Jim and Edie Again Ch. 21 – End

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Chapter 21 — A New Stasis

“You HAVE a ‘hot wife’,” Edie informed me with a smirk. She’d stopped by my desk to comment in her usual home dress: nudity plus come-fuck-me shoes. She’d also adopted having an ankle-length gossamer sarong around her lower body that added an allure I liked. Most of it was pulled to one side leaving her pussy still bare and available.

I turned and captured her in my arms. “I HAVE someone I love very much, THAT’s what I have. If that somebody wants to enjoy the various dimensions of a relationship with others, I support her decision and actions. To tell the truth, I’m enjoying the variety, too.”

Edie said, “If I’m a ‘hot wife’, then what are you — a ‘hot husband’?”

“Doesn’t carry the same set of implications, I think. ‘Man slut’ might be a better term.” I chuckled.

“Did you fuck every woman at our weekend orgy?”

“I did; all sixteen of them. I think I went around twice, and even more with a few of them. Did you do that with the men?”

Edie nodded. “I went for quantity at the beginning, and quality at the end; and yes, I did all the men, and some several times. Maybe I should say they did me. We did each other. I feel very warm and loving about all of them.”

“Well put, my dear. Everyone seemed to have a good time, and we really loosened up some of the guests that had never been in an erotic sexual situation before.”

Edie commented, “Yes, especially our neighbor Debbie. For someone that had only been in private, heterosexual situations, she really got into our group sex. I can hardly wait to see what Hank puts together from her gangbang video. Doing that with a group of people you’d just met took balls.”

“I think we all want to see how that turns out.”

“I suddenly had the thought that you should drop by on her right now. I bet you’d get a warm and sexual welcome.”

I thought a moment and liked that idea. I was feeling a little amorous. I asked, “What will you do? Do you want to come along?”

“No, you go alone. I’m going to call an old friend I haven’t talked to since before I met you. She lives in Napa Valley with a guy who owns a winery. I’m feeling remiss that I haven’t contacted her in so long. Honestly, I encourage you and won’t mind.”

I chuckled, “The phone works in both directions, I think.” I stood and slipped on my athletic shorts and shoes, along with a t-shirt. “I’ll see what Miss Debbie is up to.”

Debbie was a neighbor, so I decided to walk. School was still in session so her daughter wouldn’t be home for a few hours yet. The trip took about seven minutes. I knocked and she opened the door a moment later wearing shorts and a nice-looking top.

“JIM! Wow! I was just thinking about you, and my wish was answered.”

“I was just thinking about you, too — along with Edie, so I thought I’d drop in.”

“You gave up looking at your naked girlfriend in come-fuck-me shoes to come over and see me? You just boosted my self-confidence by leaps and bounds.”

“You, too, could walk around you house naked and in sexy shoes.”

“Would you like that? It doesn’t make sense unless there’s a handsome man around, like you.”

I nodded. Less than a minute later, Debbie stood naked and barefoot in front of me.

Debbie said with a grin, “Would you like to see my bedroom?”

I nodded, “I was hoping for that kind of an invitation.”

We strolled through her house to the bedroom wing, and into a well-lived-in and feminine room. I could tell Debbie was a reader. Near her bed were several piles of both paperback and hardcover books. I glanced at the titles: mostly fiction but there were a couple of biographies in the mix.

Deb said, “I have to leave for work at three-thirty, about the time Megan gets home, so how many orgasms can you bring out of me between now and then. I guess I should allow time to freshen up and dress, too.”

I had some fingers stroking her G-spot a few seconds later as she swooned in my arms and we kissed. She muttered, “Oh, fuck. You’re off to a great start.”

Later, as I had my head buried between her legs demonstrating all I’d ever learned about cunnilingus, Deb said, “I am going to do something nice for your girlfriend to thank her for sharing you with me and the other women. This is rare, as you know.” She thrust her pussy onto my mouth a little harder than usual. I respond well to stimuli like that. She orgasmed again, and then drifted into some alternate universe based purely on pleasure. I kept licking.

Just after three o’clock, I pulled Debbie from her bed and carried her into her shower. We played around as the water cascaded over our sweaty and fluid-drenched bodies. She liked playing in natural sexual body fluids, and that had resulted in her having me jettison my first load over her face, neck, and breasts. Beyond that, she’d come ten times and I joined her on one of them.

Deb giggled, “Well, Viewers, it seems to be raining semen from above, even as I speak.” She tasted some of it. “And, these raindrops taste absolutely delicious. marsbahis güvenilirmi Don’t wait, folks. Get out there and get some sprinkles of Jim all over you.”

I chuckled, “That’ll go over well with the station management.”

Deb laughed, “Good evening, everybody. This is your slut weathergirl for WSRQ. I’ve been fucking this afternoon, but that seems to be stopping now. The forecast is for continued blowjobs, exciting cunnilingus, and mind-blowing orgasms for the coming week. Sex-wise my body is humming — my nipples are erect and my pussy is twitching at high speed. Occasional moments of anal sex may be followed by some mild exhibitionism. The BDSM we forecast for yesterday didn’t materialize, mainly due to the circulation pattern of a large blowjob up over Hudson Bay. Keep a sunny disposition everyone.”

I kissed Deb and patted her backside. “You’re great. Now, get out of here and go to work. I’ll be watching you on the six o’clock news.”

After I walked home, I went into the house. My sexy girlfriend was on the back patio. Sean, Molly’s husband, was also naked and balls deep inside Edie as they shared a romantic and slow fuck. I watched from inside the house as they made love and went through several changes in position. They unknowingly put on a hot and arousing performance.

Sean did cleanup Edie after their orgasms. The two went in the pool, but Edie took extra care to keep her hair dry. They showered off, and then Sean got dressed as they talked. I went outside then to greet Sean.

Sean looked guilty. “I was showing a house in the neighborhood, and afterwards I thought I’d stop in.”

Edie laughed, “And a nude woman in sexy heels and sarong greeted him at the door and pulled him onto the patio and seduced him. Can you imagine that?”

I chuckled, “I can. Sean, don’t worry. This often happens. You’ll just have to have Molly stop in some day.”

“Oh, God, I will. She loves you so — you too Edie. We are so sexed up after that intimacy retreat and all the new relationships we’ve formed with you and your friends. If we’re not fucking with them, we are all over each other. Our marriage is the best its ever been, plus we’re also fucking all the time. I’m finding I can rise to new heights I didn’t know about in terms of stamina, frequency, and so on.”

I smiled, “Use it or lose it, my friend.”

Edie saw Sean out of the house so he could return to work, pressing her nude body against his with a passionate kiss as he left. The front door was wide open, too.

Two hours later, Edie and I sat and watched Debbie, a.k.a. Marley Brinx, the WSRQ Weather Girl. Edie commented, “Girl is a misnomer. Debbie is obviously past ‘girl’ status. She’s all woman. Look at that cleavage. I’ve got to have some sapphic sex with that woman.”

Deb adopted the same cadence and vocal pattern that she’d used to tease Jim earlier. “Well, everybody, that shower that went through last night provoked me to go outside and catch some raindrops in my mouth. Yummy. They tasted absolutely delicious. Get closer to nature, and try something like that.

“As for the weather, there’ll be continued sunny weather, moderate temperatures, and mind-blowing dew points for the coming week. Weather-wise, it’ll be really comfortable — lows tonight in the sixties, and highs tomorrow about eighty. Occasional moments of late afternoon showers in some areas will be followed by evening clearing. The severe storm watch we forecast for yesterday didn’t materialize, mainly due to the circulation of a large and blowy high-pressure area up over Hudson Bay.

“Keep a sunny disposition everybody, and do a random act of kindness for someone. This is Marley, signing off until the eleven o’clock news later tonight. Bye.” She laughed and waved goodbye to the camera.

A few minutes later, Dave got a text from Debbie. ‘Did you like my weather report? It should have sounded familiar. I love you and Edie. Send her over next time. XOXOX Marley.’

I showed Edie the message and she laughed. “Great minds think alike.”

* * * * *

Jim and I were cuddled in bed later. We were both naked and had again made love to a fabulous conclusion for both of us. Moreover, he had told me repeatedly how much he loved me and even itemized specific things about me that led him to that state of mind. He was the best cuddler and lover a woman could have.

I had a sudden worry. “Jim, are we too crazy in this relationship and how we include others in it. For instance, I sent you off to fuck Debbie and make her happy, and you come home to find that Sean came by and had his hard cock inside me pumping away. Is this too wild? Is our relationship going to explode or evaporate or something bad?”

Jim shook his head. “You’re my babe. No, don’t worry. I had a low-risk, relatively sexless, loving relationship with Diane for three decades. Now, I realize that what I wanted was what we have. While I loved her, I wanted to see her with other men and women; I wanted her to grant me that same freedom and not marsbahis yeni giriş get bent out of shape when I paid attention to another woman.

“I wanted someone that was naked around the house when we were home — someone that wanted sex all the time because she loved me or simply because she had a libido that was aroused to the stars all the time.

“I wanted somebody that teased me sexually by fucking one of our friends so that I could see his cock driving in and out of her body, maybe while she sucked on another cock, and masturbated two other men with each hand. I now know that I wanted a slut as a wife.”

I said, “So, you think I’m a slut?”

Jim laughed, “I do, but only in the nicest of ways: S.L.U.T. S is for sexuality, that great characteristic that sets you apart from all other women and that I adore. L is for love, because you are so loving, not only with me, but also with every one of our friends. U is for understanding, because you seek to understand how to better yourself and how to help our friends improve their lives. Last, is T for tolerance; you are not judgmental of others, although you do get down on yourself sometimes. I love my slut — you. Don’t change.”

I threw myself into his arms again and we kissed. Even though we’d just made love, we did it again after I sucked down his cock for ten minutes to get Jim cranked up again. God, he was satisfying.

In the morning, after another but of sex and our showers, I was scrambling eggs for us when Jim joined me at the kitchen counter. As I put the eggs in front of him, he caught my hand and kissed it.

He said, “I just want to emphasize what I told you last night. I don’t want you to think that because I referred to you as a slut that I am demeaning you. I know the word has negative connotations for women. I’m a man slut, and I guess that gives me special status to call you that, right?

“What I want to emphasize is that you are my dream girl. I was too conservative and naïve with Diane to guide her into the role that you’ve assumed in your relationship with me … and our friends. I don’t daydream about her or anything like that, but what I know now is what I wish I’d known way back then, specifically, how I wish we’d formed our relationship.

“I wish Diane and I had become loving swingers the way we are with all our friends. I wish we would have cranked up our sexual relationship to a frenzy and kept it there for the decades we were together. We should have been fucking multiple times every day, if not with each other, then with some of our friends.

“We each should have had other ‘secondary’ lovers, if you will. We should have often gone off with them for a night, a weekend, or a week or more. We should have then returned to each other not only with stars in our eyes for the person we were just with, but also with renewed enthusiasm for our primary relationship.

“My darling Edie, you are that woman for me. All the features that I wish I’d had in a primary relationship I have with you. I just silently pray each day that I am man enough for you and that I can remain your primary guy.”

I was in Jim’s lap after pushing him away from the counter. “You have me. Yes, I’ll be your slut.” I giggled. “I like being this way, but I didn’t dare do this with Harry. He would have had a fit. I often feel guilty when I do something with another man — like Sean yesterday. I know you’d say I wasn’t cheating, but I still have old tapes about that. It’s also that I’m having a moment of pleasure and you aren’t; I’m being loved physically, and you aren’t.”

Jim smiled, “That’s how I felt when I was fucking Debbie only an hour before I came home and found you with Sean. It’s what I signed up for with you when we extended our intimate relationship to others. I know I’ll never get rid of those past feelings completely, but they force me to consciously acknowledge our new lifestyle and confirm again that this is what I want. This IS what I want.”

I said to Jim, “And you don’t care that I fuck your son, your son-in-law, your best friends, your work colleagues, and all sorts of other men?”

Jim kept that great smile, “Oh, I care a lot. I want every one of you to have mind-blowing sex and colossal orgasms better than anything you’ve ever felt before, even with me. I want you to repeat often with them, as well as to know that you have the freedom to explore beyond the people that we already know to find new lovers that might pleasure you.

“Do I care about the apparent incest? Not one bit. Everyone is a consenting adult and desirous of the unions we’ve formed with them. I’m more active on that front than you are, what with my relationships with Carolyn, Amy, and Penny. I want you to feel comfortable in all of those relationships — comfortable, loved, and cared for.”

With the two of us naked, I felt him harden as I sat in his lap. This had happened before. He leaned in a sucked on my nearest breast, bringing my pink nipple up to a very aroused state of excitement. I adjusted, marsbahis giriş and slipped his cock inside me. I didn’t necessarily want a complete fuck, but I want to feel his fullness inside me and take comfort in that physical connection.

Jim accommodated me and filled my pussy. Sliding inside me I could feel his organ continue to swell with arousal and his own excitement. We’d started to do more of this recently — penetration without an orgasmic conclusion. It was a very Tantric and loving solution to fucking all the time, which I wanted but which Jim was limited in performing at that level.

Jim read my mind. “Yes, I love being in you without ejaculating. We’ll do that later. My limitations and need for recovery periods coupled with my knowing of your nymphomania are why I love it when friends stop by for a sexual interlude with you. I want you satisfied all the time.”

I laughed, “After I have sex with someone, I’m satisfied … for all of about ten minutes. It’s why I like our weekend parties when I can get a constant supply of cock.”

We both laughed. I got off Jim’s lap, leaving his cock waving in the air. I kissed the head, and gestured to his eggs, which were cold by that point. He ate without a single complaint.

Bruce came by before lunch. Mindy had gone off to some woman’s club meeting for the day. I sat, naked as usual, at the kitchen counter reading and doing Facebook things on my iPad while Jim and Bruce chatted.

The next I knew, a very nice man kissed the back of my neck and then started to give my shoulders a wonderful deep tissue massage between kisses. I turned around so I could kiss Bruce on the lips. He liked that. He also smelled good. I liked his cologne and he hadn’t over used it, the way some men did.

I pulled Bruce’s hand over my shoulders to my breasts, and he liked that idea and shifted the focus of his massage to softer caresses. I, in turn, used my hands to move him beside me where I could work at removing his clothing. I love Florida casual — there are so few clothes to contend with.

Bruce’s cock tasted wonderful. He was slightly inflated as I started on him. A minute later he could have pounded nails with his hard-on. I loved doing that to a man. I sucked some more, and even managed to take all of him in my mouth and throat as he extolled my virtues as a fellating siren.

When I felt I was moving him too far towards ejaculation, I led him down the hall to our bedroom. Jim grinned as we passed the door to his office. I was pulling Bruce by his cock.

In the bedroom, I sat Bruce on the bed and then turned on the radio. I found a jazz station with nice music, and started a seductive dance in front of our guest. When he went to fondle his cock, I moved his hand away and shook my head. I wanted to control that. He understood.

I did a pretty credible stripper dance, although I had nothing but my sarong to take off. I made erotic moves up close to him with my breasts, my ass, and then my pussy, even squatting in front of him and pulling my wet pussy lips apart.

I added in a copious quantity of dirty talk, too. “Oh, Bruce, you have the best cock. I love the purple color of the head and how it points up at the ceiling. Do you like looking at my breasts. You made my nipples so erect with your massage. Don’t you want to massage my pussy. You know I love having you pump your fingers inside me. Sometimes you can make me squirt, you know. Can you see my little pussy hole? You can put you big cock right in that hole and move it around a lot until we both squirt. What do you think of that idea?” I went on and on as I danced. I think Bruce’s cock grew another inch and got more purple.

“What are you going to do first, Bruce?”

He stared at my body writhing in dance in front of him. He said, “Suck on those beautiful breasts … as I slide my fingers inside you.”

And that’s how we started to make love. Suddenly, I was on my back, Bruce’s vigorous cock was inside my vagina, and he was humped over so he could simultaneously suck on my breasts as he started to pump his cock into me. I loved it. My body was alive with pulses of pleasure from my major receptors.

Bruce returned the favor the dirty talk. “I love being here fucking you. You’re so available to the men you know, and we all love it. We all need a loving slut in our midst, someone we can fuck anytime, because we know she’ll always be up to it. Your pussy is like a velvet sheath around my cock. I love how you squeeze and milk me, trying to get my cum sooner than I want to give it to you. I love that you ‘perform’ for me, like your constant nakedness and your dance of seduction. I love how I can splatter my cum inside you, or even across your body or face. You love it anyway at all. You have me hard all day just thinking about visiting over here. I’m glad Jim doesn’t mind our doing this.”

I told Bruce, “So long as you please me, I’ll be your slut. What’d Jim tell me earlier — Sexy, Loving, Understanding, and Tolerant. S. L. U. T. I’m a slut, and I love it. He loves it, too.”

Bruce and I moved around and then I had him paint my face with cum for his money shot. Half of my porn movies ended this way; me looking up at the pumping cock of some muscle man as he jerked off the last few strokes to orgasm all over me. Bruce did well.

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