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Big Tits

When Dick looked at Jane, he saw a Teflon woman who deflected everything. This was one of her faces; he saw it when their relationship got serious. Before that, he had seen a face that was more confident, more normal, more straightforward. When they talked now, mostly about sex, she gave him a shy face that mumbled bits of non-info. When they had sex, her seeming embarrassment didn’t stop her from taking what she wanted. She smiled and looked away, even as she grabbed his cock like a leash.

Right now, she was smiling at him, they were talking at a cafe table on the street. When she got quiet he knew she was thinking of sex. Dick learned to prod her like a lion-tamer, so she would talk to him, make a show of conversation. Jane the kitty-cat got bored of talking, so she always had to be the one to talk first. After that she only humored him. She acted cool, let him do the talking. Wait too long, and she was liable to bite his head off.

Their conversation came to an end. She leaned in closer and glanced around to see if anyone else was listening. She smiled like a lion and asked, “Will it be OK to sleep at your house tonight?”

He noticed the purr in her voice, the smirk, and the look away. She was wanting sex for sure. Sex was what changed everything in the first place. In the beginning he was dating a nice girl who was just really level. Level like a well-built shelf. Level like a pool table should be. Smooth like a pond on a gentle day. This other Jane was an ice-flow on an early Spring.

It wasn’t the first kiss that did it, or even something he said that turned her into a cold river; it was the first time they had sex. The sex had started normally, slow but normal foreplay followed by energetic copulation, until Dick was pretty sure they would climax together.

He ate her out and sucked her clit like a puppydog. She didn’t want to go down on him, so they hugged and he kissed her ear while she stroked his cock. She laughed the whole night, telling him how big his cock was. He was witty, he told her how pretty she looked naked, and how funny her noises were. Then she laid back and they fucked. He held onto it until she looked him right in the eye and he was so sure they would come together. Her hands were locked around his buttocks, she moaned loud. He closed his eyes and relaxed. The tingling was all over the head of his cock when he realized she had gone limp and cold.

She seemed tense, so he panicked and pulled out. It was too late to stop from coming, and jizz shot from her thigh to her pubes. A few drops of semen got on the lips of her vagina.

Jane had told Dick rip her up porno she was on the pill. They thought it out, and they hadn’t been drinking. She was totally sincere when she told him she was on the pill. She looked him square in the eye, even though he had been touching her at the time.

His semen was clumping on her pubic hairs. There was a big drop on her outer labia. Her skin was a uniform porcelain, but it shaded to a milk chocolate brown color around her cunt. The globe of semen stood out on the lip of her vagina. A short black pubic hair poked up through the blob of semen. He suspected she trimmed her bush a bit, just to keep it short. She started gathering the semen by wiping it on her fingers.

Dick had said to her, “Oh my God Jane I’m sorry, I thought–” but she cut him off.

“No, no, it’s OK,” she said distractedly. She smeared some of the jizz on herself, just above the triangle of her pubic hair. Dick watched dumbfounded while she played with it. His plan for their first fuck had gone terribly awry. Jane started wiping semen on the edge of her labia until there was a line of white jelly lying in her slit. Her dirty fingers started rubbing it in. “Touch me, please,” she gasped. He touched her thigh tentatively, and felt the muscles in her leg tense as she rubbed herself to an orgasm.

Dick became a little afraid of having sex with Jane, but she wouldn’t notice. She grabbed his penis and tugged on it like a leash. She was cool like teflon to her puppy-dog, but she could also dote on him. It made him happy when she fussed over him. She bought him boxer shorts, whole drawers full of expensive silk underwear. She made him drink less beer, drink more decaf coffee, and get to bed on time. She bought big cans of pineapple juice and brought glasses of it to him on a little tray. She chilled the glasses and blended in fresh pineapple and crushed ice. She would sit at his feet like a worshipper and while he drank pineapple juice.

This was fine, but their sex life was haunted after that first night. Even if he didn’t pull out in time, she would scoop his semen out of her vagina, and this made her a bit angry. She did all sorts of things. She tasted it, she made him touch it, and even started to stick things together with it. That started when she saw a puddle of his jizz had dried overnight into resin. She started saving it in bottles. Dick found a shirt glued to a hanger, a pencil glued to the desk, and a triangle of Jane’s pubic hair, glued onto a dollar bill.

Finally, she started painting it on her face. She talked to Dick while she did this, rus porno as if she was opening up her soul to him for the first time. “On my cheek, it feels sticky.” She was reclining on one arm, the other was going back and forth between her face and her stomach, her palette. “Then I smear it, and it dries up and feels cold.” She dipped her finger into a puddle of semen in the hollow of her stomach. “It tickles my navel.” With her finger, she put a drop on her chin. “It’s still warm.” She scraped a big glob up from her navel, and put it on her lips. “It even smells salty.”

She sat up, and in spite of himself, Dick was getting another hard-on, the kind that hurt from coming back so fast. She was wearing white jizz war-paint, her hair was matted where she had wiped a sticky hand, and the smell of his own jizz, evaporating off her warm skin was pungent. Nonetheless, she was still the most beautiful woman he had ever known. Her breasts hung from her shoulders like fruits grown heavy after a gentle rain. Her nipples looked so sweet, they might have held nectar. The rise of her stomach was covered in peach fuzz, her navel was a delicate bubble holding a thimbleful of semen. Dick knew that coming a second time wouldn’t produce more than a teaspoon of jizz, but he wanted to shoot it as deep as he humanly could between her legs.

Jane looked at his throbbing penis and understood. “Kiss me first,” she said, as if there wasn’t jizz smeared all over her lips.

Against his better judgement, Dick shouted at her, “Yuck, Jane that’s too much, take a shower God damn it all, take a shower Jane damn it!” He got out of the bed, ripping the sheets off the bed as he stood up. His prick was going limp now all the blood had gone to his head. “Jane God damn it all, take a shower!” He grabbed her by the arm now and pulled her to her feet. “Go fucking take a shower Jane, take a shower,” he shouted, shoving and pushing her towards the door.

Dick had gone back to bed, and Jane cried a bit in the shower. Sleeping, she tried not to touch him, and the next morning made breakfast in silence. “How’s your morning Jane?” Dick’s father had asked her in the kitchen. Dick was sorry she left before he could say goodbye, but after work he found her at a cafe table staring abstractedly into the distance.

Without feeling self-conscious about it, he sat down and told her, “I’m sorry.” Dick knew he had a hot temper.

“The first time I had sex, this guy had me suck his dick. Just for a bit, we were in a closet and I guess someone could have found us. I didn’t really know much about blowjobs, so I couldn’t make him sert porno come, so he got himself off with his hand. I was still on my knees, I didn’t move because I was star-struck. He ejaculated mostly on my chin, got on my neck too, and forever that didn’t count as sex for me. Sex is more involved, this was just jizz getting between my boobs. I kept liking the guy, well shit I admired him. He was older than me, this was at University, taking all these advanced math classes, did these campus debates, which was impressive. I didn’t see someone who I could grab, but more like a star or something that radiates light on you. Makes sense he would just sprinkle on you, and not touch for real. God, that was so fucking stupid, makes me feel like a little girl again.”

“Ok, I haven’t sucked a cock, but I know what you mean,” Dick said under his breath. Someone could have overheard some of her confession, he was afraid. “My first time was really half-assed embarrassing. Are you going back with me? I want to fuck.”

“You’re such a Dick,” she said.

Their chat had been cathartic. Jane undressed, then he undressed, she touched his hard-on, and they showered. Jane lay down in bed first, and he looked between her legs at her dark cunt-lips and neat bush. When he crawled between her legs, she took his hair in her hand, rested his cheek on her breast, and told him what she wanted, “A perfect cream-face, mostly around my lips, nothing in my eyes or nose, and a few drops in my hair.”

Dick thought that was unrealistic, he just wanted her legs wrapped around him. They kissed, making a distraction, and Jane slid her head down, planting kisses on his neck, then his chest. He knew it had been a good chat when she kissed the head of his cock. That first kiss on his cock was fantastic, they were more delicate than the lips of her pussy, and feeling the touch of her tongue, the brush of her hair on his legs, made his hair stand up.

Jane tasted a bit of pre-cum on her lips, shivered and groaned. She loved it so much, she kissed his penis all over. Still holding his cock with one hand, she looked back up at him and asked again, “Will you try it?”

Dick was still not sure how important that request was. “I thought you would hate it, does your fascination with splooge come out of self-hatred or what?” he spoke softly now they were up close. “Even if it wasn’t really sex, it must have felt a like rape, I mean I don’t want to be that guy.”

His hands were resting on her hips, and her nipples were brushing against his chest. “Yeah I thought it was rape for a long time, since I wasn’t ready, but it was a silly thing, and I was a girl about it.” She paused for a long time, wistfully. Her hand was tickling his cock, keeping it warm. “I hope that won’t make it harder for you.”


“Cum on my face Dick, I want you to cum on my face.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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