then kissed the side of her neck. I knew she had sensation only in a small portion of that amazing body, thus I tried to stimulate that part as extensively as possible. In the meantime she tried to reach my body behind her with her arms and she had indeed managed to caress my sides but the position was a bit awkward for her, so she gave up on it soon.

I kept working on her upper body, on all parts she could still feel by kissing and licking her skin on the back and caressing on the front. She had been panting already, but I had decided to add to it.

“Don’t you mind sitting on my erected member?” I whispered in her ear teasingly. “It’s hidden somewhere here,” I said and moved one of my hands between her legs.

I let my fingers brush across the pussy, hidden inside knickers. Then I massaged it through the light-gray fabric and checked in the mirror if she could see that. Her bottom was pressed onto my lap and the crotch was not very well visible, being a bit too much at the back.

So I took the controller again and let the trapeze with my boss climb higher. That made her kneel more upraised. I caressed her thighs again because I could not get enough of their limp and slim feel. They were just perfect – smooth and soft, with excessively wide gap at her crotch.

Then I resumed massaging the pussy through knickers. It was much more on display this time and we both could clearly see how the supple tissue changed shape under the pressure of my fingers.

Suddenly I moved my hand and inserted it under the thick fabric. My fingers had disappeared from our direct sights but their movement could iddaa siteleri be judged through the fabric. Janette groaned from the imagination of what I was doing there because she could obviously not feel anything of it.

“Oh boss, you are getting wet there,” I whispered in her ear, pretending surprise. “Your cunt must be enjoying the visit. It’s gaping with anticipation.”

Janette’s moans became continual.

“Look,” I said and withdrew my hand from inside her knickers again.

I pressed the bottom part of the underwear onto the pussy and also a bit inside. In the mirror we could clearly see the outlines of labia hidden under the fabric. I traced the slit that had formed on knickers and I thought I felt a moisture there.

I straightened the fabric again and said: “Can you see that damp patch on it? It’s your juices that had made it. You are dripping pretty much there. Your cunt may live its own life but it apparently works perfectly well. It likes to be massaged… it likes to be invaded… it wants to be… fucked… to be EATEN.”

Janette’s face reddened from such speech and when I added: “… and that’s exactly what I’m going to do now,” she groaned deeply by the simple thought of it.

I grabbed the edge of her modest knickers and started to pull them down over skinny hips and the ass. She had been watching with eyes glued to the mirror. I pulled the underwear only up to stockings and started to cares her now bared crotch.

I was highly excited myself, since I had just revealed the most beautiful pussy on Earth. Pink, wet, soft, gaping… but numb. I inserted a finger inside and massaged the walls of it. The gush of liquid started to pour out. I pressed an open palm onto it, waited a second or two and then raised it up for our inspection. There was a small puddle of thick juices in it.

“Do you see, mistress? You are a sex machine. Much better than most of other women in this world.”

After that I spread the liquid around her pussy which started to glisten from it. Then I let go of her and pulled soaked knickers down to the bed. I pushed them over knees, one by one, down thin lower legs and over twisted, paralyzed feet. I tossed them on the night table by the bed.

Then I grabbed the controller again, separated her legs and laid on my back between her feet. I slowly crawled higher until I found my head right under the dripping pussy.

I stopped and enjoyed the view for a while. I doubted I had ever seen anything nicer and more appealing than that in my whole puny life. I could see slim and long thighs entering my view from both sides, connected at the top by the most erotic crotch I could have ever imagined, with the most beautiful vulva in the middle. Its lips were gaping so much that I could easily see inside the vagina behind. And this all was shining with moisture, droplets of thick liquid hanging from the delicate skin and inner tissue on few places.

I hesitated a bit. To be honest, I was a bit scared too. I knew paraplegics had to catheterize themselves regularly, but I had no idea how their bladders work otherwise. I was afraid I might not like the taste of her, but was willing to give it a try anyway. I lowered Janette down an inch or more, then grabbed her hips and pulled my head towards the waiting pussy.

Because I wanted her to see most of the action that was going on there, I stuck out my tongue as much as it would go. Then I used it to lick the outer labia, first from the outside, then from the inside.

She tasted great. Better than most girls I had slept with. I could feel a hint of soap on outer parts and a faint trace of something what could be disinfection or something alike, but besides that she tasted just great. I lapped her opening hungrily, enjoying its softness and the silky feel on my tongue.

“Oh my god!” I heard her voice from above. “OH-MY-GOD!!!”

It encouraged me into pressing my face tight onto her crotch and starting to eat her wildly.

“Jesus Christ,” she uttered. “Oh my…”

Her voice turned into groaning that was mixing up with squelch sounds from her pussy. I could feel my penis had hardened so strong that it almost hurt. And that brought an idea to me.

I stopped and slipped out from between her legs. She might have wanted to protest but could not because she was panting so heavily. I quickly went around her and laid on the bed in front of her. I paid attention to not knock the mirror down with my legs as I pushed myself between her knees again, this time from the bed’s head. With me lying on my back in front of her, Janette could clearly see my rigid prick. She moaned with desire.

I felt blindly for the remote control, found it and lowered her down until she was literally sitting on my face. I could not see now what she was doing or what was her expression. I had her beautiful numb pussy right over my nose and mouth, so I resumed eating her as if there was no tomorrow.

Suddenly I’d got aware of a somewhat harder knot touching my chin as I craned the head back a little to reach deeper with my tongue. That must have been her clit! I experimented with the limited moves I was able to make with my mouth and jaw and soon found the way how to lick her love tunnel and poke at the clit with my chin at the same time.

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