Jeff’s Story

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Brianna sat hugging her knees, head bowed. Tears were gathered in her eyes but she refused to let them fall. She would not cry over him anymore. He had left her and wasn’t worth any more of her tears.

Her cell phone buzzed. She picked it up and glanced at the screen. Deanna, her best friend, was checking on her and wanted to know if she wanted to go out dancing that night. Brianna smiled and quickly replied that she was better and that a night on the town sounded like a fabulous plan.

She got up and showered, letting the warm water run down her tear stained cheeks and red eyes. After getting out and drying off, she dolled herself up. A little extra eye makeup and some bright red lipstick distracted from the slight redness around her eyes.

She pulled on a slinky red dress, backless, with a skirt that barely covered her nicely shaped ass. Bri glanced at herself in the mirror, loving the look of the dress over her large breasts. The feeling of the silky material flowing over her nipples was very erotic.

Painting her finger and toenails a bright red, to match her lips, brightened her mood even more. After they were dry, she slowly pulled on some black thigh high stockings and attached them to her garter belt, then slid her feet into some sexy black heels. Grabbing her little black dance bag, Bri was ready for whatever the night might bring.

Deanna showed up about ten minutes later and they left for the club. It was a little early, only 11:00pm and the place was still half empty. The girls went to the bar and sat down, ordering drinks. Bri got a Bahama Mama, loving the tart fruity taste. She didn’t drink very often, so quickly felt the effects of the one drink.

A guy came over, introduced himself as Jon and asked if she’d like to dance. Bri said yes, looking forward to forgetting all about her ex for the night. The beat was fast and hot. Bri turned her sexy up and showed Jon what a hussy she was. She rubbed, bumped and slid over and against him.

Showing him, with clothes on, what sex with her would be like. He kept up pretty well. Grabbing her hips, spooning her, grinding his stiff cock against her ass. He leaned down and whispered in her ear how fucking hot she was. Bri gave him a sexy smile over her shoulder. He was cute but not really her favorite flavor.

After a few songs she told him she needed to go check on her friend and headed back to the bar. She joined Deanna, who had just returned. It was getting close to midnight and the place was starting to get crowded. Bri sat the bar with Deanna, talking and glancing around at the crowd. A man caught her eye, average height, sexy in an understated was. Light brown hair, goatee, snazzy dresser, there was some indefinable characteristic that drew her in. She caught his eye, he gave her a sexy smile and a wink, then turned back to listen to his friend.

Bri was ready to dance again. She glanced back at the sexy guy but he was still deep in conversation with his friend. Bri continued to look around and saw a guy staring at her, smiling with one brow raised. Almost daring her to come to him. She got up and walked towards him, full sexy smile on her lips and a come fuck me look in her eyes. When she got close enough to him to talk, before she could say anything he grabbed her hand and pulled her onto the dance floor.

A slow song was just beginning. Her guy slid his hands around her wrists and slowly lifted her arms around his neck, keeping eye contact the whole time. Letting his hands drift up her arms, then down her side and around her back, he rested his hands on the swell of her ass. He leaned down and whispered, “I’m Ricky.” She told him her name was Brianna but most people called her Bri.

Ricky lifted a hand and pressed her head again against his shoulder. Bri loved the feeling of security being wrapped in a man’s arms gave her. Ricky’s hands caressed up and down her back, going a little lower each time, until his hands were fully cupping her generous ass.

He pulled her hips in towards his, slowly brushing his hips back and forth against hers. She could feel his cock swelling and leaned her shoulders back slightly, thrusting her hips forward. Ricky slid his hands up, helping support her upper body so she could lean back even further. She did, thrusting her breasts up and her hips forward, sliding her hands down his arms, holding on. Trusting him not to let her fall. The song ended and she pulled herself back up.

A fast song came on and they continued to dance through several fast then slow songs. The sexual tension tightened between them becoming like a taunt, tense, highly charged bundle of electrical wires. After the current song ended Ricky leaned down and whispered, “I really hate to do this but I have to go.” He placed a gentle kiss on her lips and walked her back to the bar. He told her he hoped to see her again soon, turned and left. What the hell? Bri thought! She was so aroused and couldn’t believe he didn’t at least offer her his number.

The next song finished and Deanna came back to the bar, a cute ensest porno guy trailing behind her. Deanna raised a brow and asked where her sexy dance partner had run off to. Bri shrugged and said she honestly didn’t know. The bartender handed Bri another drink. Deanna and her guy cuddled up to the bar and started to talk. Bri looked around the now very crowded club, looking for a new dance partner.

The snazzy dresser from earlier caught her eye again. He was alone now, nursing his drink and smiled when she glanced at him. He had been watching her, waiting for her to notice him. She smiled back then glanced away, playing shy. She waited a couple minutes then looked at him again to find he was still steadily watching her. His grin grew when she looked at him. She was amusing him, in a good way, Bri could tell.

She smiled back, then let her hand drift up to her face, one finger brushing against her cheek, then lightly over her bottom lip. Her hand continued to drift down, brushing her bare upper chest then lightly skimming over her breast. She kept eye contact with him the whole time.

He winked at her then crooked a finger, inviting her to join him. Bri told Deanna she might be disappearing for the night and picked up her drink. Deanna told her to have fun but to be safe. Bri promised she would. She walked towards Mr. Snazzy Dresser, feeling the remnants of sexual tension that were still lingering deep inside her. She slid up onto the stool beside him and leaned forward, “Hi, I’m Bri.”

He replied, “Mmmm, I love Brie. The creamy taste of it. I’m Jeff.” Bri smiled at the joke she had heard all her life about her name sounding like the popular brand of cheese.

“Would you like to dance or would you like to take a break and talk? I noticed you’ve been dancing most of the night.”

Bri thought for a moment and said, “I think I’d like to take a break for awhile, then we can dance. Did you enjoy watching me dance?”

Jeff looked her up and down and replied, “I’ve enjoyed watching you all night. You are an incredibly sexy woman. And that dress just teases with the little bit that it hides.” A huge grin spread over Bri’s face, she loved being sexy and turning guys on. And something about this guy had her on full sexual alert! He had that magic ingredient that just did something to her insides.

Jeff leaned closer and slowly slid the back of his hand down her arm, from the shoulder to her wrist. He picked up her hand and turned it over. Tracing up and down each finger with just the barest tip of his finger, then lifting it and placing a kiss in the center of her palm. Closing her fingers over it, he placed her hand back onto her lap. Bri could feel the sexual tension building. She felt ready to explode but had a feeling that the buildup was going to be a long, slow, exquisite process with this guy.

She leaned close and whispered in his ear, “Are you going to fuck me tonight?” Leaning back she raised a brow.

Jeff looked shocked for just a second, then leaned back towards her and whispered, “I’m going to do so much more than just fuck you. This is going to be a night you will never forget!”

Bri’s eyes opened wide and her breath got caught in her chest for a minute. She whispered back, “I’m intrigued!” His lips were so very close it took just the barest movement to press her lips to his, wrapping a hand around the back of his head, pulling him in towards her. His hand brushed her knee, then slowly slid up her leg, stopping at the hem of her dress. One finger slid under the edge, slowly moving closer to her pussy until it reached where her legs were touching, then it reversed itself and kept going until it was teasing the bottom of her ass cheek.

Jeff had amazing lips and wow, did he know how to kiss! He was teasing her lips with his, brushing them against her over and over, running his tongue over her bottom lip then retreating when she opened for him. She moaned, wanting more, wanting the deep thrust of his tongue in her mouth, dueling with her own tongue. He finally gave her what she wanted and she moaned deeper. His hand slid up to cup her ass and pull her slightly towards him. Pulling back, he looked into her hungry eyes and said, “I believe it’s time to dance. Unless you would rather head back to my hotel room with me?”

Bri was really tempted but remembering that she promised Deanna to be safe she decided to spend more time getting to know Jeff. She said, “Let’s dance. I want to see your moves, sexy man.” Jeff smiled, rose and held out his hand. Bri took his hand and let him pull her to her feet. She made sure to brush up against him as they made their way to the dance floor.

A slow song was playing and Bri eagerly went into Jeff’s arms. Wrapping one hand around his back, resting it right above his ass and the other around his neck. Teasing the soft hair there. Bri felt Jeff’s hands come around her, one resting on her naked back, the other on her curve of her ass. Bri leaned back slightly, looking into Jeff’s eyes. She felt his hands caressing up and down her fake agent porno back and the hand on her ass pulling her in closer to him.

She raised up and regained his lips, loving the feel of them on hers. She teased him this time, giving him light, sweet kisses, licking his bottom lip. Letting the tips of their tongues touch but not letting him come fully in. Making him hunger for more. His hand rose, cupping the back of her head, tilting her head slightly to the side, taking control. He groaned deeply and plunged his tongue into her mouth. He kissed her deeply for several long minutes.

A fast song came on and they pulled apart a little, looking deeply into each other’s eyes. They picked up the tempo and got down to some serious dancing. Bumping, grinding, sliding, spooning, deep, slow, hard, back and forth, harder and deeper, over and over. It truly was sex with clothes on. Hot and sexy, the tension was building and building between them. After several songs Bri was ready for a break and told Jeff so.

They headed back to the bar. Jeff asked if Bri wanted another drink. She said no, she wasn’t a big drinker and two was her limit. He raised a brow and asked if she wanted to sit and talk awhile or… He left that open for her to decide.

Bri was comfortable with her decision now and told Jeff she was ready to go back to his room with him. He gave her a very sexy smile, a quick kiss on the lips and told her she wouldn’t regret it. He was looking forward to exploring every inch of her, slowly and with great attention to detail. Bri was nervous but excited. It had been so long since she had been with someone new.

Jeff was staying at a hotel that was right next door to the club, so they walked over and went up to his room. He was on the 18th floor and had a fantastic view of the city. Bri slipped her shoes off and stood in front of the window, looking out in admiration.

Jeff came up behind her, slid his arms around her middle and nuzzled her neck. Bri tipped her head to the side, so he could reach her better. He nibbled on her neck from her ear to her collarbone, whispering in between kisses about how much he was looking forward to slowly exploring every curve and crevice she had. Turning her to face him, Jeff grasped one end of the tie that held her top up, gently tugging until it started sliding free. Bri stood still as the silk glided down over her breasts, baring her to Jeff’s hot gaze.

“Your body is so fucking amazing!” said Jeff as his hands came up and settled on her waist. He opened his hands and stroked up and down her sides. “I want to stand here and just admire you for a minute.” He lifted his hands and set them down on her shoulders letting them glide down to her wrists. He lifted her arms up and rested them on his shoulders. His hands glided back down her arms and continued the downward caress, down her sides, brushing against the sides of her breasts, down to her waist and around to her ass.

Pulling her towards him, lips swooping down to claim hers, their bodies touching from lips to toes. Keeping one hand on her ass, Jeff’s other hand came around and rubbed her nipple, rolling it between his fingers, stroking it against his palm. Trailing kisses down her neck, he took her nipple into his mouth, licking and sucking on it, drawing it deep into his mouth. Bri arched into him and moaned, feeling like he might devour her. Moving to the other breast Jeff repeated his ministrations. Standing again, he quickly shed his clothing, revealing a long, slim hard cock.

Sinking down to his knees Jeff wrapped his arms around Bri and kissed her belly, circling her bellybutton, which was pierced and adorned with a red rose bellyring, then moved lower. Kissing and licking ever closer to the center of her desire. Head back, eyes closed, Bri kept her hands on Jeff’s shoulders, needing the support they gave her to remain standing.

He whispered against her skin how good she tasted, how his cock was so incredibly hard thinking about sinking into her sweet pussy. Feeling his warm breath wash over her caused a tightening inside of her. Bri felt his tongue lick her pussy once, then again. She felt her juices flooding her pussy, preparing itself to accept his hard cock. Jeff rose and pulled Bri down onto the bed with him, seeming to know that her knees were about to give out.

Whispering for her to lay back and let him pleasure her, Jeff started at her neck and slowly kissed his way down to her breasts, lifting them to his mouth one at a time while looking into her eyes. Long, slow licks, quick, sharp nibbles, fierce swirls around and round with his tongue. Bri arched up and moaned, feeling the juices flooding her pussy. After several long minutes of this torture Jeff eased down and started kissing her belly again.

It was like he knew her, knew exactly where her sweet spots were! Moaning again, Bri wrapped her hand around the back of Jeff’s head, trying to pull him up to her. She wanted to feel his cock plunging into her hungry pussy and she told him so as she tugged on fake cop porno him. He shook her hand off and whispered, “Oh no. I’m just getting started. I promised you a night you will never forget!”

Bri squirmed under him, not sure how much more she could take. She wasn’t use to guys who wanted to drive her wild with pleasure. Jeff kissed all around her belly, then moved to her hip bone, slowly kissing his way towards her drenched pussy. Running his tongue along the crease between her belly and leg, he whispered about how good she tasted, how much he was looking forward to exploring every centimeter of her pussy.

How the smell of her juices had his cock rock hard and he couldn’t wait to slide it deep inside of her. Kissing all around her pussy, getting close but never touching it, Jeff continued to tell Bri how much she was affecting him. How excited he was to feel her pussy wrap around him, pulling him deeper inside of her. Bri felt a soft kiss on the tip of her clit, then a long lick from the bottom of her pussy to the top. A deep moan tore from her throat and her back arched. “Awwww! I see you like that. All that torture was worth the pleasure that is in store for you now.” Jeff told her.

Taking her clit into his mouth, Jeff gently suckled it, flicking his tongue back and forth over the sensitive flesh. His tongue licked her from top to bottom, over and over, until she cried out from longing. “I need you to fill me! I need to feel your cock inside me. Filling my pussy. I can’t…” Bri was almost incoherent with the pleasure, squirming and moaning, straining to reach for more. Jeff moved down slightly and plunged his tongue into her pussy, giving her a slight imitation of what she longed for.

Suddenly a finger joined the tongue and the two continued to fuck her pussy, in and out, over and over. A second finger joined the first and the tongue moved back up to her clit, lathering it with soft caresses. Moaning deeply, Bri could feel her muscles tightening, the feeling deep inside her bundling into a tight ball of sensation. When a third finger joined the first two, sliding deep into her greedy pussy, it pushed her over the edge and she exploded. Crying out, briefly losing touch with the world, just a mass of sensations, pleasure washing over her, Bri rode out the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. Jeff continued to gently lick her clit as he slid his fingers from her.

Sliding up beside her, Jeff softly kissed her lips and rested his arm around her waist, lightly stroking her skin. Bri wrapped her hand around the back of his head, letting the sweet aftermath continue to swirl inside of her. After several minutes she became aware of Jeff’s hard cock resting against her thigh.

She pushed him over onto his back and sat between his legs. Resting a hand on each of his thighs, she said, “Now it’s my turn to torture you with pleasure!” Maintaining eye contact, Bri lowered her head and started running her tongue up and down Jeff’s hard cock. Licking from the base to the tip, flicking her tongue back and forth, finding that sweet ridge around his nicely shaped mushroom head, Bri teased him, never taking him in her mouth, just letting him feel the wet heat of it.

Forming a ring around the base with her thumb and forefinger, Bri slid his cock into her mouth, taking more of him with each wet pass. Letting her saliva drizzle down to the base, she made a fist around his cock, keeping her lips touching her fingers and found his rhythm. Jeff wrapped his hand in her hair and arched his hips up each time she lowered her mouth. He watched her and told her how erotic it was to see his cock disappearing into her hot, wet mouth. Describing how good it felt, how talented she was, how he couldn’t wait to fuck her pussy, to fill her with his cock, to ram his cock to the hilt inside of her until they both couldn’t take anymore.

Jeff’s hands reached under her arms and pulled her up on top of him. Bri held herself above him, reached down and grabbed his cock, rubbing the tip against her pussy lips. Jeff latched on to the nipple dangling in his face and allowed Bri to use his cock to tease herself. Up and down her slit the tip of his cock slid wetly over her, teasing the entrance to her pussy but not being allowed in yet. Bri closed her eyes, focusing intently on the sensations Jeff was creating inside of her.

A deep moan escaped from her and she told him how much she was anticipating riding his sweet cock, how she wanted to make him cum. She eased just the tip of his cock inside of her, riding it slowly, letting the feeling inside her build and build. Suddenly she plunged down so that he was buried to the hilt inside her. Gasping, she held still, clenching her pussy tight around him, opening her eyes and smiling a sexy smile at him. “You feel so incredibly good!”

With that Bri started riding him slowly, finding a pace that kept the tight ball of feelings inside of her tense and climbing. Jeff reached up and grabbed her hips, forcing her into a faster pace. Directing her with firm pressure, he slammed her down hard onto his cock, pulling her up so that just the tip was still inside her, then slamming her down again.After fucking her this way for several long minutes, Jeff could feel Bri start to tense up and knew she was close to cumming again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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