Jenna’s , Kate’s First Time

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Big Tits

“Finally the last class of the day,” Jenna thought to herself. She couldn’t wait till she graduated from this stupid community college.

Heading towards class, Jenna herd someone shouting, “Jenna wait!” down the hall.

Stopping and turning around she realized it was Kate, her best friend since grade school. Jenna has known that she’s been bisexual for quite some time now, but she didn’t want Kate knowing that, she didn’t think she would treat her the same. Jenna has been sexually attracted to Kate since 9th grade when Kate really started to develop.

Waiting for Kate to catch up, then they walked to class together.

“You want to come over and study for our math test tonight?” Jenna asked, “My parents and my brother won’t be home tonight because they have some football thing to go to until tomorrow night.”

“Okay, yeah,” Kate replied.

Class was finally over. They both headed towards the parking lot, Jenna lived near Kate so she always gave her a ride home. Getting into Jenna’s car they headed for her house.

Arriving at Jenna’s house they found some brownies and milk to snack on and they went up to Jenna’s room.

After studying for a couple hours, Kate said, “Ok, I think we need a break now. “

“I was thinking the same thing,” Jenna replied.

Getting up off the floor, Jenna put on some music to let loose a bit from studying. Jenna and Kate got up on Jenna’s bed and began jumping on it, dancing at the same time. Kate couldn’t help but notice the size of Jenna’s tits, as they were bouncing around on the bed.

Jenna catches her looking beylikdüzü escort and playfully says “Whatcha lookin’ at?”

Kate getting embarrassed, “What, nothing,” she stutters.

“You were looking at my tits weren’t you?” Jenna says.

Kate replies back, “No I wasn’t,” pausing for a minute, “Ok, maybe I was, I just can’t help it though, they’re so big.”

Laughing, Jenna says, “Yeah I know they are. I gotta lug them around everyday.” Settling down Jenna and Kate sit cross-legged on her bed, noticing that Kate is still stealing stares at her chest.

“Look, if you wanna see them all you have to do is ask,” Jenna says teasingly.

“Ok,” Kate replies shyly, “Can I see them?”

Jenna slowly starts to unbutton her shirt, one button at a time. Taking her shirt completely off, and throwing it onto the floor. Kate can’t help but stare at Jenna’s tits.

Jenna getting an idea says, “Ya know Kate, it’s only fair that you let me see yours now.”

Without even saying anything, Kate removes her shirt throwing it on the floor. Kate has had a thing for Jenna for a long time now, but never had the courage to do anything about it, until now.

Getting up off the bed, Kate moves over towards Jenna, grabbing the back of her head and begins kissing her hard. Sucking on her bottom lip, she slowly pulls away.

Smiling, Kate says, “I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.”

Jenna begins kissing Kate, slowly moving down to her neck, sucking on it. Kate begins moaning, tilting her head back. Jenna slowly kisses her way down Kate’s cleavage.

“Take beylikduzu escort your bra off.” Jenna demands.

Taking it off, as Jenna continues to kiss her way down her cleavage. Finally throwing her bra to the floor, Jenna slowly moves her mouth towards her right nipple. Flicking her nipple with the tip of her tongue, she slowly begins licking it teasingly, as she looks up at Kate.

Jenna slowly starts to kiss her way down Kate’s stomach, down around her bellybutton, to the waist of her jeans. Slowly unbuttoning them, sliding her jeans and her undies down, and dropping them on the floor.

Moving Kate to the edge of the bed, Jenna slowly starts spreading her knees as she kneels between them, as she looks up at her teasingly. Jenna ever so gently, begins licking her clit as Kate gasps. Flicking her tongue lightly over her clit as she slowly fingers her pussy, Kate can’t take it anymore.

Pulling Jenna up towards her, kissing her hard, as Jenna removes her bra, dropping it on the floor. As they continue kissing Jenna removes her jeans and undies, dropping them down to her feet, stepping out of them.

Kate starts moving her hand down Jenna’s side, moving them towards Jenna’s tits. She slowly starts rubbing her thumb over Jenna’s nipple, realizing that it’s already hard. Kate stops kissing Jenna, moving down towards her tits. She begins sucking, and licking her nipple, while she plays with the other, softly biting her nipple as she looks up at Jenna. Jenna, grabbing the back of her head, as she moans loudly. Jenna can’t take it anymore.

“I escort beylikdüzü have an idea,” Jenna says.

Kate steps away from Jenna, Jenna walks over to her dresser, pulling open her undie and bra drawer and starts digging towards the bottom, pulling out a hot pink sparkly double sided dildo.

Telling Kate to lie down on the bed, Jenna straddles her. Slowly sliding the dildo into Kate, slowly moving it in and out of her pussy, Kate starts moaning loudly. Jenna then slides the dildo into her pussy, moaning. Jenna starts sliding up and down on the dildo as Kate moves against the dildo, moaning loudly, Kate reaches up and starts playing with Jenna’s tits, rubbing her nipples.

Sliding her hand down Kate’s body, Jenna starts playing with Kate’s clit. Slowly rubbing it in circle, Kate can’t stand it anymore. Kate starts bucking hard against Jenna, as Jenna bounces harder on the dildo, moaning loudly as she looks at Kate.

Both girls start cumming hard on the dildo. Jenna continues bouncing on it, the dildo dripping with her cum.

Jenna gets off the dildo, pulling it out of Kate, dropping it on the floor. Jenna lies next to Kate as they both attempt to catch their breath.

Kate, looking at Jenna says, “I’ve wanted that for so long now.”

Looking over at Kate, smiling, “Me too,” Jenna replies.

Grinning, Kate says, “So, when’s the next time they are going to leave you home along again.”

Laughing, Jenna responds, “I don’t know but then next time they do I’ll be sure to let you know.”

Both girls get up off the bed, heading to the bathroom to clean up and get dressed. They finish up the studying, and Jenna drives Kate home.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” Kate says.

“I’ll be here around 8,” Jenna replies.

Watching as Kate opens the front door and walks inside, Jenna drives away smiling.

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