Jesse’s Story: A Woman’s View Ch. 06

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This is Jesse’s story; these will be her words, her thoughts, her emotions. My sole purpose is to present her story to the reader in a readable manner, in an accurate manner, with no editing by me. She made me promise to do this, as she asked, and I promised. I always keep my promises to Jess.

Her Story

Teri visits; Part I

The phone call was from Teri and Rick. Teri’s mom was having surgery, a big deal surgery and Teri was coming in for a few days. Could she stay with us for a few days? Her other brothers and sisters had claimed all available space at her mom’s place.

“Hell, No!” I screamed into the phone, and hearing his shocked silence, I began to laugh, “Gotcha'” I yelled into Rick’s ear.

Of course it was okay, and then I spoke with Teri, getting her flight time and all. I told her she could use my car for transportation while she was in town, and I would use Ray’s company car.

Ray called later, as he did every night when on the road, and I filled him in on the turn of events. I told him that when I picked up Teri, I’d grab his car from the lot for me to use, but that I’d pick him up on Thursday night when he came home.

Typical Ray response; “Okay.”

Nothing rattles that guy.


Teri followed me into the garage after the airport thingy. I helped her with her bags and such, told her get comfortable and I’d order a pizza for us tonight.

“I hope you have some cold beer,” she yelled down the hall.

“Honey, I always have cold beer in my house,” reaching for the phone, trying to decide between thin or thick crust.

We were finishing the last couple of pieces at the breakfast nook, along with our second, or was it third? beer. Doesn’t matter, it was all good. Teri remarked that she and Rick still talk about our weekend in Vegas a few months back, about what a great time that was. Of course I agreed with her and told her that Ray and I felt the same way, as well.

She hesitated a bit, as if she were going to say something else, but didn’t; she then stood and said she was going to call her sister to find out about the surgery time and all that.

I told her, “okay, I’ll be in the hot tub, and you’re welcomed to join me if you’d like.”

Teri joined me about a half-hour later, two fresh, cold beers in hand, and not a stitch of clothes on. We toasted each other with our beer bottles and took a long pull, the cold beer causing goose bumps to flesh.

Teri just looked at me, smiling, and told me what she wanted to tell me, earlier, in the breakfast nook.


“Back in Vegas, when you went down on me? That was the first time for me.”

She said that once, when she and Rick were with a couple they had met at a swingers’ party, she and the wife were making out, kissing and feeling each other up. Teri said she was just horny enough to give ‘it’ a try and would have, except for the wife’s change in attitude.

The wife, all of a sudden, got demanding and started talking to her dirty, calling her ugly names, calling her a ‘cunt-munching pussy slave’, and derogatory things like that. Teri said she felt humiliated and told Rick that she wanted to leave.

She said it was a horrible experience, one that has kept her away from even thinking about trying it again. She told me that she was surprised that she let me ‘do that’ to her, and was sure it was because she was so stoned.

I sympathized with her and told her that one of the reasons that Ray and I keep our circle of ‘friends’, with ‘benefits’ so small, is that there are a lot of freaks out there. I told her that I, and I’m sure Ray, prefer quality of relationships over quantity.

“I hear that, girlfriend!” I remember her saying, tipping her beer towards me.

I then told her of how I met Kathy and that, before Kathy, I had not even thought of making love with a woman, “but that sure changed fast,” I told her, laughing as I said it.

She apologized for the umpteenth time, for inconveniencing us, and I told her to shut up, that I was happy for the company during the week because of Ray’s travels.

“I figured that Kathy took care of that problem for you,” laughing afterwards.

“No, despite what you might think, Kathy and I don’t eat each other every night when Ray’s out of town,” laughing with her.

I added that many times we just go out to supper, or for a cocktail, and had no sex at all. She looked at me skeptically, but then nodded in understanding.

We finished our beers and decided to hit the hay; her mom’s operation was early and I had work. I reminded her to take my work number ‘just in case’ and she promised she would. Saying goodnight after drying ourselves, we ‘cheek-kissed’ and she went off to the guest bedroom.


We caught up with each other the next evening, Teri looking tired and worn out. The news from the hospital was good, the operation went well, and the sibs would take turns sitting at the hospital until she was out of ICU.

“Good news,” I told her, and then I suggested that she hit the shower and freshen up, that she’d Beylikdüzü escort feel better, and that I would whip us up a salad. She leaned in and kissed me on the cheek, saying that all sounded good, that she’d see me after her shower.

She looked much better as she bounced down the stairs, a sleep-tee on, looking like she was a new woman. Popping the tops off of some beers, we took it all out onto the deck, eating in the cool night air, enjoying the stars.

I had showered quickly when I heard hers turn off. My hair is short and takes a towel drying only, thankfully. I had just gotten downstairs when she came out of her bathroom. I had changed into a pair of sleeping shorts, and undershirt, a ‘wife-beater’s shirt’.

Teri started laughing, almost choking with salad in her mouth, and just pointed to my chest. I looked down to find both of my nipples pushing hard against the thin material, looking like little mountain tops.

“It’s the night air,” I said, laughing with her.

“Ya think?” she answered, still giggling.

Paper plates and plastic forks thrown away, clean up was done. Do I know how to treat my guests or what?

Ray called and we chatted, and before I hung up, Teri wanted to speak with Ray. She thanked him for the hospitality and I’m sure he told her not to be silly. She told him goodnight and, smiling, simply said, “He’s such a sweetheart.”

He certainly is.

She had also asked him where his stash was, asking if she could smoke a bit while she was here. Of course he said yes.

She ran up to his office and brought down his box, chatting with me while she rolled a joint. Lighting it, she took a huge hit and passed it to me, and smoking much more than I normally do, I was in the ozone very quickly. So was Teri, both of us candidates for the ‘space cadet program’.

“I hate sleeping alone,” she stonily said, “I don’t know how you do it all the time; I don’t usually get a good night’s sleep.”

I hesitated a bit, debating in my head, but finally said, “Sleep with me,” I told her, “it’s a big bed.”

She looked at me, her eyes glazed, chewing her lip a bit, seemingly weighing things in her mind.

“Promise you won’t try to take advantage of my chastity?” she said in a mocking, teasing tone.

“Honey, that ship sailed a long time ago,” I answered, both of us laughing at that kernel of truth.


When our stone lessened enough that we could safely navigate the change in floor levels, we made our way to my bedroom. She pointed out that my nipples were still hard and that we were inside, out of the ‘night air’. Looking down, the little pecker-heads were still poking straight out.

“Must be the weed,” I said off-handedly and climbing onto the bed, I fell on top of the covers, taking a deep breath, enjoying my stoning a bit more than I usually did.

“You got me stoned, you bitch,” I said slowly, but teasingly. She laughed, knowing that I was joking with her. I lay there, my eyes closed, my head swimming from the smoke, but, I was relaxed, really relaxed.

“Do those suckers ever go down?” I heard her ask. Opening my eyes and turning my head towards her, she was leaning on her elbow, smiling at my chest, again.

Looking to my chest, my ‘tit-tips’ were standing at attention, hard and proud. As I stared at them, trying, in my stoned mind, to think of a response, she ‘poked’ one, and then the other, pressing them down into my breasts with the tip of a finger, but up they sprang right afterwards.

Looking at me sort of seriously, she said, out of nowhere, that one of her older sisters is a lesbian, and that her ‘red-necked’ family had all but disowned the sister.

Hearing all the negative talk about her sister, who was Teri’s favorite, pretty much guaranteed that she, Teri, wouldn’t dare explore the feelings that she sometimes had about other girls when she was growing up.

She went on to say that in spite of all that, that sometimes when she and Rick would watch porn, she found herself particularly excited by the bi-scenes between women.

“Do you think you’re a lesbian?” she asked me, quite serious now.

“Nope, I don’t; I like dick way too much to be a lesbian. Being with Kathy, however, has shown me that frolicking with another woman isn’t a bad way to spend time in bed,” laughing afterwards.

Changing the subject, she asked about Ray being away so much on business; she expressed that she didn’t know how she’d handle the loneliness, at night.

I truthfully told her, that before Kathy, that I had a hard time with it, and that she was right, it wasn’t easy.

“But,” I added, “Seeing Kathy every couple of weeks for some girl-time, has made Ray’s travels much easier to deal with,” adding with a chuckle, “but even with Kathy for relief, every once in a while I’ll still watch porn and masturbate for sexual release.”

“Really?” she responded, “you still masturbate?”

“Sure,” I answered her, “don’t you, from time to time?”

She laughed a bit and said, “More than Rick knows I do. Sometimes, Beylikdüzü escort I get that feeling down there, and if Rick’s not around, I ‘take care’ of my problem,” smiling that knowing little smile.

“In fact, just talking about it is making me horny,” she added, laughing just a bit.

“Yeah, me too,” I answered honestly, because in the last few moments of conversation about it, Ms. Priss was sending me signals; and, in what made perfect sense to my stoned mind, I asked her if she, maybe, wanted to watch a bit of porn tonight, so that we could take care of any ‘problems’ we might be feeling.

“Masturbate? Here, now? Together?” she asked, her eyes narrowing a bit.

“Yeah, didn’t you and your girlfriends masturbate together when you were growing up?”

“A couple of times, yeah, we did,” she admitted.

I offered the thought, that since we both knew that we still jack-off in private, what was the problem with us taking care of our business?

“I mean, come on Teri, I’ve been between your legs at your bush, for God’s sake.”

She thought a minute, and said, “What the hell, why not?”

Pointing to the nightstand next to her side of the bed, I told her to ‘pick something’ from the bottom drawer and put it in the video player. While she rummaged through the drawer, I turned on the TV and video player with the remote.

She picked a tape, and walking over to the entertainment center across from the foot of the bed, she put the tape in and returned to bed. I had pulled myself up against the headboard, and sat with my back against it. She did the same and I reached over to the lamp on my nightstand, turning it off, the light from the screen illuminating the room in that ghostly ‘white light’.

The tape she chose was a notch or two higher in quality than most porn stuff, but it surprised me because it was a film about bored, suburban housewives finding lust between themselves and a few neighbor ladies, while their men were ‘at work’.

“Interesting choice”, I mentioned to her off-handedly as the ‘story’ unfolded before us.

“Something different for me,” she said, her eyes riveted on the screen watching two women teasing each other with looks and leers. She was sitting up in bed, her legs crossed in front of her, rolling a small doobie as she watched intently.

She leaned over to return Ray’s stash box to the nightstand and stretching a bit further to reach an ashtray he kept there for his roaches, her nightshirt rode up her hip, revealing her bare ass, pantiless. Teri does have a cute ass, there’s no debate there, I thought to myself.

We were both watching the two women on the screen, now locked into a frenzied make-out session on a couch, with the four-inch stiletto heels that all housewives wear around the house, of course.

She fired up the fresh doobie, took a deep hit and holding in the smoke, passed it to me, and I back to her, after my hit.

We finished the doob in silence, both of us concentrating on the women in the tape; both of them were now naked, except for those damned heels, and both with their heads buried between the other’s legs in a sixty-nine, the sounds adding to the hotness of the scene.

Adding the small roach to the others in Ray’s ashtray, she stretched over one more time to put it back on the nightstand, and once more, I watched her nightshirt ride up her hip revealing her tight ass.

That was, honestly, the first time that I remember wondering if I was going to get a little bit of that ass. My hand was rubbing my pussy, lightly, as I admired her butt.

We both settled in now, our eyes glued to the set; a ‘neighbor’ lady walking in on our two ‘stars’ as they pleasured each other, the ‘neighbor’ lady, of course, quickly joining the fun.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Teri’s hand was now on top of her nightshirt at her crotch, her hand moving in small circles. I returned my concentration to the movie, and my hand found its way into the top of my sleep-shorts, my fingers slowly stroking my mons, teasing my pubes, my own personal embers of pleasure becoming warmer.

Glancing at Teri again, I could see that Teri was getting more and more turned on, her legs spread slightly, the pressure from her fingertips more intense in its circle movements.

I began watching her more than the movie, my fingers having now worked their way to the folds of my pussy, rubbing, feeling the wetness grow and spread under their magical touch. The turn on for me, now, was watching Teri becoming more and more excited; a combination of the movie, the moment, and of her massaging herself.

I reached out with my hand and pulled her nightshirt up, to her waist, exposing her pussy. She looked at me, startled, and I simply said to her, “Don’t be embarrassed, it’s not like we haven’t seen each other naked,” sliding my sleep-shorts down my legs and off, exposing my own lovebox, my fingers returning to their ‘work’. She nodded, turned back to the TV, and started pulling on her pubes a bit, stretching her skin a bit when she Escort Beylikdüzü did so.

I continued to watch her while continuing to play with myself, I watched as her fingers rubbed softly across her swollen button of pleasure. We continued like that for some time, both playing with ourselves; she, watching the girl love on the screen, and me, watching her.

Slowly, her head turned towards me, her eyes now watching my hand do its thing, her hand continuing with its own task. We continued to watch each other, the ‘real’ scene becoming more sensuous than the porn.

Reaching over to her, with my ‘free’ hand as I continued to rub and stroke myself, I looked at her in a stoned haze, and started lightly stroking her pubes as her fingers continued to play with her clit and pussy.

She just returned my gaze, not making a move to stop me, our eyes locked on each other now. Slowly, my hand took over for hers, my fingers replacing hers, her wetness evident as I stroked.

She closed her eyes, leaned back against the headboard, surrendering herself to my touch.

I stopped rubbing myself, concentrating instead on what I was now doing to her, her increasing deep breaths betraying the pleasure she was now feeling from my manipulation of her essence, of her womanhood. Her legs were slowly opening for me, allowing me to become more attentive to her, her orgasm obviously building inside, rising to drown her in pleasure and relief.

“Ooh, Jess, that feels soooo good, please don’t stop, don’t stop, please,” she whispered in short, gasping breaths, her excitement clearly showing on her face, in her voice.

Forgetting about myself completely now, I turned onto my side, and switched hands so that I could lean my head on my crooked elbow and left hand; my right hand reached over, continuing to arouse her as I was now spreading her pussy-lips with my fingers while my thumb massaged her huge, swollen clit.

Her excitement continued to build even more quickly now that I had two fingers sliding in and out of her while rubbing her button with my thumb, in small circles. My movements were slow and deliberate, her eyes were squeezing tight now and her mouth was slightly opened, the sounds of pleasure becoming louder.

Grabbing my wrist with both of her hands, she held on tightly, as her hips began to thrust; holding my fingers in place as she moved her drenched pussy back and forth, simulating fucking a dick, her clit rubbed against my palm, its slickness feeling warm.

“Ooooh, shit, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” her eyes squeezed tight; and using her hands to sink my fingers deeper inside of her, her pelvic spasms shaking her entire body, her head whipping for side to side against the headboard , she cried out in pleasure.

With her head hanging down, the spasms of pleasure were causing her to gasp hard to regain her breathing. She still held my wrist captive with her tightly, gripping hands, her pelvic thrusts slowly dying.

Neither of us said a thing. She slid down the headboard so that her head was now on her pillows, her hands still holding mine to her warm lovebox. As her climax subsided, I just watched as the redness on her face receded slowly, her cheeks pink with blood-rush, almost like she had ‘blush’ applied to her cheeks, and a smile on her lips.

Releasing her grip of my wrist, I softly stroked her pubic hair, feeling its wetness against my palm, the smell of her sex rising to my nostrils, intoxicating me.

“Oh, Jess, that was soooo fucking good, you have no idea,” she said, looking at me dreamily, adding, “Thank you for that, thank you, thank you soooo much,” a cute smile spreading across her face.

“You’re welcome,” I said, leaning in, giving her a short, soft kiss on her lips.

“Now, if you don’t mind,” I said with a mocking tone in my voice, “I’m going to get back to my own problem,” my hand returning to my own begging needs.

“Do you want me to do you?” she asked me, a serious questioning look on her face.

A bit surprised at her offer, I looked at her for a bit, before I answered.

“Would you like to?” I responded, “Would you feel ‘okay’ with it?”

Her answer was to turn onto her side, as I had been, and reaching over with her hand, she started rubbing me, stroking me; my own hand, having been relieved of its duties, joined its twin as I caressed my breasts, my fingers pinching my nipples.

I was the one with closed eyes now, with moans of pleasure escaping from my lips.

As she quickly learned, all she had to do for me, was what she would do for herself, was what she would do to herself for pleasuring. Just like she was doing now, just like she was doing now, I thought to myself, feeling the wave of joy rising quickly to engulf me.

It did, it washed over me, my loud cries of release filling the darkened room, my breathing labored, and my face moist with light perspiration.

Crying one last cry of joy, I collapsed, my own head finding my pillows, murmurs of contentment rising from both of us as the world came back into focus.

Slowly her hand left the ‘wetlands’ of my crotch, both of us quiet, the movie still playing, but long forgotten by us both. I could feel the sleepiness that sexual release brings about start to envelop me, so grabbing the remote I turned off the TV and player.

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