JFT Tales – The Wench

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The ship rocking gently at port, a shaft of moonlight moves slowly across the floor, finding the bed and illuminating my body, naked with the sheets twisted about me. Still asleep, breathing softly. The sound of the waves and the creaking of the vessel amongst them providing a relaxing environment that invites sleep.

A wench enters the room, carrying a tray of fruit, cheese, wine and bread. She sets it on a table by the bed, careful as not to make too much noise, her long dark hair tied up, face freshly scrubbed and glowing. Her body small, petite with large breasts, wearing a loose gown of silk.

New to the crew, she takes in the room and the body sprawled in the bed. The smell of last night’s sex faint but distinct, the salt air unable to cleanse the room of it.

As instructed, she removes her gown and slips into the bed.

I sense her presence and instinctively I wrap myself into her warmth. She curls up with me but otherwise remains still. Our breathing patterns sync up and she drifts off to sleep with me.

Suddenly we are awakened by the sound of boots on the floorboards. Our faces puffy with sleep, rise up and turn to see the door pushed open. Standing there, hands on her hips, taking us in, the pirate quickly undresses. I glance beside me, fully aware now of who she is but, in my sleep rattled mind, uncertain as to how she came to be in bed with me.

The pirate’s face stern as she finds and picks up her whip.

“Did you fuck her?”

I shake my head no.

The pirate doesn’t seek confirmation from her, instead you motion me out of the bed. Rising, I’m only half out of bed when the whip cuts the air and bites my ass. Before I can remove from the lash, another and another follows.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see the wench’s nipples harden and her hand move to rub her pussy.

The room too small for proper poker oyna use of the whip, its tossed aside as she strides towards me. I’m standing now, facing her meekly, unsure of what I did wrong. Two paces away, her hand flies across and strikes my face and my body turns with the blow. My face burning, I feel the impressions left from her palm on my face.

Yanked by my hair, I’m pushed face-first against the wall. Held there, the now enraged pirate slaps my ass as she holds my head to the hard surface, beating it red without mercy.

I know not to protest and in my blurred vision I see the other on our bed. Legs spread, both hands between her legs, pleasuring herself as she watches us.

“You didn’t fuck her?” the words hissed into my ear. Her body pressing me, nipples piercing into my back, short hairs tickling my ass.

“No, mistress. I did not.”

My head jerked back again by the hair. “Why not? I sent her to you for you to fuck. Do you think so little of my gifts to you?” And with that, I’m pushed again against the wall. “Watch then.”

My ass stinging, the air cool upon it at her departure, I see my mistress pounce onto the bed with her. The wrench’s hands are torn from her crotch as she is knocked onto her back. In that instant, with a look of shock and surprise on her face, I think, how pretty she is. But almost instantly, her mouth swallowed up with the muscles of my mistress’ jaw working as her tongue moves inside the other’s mouth. She’s taken hard, both passions high, her small body beneath the older woman’s as her knees are pushed further apart. In one swift motion my mistress between them, pussies joined.

Breaking the kiss, I hear her sharply gasp, knowing she has gotten her first taste of the fullness and hardness of the pirate captain’s large clit. I can see the amazement in its size, along with the need that it reveals, in canlı poker oyna the new wrenches expression as she squirms beneath her. As she is ground upon the bed, the sunlight of the new day flashes off the small silver rings in each of her nipples before the fingers of a hand grasps and twists one. With her moans of pleasure become louder, the pirate fucks her hard, faster, looking at me with a twisted grin all the while.

“This cunt was for you. But now i will use her. Perhaps you can have what’s left.”

The girl’s leg lifted up and held against the pirate’s breast allows her to ride her harder still, hips driving short and strong back and forth info her. Her eyes closed, face flushed, I know she is close to her climax.

“Take it bitch! Tell me how much you like being fucked!!” The wrench only groans louder as she peeks and cums under the assault of pussy to pussy sex. This makes our mistress pound and grind her harder, fucking her pussy with her long clit that alternatively slips between her lips or thumps wetly against her own. The movements become even from frenzied as she shudder and cums again and again beneath the older woman. I can tell both are cumming but it doesn’t seem to bring any final release, the hunger of the captain exceeding all of the crew.

The hands gripping her leg release, dropping her leg and making room for to move up young woman’s body. She barely has time to register this action, when her face is covered, smothered, with the pirate squatting and pressing down upon her.

She finds herself being ridden, the pirate fucking herself on the wrench’s face. I think to myself that she’s so pretty, prettier now covered with your wetness. She tries to lick but the other’s need to use her face for its hardness is too great, she’s beyond the point of taking pleasure in the softness of a tongue, she needs an OBJECT. Both of her internet casino hands grip the woman’s breasts as she squats, pressing wet, hot pussy into her face, and I imagine her nose deep those wet folds as the release comes. My mistress’s body tensing, small waves of motion washing over her again and again, taking pleasure in the use of the other, her object, her toy, on this morn.

I’m conscious of the eyes looking at me now. My eyes meet them and I watch as she lifts up from her knees, revealing the wasted wrench underneath. Her face shiny, the captain’s, pussy about six inches above her face when she pauses. With a smile for me, I see the hot stream of piss hit and flood the young girl’s face. She is taken completely by surprise but other’s position does not allow her any choice but to remain where she is. Her face and hair quickly soaked, she opens her mouth but its far too late to do much good.

The pirate never bothers to look down, relieving herself while again watching me. With a smile, she tells me again this bitch was to be mine before she finally stands, rising and moving off the bed.

“Get out!”

Her words echoing about the room as she pours a glass of wine and begins picking at the cheese and fruit.

The wrench gathers her gown and wraps it around her as she leaves. I start to follow her but a hand grabs my wrist. “Not you.”

My smile is removed by the sudden slap of a hand across my face.

“Next time I send you a present, you better enjoy it.”

I’m pulled to her, falling forward as her hand grips my wrist tighter before kissing me and pushing me backwards onto the bed.

Hours later, I’m laying face down in the dampness of the bed, the sheets cold with the piss soaked into them but I don’t mind nor care, hardly noticing really. A dildo moving in and out of my ass as she fucks me. “Should I send her to you again? Would you like her?”

“As you wish my captain… If it would give you pleasure…” And I feel her move faster, knowing she has already decided. And I relax and give myself to her, hers completely, totally. Always.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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